Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 27/02/05 :: Box of Delights

1, Nathan Fake - 'Dinamo' (Traum)
2, Sun Ra & His Arkestra - 'On Jupiter' (Saturn)
3, Firecracker - 'Fake' (Firecracker)
4, Kice - 'Miracles' (White)
5, Jamie Finlay - 'Little Trumpet' (White)
6, The World's Experience Orchestra - ' The Prayer' (White)
6, Travis Blaque - 'The Scene' (Unique)
7, Lee Perry & The Upsetters - 'Jungle Lion' (Antidote)
8, Ka-La-Ka Afro Beat Band - 'Soul Ethiopia' (La Voix De L'Ethiopie)
9, Konono No.1 - 'Ungudi Wele Wele' (Crammed Discs)
10, LCD Soundsystem - 'Losing My Edge' (EMI)
11, Calibre - 'Hynotise' (Soul:R)
12, DJ Marky & XRS - 'Butterfly' (Innerground)
13, Ski Oakenfull - 'Let Me Be' feat. Amp Fiddler (Rice)
14, Thievery Corporation - 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter' (Louie Vega remix) (R2)
15, Cal Tjader - 'Los Bandios' (Michael Reinboth Remix) (Compost)
14, Domu - 'So Precious' (Archive)
15, Sygaire & Kaoru - 'Got To The There' (White)
16, Clyde Alexander & Sanction - 'Got To Get Your Love' (Vertige)
17, Gina Soccio - 'Try It Out' (Atlantic)
18, Def Harmonic - 'Spaced Out' (Wobblyhead)
19, Little Barrie - 'Burned Out' (Genuine)
20, DJ Mitsu - 'Untitled' (Jazzy Sport)
21, Common - The Corner' (Geffen)
22, La Cedille - 'Empreintes' (Chocolate Fireguard)
23, Fourtet - 'Smile Around The Face' (Domino)
24, Charles Tolliver - 'Effi' (Strata East)

Your comments on the tracks 

Gerry Hectic
Gilles Peterson - Figurehead for the Nu-Jazz Generation - on Fly last week, latest Break Reform news and Nik Weston all over the place: Jazztronik's 'FRORO' to reappear soon. Try it out.

King Sunny Ade P
BigLove to Milic tonight, Peace Bro!

Mark Eddison
Gilles. Common ain't deep. He just thinks he is ! Coltrane is deep, Sun ra is deep but Common ? Come-on man !

King Sunny Ade P
JAZZ = J-8 A-1 Z-10 Z-10 = 29 Respect, a healthy score!!

Bass, blip, boom, bang, boom, bop. That sounds great. Now where's that minidisc?

rufti supa
more swearing makes you sound like westwood

...and big up the Peterson on Gino Soccio's "Try It Out" - An early 80s Lagos ravers tune...Nice One! A Brownswood Basement Classic!!! : ) D

what is that origami track u talking about jazzimo? im curious!

Mark Eddison
Hey Tom ! How's the house in Bernal ? Better get that roof sorted ! Met you last weekend at Norman Jay..

King Sunny Ade P
Play More Scrabble!

Clyde Alexander & Sanctions: OHBWOY!!!!!! : ) D

irvin mont
gilles nice show, have you heard anything about the petaco 86 remix, don't know who it's by, heard it out last night at the custard factory... truly wicked..

Cool! Following the Reinboth remix on Future Sounds of Jazz I heard the first second of the tune by Origami... hope to listen to it in the next weeks!!!

Bobby Parafino
webcam - GP caught in action. looking nonchalant! evening all. sounds as tight as ever tonight. a big worldwide hello from cold leeds. : )

dj tom thump aka the Melodious Thump, SF
hey gilles...long time...big up for the Sun Ra and that japanese Amp Fiddler joint. the Bay Area in the area...

ben lloyd
Hmmmm feeling that david byrne thing - riddim sounds familier ,like somthing from 'black vinyl' a few years back,they proberly riped it anyhow.

rufti supa
any new elmore judd coming - after the live was so rufffffffff

Magnificent tony
Gilles, you are the bosbos - you legend

DnB "Searchin"! Nice one! Big shout out to Don Dayo!

rufti supa
whoooooooooooo - pulling out the cd into loosing my edge - new technical djing skills i respek that -

Northern Joe
Easy all the the cratediggers and the worldwide crew. Carnival!

Thanks for the World Experience Orchestra Gilles...hahahaha...nice one! : ) D

Unrecorded Deliveries! Hello peeps, its that time of the week when everyones relaxing. Good! I got back from India last week, after 15 years, and boy are the clubs mad! Checked out Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Goa, Mumbai, Kolkota and Kerala, oh and the Taj Mahal which was out of this world. The clubs are funny cos they rinse out some commercial indian vocal house, the bass being optimised to the max.But on the other hand, you got the way 'we like it' - Tribal Jazz! All the way, deep (not dark), but definitely mesmerising. And the girls love english accents - they think your a movie star, so 'associating' for the night isn't at all difficult! It's great when you meet up with a few and they compete with each other to see who has the most fluent english, especially after a few drinks! Valentines night was also special (I'll explain Martina!), but all this fun meant I missed out on the Jazz Brittania broadcasts. It's a good thing a neighbour is related to Courtney, so that'll be resolved. Anyway, I'm back in the land of civil driving (me thinks), and checking GP doing his thing - the right thing! Checked out Plump DJ's on Fri at HQ and Nitin Sawhney last night at the medicine bar. And today - went a bit brazilian by checkin' out the panama club doing a carnival bashment! Proper latin beats and treats on the menu, and I'll think I'll start taking salsa lessons cos it was a steamer! Ciao 4 Now!! VJ, B'ham.

peace to danilo..big up zagreb! cu soon...

Mark Eddison
Was up Gilles ! Rainy San Francisco locked in..

Dayo The Scouser
What a start to the show!!! firing music!!! Respec' Gilles... : ) D

marc mac
Sun Ra..............ahhh. made my weekend complete. Peace G.

Looking forward to "yet another magnificent show" tonight!

Gillesy P. starting things off nicely on this cold, snowy night. Big up Brownswood! Peace from Belgrade

Sounds good already and its only 20 seconds into the show. Respect to Gilles, Karen P and Becki!

John essex
yo ...back again ready for more G !

Big Up The Peterson + the ww crew!!! Always a we go... : ) D

jo boob
i love gilles peterson and love worldwide and love silhouette brown and love 4hero and love broken beat and love acid jazz is not dead and love the sound of da life.

vaios Angelo
amazing tunes of nu jazz & nu soul. please, give me more. we need them down here in northern greece

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