Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 13/02/05 :: Foreign Exchange & Little Brother in session

1, Unknown - 'Untitled' (White)
2, Jonny Alpha - 'Televisual' (Cside Trax)
3, Ski Oakenfull - 'Let Me Be' feat. Amp Fiddler (White)
4, Jeremy Ellis - 'Take Your Time' (Premix) (Ubiquity)
5, Quantic - 'Mishaps Happening' (Prins Thomas remix) (White)
6, Psapp - 'Northdown Flat B1' (Arable)
7, Ahmad Jamal - 'Minor moods' (Cadet)
8, Akiko - 'Little B's Poem' (Verve)
9, Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - 'Seconds' (White)
10, Beck - 'Hell Yes' (Geffen)
11, Ludacris - 'The Potion' (Instr) (Def Jam)
12, Baby Jaymes - 'Everyday' (White)
13, Plantlife feat. Dena Deadly - 'Your Love' (Ubiquity)
14, Clarence Smith - 'Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child' (Soul Jazz)
15, Jimmy Smith - 'Can't Get Enough' (Mojo)
16, Jimmy Smith - 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?' (Verve)
17, Finn Peters - 'The Dile Loop' (White)
18, Foreign Exchange - 'Come Around' (Live In Session)
19, Foreign Exchange - 'Sincere' (Live In Session)

20, Meshell NDegeocello - 'The Chosen' feat. Cassandra Wilson (Universal)
21, Re:Jazz - 'Inner City Life' (Infracom)
22, Scuba feat. Lizz Fields - 'Our Time' (Slip N' Slide)
23, Nathan Fake - 'Dinamo' (Traum Schallplatten)
24, Joshua - 'Freaks' (Funk'd)

Your comments on the tracks 

it was strictly for the hardcore tonight all shows this year have been PROPER and that is a fact keep it up ww crew

Manel, Portugal
Keep it up gilles the man... want to say hi to everyone who's looking for the perfect beat...

Robin Cooper
Really loving the show tonight, i know nothing about jazz really but sat on my driveway in my car until inner city life finished!

What a show tonight....Wicked...gonna go to bed dreaming of "Little B's Poem" now...I need that!!!hahaha...WW Crew - Full Respect!!! : ) D : ) D

Gerry Hectic
Gilles, thanks for being the chaos catalyst for yesterday; superb on tele, superb Heritage Orchestra - please, the biggest studio possible for the session. Jimmy Smith, RIP. Ron Carter’s on Performance now. Hectic week, Richard E, Bev, Simon S (Break Reform), Zeljko Kerleta (Cosmic Sounds) , Paul ’The Quest (Rmx)DJing in Kosovo lookin’ very young on Jazz Brittania Friday Night’ Murphy , a naked Benjamin Zephaniah, Daedelus’ Guide to Dublab Presents in the Loop #2, Damian ‘fly’ Rafferty & Charlie ‘The Sound of the World’ Gillett, the 3Hedz, Panelinha do Samba, Martin ‘4-0’ Hectic and not least, Mrs Hectic on Valentine’s Day. Love to all and everyone.

king britt
thank you very much !!!!

yes big up beatnik - -have to say - a superlative show - mesmerising stuff gilles thank you Sir!! ...and can i _please_ say happy birthday john bailey! sans edit ? thanks : )

I was overjoyed to hear Gilles play that Jhelisa "Inner city Life" rub tonight - Big Music!!! : ) D

Philly is in the house now when are you gonna do a tune with Jneiro, that's what I want to know!!! ;) peace

The track before Inner City Life is one of the most beautiful records i have ever heard.. Thanks Gilles, you made my night :)

king britt
whewwwwwwwww !!!!! Miami coming !!!!! what a great version of Inner City Life !

Sanjiv Ahluwalia
Courtney Pine tore it up this evening (or yesterday evening as it were). Carleen Anderson stole the show with a heart stopping rendition of "Don't Look Back In Anger", Talvin Singh was hypnotic and The Zinger and Maxi Jazz were brilliant. Too good a show. The first part of Saturday's show with all the "big boys" was the best jazz concert I've been to this side of Shorter, Hancock, Holland, Rooney and Williams at the Albety Hall and Herbie and the Headhunters at the Jazz Cafe. I heard I was on TV this evening?:) "Inner City Life" - jazz style, wicked.

Yes yes D, we're international tonight.. Inner City Life sounds like Maiden Voyage there.. Joining the jots!

happy birthday mr bailey Tom Herbert and Dave Okumu mashed it AGAIN on the freestage yesterday.. Finn Peters' group are superbly good. The whole concert was just one big trip. Stan Tracey, Norma W's 2nd and 3rd performances in the concert were especially special for me. And the Alto Sax leader in the big band raw soaring. inner city pressure. with the keys - super strong!! neeeed it!

Emilio Nightwatchman
Great show this evening. Love the vibe, love the session, love the groove. The lot basically. Keep it up and thanks!

D Sacks
Thanks for putting on a wicked session yesterday at the Barbican Gilles .. it's been a great weekend full to bursting of music - just tuned in to the show & it's sounding lush.

Big shout to King Sunny Ade P! Respect to your sun ra slippers and your jazz nappys!

king britt
just tuned in......what up get the goods or what !

Big up King Sunny Ade P!

Loved that Jimmy Smith tribute - BAD JAMS!!! The Messageboard community is busy tonight!!! Full Respect!!! : ) D

King Sunny Ade P
Shouts to Milic and Beatnick in the place. Respect as always!

Dave C
Just tuned in......Song played at 11.30.....I need it! What was it? D

Happy valentines Little One X. Jimmy Smith RIP, a huge loss of a great person but long live his soul, jazz and funk. His Mojo ain't ever gonna stop working. Another glorious day in Sydney with Jimmy and Gilles.

Mr Magoo
Respect to Mr Smith, king of the B3. Just got back from the Barbican. Killer night. Heavy session. Mr P - did you like the wine...????????

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC!!!!!

Omg Gilles, ur gettin it on BB style...lovin it, what mor can i say?!?! Jimmy Smith on that good ol' hammond! Is this on verve?

King Sunny Ade P
Clarence Smith - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child. Quality Piece. Play more Darkness Ringtones!

Nice one GP! RIP Jimmy Smith. Just read a good story about that - this fan goes to a Jimmy Smith concert and hangs around to shake his hand and get his record signed. Finally after hours of waiting, he manages to catch Jimmy for a chat and hands him an LP to sign.. Jimmy goes "why you giving me that? I can't WRITE, mother"hamster"! He invented hammond playing, full respect to that.

s l i m
hey that should say have a cold one on me !

R I P Jimmy the Cat Smith

Yep, feelin that version of 'sometimes i feel like a motherless child'!:!:!:!:!

Beatnik, i did lose it to "Little B's Poem" - I need it!!! LOL!!! Plantlife = Lovely Ravers Vibe!!!! : ) D

Shout out to the mobster in the place - Dayo!

It's all freestyle? Really? That's jazz innit :) I agree with Becky - the "squeezy toy" noise was making me laugh

that beck track was bad ass

Beck - the new star of broken beat? TUUUUUUNE!

Ohhhhhhhh...TUNE!!! Love the drums on this one. Ain't it a pleasure to start a new week with such a superb sound. Big shouts to the while WW crew...THX!!!

jimthing (puerto rico via london)
mmm... I quite liked your jazz night at the Barbican on Sat. I just wish that Tony Higgins would get around to reissue those classic UK Jazz albums on LP & CD he said he was doing about a year ago! ...ever try finding Under Milk Wood on vinyl, don't bother, just too rare... *Obrigado*

King Sunny Ade P
Little B's Poem - TUNE!

s l i m
congrats gilles - i heard the gig was exceptional - worth the hard work - ressspekkkk have a cold one on me >

Big Up Milic... "Little B's Poem" - Yeah! Yeah Gilles...Respect!!! : ) D

Little B's Poem - What a version!!! All about the flute!

Who is this version by? I bet Dayo is losing it Little B's Poem is his jam....

Big up from munich! Just came from my fav sushi place right in time 4 some GP!!!!! Lovin it like always...u keep IT up Gilles. Shoutz to all marauders!

santos, from portugal
hey, Gilles..... i love your show. you are my guru! tens bom gosto!!!! keep on! RESPECT...!

Misfits Bar (Malta)
Misfits tuned in to the weekly treat... lovin it ... hope to see you on our island someday ...

King Sunny Ade P
Shout to Le Birthday Bomb Bailey

Yeah this minor moods thing is more like it play more jazzzzzzzz

Rafa (Bristol)
Yes, what a combination Ocean's Eleven on the box with WW simmering in the backgroud lovely!

Jazz Britannia
Well, what can I say apart from a beautiful wkd despite the rain outside. Loving Eska, Juliette & Rob rendition of 'Afro Blue'. And what a finale, 'I’ve known Rivers' was superb. Good to see Carleen again. Courtney Pine you are a true virtuoso of all things leftfield. Sanj, look ff to tomorrow reviews. Peterson, another diary review is due time permitting. Shamed I missed the Working Week gig but I had fun. Nice seeing you again Valerie and Rob on the way out last night. Look ff to Miami next month. If the cap fits…. Beautiful Karen P. Love & Peace MJ (NW LDN)

Mishaps Happening (Todd Terje re-edit) TUNE!!! For the GAMM posse, how about a release guys?

Jeremy Ellis/Ayro - TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! Love this!! Pleased to hear it's soon come...

I've been checking the Webcam. Shout to Karen P - Love the hat sis...hahaha...Full Respect!!! : ) D

Gillesy P. keeping it movin' on a Sunday night... Big up Brownswood! Peace from Belgrade

BWOY!!! Shout to Johnny Boy Bailey!!! Full birthday respect sir!!!

Last night at the Barbican was AMAZING !!! Hearing Norma Winstone doing Joe Harriot's 'Jaipur' left me speechless. Also, to witness 'Dusk Fire' and 'Black Marigolds' live was deeply moving. Nice one Gilles.

Rit Aghera
Another sunday night session with the Original Scientist Of Sound! Roll the beats GP!

JOHN BAILEY: Happy Birthday Bro - Many Happy Returns - God Bless!!! : ) D

Shout to Gilles P, Karen & Becky J - Full Respect!!! : ) D

john bailey in upside down no jazz land
mend my ears master peterson > they need mending big love to the ww crew

Shouts out to the chicken soup massive on a sunday!!! Hope you've got tough beats to unblock the nasal cavity tonight GP..

Dan Carey
Bring it on GP. Bit of work distraction needed. A 20-minute noodling jazz epic would go down nicely please.

Giuliano Guberti
I Love It

James W
Hi y'all I am so annoyed at at the minute coz i really wanted 2 go 2 da Heavy and Allison crockett gig goin down at cargo! You've got 2 b 18 2 go! im only 16!!!!!! if any of you guys go post how it goes

charlie don't surf
Gilles you keep me going, beatiful sounds that continue to enlighten

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