Gilles Peterson

Wed 02.00-04.00

Thursday 08 March


DJ Mehdi- ‘Lucky Girl’ (Ed Banger)
Unknown – ‘Jungle Fever’ (Sugar Loaf Gangsters)
Noro Morales- ‘Saona’ (GP Remix) (White)
Steve Reid - 'Steve in Senegal' (White)
Sumo – ‘Gravity’ (Simbad Remix) (Test)
Lisa B – ‘Bruketon’ (White)
Soil and Pimp – ‘Sahara’ (RCA/Victor)
Rebecca Pidgeon- ‘Learn to Pray’ (Charles Webster Dubb) (Test)

Karizma in Conversation
Karizma – ‘Twist This’ (R2)
Karizma – ‘The Damn Thing’ (R2)
Jazztronik – ‘Samurai’ (Pantone)
Karizma – ‘Sad Isn’t it’ (R2)
Ben westbeech – ‘Hang Around’ (Kaytronic Remix)


Mudd – ‘C40’ (Rong Records)
Nicola Kramer – ‘Last Time’
As One – ‘See With Your Eyes’ (Archive)
Paul Randolph – ‘Believer’ (White)

Gilles Peterson Danish Varnish Mix
Yasaka Agawa – ‘Zanzibar’ (Povo Remix) (Test)
Finn Savery Trio – ‘Misturada’ (Metronome)
Bent Axel – ‘Cosper’ (Steeplechase)
Peder – ‘The Sour’ (Test)
Boom Clap Batchelors - 'Hvor Hi Henne' (White)
Owusu and Hannibal – ‘Delirium’ (Ubiquity)
Le Chef – ‘Lo Bro’ (Test)
Trolle and Sebenhaar – ‘Sweet Dogs’ (Test)
Tys Tys – ‘Grenadine’ (Test)
Christian Sievery, Jukka Tolonen, Mads Vinding,
Luiz Carlos De Siquira – ‘Coffee & Cognac’ (Music Mecca)

Theo Parrish – ‘The Rink’ (White)

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