Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 22/05/05 : : Session tracks special

1, Dwight Trible - 'Cellestrial Blues' (Ninja Tune)
2, Breakthrough - 'Green Like The Sun' Feat. Bembe Segue (Ki/oon Records)
3, Moody Allen feat. Vince Franklin - 'Six Feet' (Faces)
4, Harvey Lindo AKA Modaji - 'Tomorrow's World' (Planet Groove)
5, Common - 'Testify' (Geffen)
6, Ghostface Killah - 'Milk Em' (Instrumental) (Sound In Colour)
7, Dwight Trible - 'Waves Of Infinite Harmony' (Ninja Tune)
8, Charles Lloyd - 'The Sufi's Tears' (ECM)
9, Dwight Trible - 'Love Is The Answer' (Ninja Tune)
10, Hundred Strong - 'Dream On Delay' Feat. Alison Crockett (Altered Vibes)
11, The Rebirth - 'This Journey In' (Kajmere)
12, Unforeseen - 'Just Do It' Feat. Alice Russell (Test)
13, Black Magic- 'Perfect Angel' (Test)
14, Janet Kay - 'Silly Games' (Scope)
15, Roger Robinson - 'Dream Keeper' (Altered Vibes)
16, Elmore Judd - 'Untitled' (Above The Clouds)
17, Roots Manuva - 'Collosal Insight' (Live In Session)
18, Micatone - 'Nomad' (Sonar Kollecktiv)
19, Pressure Drop - 'Spirits Fall' (Boombastic)
20, Steve Miller Band - 'Fly Like An Eagle' (Mercury)
21, Hector Costita - 'Divagacao' (Som Da Gente)
22, The Heritage Orchestra - 'Ballad For Strings' (Live In Session)
23, Antony & The Johnsons - 'Man Is The Baby' (Rebis)
24, Lizz Wright - 'Old Man' (Verve)
25, Mark Murphy - Sconsolato' (PA USA)
26, Marco Di Marco - 'Together In Paris' (White)
27, Break Reform - 'Trust' (Abstract Blue)

Your comments on the tracks 

big show > big up ur chest master p

faridh ghassouli
yeppp!!!!gilles is very good selection....i love search of the perfect vibes....

mister peterson! its like you re-educating me into the whole idea of music! the show is like religion, get me through exams revisions for the last two terms!!! all those late nights! quality! Shout more if theres gig at Jakarta!

christoper howell
hiya giles! big up to me!

King Sunny Ade P
Shout to Milic, full respect. Beautiful set of tunes Heritage Ensemble Orchestra (Maida Vale), Anthony and the Johnstones and Liz Wright. genius

Mark Murphy - S'Consolato!!! MASSIVE!!!!!! Respect G!

Johnny B
Big ups Gilles on tonight's show but are you going to play the track that was cut short at the v end of last weeks (just as lyrics were about to kick in)?

What a show tonight! Pure big music galore. Gilles P: Full Respect!!! Shout to Johnny Bailey, Milic & King Sunny Ade P!!! : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Gorgeous record and a Wicked show tonight.

philly,not from philly!
heritage orchestra!! somebody needs to get them in a studio, quick! stunning!!peace 2 all MM's !

bongo sparks
ello, love ya shows gilles been listening since i been hearing em ! ello t all else hearin' i'm gonna shut up n keep listening !! bye z bye

Pressure Drop - Spirits Fall big Vibrazone choon. GP it's been a while. Forget next wk at the Medicine Bar (good as we know the Leftfoot seshs always are.) Can I have Muji + guest(s) for the Glenfiddich independent mix @ Cargo on Thursday (26/05)? Respect to all the FYE Jazz warriors from last night. I was up that way this evening at Grand Centrale, and Cargo looks pretty busy tonight too! De toute facon, see you in Montreux/Serbia in July '05 Muji

King Sunny Ade P
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle. Proper..

shout to karen and gilles, thanks for the support and if anyone knows who the first tune of the show was, email me

Great show thanks Gilles I also always look forward to your show every week. Wish i was old enough to see your show in Edinburgh sounded really good. Keep up the good stuff.

G, soulful as usual! Shout to King Sunny and Dayo aka the Originals! Peace from Belgrade

philly , not from philly!
mr manuva!!!! uk piano acoustic hip hop, another sub-genre 4 the media to enjoy! just good music!! GP doing it! yes "rit" it can get better.. eating banana-custard!

Yeah this show IS the place to hear the music i need to hear! l- the perfect beat keeps happnin' ! Shouts to UNFORSCENE massive cee y'all on the 9th

Janet Kay "Silly Games" - A 'Wall Paper' ravers classic - Gilles P: Full Respect!!! : ) D

c jackson , andover hants
WELL !!! WHAT A SHOW !tunes as always sounding fresh,big up all mm's and all the crew and of course the main man GILES 4 keepin it real ! HAPPY WORKING WEEK !!!

King Sunny Ade P
Janet Kay - Silly Games. Used to do the painting and decorating apparently. Well stripping wallpaper at least. ;)

santos, from portugal
words from portugal... Great show, Gilles! you are always welcome in Portugal! Portuguese languege from now on: Grande programa. É pena não haver parecido em Portugal. Quem gosta de musica ecléctica, está no programa certo... WWGP on BBC1: Always lookink for the right azymuth...! P.S.: Portugal is beautiful!

is there a better way to start the week at work? i doubt it

King Sunny Ade P
The Rebirth - This Journey In still sounding lush.

Big Up all the FYE Smersh ravers - Respect. Big Up Mr. Paulboards - Big up your chelski chest. Unforcene - pure ravers vibe. : ) D

Rafa (Bristol)
Wassup!! WW Family & Crew. Keep Joining Those Dots GP. Heaven Sent. Thats from a true Red Devil!! We was Robbed!!

Michelle Antoinette
So smooth. Love it Giles. Just chilling with a glass of wine. Here's to you. Will this show ever be podcast so I can enjoy it over and over again?

Bobby P
Czech Czech. Evening all. Fullest Eff Why Eee respects to all at Smersh last night. Good to hear some of the Maida Vale bits that didn't get an airing. Was thinking last week there must've been some that slipped through the net and get forgotten on CD/MD tucked away behind the vinyl. Dwight Trible - how good is his voice?!

Kid Gloves "Tomorrow's World" - Deep, Dark & Dangerous! BIGTUNE. Simple. : ) D

Dwight Tribble! TUNE!!!

Havent had broadband for years.. now tho .. i have bluetooth. Midnight marauding to say merci g/kp - rock the house ya

Often asked where is the good music? Stop looking cause Gilles have it. This show is dope, its like seeing "sweet sweetbacks baddass song" for the first time.

King Sunny Ade P
Big love to all the FYE jazz warriors last night.

jimmy jeaaaaaaaan

philly , not from philly!
common track , true classic, kanye doing the business! gilles' playing future music! solid!

Rit Aghera, bham
Eatin apple crumble and listenin to GP's beats....hmm can it get any better? Big up WW listeners.

Beautiful again Gilles! Love the respect the Kiwis are getting on your show... Kia Ora

Big Up Gilles P and the WW crew. Full Respect!!! : ) D

Gerry Hectic
Richard E 'In Session' on Scanner FM in Barcelona, David Murray's Gwo-tet in Camden and GP on t'Radio; what to do? More & more Fat Freddies Drop + Break Reform Session please. Check some big tunes - Bossa Futura, 'Sol y luna', Chris Thomas King, 'Revelations' (P.Murphy Dub), Lekan Babalola, 'Oba Awon Oba', RTB Big Band [all great on Cosmic Sounds]. Worldwide love to all.

Emily Cooper
Gilles, thank you so much for saving me from the Korean love ballads that I have to endure here on the radio in Daejeon, South Korea. love Em x

Brian Bhoola
I was recently asked what is the one tv programme that I look forward to? I really had to think hard. I knew the answer but the problem is, there isn't a tv programme that I look forward to every week. 'It's all about World Wide' I said. I get to travel a lot and I love spreading the word. 'Gilles Peterson World Wide, y'all' Last sunday's show was wicked Gilles. I've been looking forward to you haveing common in Maida vale for a long time. I'm looking forward to more stonesthrow too. One love world wide. Peace out

Gilles's still higher and higher ! Common so good on the mic, let's see the album.

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