Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

BBC - Radio 1 - UrbanGilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 29/01/04

Madvillain - 'Meat Grinder' (Stones Throw)
Spectrum – 'Disco freeze' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
DJ Rels – 'Don't you know?' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
Malik Flavors – 'Untitled' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
*secret record set*
Sound Directions – 'The Favela' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
MED – 'Now you Know' (Stones Throw)
Madvillain feat. Stacey Epps – 'Eye' (demo mix) (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
*secret record set two*
Monk Hughes and the Outer Realm – 'Untitled' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
Alkaholiks – ‘Madlib Remix #2 (80s edition)' (Invazion White Label)
Percee p – 'Another 8 million Stories' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
Madlib beat #17
Stetsasonic archives
Madlib beat #7
Madlib beat #47
Madlib beat #112
Madlib beat #33
Madlib beat #53
Madlib beat #230
Joe Mcduphrey Experience – 'Papa' (Stones Throw)
DJ Rels – 'Untitled' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
Spectrum 77 – 'Bounce' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
Madvillain - 'Strange Ways' (Stones Throw)
Sound Directions - 'Pull Jabal Pull' (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
YNQ - untitled (Stones Throw - unreleased)
Sound Directions - Theme From M*A*S*H (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
[secret record set #3]
Jil Scott - A Long Walk (Madlib Remix, no. 2 - unreleased)
Quasimoto - Make Your Ears Wanna Bleed (from the CDP archives, circa '96 - unreleased)
M.E.D. - Special (Stones Throw - Unreleased)
MF DOOM - My Favorite Ladies (Nature Sounds)
Jaylib feat. Talib Kweli - Raw Shit (Stones Throw)
Derf Reklaw – 'It’s Hot As Haiti' (Ubiquity)

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