Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 26/12/04 :: WW Awards 2004

1. James Brown - 'Unknown' (White)

Brownswood Ensemble - 'Various' (LIVE from Cargo)

2. TY - 'Oh You Want More' (LIVE)
3. Jade Fox - 'Sunrise of Wonder' (LIVE)
4. Jade Fox - 'Death by Creation' (LIVE)
5. Mpho Skeef - 'Like You Don't KNow' (LIVE)
6. Mpho Skeef - 'Girlfriend' (LIVE)
7. Eska - 'I Wish You Away' (LIVE)
8. Eska - 'Without You' (LIVE)
9. TY & Eska - 'Sophisticated & Coarse' (LIVE)
10. TY - 'Oh You Want More' (Refix Remix) (Instrumental) (Big Dada)

WW Awards
10. Bugz in the Attic - 'Booty la la' (V2) (WW Track of the Year)
11. The Roots - 'The Web' (Live in Session) (WW Session of the Year)
12. Mark De Clive Lowe - 'State of the Mental' (Antipodean) (Co-op - WW Club of the Year)
13. Pharaoh Sanders - 'Gotta have Freedom' (Theresa) (WW Compilation of the Year)
14. Sa-Ra - 'Co-Co Pop' (Ubiquity) (WW Label of the Year)
15. Plantlife - '3am' (Gut) (WW Album of the Year)
16. Roy Ayers - 'Green Gold' (BBE) (WW Life-time Achievement Award)
17. Sa-ra - 'Glourious' (Instrumental) (ABD) (WW John Peel 'Play more Jazz' Award)

18. Sa-ra - 'Rosebuds' (LIVE)
19. Sa-ra - 'Hollywood' (LIVE)
20. Sa-ra - 'Co-co Pop' (LIVE)
21. Sa-ra - 'Shorties On The Block' (LIVE)
22. Sa-ra - 'Make a Difference' (LIVE)
23. Sa-ra - 'Downtown' (LIVE)
24. Sa-ra - 'Butterscotch' (LIVE)
25. Sa-ra - 'Glourious' (LIVE)
26. Sa-ra - 'Rose Buds' (Instrumental) (LIVE)

27. Xmas Song - 'Unknown' (Unknown)
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