Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklistings 05/12/02

Threnody Ensemble - "Tha Roman" (Formally Valerie White) Part 1 (All Tomorrow's Party)
Ractus Hunters - "Untitled" (White)
Jan Jelinek - "If's and's and But's" (Scape White)
Carl Craig - "Space Odessey" (Ropeadope)
Quite Sane - "The Intanagable Dream" (Cool Hunter)
Jazmine - Lovin' U" (White)
Zap Mama Feat. Erykah Badu - "Bandi Bandi (White)
Jazzfatnasties - "All up in my face" (Coolhunter)
The Two Tons - "Never like this" (Fantasy Honey)
Talib Kweli - "Shock Body" (Rawkus)
Asheru - "Moonswing Feat Talib Kweli" (7 Heads)
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane "In a sentimental mood" (Impulse)
The Detroit Experiment - "Revelation" (Ropeadope White)
Ampdog - "Amp Dog knight" (Mahogani Music)
Emo -"Relief for free (Butti 49) (Ecco Chamber)
Axis Choir - "I see the sun" (White)
The Detroit Experiment - "Think twice" (Ropeadope / White)
Rima Feat. Nicola Kramer - "This World" (White)
Gilberto Gil and XRS - "Dia de soul" (White)
DJ Spinna - "So live" (BBE / White)
The Lyman Woodard Organisation - "Creative Music" (White)
Rob - "Make it fast, Make it slow" (Soundway)
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