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Fearne's litttle black book of dating tips

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Things not to say on your internet dating profile

- Don't be proud of being able to speak klingon
- Don't request a woman that comes with her vacuum cleaner
- Lying about your height is not a good idea as you will eventually be found out
- Ration the use of 'LOL' or 'Mwah'
- It's probably best to wait a few dates before admitting that you sing and talk to your animals.

Romantic gestures to avoid after the first date

- Do not buy them underwear
- Under no circumstances get their name tattooed on your body
- Never write them a poem
- Don't do anything that involves singing to them
- Do not offer them a spare set of keys to your flat
- Service Station flowers are a definite no no
- Do not buy them any kind of animal - dead or alive

Films not to see on a first date

- Knocked Up
- Bruno
- Fatal Attraction
- The Breakup
- The Hostel

Leona Lewis'  bad film experience

"We went to see American Psycho - really the wrong film for us to watch on a first date."

Things not to say on a first date

- I love you
- You remind me of my mum
- I thought you were paying?
- You don't look like you do in your picture
- My piles are killing me and this wooden chair isn't helping
- Would you like to have children with me?

The top 5 places to avoid on a first date

- A graveyard
- A bar with topless barmaids
- Shopping in Asda
- Dinner at McDonalds
- Your mum's house

David Hasselhoff's tip

"Don’t take your new date to a Red Carpet event!"

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