Fabio And Grooverider

Sun 01.00-03.00

Sunday 26 April

The Streets – ‘Has It Comes To This (High Contrast Remix)’ (679)
Lomax – ‘Artisan (VIP)’ (White)
Mutated Forms – ‘Homesick’ (Grid)
Serum Vs Northern Lights – ‘Dangerous’ (White)
Makoto & Deeizm – ‘Stop’ (White)
Vapour – ‘Shampoo’ (White)

The official Radio 1 & 1Xtra Chart
High Contrast – ‘Bassment Track (Upstairs Downstairs Mix)’ (Hospital)

Specific – ‘Next Time’ (White)
Cable – ‘So Real’ (White)

The mighty DJ Hype in the studio!

Badmarsh & Shri – ‘Signs’ (Outcaste)
Jaydan – ‘The Shadows’ (Playaz)

DJ Hype in the mix!

Original Sin – ‘Solar’ (Playaz Promo)
Subfocus ‘Late Run’ (Ram)
Dirty Harry – ‘Watch Your Teeth’ (Ganja Dub)
Calibre & DRS – ‘Hustlin’ (Soul:r)
Sub Zero – ‘Promised Land’ (Ganja Dub)
Taxman – ‘Dreamland’ (Ganja Dub)
Hazard – ‘Busted (VIP)’ (Playaz Dub
Subfocus – ‘Triple XXX’ (Ram)
Taxman – ‘Harrys Revenge’ (Ganja Dub)
Bassline Smith & Drumsound – ‘Can You Feel It
Original Sin – ‘Kiss’ (Playaz Dub
Hazard featuring Daddy Earl – ‘Wicked So’ (Playaz Dub)

Three DJ’s go to war in the . . . Rewind tracks!!!

Groove – Heist – ‘Critters’ (White)
Fabio – Eveson – ‘Captain Morgan’ (White)
Hype – Original Sin –‘Therapy’ (Playaz Dub)

Oberon – ‘Uptown’ (White)
Passi – ‘Old Dusty’ (White)
Sigma - 'Paint It Black' (Hospital)
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