Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 24/04/05 : : Me'Shell Ndegeocello & Theo Parrish in the Studio

1, The Rotating Assembly - 'Them Drums' (Sound Signature)
2, Recloose - 'Landed' Feat. Te Manuhiri (Peace Frog)
3, Basement Jaxx - ' U Know Me' (Solid Groove mix) (XL)
4, Soil & Pimp - 'Waltz For Goddess' (Victor)
5, Pano: Optikum - 'Black Land Of The Nile' feat. Blue Eyez (White)

6, Me'shell Ndegeocello & The Spirit Music Jamia - 'Mu-Min' (Universal)
7, Me'shell Ndegeocello & The Spirit Music Jamia - 'Luq Man' (Live In Session)
8, Me'shell Ndegeocello & The Spirit Music Jamia - 'Papillon' (Universal)
9, Me'shell Ndegeocello & The Spirit Music Jamia - 'Red Planetary Skywalker' (Live In Session)

10, Hanna AKA Warren Harris - 'Green Fauchon' (Sound Signature)
11, Dumminie Deporres feat. Umar Bin Hassan - 'Dark Matters' (Sound Signature)
12, Oliver Nelson - 'Stolen Moments' (Impulse)
13, Misterij Blues - 'Mistery Of Blues' (Jugoton)

Theo Parrish In The Mix::
14, Ugly Allstars - 'Ugly 09' (Uget)
15, Main Ingredient - 'Happiness is Just Around The Bend' (RCA)
16, Omar S - 'Oasis 1' (FXHE)
17, Theo Parrish Feat. Billy Lo - 'It's Goin Down' (Sound Signature)
18, Reggie Dugs- 'The Hush EP' (Psychostasia)
19, Green Pickles feat. Billy Lo - 'Feedback' (Sound Signature)
20, Theo Parrish - 'Capritarius 7' (Sound Signature)
21, The Rotating Assembly - 'Orchestra Hall' (Sound Signature)

Your comments on the tracks 

One of the best shows this year! Nice one Gilles & Theo!!!

James Ambler
good evening and good night!

King Sunny Ade P
Tight mix.

much love to gilles!! this show is just an essential part of mine and many other ppls lifes. You're the best, no doubt! Soil&pimp!!!

Cheers King Sunny Ade P - The Don of the LIVE threads. Shouts to Johnny & Purdie Bailey (easy!), Milic (full respect everytime!!!) and also Paulboards (big up your Chelsea chest!). Just love, love "Happiness Is Just Around The Bend" - Respect to Theo.... : ) D

Dex in San Diego/USA
Theo and Gillesy P! This is what Sundays were made for! Big shouts (as always) from the MixLab@Candelas Family!

big up and oneness to ww fams, nice last poets colab almost as good as the pharoh saunders colab this is madness, mc's should take note

mr & mrs bailey
enjoying the luxury of the anzac bank holiday monday > having a lie in and listening in bed stronggg

Nathan Stanley
I loved hearing about Theo's History, it was a neat change to have a longer interview in the middle of the show. Much love for GP and worldwide from here in the States!

word up theo and meshell in one show! gilles karen and becky ya baad!

EZ all, GP you have mail. Check it. Word up Milic...see you at the Exit fesival in June.

ape 11
Oliver Nelson, Stolen Moments? Nice.Keep mixing it up!

Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments!!! CLAAAAAASIC!!!!!!!!

Yes!!! Brownswood basement next week. Can't wait!!!!

Brownswood Basement next week!!! yeah! yeah! Nice One Gilles.... : ) D

The Michele Ndege Ocello session was PHAT! Pure Jazz! : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Big Love Dayo. We're missing you mate!

As a t-shirt fanatic, I gotta say I'm lovin' your Brownswood shirt! They sell those around anywhere?! Shout to the dons Dayo and Ade P!

King Sunny Ade P
What a version!!

ape 11
Reminding me off Sleepwalker for some reason - haven't heard much from them since they supported Pharoah at the Jazz cafe a while

soil and pimp !!!!!!!! it's what it's all about. go on GP! superb. this has to get dropped at cargo this week, right ? aaaaarrrghhhh black land of the nile ! too much !

"Black Land Of the Nile" - is this the Panoptikum version? Nice one!

Gerry Hectic
Big Week & flyin', Madrid De Los Austrias, Chris Thomas King / Paul Murphy - 'Revelations', Brendan from The Debonairs / Black Country Route, Lupen Crook & Misty In Roots + in the past, Zeljko Kerleta - Non-Aligned Cosmic Sounds from Eastern Europe. What are Theo's 'Twin Cities' and has he heard the hottest CDr under the decks in Detroit RE:EDIT's reworks: Dwele 'Affinity' & Love Unlimited Orchestra - 'Midnight Groove'? Theo Parrish Remixes of Sun Ra - Saga Of Resistance, Superb, Love all.

Flashbacks from last night!!!!! Soil and Pimp Sessions - TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!

Shout to all the Cratediggers on Norman's board - RESPECT!!!. I cant seem to get on tonight. : ) D

this is the good sessions love gilles peterson and friendzzz bye bye

King Sunny Ade P
Shout to Milic! Fantastic review on Brownswood sir, sounded like a wicked night. Full respect

when is theo going sit in for gilles when he is on holiday next time?

Roots Manuva just rocked Warsaw on Friday! Great record Mr Smith...

That Soil and Pimp record from last weeks show was awesome, and to know that people like diesler are producing killer tracks like Burnley Wallet is phenomenal, Gilles keep em coming, they're immense!!

King Sunny Ade P
Soil & Pimp - 'Waltz For Goddess' = Tune of last week's show! More please. Theo Parrish in the house.

Theo the maestro!!! What a GP surprise...magical stuff btw; where do u find those sweet little tweaks...makes all the difference.

"East is where it's at" - Nice one Gillesy P! Big shout out to Mr. Parrish! Looking ff to the Me'shell N'Degeocello session! Peace from Belgrade

Big shout to the WW Crew. Big Shout to Theo Parish + Big love to the Midnight Marauders.... : ) D

i dont want to hear Gilles sorted travels ... play your music instead!

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