Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

:: Gilles Peterson
:: Tracklisting 12/06/05
:: Benny Sings & First Rate

1) The Mahavishnu Orchestra – ‘You Know You Know’ (CBS)
2) The MBV & Mudies All Stars – ‘Lorna’s Dance’ (Moodisc Records)
3 Johnny Osbourne - ‘Truth An Rights’ (Massive)
4) First Rate Feat Skinny Man – ‘BarFight’ (Scenario)
5) King Baucho – Weed & Grabba (Seal Yard)
6) Quantic & Nick Demus Feat. Candela Allstars –‘Ritimo Tropical’ (White)
7) Trevor Walker ‘Rofo Party’ (Life Boogie Mix) (Jamsteady)
8) Roy Ayers – ‘Tarzan’ (Onsunlade Remix) (White)
9) Ski Oakenfull Feat. Amp Fiddler- 'Let Me Be' (Rice)
10) Dwayne Morgan – ‘Everything’ (Urbanicity)
11) Unforscene Feat. Alice Russell – ‘Just Do It’ (Tru Thoughts)
12) Border Crossing – ‘No Go Area’ (Sound Recordings)
13) First Rate Feat. MC Blade – ‘Hamburger’ (Scenario)
14) First Rate Feat. John Mculan – ‘One Day’ (Scenario)
15) Omar Sosa – ‘L3zero’ (Doctor L Rework) (Mind Records)
16) Nostalgia 77 –‘The Hope Suite’ (Tru Thoughts)
17) The Steve Reid Ensemble – ‘Lugano Suite’ (White)
18) Four Hero –‘ Les Fleur’ (Talkin’Loud)
19) Seu Jorge ‘Rebel Rebel’ (Hollywood Records)
20) Jose Gonzalez – ‘Deadweight On Velveteen’ (Peacefrog)
21) RSL – ‘Inside Looking Out’ (Sanctuary)

22) Benny Sings – ‘Waterfalls’ (Live in Session)
23) Benny Sings – ‘Unconditional Love’ (Live in Session)

24) Supathrillrer – ‘Ahjustwannadance’ (Mint Music)
25) Lindstorm – ‘Drums Of Life’ (It’s Heads Music)

Your comments on the tracks 

Codballs 6000
My head is between my legs and I'm hyperventilating all because you played that Nostalgia 77 tune. You clever, clever man.

pleeease play matt sage and the orchestra of love! again!! i saw them at wychwood festival...amazing

That Dwayne Morgan on Urbanicity is nice. Does anybody know anything about this label..

Yes yes big up for the show Gilles! Props from a huge 14 year old fan from The Netherlands! Greetz, Brent

Huuuuge thanks for the Mahavishnu. First time I heard them on Worldwide and the first I'd heard that track in a long, long time. Sick, crazy stuff.

Graig Boogaloo
I've loved the show. If you're in Paris, come to the Sir Winston Café (5 rue de presbourg) near l'arc de triomphe to hear this kind of stuff every sunday evening. Peace.

one love for benny sings and gilles peterson for the mission of real soundz in my gilles and worldwide....

"Les Fleur" , maybe ,"MAYBE" better than the original " - hmmmmm..hahaha..It is still ALL about Minnie's version IMHO. But yeah, the 4hero one is a great version/tune. A wicked show tonight. : ) D

RSL - BIG TUNE (of the night)!!! Shout to Doka!

big shout from buenos aires, mr peterson .. cant wait for your superb tunes every sunday night saludos

tom thump aka the Melodious Thump, SF
SF station here, "Les Fleur" , maybe ,"MAYBE" better than the original. Look for "MIDNIGHT SOUL" it's across the pond and everywhere. Don't ever stop...I can't!

yes yes mr peterson ! why don't you get micatone to do a heavy session at maida vale and what has happened to hefner???

mistaB aka sevin
WW playin nothin but Heat on a constant basis!! You got luv here in the SF Yay Area Mr. Peterson. Listen to you every week so I had to send props. Keep bringin it!!!

Les Fleurs!!!!!!!!Worldwide CLASSIC!!!Pozdrav Milicu!

thanx fer everything GP....1,2,3 and to da 4!

Big up the Brownswood Massive - Muji, Dayo, King Sunny Ade P, the Petester, Beatnik, Bobby P......

word up beatski AND worldwide crew. Gowan the Nostalgia 77!!!

Gerry Hectic
Catching up with The Baker Brothers a couple of weeks ago in Bournemouth with thier new CD release Party, Mark Rae's mix compilation, Plant Life's 'Last Song' remixes and watch out for Urban Haiku, Aaron Jerome, Mr. Cosmic (via Paul Murphy), Bossa Futura, Heritage Orchestra and Ian Carr's Nucleus gig @ Cargo. Busy Worldwide re-raise-all-in vibes. Play your cards right. Fly by night. Peace.

JJ (Córdoba, Argentina)
Keep it coming Gilles! JJ showing respect from the chilli southern hemisphere. Big up to the GP WW room and to all the midnight marauders out there.

Lovin' the Dwayne Morgan tune again! Unforscene & Alice Russell - FANTASTIC! Needs a release ASAP!!!

Nathan Stanley
I wait every week for ww to come back around, and as usual it is grooving!

Good to see you round these parts Petester - Respect! Shout to Beats (thanks mate), Milic & everyone... : ) D

pierre c
Phil O'Mara -check If Music, Sounds of the Universe in Soho, Soul Brother in East Putney, Dusty Groove on-line -and that's just for starters...Good luck!

Go deh Gilles and all at worldwide. Amazing tunes as usual. Oh, that Unforseen tune. Thank you very much.

Hello there, Amazing music! I have just discovered soulful house and WANTO goto a festival this summer...where would you recommend?? Also places, sanctuaries in London with a nice vibe, flow, easy summer breeze house music (the kind you play)..where in London can I dind places like that? Thanks the Dreamer

Muji J
...ez the elusive Beatnik. I caught the tail end of your set last night. See you at Montreux in a few wks. I hope you're well Milic. Thx for those mixes, see you next month. A shout going out to Rupi, Adam Regan, Stuart Patterson, The Unabombers, Anne T, Isa, Marc, Dayo, Jez and of course Sid. Leftfoot vs FYE at the Medicine was great last night. Good to see the flyers up for the July sesh. (Nice artwork Marc...hear you on the Lemi Ghariokwu tip!) Gilles here's looking ff to catching you there in August perhaps. Don't forget that request now...

Lookin' forward to the AFRICA special- nice one Gilles & Worldwide KRoo!! Big Up Jimmy 'brock' Lister- happy birthday bro! Lets have the real reason for the Scratch Perverts split.. ay?Hastings in the areoh!!

Looking ff to the African WW Special. : ) D

c jackson , andover hants
for PHIL try reckless records soho, also music exchange islington - hopefully there still there they were excellent !!

Mr Mark
Selector ! Keep it coming... San Fran in the house

c jackson , andover hants
hello everyone ! GILES I ASKED LAST WEEK - ANY IBIZA DATES ?? hope so !! shows sounding its usual top sounds finishes the weekend in style !! big up m'ms and ww crew

Bobby P
Wonderful sounds. Easy all Marauderers. Easy peasy. Keep it up GP, KP, BJ.

Dex in San Diego/USA
Hello Worldwide Family!!! Gilles is doin' it, ain't he? Love the vibes n' stuff! Do we hear Roy Ayers mates?

Tiago Dias
hey Gilles, Tiago from Porto here, how are u man? i am organizing a festival in Azores with Jurgen from Jazzanova, Lil Tony from Nuspirit Helsinki, Kid Loco, Rainer truby, Dixon and Rinocerose next 5 and 6 of Aug, hope i can still see u this summer. Respect and keep the BEST music on!!!

Hey Dayo & Mr Beats ... First time Midnight Marauding ... Liking this Roy Ayers remix ...

Phil Fitzsimons
Inner Mountain Flame Mahavishnu on Radio One Excellent . Too rough to be "smooth" . Got into the album about 30 years ago after reading that a member of Yes liked it. Who are also in the charts now. Deja Vu all over again

Another late (Sunday) night session with Gillesy P and the WW crew! Keepin' things movin' as usual! Shout to the Midnight Marauders holding it down worldwide. Peace from Belgrade

Yes yes.. Time to lose dem worries inna dance once again..

Big up Gilles P, the ww crew & all midnight marauders...Respect - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jimmy Lister - God bless : ) D

Phil O'Mara
Only just got into this show a few weeks ago and it is amazing. Does anyone know any good vinyl shops I can get the tunes from either online or in London? Thanks a lot!

great to hear space bass again - keep up the electic music mix!

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