Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Gilles Peterson
:: Tracklisting 19/06/05
:: RSL in Session

1, Steve Reid - 'Lugano Suite' (White)
2, Breakthrough - 'This Way Berfore' Feat. Maspyke (Jazzy Sport)
3, Vast Aire - 'Pegasus' (Chocolate Ind.)
4, Steve Spacek - 'Untitled' (White)
5, V Feat. Jill Scott - 'Untitled' (White)
6, Nikki -O 'Choose 2 Believe' (Mahogani Music)
7, Pase Rock - 'Bang' (4our4our)
8, Javi P3z Orquesta - 'El Pinball' (Dave Da Gato's 05 Una Mas Re-Rub) (HiTop)
9, Los Hermanos - 'Sun Dial' (Submerge)
10, Albert Ayler - 'Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe' (Impulse)
11, Horace Silver Quintet - 'That Healin' Feelin' (Blue Note)
12, Gabin feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater - 'Into My Soul' (EMI)

13, RSL - 'Star' (Live In Session)
14, RSL - 'Inside Looking Out' (Live In Session)

15, Heavy - 'Wonderlove' (Jazzanova remix) (Kindred Spirits)
16, Rodamaal feat. Claudia Franco - 'Insomnia' (Buzzin' Fly)
17, Karizma - 'Grace' (83 West Records)
18, Nana Caymmi - 'Cala Boca Menini' (Cid)
19, Som Definitivo - 'Agua De Beber' (Forma)
20, Danilo Caymmi - 'Ponta Negra' (Odeon)
21,Bunzu Sounds - 'Zinabu' (Stones Throw)
22, Jose Gonzalez - 'Crosses' (Peacefrog)
23, Owusu & Hannibal - 'Blue Jay' (White)
24, Elmore Judd - 'Kinky' (Above The Clouds)

25, RSL - 'The Mast' (Live In Session)

Your comments on the tracks 

pistol pete
where were ye at sonar this weekend gilles? 20:20 vision were spectacular.......another great show-fire escape chip buttie allstars

Wicked, wicked show tonight... R.E.S.P.E.C.T : ) D

joff loft
When is the next time GP is venturing north of the Watford gap? Got tickets to see the manat the Life cafe in Manc in March but it was a no show- any future dates for us Northern beat freaks?

if i post a message > we've got australia covered the word is spreading

joff loft
napoleon dynamite has a dope soundtrack. The title track is by White Stripes but the ret o fit sounds like its by Money Mark

Tuned in from Washington, D.C. and enjoying the show. Looking forward to the RSL set!

King Sunny Ade P
Proper House Music!

Rodomaal feat Claudia Franco "Insomnia" - WOW!!!!!!!!!!! : ) D

Thanx for the informations about the site (looking for it for a long time !!) and the UK tour for RSL. I'll try to make it from Paris. Peace to everyone.

Gerry Hectic
This week dominated by La Cedille on Monday (thanks to Pat at Chocolate Fireguard). Comin' up, Urban Haiku & Madtone. Love to the Hungarian create diggers at Cosmic Sounds & all WWiders [Live & Playback] watch out for new Nery Bauer 12" on fl.oz & Aaron Jerome on Wah Wah 45s. Think In Noise + Thank God for Women.

Rafa (Bristol)
Hot Hot Hotteee!!! Day, Night and now the WW thing kicking Off. Big-Up to all MNM's.

"Inside Looking Out" - TUUUUNE! Great session!

Yes, yes HEAVY music once again. Can't wait for the RSL session. Just cannot thank you guys at worldwide enough. That's it matey!!!

Sean Mac
Wasa gwan rudy. IT IS SHVITZING! P.S How was that tasty looking kebab Karen?

Great version of Star

RSL... I went from Paris to London to buy Wesley Music !! Great souvenir. See you in Montreux Gilles. Invite them next year !!!

Evenin all Big up to Gilles and the worldwide crew, , keep bringing us the good good music :-) looking forward to the RSL set, big up to Martin, Jo Chas, Tim, Julie and the whole crew! peace

dc danny boy
real. healin. shine gilles

c jackson , andover hants
hello all ww crew and mms ! cool tunes 2nite 2 cool down 2 ! is england CRAZY HOT OR WAT !! MESSAGE ; for Giles IBIZA DATES PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE ! will show be live from mambo sun night 14th ??? i hope so so much peace and love to all XXX

Big up all the midnight ravers (easy dan b). Yes Gilles, bring the latin section...Respect!!! : ) D

Pierre C
greetings to all the marauders...gilles - hope to hear you drop something from the do right 'ready or not' comp. sometime soon...cuz u know we canadians got some niiiiice tunes -even us ex-pats in west ealing...

Matt Leedham
A big red kangaroo g'day to you and the crew Giles from Brisbane, Australia. Wonderful show as per usual. Live Monday morning stylee for us down here... we're loving it.

Thanks Gilles for playing Dollar by Steve Spacek....I have been loving that track on Benji B's show for months now!

somebody has been listening to Deviation! nice one Gilles and the WW crew!it's feels good to hear that one... you and B are definitely on the same vibe!!!

Paul G
Mornin' Worldwiders... another perfect start to Monday comin' from the one and only GP - peace from Western Australia

Big up Gillesy P & the WW Crew, keepin' it tight on a Sunday evening! Special shout to the Midnight Marauders in the place tonight! Peace from Belgrade

big up to gilles! spacek's dollar is just absolutly mad!

It's hot...big up Gilles P & the ww massive...big up the Midnight Marauders... : ) D

Big up Sheriff Peterson! Shout to all of Brownswood from the UK to Oz ...

Evenin' been looking forward to the RSL session all week, Bring it on Gilles!

faridh ghassouli
LOVE LOVE gilles peterson and worldwide session for my be continued...

listening to four hero "les fleur" is the same as if walking on clouds, swimming deep blue sea and breathing new life! thanks.

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