Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 01/05/05 : : Brownswood Basement & Quasimoto Mixtape

1) Brother Ah ‘Transcendental March’ (Creation Song) (Ikef)
2) Gabor Szabo ‘Ziggidy Zag’ (Salvation)
3) Lonnie Liston Smith ‘Bright Moments’ (CBS)
4) Miroslaw Vitous ‘New York City’(Warner Bros)
5) Judy Roberst ‘Never Was Love’ (Inner City)
6) Joanne Graver Introducing Lorraine Feather ‘See You Later’ (Universal)
7) Eric Kloss ‘S’Bout Time’ (Prestige)

Quasimoto Mix Tape:

8) Sun Ra ‘Intro’ (White Label)
9) Budda Temple Meets Rock ‘People’ (Stones Throw)
10) Frenza ‘To Yo Affair’ (White Label)
11) Sun Ra ‘ Real Talk’ (Jazz Records)
12) Quasimoto ‘Seasons Change’ (White Label)
13) Kwanza ‘Karma’ (White Label)
14) Mark Murphy ‘Slide’ (White Label)
15) Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
16) Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
17) Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
18) Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
19) Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
20) Young Jazz Rebels ‘Kamala’ (White Label)
21) Unknown ‘Miss Kitty’ (White Label)
22) Unknown ‘Deception’ (White Label)
23) Unknown ‘Percy P Remix’ (White Label)
24) Young Jazz Rebels ‘Miss K’ (White Label)
25) Dilla ‘Beat’ (White Label)
26) Madlib ‘Take It Back’ (White Label)
27) Unknown ‘Secret Jazz Jems’ (White Label)
28) Herbie Hanncock ‘Live Bootleg in France’ (White Label)

29) Yusef Lateef ‘ Before Dawn’ (Verve Records)
30) Soul Fingers/Morris Nanton ‘Troubles Of The World’ (Prestige)
31) Bobby Womack ‘Across 110th Street Part II’ (Joe Boy Records)
32) The GZA aka Maximillion ‘Cold World’ (Geffen)
33) DR Octagon ‘Blue Flowers’ (Blue Recordings)
34) The Roots ‘Do You Want More’ (Talkin Loud)
35) Steve Coleman ‘First Science’ (Pangea)
36) Steve Williamson ‘A Waltz For Grace’ (Verve)
37) Jean Carn ‘You Are All I Need’ (CBS)
38) Theo Parrish ‘Walking In The Sky’ (Elevate)
39) Bobby Cruz/Ray In Orbit ‘Descarga’ (Alegre Records)
40) Romatt ‘Froggy’z Congaz’ (Chez)
41) Fela ‘J.J.D’ (Barclay)

Your comments on the tracks 

The Quas mix was too nice and i was feeling the Lonnie Liston Smith track too. Peace to all the listeners, Coul you drop some Sun-Ra beats on the next show?

Give him a day time slot!! Bring it to the masses gilles

A big shout out from a little place at the bottom of Africa (where it all began!) Stunnerific show GP

Love all your shows, listening from New Zeaalnd, and Brother Rober Moore Listening from Australia. original belvedear Arms, Electric ball room Jazz boys Hi to Symore nurce, Get off the ground
Albert Moore

Hi , I am Konstantinos from Thessaloniki Greece and I am listening to you online you are the best keep on . We are celebrating the Easter and we are on vocation . Have a good time there . Kisses

First time listenin to your show man! Absolutely awesome!this is the music i've been searchin for for years!Awesome! Will, Derbyshire

B. Womack, Y. Lateef, Lord Quasimoto? A simple question: Could it POSSIBLY get better than this? Truly amazing being in Brownswood Basement. No place we'd rather be Gillesy P! Much love from the MixLab@Candelas Family!
Dex in San Diego/USA

JUST got back from the may pole madness.. looking forward to the session tonight, Brownswood Basement show or as I like to put it- the 'Don't Boder Lookin' show.. spec'
Alex H

It's 6am - it's raining in Perth. Nevermind all that... Gilles P is diggin' deep. Yaaaay! Give us a shout mate. peace from West Oz.
Paul from Black & Blue

Gilles P in the HOUSE! I'm coming to see you at the Medicine Bar (bham) this month. Big up to WW listeners.
Rit Aghera, bham


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