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Fearne's Vending Machine Game!

Fearne and the Vending Machine

Here at Radio 1 we've got a vending machine. It's around the back of the studios and during records we've been known to nip out and get something from it when we're peckish. Nice bit of chocolate or maybe a bag of crisps. Yum.

We were a bit bored the other day, and wondered if you could put other things in it. Turns out you can! Things such as CDs! So, we've filled a shelf of the Radio 1 Vending Machine with mystery CDs, each with a song on. All you've got to do is come on air and pick a shelf! You've got three chances to choose a track, but whatever the last CD is, we have to play it!

And the good news is you'll be able to watch us do this each Thursday during the show here on!

Want to take part? Fancy telling Fearne which buttons to press and getting a top quality tune on?

Fill out the form!

Please note: Ideally it'd good if you could be available to talk on the phone on a Thursday morning!


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