Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 13/03/05 :: Roots Manuva in session

1, Saul Williams - 'Seaweed' (Wichita)
2, Ame - 'Engoli' (Sonar Kollektiv)
3, Roy Ayers - 'The Gold Coast' (White)
4, The Rebirth - 'Mark Of His Ways' (Kajmere)
5, Vee - 'Untitled' feat. Jill Scott (White)

6, Roots Manuva - 'Too Cold' (Live In Session)
7, Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days' (Live In Session)
8, Roots Manuva - 'The Falling' (Live In Session)

9, The Detroit Experiment - 'Highest' (Ryko)
10, Deep Child - 'Mercy Dub' (Future Classic)
11, Roman Flugel - 'Geht's Noch?' (Cocoon)
12, Lady Sovereign - 'Random' (IG Culture remix) (White)
13, Mpho Skeef - 'Comin' For Ya' (White)

14, Jazzanova - 'Another New Day' (JCR)
15, Marcos Valle - 'Bestreiasdo Amor' (Jazzanova Remix) (Far Out)
16, Dimlite - 'Back To The Universe' (TSE Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
17, Fenin feat. Gorbi - 'None Of Them' (Shitkatapult)
18, Jazzanova - 'Place In Between' (JCR)

19, Elmore Judd - 'Otherly Love' (Above The Clouds)
20, Mike Ladd - 'In Perspective' (Thirsty Ear)
21, Roy Ayers - 'Tarzan' (White)
22, Quasimoto - 'Seasons Change' (Stones Throw)
23, Build An Ark - 'You Gotta Have Freedom' (J Rocc Remix) (White)

Your comments on the tracks 

bad rmx, jazzanova back witha bang, liked original marcos valle,sonar kollectiv goodness, big up Gilbert Patterson????

Lovin the show as always. Peace, love and respect to the worldwide crew and the listeners.

Big shout out to Jurgen von Knoblauch & the boys from Berlin! Sonar Kollektiv keepin' it strong for the 05! Peace from Belgrade

easy gilles jazz britania was some vibe man, nice to see some of forefathers being payed due props. any plans for sardinia? peace and blesses to all

Easy Milic!!! Peace from Newington Green in London.. : ) D

"Everybody Get Random" - BIG TUNE!!!! : ) D

DJ Esther
Midnight man...liking your style. Wait for the hits tomorrow when the modals return. Nice one Sanjiv. No word from Zinger in whille. A shout going out to the ladies in the house tonight. Gilles, yllw shirt = strong look Paddington bear style. (But it's all good.)

Big shout out to King Sunny Ade P & Dayo!

Gillesy P. on form tonight...The Rebirth, Roy Ayers, Roots Manuva...what's next??!?

Rafa (Bristol)
Wassup WW Family Yeah yeah!! feeling the show, UK Large, big-up Roots Manuva. Yo Gilles you didn't mention the winner of the Ornette Coleman competition question last week??? Wassup Cus?

DJ Esther
You have mail Gilles - Leftfield Miami gigs. EZ... MJ

King Sunny Ade P
Big Love to all the Marauders Tonight.

Big up Gilles for making Sunday so sweet, shout to the Corby diggers, Peace!

Big Up Daddy Dark!!! Yes, there was a lovely vibe last night at Heavy Hitters. Glad you finally got in - Sanjiv told me about your plight. All's well that ends well - FULL RESPECT!!! : ) D

Bobby P
ARGH! (in a bad way) can we start again? i just got in and missed the first 20 mins. sounds like the rebirth. sounds lovely. and now something like jeremy ellis? ahhh... soothing.

Scratch aka Sach
Easy Gilles P and the Fam.. biggin up all the Worldwide family. Happy birthday Ananth.. ( looking forward to Dublin bro! )This show is definately the Best way to end a week and start off a new one with Gilles' show. Peace people. Scratch

That Ame tune was ROUGH!!! Proper House just the way we like it!!! Big Up the Sonar Kollectiv crew... MMMMMMmnnnn....This Roy Ayers joint is sounding PHAT!!! : ) D

Enjoying the music until naima wakes up for her midnight feed. Good vibe last night. Reminds me of the Fridge sessions. thanx for having me down. Check you during the week.

Wicked line up...AGAIN! Churn 'em out G!

Let's finish the week on a high note! Big up G, big up Brownswood! Peace from Belgrade

Big Shout to Gilles P, Karen P & Becky J!!! Full Respect!!! Shout to ALL the Midnight WW Marauders as well...Its ALL Good! : ) D

Francisco Casablanca
Hola desde Puerto Rico: Listening the last show I got very pleased with the great mix of Puerto Rico from the Hermanos Latinos. Mixing boricua’s rhythms with great house. Keep up doing the best. Sincerely from Puerto Rico, Francisco J. Casablanca

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