Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 10/04/05 : : Four Tet & Steve Reid

1, Hope Collective - 'Give & Let Live' (UK Urban remix) (Rice Records)
2, Faith Evans - 'Stop N Go' (EMI)
3, Black Spade - 'To Serve with Love' (White)
4, Family Man Barrett - 'Soul Constitution' (Dub Store)
5, Urbs - 'So Weit' (G-Stone)
6, Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions - 'Pimp Master' (White)
7, Syclops - 'The E Ticket' (Phil Asher remix) (Tirk)
8, Max Cole - 'Mo High' (Wah Wah 45s white)
9, Mark De Clive Lowe - 'State Of The Mental' (Phuturistix Remix)
10, Fourtet - 'And Then The Patterns' (Domino)
11, Fourtet - 'You Were There With Me' (Domino)
10, Fourtet & Steve Reid - 'Untitled' (Live In Session)
11, Unknown - 'Nativetonguetwisterhood' (White)
12, DJ M3 - 'Tragic Queen' (Milk Bus Remix) (Green Gorilla)
13, Joey Negro - 'Scattering Stars' (Interface Records)
14, Manfredo Fest - 'Jungle Kitten' (White)
14, Povo - 'Senior Bluzs' (White)
15, Fourtet & Steve Reid - 'Untitled' (Live In Session)
16, Me'shell N'Degeocello - 'Waterfall' (Maverick)
17, Telepopmusik - 'Loves Almighty' feat. Angela Mcclusky (White)
18, Al Vailent - 'Put My Shhh' (Fnom recordings)

Your comments on the tracks 

King Sunny Ade P
The fact that WW can broadcast music like this on National Radio One is cause enough to celebrate. Respect!

Steve Reid/Fourtet: Messy! Easy Beatnik...Respect!!! : ) D

da grand man
Just hooked up the web. Will be coming to the tour at the Forum with my gal' Jane. KEEP DOIN WHATTCH YA DO! LOVIN' IT....PEACE

King Sunny Ade P
Shout to Milic and Beatnick as always. Peace. Lovely piece before, Underground Resistance style.

Big G
this music is unreal!!!! Gilles u ve got taste mate!


Golf (masters) + WW - A lovely combination. Masters at work! Respect!!! : ) D

Roy Shay
Gilles - much love and respect from Chicago. Haven't missed a show in 7 years! Tragic Queen - Killer, killer track. Would you give us a shout? Please, please, please keep it up

Big shout out to the original Brownswooders -- Dayo the Godfather, King Sunny Ade P, the unbeatable Beatnik and Mr. Parafino! Soil + Pimp Sessions - NEED IT!

Nice one Dayo!!! Shout to the Heavy Hitters 4 am crew.. I know where your heads are at!

Rafa (Bristol)
Wassup People Keep it coming GP,all good !!

King Sunny Ade P
Steve Reid v Four Tet = Deep As The Hills!

That version of "Wheel within a wheel" is the nuts!!! Big up Milic and ALL midnight marauders...Big Up Charlie Dark!! : ) D

Massive Big up gilles!! I'm running a week late tonight. Jus listening to last weeks show which is just an absolutely amazing selection!!! Can't wait to start the current show right on. 4 hours of GP. Life couldn't be better :)

Slide remix - ain't feelin that one. No real need to remix everything is there?

"State of the Mental" remix - TUUUUUUUUNE!!!!!!

Bernard McCarron - Derry NI
Love to all the midnight marauders. Giles keep on keepin' on, the spirit is strong tonite.

That Syclops tune was sounding HOT! Woody - Jigsawmusic in Sunny Birmingham!

c jackson , andover hants
i just wanna say thanks for cheering me up shows sounding great! and big ups to GILES AND CREW for keeping the show real ! been checkin the show since the wed nite slots (1998) sheer music pleasure !!!!!!!THANK YOU

Dr Biskit
Liking all the wobbly bass this evening mr P. Lovely. =0]

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice one for playing Mo High GP The rest of the LP is shaping up okay!

King Sunny Ade P
Wheel Within A Wheel!! Wicked version!!

Bobby P.
evening everyone from lukewarm leeds. hope you're all well. enjoying the show thus far. looking forward to some four tet randomness.

Check Soil & Pimp Sessions on Victor Japan!! Massive portions of great music come from them. Previous 12" "Harbor" & "Fuller Love" Big tunes here. Wanna get my hands on the newie. r'spkt

Gerry Hectic
Busy week for Jazztronik, Steve Melling/Pete King on fly + Mod X 'The Quest' Paul Murphy remix.. IGillesman shouts to Biggabush, Megablast, Mr & Mrs Weston, Break Reform, Richard E and Martin Hectic.

Scratch aka Sach
Wassup people!... Missed out on last nite but will definately be there are the next one. Gilles play some Zap Mama bro!.. And whats this about Common having a new album out?!.. Aint heard any of that?!.. Peace and Love. Sratch

Another Sunday night session with the one & only Gillesy P... Shout to all the Midnight Marauders in the place! Peace from Belgrade

Nathan Stanley
I can't say enough about Gilles and the show...I wait every week for sunday nights. I also just bought "In Brazil" just in time for summer, another classic from the Gilles Peterson collection!

hey gilles & crew, hope you are well..but i am sure you are with music like this - WHAT A VERSION OF WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL....!!! phew. .. . just keep on. smiles, michael

Hello from Geneva - Thanks to Gilles to make my sunday evening a rendez-vous..always sounds better & better!!!!

Dayo checking out the webcam
Big Up Karen P!!! You know we love that hat sis..hahaha...Full Respect!!! : ) D

The Early Mornin' Risers - Nice 1 Gilles - perfect start to the day for Western Australia - jaaaaazzzy all the way!

Faith Evans is a BIG VOCALIST!!! Big Up Norman Jay!!! : ) D

wat a tuneeeeee ! BLACK SPADE

King Sunny Ade P
Respect to the WW crew. Looking forward to the Four Tet session.

Hey Gilles, Faith Evans sounding very much like back in the days finest soulmusic...keep it like this, smiles, michael

c jackson , andover hants
hi everyone !! and of course the main man GILES ! feeling down as monday mornin draws closer and another week on the royal mail !! need some 70s 80s groove to cheer me up !! pleeeeeeeese

Big Up Gilles P + the WW Crew!!! FULL RESPECT!!! : ) D

marvellous all hail lord quas!

Ian Cooney
Looking forward to T05 in Glasgow at the end of the Month. Gilles - you must drop "Dust" by Recloose for me and my Bro - its a family fave............ Stay Funky

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