Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 15/05/05 : : Common in Session

1, Fat Freddies Drop - 'Ernie' (Kartel)
2, 7 Samurai - 'Marcus' (G.A.M.M)
3, Faith Evans - 'Jealous' (EMI)
4, Bloodfire # 2 - 'Is It Because I'm Black' (White)
5, Inverse Cinematics - '7 By 7' (Faces)
6, Four Tet - 'Sun Drums & Soil' (Domino)
7, Dwight Trible - 'Is Music' (Ninja Tune)
8, Ammon Contact - ''The Satellite's Return' (Ninja Tune)
9, Mums The Word - 'Constant Evolution' feat. Abstract Rude (Up Above)

10, Common - 'The Corner' (Live In Session)
11, Common - 'Faithful' (Live In Session)
12, Common - 'The Light' (Live In Session)

13, Metro Area - 'Things Fall' (Environ)
14, Kleer - 'Intimate Connection' (Atlantic)
15, Trickski - 'Untitled' (Sonar Kollecktiv test)
16, Phonique - '99 & A Half' Feat. Alexander East (I Cube remix) (Dessous )
17, The Jua Maclean - 'Dance With Me' (DFA)
18, Plague The Kid - 'Paaskelyd' (Bear Entertainmet)
19, Stereolab - 'Metronomic Underground' (Duophonic)
20, Stanley Cowell - 'El-Space-o' (Soul Jazz)
21, Carlos Franzetti - 'Mambo Tango' (Inner City)
22, Marathon Men - 'In Paradise' (White)

Your comments on the tracks 

Thanks for playing that Stereolab tune!Just had that " Oh my god honey they're playing our song" moment.Please say hello and love to Mica in Glasgow!

Al Risky
Hey....I stayed in the Homelands tent! Admittedly it did thin out a bit though.

King Sunny Ade P
Play More Stereolab!

Gerry Hectic
Hi Gilles, Becky and Karen. May is a big month with Break Reform, Dining Rooms, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Dwight Trible and the RTB Big Band. Great start for Fat fans. Love you all.

mr & mrs bailey
happy birthday tidy miss p. x love from melbourne, australia

One Love to all the Worldwide crew, Representing Corby Town Diggers, Wherever they are, big up myself

King Sunny Ade P
Full respect Milic, many thanks for the tunes this week.

facoruh (rotterdam, nl)
Once again, worldwide saves the weekend! (granted, not strictly speaking, but whose to say when moody yet wonderfully animated nocturnal beats like these light up the night across my grey northern skies...) Many cheers as always Gilles, and keep up the good work connecting all those outstanding dots you manage to muster together, week-in week-out, and that deserve to reach the air-waves.

we are space travelling here in Kansas City...keep the grooves going.

big box little box
what's gp been taking over the weekend? - he'll be wearing white gloves next.... smiles.

Big up the one called Milic - Full Respect!!! And thanks for your kindness this past week. God Bless!!! : ) D

Common's eclusive session was boombastic. Looking 4ward to listen 2 da entire album. HipHop, the love of my life...

Kleer "Intimate Connection" A TOTAL RAVERS TUNE!!! Gilles P - Full Respect!!! : ) D

deep in west ealing, worldwide sounding good. is chiswick feelin it?

Worldwide Sessions!!! YES! FINALLY!!!

greetings from a cold Jo'burg South Africa. When you coming down here to where it all began GP?

JJ (Córdoba, Argentina)
JJ's back with his midnight marauders peeps! Big shout out to the GP WW room crew. Respect from the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Gilles, you the man!

what tha??? common...

Woohoo!!! Ubiquity Radioshow 2 is online on Clubbity! Hot and unreleased things... sweet... Hope y'all enjoy the radioshow of Worldwide 'Label of Year'...

Dwight Trible - TUUUNE! Shout to Dayo and King Sunny Ade P, who'll be popping in later, I'm sure!

Dwight Trible "Is Music" - BWOY!!!! : ) D

Eclectic mix 2nite. Nuff respect!

Adore the show, makes working on a Sunday a bit bearable, All the best Lee-ann in San Francisco

ELTON (beligum)
I just LUUUUUUV this show! Hei Gilles when are you coming to Belgium again? It's been a while... Stereo Sushi in Antwerp is kinda nice.

Rit Aghera, bham
yo evenin ww listeners. big up GP - coming to see your set at the medicine bar sun 29th, bham. like the beats tonite!

Another Sunday night session with Gillesy P. and the WW Crew (Happy B Day Karen P!)! Nice to have the Midnight Marauders back... Peace from Belgrade

hey, have seen your show in berlin.. first live gig, after 15years going on with talkin loud. it was joy, thanks and best!

Munich Massala!
Sir GP - always off the hook! Funky 'Brown Sugar' Remix. Nuff Respect!

c jackson , andover hants
greetings all ! shows sounding as good as ever love that "brown sugar" tuneeeeeee! peace and love keep doin wat u do giles

Happy Birthday greetings Ms P. Tune for you: Taurus Woman. Sorry to have missed you at Aquabooty a while back. It would have been kinda neat to have heard PPP in Miami. GP: Could you play that Jean Carn track again if this is a live show. 'You are all I need.' Kinda reminds me of Misty Oldland 'Got me a feeling.' Love & Peace

Big up the WW Crew... KAREN P - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sis - many happy returns & God Bless... : ) D

Bobby P
Evening all. Positively balmy here in Wales this evening. Peace to all marauders around the globe. Can't wait for FYE. Deserves another plug on WW I think. ;) Eagerly anticipating another fill of WW goodness. Sock it to us GP.

just excelent!

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