Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 20/02/05 :: Elmore Judd in session

1)Sound Direction - 'Unknown' (white)
2) Ammoncontact 'New Birth' (Ninja Tune)
3) Ammoncontact 'Omniverses 2' (Ninja Tune)
4) Dwight Trible 'Waves of Infinite Harmony' (Feat Daedelus and Madlib) (Ninja)
5) Blackai Feat Bembe Segue 'Afro Spare' (White)
6) Big Bang 'Smile In Your Eyes' (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix) (White)
7) Edson K 'Ginga' (White)
8) Groupo Batuque 'Untitled' (White)
9) DJ Techniques 'Gabryelle' (Spiritual South Remix) (Defected)
10) Espresso 'Ping Pong' (Maxi)
11) Basement Jaxx 'Oh My Gosh' (Bugz Dub) (White)
12) Medeski Martin and Wood 'Midnight Birds (Sa Ra Remix) (Blue Note)
13) Heavy 'Make You Mine' (White)
14) Heavy 'Wonderlove' (Kindred Spirits)
15) Norman Connors and The starship Orchestra 'Butterfly' (Arista)
16) Silhouette Brown 'Pain' (It's Gonna Come Heavier) (Ether)
17) Anga Diaz 'Echu MIngua' (World Circuit)
18) Marc Mac 'Sandman' (Cadet)

Elmore Judd Live In session
19) Elmore Judd 'Party For Free' (Live In Session For Worldwide)
20) Elmore Judd 'Kinky' (Live In session For Worldwide)
21 ) Elmore Judd 'Bitter Gnome' (Live In session For worldwide)
22) Benny Sings And Red Nose Distrikt 'Benny soup' (White)
23) The Free Design 'Light In the Attic' (Nobody remix feat Ikey Ownes) (Light In the Attic)
24) Afro Psycho Pathz Feat Timothy Baldwin ' Angel' (Instrumental)
25) The Backrtoom Bandits 'You Dont Know What Love Is' (White)
26) Mr V 'Jus Dance' (Maw Records)
27) City of Women 'Tablakone' (Sakho Recordings)

Your comments on the tracks 

Fantastic, FAN-TASTIC; once again G, you've failed to disappoint, although i was looking forward to you rippin' it up in Glasgow last autumn and it was cancelled!! I'm awaiting that extra special set when it comes around!! And for this weeks track selection....phenominal!!! Extra impressed by Gilles P

SeB from Brighton
Feelin the show like always keep it up Gilles,keep on bringing the realness Big Shouts 1

Original Dub
Morning all, just recovering tfrom the Good Vibration Festival that was held in Sydney on Saturday, Jazzanova were awsome, and Bugz just tore the place apart, though sitiing here at work and feeling very seedy. Giles is playing what my ears just need.

Jermaine Blackwood
Respect to da man Giles for being consistent in uplifting and upfront. Even when u rinse the classics ya bring tha true realness. I'll look for u next time u in birmingham. Many Thanks

WOW!!! What a brilliant version of "A Love Supreme" - DREAD TUNE!!! : ) D

Yeah Gilles! We cannot wait to listen to the ORIGAMI track! Neeeeeeeeeeed!!!

heavy in session last year... and still sounding fresh for the now -definately on the wish list for '05

BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G, that's the one, that's the one!!! Dayo, you feelin' it??!?

Gerry Hectic
Good bits this week, Gilles P (Brasil), Heritage Orchestra and Nik Weston on Fly. Tight. More Daedelus to come + Dom Servini & Break Reform. Positive Spiritual South. Mutual love. HEAVY!!!!!

AAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Norman Connors!!! Shout to all the Ravers!!!! : ) D

The best recovery to a wet saturday afternoon shaking it with Jazznova, Bugz and Max Sedgley in Sydney. It may have rained but it certainly didn't dampen the spirit or the vibes. You missed a monster Gilles. Ask the Bugz. See you this way soon hopefully.

HEAVY: Proper "ravers" vibe - Big shout to all the WW Midnight Marauders ravers!!! Wonder love: Minnie Riperton-esque!!! : ) D

WONDERLOVE!!!!!!!! That new Heavy tune is sounding good. G, is that a Bruce Lee t shirt you got on? Respec'!

Ouch! This show is bad, and I've run out of minidiscs. Oh the pain, but oh the pleasure...

One love to all the WW folks thanks Gilles keep it moving all night

Always the PERFECT end to the weekend..some real sizzlin tunes on such an ICE COLD night! Will listen to it again tomorrow....always makes Monday mornings that little bit more refreshing! Keep that Sunday slot G!!!

Big ups to the G-Man keeping it cool in the desert (ARIZONA)

Nick Nice
Perfect vibes for a cold, snowy night in Wisconsin... always solid. Thanks Gilles!

Dex in San Diego, CA/USA
Keep it movin' Gillesy P.! Lovin' the stuff. The MixLab Family gives thumbs up to the Spiritual South track! Never can tell them much from Zero dB, but who cares? And Gilles, PLEEEEEEZ hit us with more Meshell N'dgeocello and Cassandra Wilson!

Well, well, well... Gilles P is joining the joints proper tonight...Pal Joey is VERY important!!! Nice One...Gilles never disappoints when it comes to pulling out PROPER HOUSE....OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!! : ) D

Big shout out to Don Dayo!

gotta be rockin that spiritual south tune

jimthing (now in Costa Rica, via london)
If ya ain't heard the new Jazztronik LP, coming soon to a label near you (give it a try. As is the Yukihiro Fukutomi CD only (or about 5 seperate Jap import 12"s & a UK one! --hard on the pocket, but still ++SHINY-VINYL++); smells funny, tastes delicious. Still awaiting those UK classic Jazzzzzzzz-baby LP's Monsieur Tony Higgins --->PLEASE let us know if ya know about this thing mr. 'know about all releases ever' GP !!! *Au-Revoir*

ez all late night sunday people. That mix of DJ Technic is sounding amazin'.

daniel veres -
definitely feeling the flavours tonight, cheers to everyone involved and everyone listening :) /d

Nice vibe tonight Gilles...Maximum Respect!!! Shout to Milic..and not forgetting my nigrian sister in crime: Mojisola Jegede - Hold it down sis!!! : ) D

loving it gilles really makes me get into the mood seeming ive just finished work and knackered hope to hear more from u

rit aghera
i feel it now Gilles..... smooth soulful dance.

Yo Gilles... wassup with that ORIGAMI track on upcoming ? Spin it up hehehe

Second that Dayo....the first time i listened to the show back in the summer of 04; never lloked back; backin the show up each week! Keep 'em rollin G

Matt Leedham
Huge Sunshine vibes to you Gilles from hot and sunny 32 degree Brisbane, Australia. Listening to and loving the show as i do each and every week. Please can you give a shout out to my beautiful girlfriend Ruth, who's an international flight attendant with Qantas and who's flying the skies as I write.. Peace and love from afar to you and the crew Gilles.. Matt Leedham.

Gilles. You da man mate! Your show keeps my faith in good music alive! Thank you so much. Peace and love. Sach

John ... essex
Big up to gilles ...... usual ww vibe being felt over here.... bet u r gonna turn up early for next weeks

Another Sunday night session with Gillesy P... Big up Brownswood! Peace from Belgrade

Bobby Parafino
evening all. hope you're all in the mood again for another top WW. GP is on a roll! shout to becky for getting back to me about the comp. am itching to pick up the parcel monday morning. :)

You have mail...check it! Another evening of musically bliss to set us up for the wk ahead.

Dayo checking out the webcam
I see Karen has got her natty Hat on again tonight. Nice One! It's early contender for my "hat of the year" - L O L L Y !!!!!! : ) D

rit aghera, bham
sounds dark this week Gilles.....keep it rollin'

Easy Gilles P, Karen P & Becky J....Full Respect EACH & EVERY Time!!!! : ) D

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