Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

23 August 2007
Terry Callier in session
Jon Lucien & Max Roach Tribute mixes


Monassa - 'Watercircles' (UpMyAlley)
Herbie Hancock - 'Suntouch' (Columbia)
Sharon Redd, Ula Hedwig, Charlotte Crossley - 'Maiden Voyage' (Columbia)
Empty Chair - 'A Different Spring' (Living Space Records)
Eddy and Yannah Ft Earl Zinger - 'Bad fairy' (Compost)
Cobblestone Jazz - 'The Creator' (Do Right!)
Basquiat Strings –‘Infant Eyes’ (F-ire)
Max Roach Tribute Mix Max Roach – ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’ (Atlantic)
Max Roach – ‘Garvey's Ghost’ (Impulse)


Max Roach – ‘The Dream/Its Time’ (Columbia)
Max Roach – ‘Abstrutions’ (Atlantic)
Max Roach - ‘Lonesome Lover’ (Columbia)
Max Roach – ‘Absolutions’ (Atlantic)
Max Roach - 'Members Don't Get Weary' (Koch Records)

Head and Neck Session - 'Flowers' (Test)
Flying Lotus - 'Massage Situation' (Warp)
Benny Sings - 'Overnight' (Sonar Kollektiv)
Clara Hill - 'Everything' (Sonar Kollektiv)

Terry Callier Live in Session
Terry Callier – ‘Jazz My Rhythm and Blues’ (Live in Session)

Nathan Davis – ‘New Orleans’ (Tomorrow International)
Jon Lucien Tribute Mix Jon Lucien - 'Search for The Inner Self' (Ubiquity)
Jon Lucien - 'Who Will Buy' ( RCA)
Jon Lucien - 'Would You Believe in Me' (RCA)
Jon Lucien - 'Creole Lady' (Columbia)
Jon Lucien - 'Mi Vida' (Columbia)
Jon Lucien – 'Luella' (RCA) Jon Lucien - 'Listen love (RCA)

Elements of Life - 'One Dream' (Test)
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