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Noel Gallagher

Monday 24 September's Legends show was presented by rock and roll diehard Noel Gallagher.

Noel told stories about late night partying with Kasabian, going to the World Cup with Moyles and why he thinks The Verve are rip-off merchants.

Check out the tracklisting and tell us what you thought using the form below.

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1. The Four Horsemen - Aphrodites Child
2. Ennio Morricone - Svolta Definitiva
3. The Pretty Things - Baron Saturday
4. Left Banke - Desiree
5. Yvonne Elliman - Can't Explain
6. Cher - Walk on Gilded Splinters
7. My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Remix)
8. Edgar 'Jones' Jones - (You're Gonna Have) More Than You've Ever Had
9. Blue Seed - Can't Be Satisfied
10. The Prodigy - Guns
11. Kasabian - Fast Fuse
12. Elvis Presley - Blue Moon

Read what others have said...

Noel Gallagher has just proved that he is the legend of legends! It would have been so easy to just walk into radio 1 and play what we all expected him to play. Instead we got something really different and as a result the show was all the better for it.
Nick, Somerset

This radio show has been ace, Guns is a quality tune which i wish they had decided to release cuz i agree wit noel tht it wud have definitly ahve been number 1! if the guns he played was the prodigy remix imagine how good the roiginal one was :D
Jake, Nottingham

You are amazing Dj Noel !
Aum, Thailand

Thank you so much for removing the blinkers & opening the ears. A great tune selection & i've now heard stuff that i didn't know existed. The four horseman- amazing & as for the Cher record, that was truely speical. Your a gent Noel & a natural on radio.
Mr T B'ham

What a great set of tunes. If you ever give up the day job and want to do some djing get in contact!
Angus, Glasgow

Thought Noel's mix of music was quality and was a refreshing change from the obligatory Beatles/Jam/Roses/Pistols tunes everyone plays. We all know these songs inside out so very happy Noel chose to delve deeper in to his record collection. Brought a smile to face when he played Edgar Jones, who I also discovered recently and is amazing and the Pretty Things - SF Sorrow is an undiscovered gem! Thanks noel for bringing to light Blue Seed who I had never heard of - just ordered two ep's from Amazon so looking forward to playing these to death on evidence of can't be satisfied. Puts all other legends mixes to shame!
Kieron Barrowford

The Four Horsemen - Aphrodites Child is brilliant, Also Kasabian's Fast Fuse is a great heads up for their future work. Great, interesting and eclectic mix.
Shola A, London

Thanks for putting rare Prodigy - Guns, i want it a long time ago...
Dmitry, Russia

Magnificent tune selection. Already heard a few of these before. Guns demo was immense and Blue Seed track belting. Edgar 'Jones' Jones deserves a lot more acknowledgement than he receives.Thanks Noel, Hail to The Chief!
Alan. Castle Eden.

Quality tracklist, he could've easily plugged his own stuff and Beatles/Stones etc but everyone knows about all that. Cher's version of Gilded Splinters tops Weller's too - bonkers! Great stuff Noel
Chris, Portsmouth

what a fantastic show, and I love it!!!glad Noel introduces these bands on this show, and I will try to find these albums.Noel is Definitely a Legend!!! :>love Noel, love Oasis!!!!
Stephanie Taiwan

superb...different stuff but an enjoyable, noel on top form as usual.
davydoy drogheda

The whole show was brilliant.I really enjoyed it & feel like I got a bit of a lesson in music appreciation; great mix.Thanks!
Jena , Michigan, USA

I love the fact that noel discovered the left banke while being here on argentina on tour. He made a great show , when he spoke about tom wanting him to hear "religion", i adore the track he played from the pretty things, and believe me he's the only guitar player that can put a song from cher and get away with it (although i must admit it was a rpetty good one). while he is not in the studio recording he should be dj. all awesome tracks. looking forward to hear from him again around here.
Agustina - Buenos Aires, Argentina

superb choice of music.only gripe is that i would have been really interested in what his influences were!i.e. fave.records.
peter mason

Top class show. The music he chose was fantastic, varied but all superb tracks. Either lots of thought went into it or this guy knows so much about music it took him 10 minutes to put together. Would love to know which. Thanks Noel - great show that put most djs to shame huh!
Helen not that far from Mcr

amazing, ithis man is a legend!
phill in carlisle

top drawer m8. u are the legend. congrats 2 you and the misses on having little donovan. ps take your jacket of next time.
gary. livingston west lothian

I was looking forward to hear this show, and it rocked! The first legends to come up with a really surprising tracklist. Absolutely brilliant! Loved the guns demo and the pretty things. Noel's the best, i could listen to him all the time, a true genius and a true legend. Thanks Noel x
else, amsterdam (the netherlands)

It hasn't change the fact that OASIS still rocks as it was a decade+ ago .. because of the GALLAGHERS!! I would quote after fellow OASIS fan "Tehnics" "Top Tunes .... Top Bloke !!!" NOEL Rules!!
Richard, SEA

a legend in your own right mate done us all proud,keep it going fella

I like Noel but this selection was more about making him look intellectual than an honest list of what he likes. Why no Smiths there's a light that never go's out. If he'd played all Mozart people would be saying what a genius he is. Gotta love the bloke, but he's taking the mickey.
paul, lincolnshire.

great playlist but very strange no beatles in there.... eclectic songs more than favourite songs....
paico, italia

Well, Noel, if you ever tire of making ridiculous amounts of money, you certainly have a second announcer!You're laid back, comfortable and terribly informative, whilst drawing everyone in, like a perfect cup of tea.Awesome...and not quite what one would expect!Cheers to you, you're even better than we all think...
Bev, Penticton, B.C. Canada

Wow, Can someone please offer this man an on air job!!!!
Phillipe - Montréal Canada

I only caught this on the listen again on the the net. But when I saw the Noel Gallagher was doing a show I thought that he would have an interesting choice of music, and I wasn't disappointed. As a child of the sixties I'm old enough for all the songs he's played. Aphrodite's Child I haven't heard in over 30 years and it's strange to think that Demis Roussos was the singer, ask your Mum. Ennio Morricone I connect with Spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastward. The Pretty Things I remember from 1964 as similar to the Rolling Stones.I have heard of Yvonne Elliman and the only thing I can think of is bi breasts. Walk on Gilded Splinters I rember being done by Marsha Hunt who had a child by Mick Jagger, one of many. I don't remember Left Banke, even thoug I was around then and I haven't heard of Edgar Jones or Blue Seed, but Edgar Jones sounds as though he's from the US deep south, maybe a friend of Robert Johnson.I can see you trying to rip off Blue Seed Noel! Great Show. Why play the obvious
David Cunningham. Guernsey

Who says Oasis are predictable? Quality show, best one so far
Stephen, Wolverhampton

Mr Gallagher opens our ears to tunes ive never heard of but very impressed some fantastic tunes not the usual i had expected to hear but some great tunes also very interesting stories cant wait till the album and dvd and oasis can put all the other bands back in their place and reclaim the throne.
Mike Barron,Gosport

what can u say, the mans a ledge.
martin carlisle

Hopefully this is what the next oasis album will sound like.
barry, Amsterdam

Listen again to and the man himself says he didnt want to go down the route of playing the predictable stuff. A cracking hours worth.The Weatherall remix of My Bloody Valentine is gorgeous (this version is on a well known video sharing website if you go looking.....)
Pete, Edinburgh

you have to give noel his own show! the man is funny and plays the coolest tunes! best tracklist by far untill now!!!GUNS by the Prodigy!!! YEAHH what do you want more in live????NOEL-the only propper legend!!!
john london

lets face it, whatever influenced Noel its interesting for all us. Noel still the man
leonidas xanthi greece

I was expecting noel to be playing songs like beatles - ticket to ride, few stone roses, sex pistols tracks and a few of his own like other people have haha, but he changed it and gave us a total new selection haha trust the man ;)I thought the last 3 were amazing, best one i liked was the prodigy - guns, and what a way to end the show on blue moon haha, any manchester united fans who thought they might just tune in must of loved the end of the show hahahahaha, thumbs up noel mate,your music inspired me to take up acoustic guitar thanks mate, 10/10, hope donovan follows in your footsteps, another legend he will be, good look with the new album and congrats on the lad once again, amazing show :)
Thomas Wood, Sunderland UK

Fantastic show! An absolute pleasure to listen to Mr Gallagher's choice of sounds and his stories
meetal, london

Radio 1 needs more dj like you Mr Oasis. Loved all the music on this show please come again!!!!
B, Cambridge

i was worried it was going to be the usual when i saw Noel was going to present. Ie Stones, Beatles, Pistols, Roses. Some amazing music though - most interesting show so far

Blinding tunes, what a superb selection. Noel needs his own show every week!
Andy London

Hardly knew any of the songs Noelk played and was surprised he didn't pick any of the obvious, but what he did pick were brilliant
Jim Leicester

A true legend brings us a legendary show. If only radio 1 would give him a permanent slot!
Andy, Chester

very surprised and impressed - you feel he has really put some thought into his track choices... and, thankfully,has not shamelessly exploited his opportunity for self-promotion - unlike Weller - who i was very disappointed in - playing 50% of his own music... shame on you!! Nice one Noel - i really enjoyed your choices.. tho i am surprised you've never heard of Yvonne Elliman.. she was the original Mary in Jesus Christ Superstar and made "I Don't know how to love him" a hit!!!!
Jo, Lancaster

Great show loved the different styles of music.nice to hear songs that make you search out more music by the bands,singers.give Noel his own show Now!!!!!
Nicola in Sleaford Lincolnshire

This was so inspiring. Some fantastic music that i never knew existed! A collection of music that felt so fresh and exciting even though it was old! Absolutely brilliant!!
joh oakley, leics

Some tunes from left field - but nice to hear something a bit different instead of the standard 'playlist'
Glenn, Coventry

I'd never heard of most of the songs Noel played, but being a huge fan of his, I thought I'd give it a listen, these songs are amazing, thanks Noel for opening my ears to some different music.
Kelly in sleaford, lincs

Really interesting tracklist. I really enjoyed the show. Cheers Noel.
Pekoe, The Netherlands

Thanks Noel for making me discover 'Blue Seed'! This band have given me goosebumps.
Wellsy from Brum

it was different but i could see\how he liked them songs,i think he should get a job doing that it was great.
Nathan, hull

Fantastic show from noel, more of the same!
stew, birmingham

Even if he had done a bad show, you would still say it was amazing...because its Noel Gallagher. Half the 'em I hadn't even heard of but most of the tracks by these artists were great. Not anything I would go for if I listened to them by myself but because the man himself likes them, I'm finding myself strangely drawn to it. Downloading the pretty things as we speak. Lets just face it or not....Noel Gallagher is god and Oasis are STILL the band of our generation. Fair enough there's some good bands out there and I'd say Kasabian are the band that hve come the closest to having as bigger impact on the music scene as Oasis...but all these bands out dont even come close so keep trying! Whether you like Oasis or not, you cant change FACT!I'm just waiting for Liam to host a show! now that would be funny!
Dukey : Lincolnshire

That Edgar Jones track's ace!
Steve, London

Noel your show kicked ass
Jazz Gill Southall

I could listen to Noel all the time, I love Oasis and it is nice to hear tracks that have influenced him and that i would not normally listen to.
Sharon, Stirling

How deep is that man. Cool.
Alan in Lancaster.

Noel proved once again why he truly is a legend - awesome mix - never heatd of The Pretty Things or Left Banke which were/are both superb tracks - thank you for the education as always Noel.
Alfie, Porthcawl

Much more eclectic than I thought it would be. I was expecting "Beatles, Stones, T-Rex, Stone Roses, Verve..." Instead we get Ennio Morricone and Cher! It was a great way to spend an hour though.
Andy, Salford

I thought last night programme was great. I particularly like the four horsemen and the Edgar Jones Track. Liams singing was of the top order on Guns and Noel told some great stories, particularly liked the one about having a cool crisp glass of champagne at 7am with the lead singer from Kasbian.Well done Noel a great show.
Nigel - Leeds

I took a look at the tracklisting and thought 'Nah, looks rubbish', but having listened I've had my mind changed - Nice one Noel!
Simon - Kent

One word - LEGEND
Lynne - Dundee

Get him on every night!
Ian, Aberdeen

Brilliant!!!Congratulations,mate!!!Blue moon you saw me standing alone...CTID
Sergo S. Tbilisi-Moscow

Great show with Noel's typically witty and fun-poking style.Some surprising song choices - Edger 'Jones' Jones did sound like he was a forties throwback and as for Guns, Liam Howlett should have left it well alone. No Smiths songs? Ah well, never mind...You're right about Moyles but don't let that tempt you to give up the day job - Rock 'n' Roll still needs saving!
Gubs - Ayr

Top Tunes .... Top Bloke !
Technics !

Excellent show - The Four Horsemen - respect - 'nuff said!
paul - west drayton

A storming playlist - Edgar Jones was a treat as was Ennio Morricone. Glad he actually put some thought into it. 'Guns' demo walked all over the album version.
Ralph, Lincoln

Enjoyed it. Good to hear someone play some different tunes. Blue Seed track was quality. However, shame he didn't play any Sound Club.
Glenn, Leeds

Oh YES, really nice to listen to such a diverse compilation which influences such an awesome band.Cheers Noel.
Phil, Hull

i only can say AMAZING!!!!!

Brilliant show, great tunes.
Callum Stoke-on-Trent

what a brilliant piece of radio cheers
steve, leeds

Was a great show, tho he didn't play any Oasis tracks.
Marten, Tallinn

I listened to the show, and you should give this man a job. Funny yet serious and melodic, as his track list was typical Noel, unpredictable but enjoyable. Top draw entertainment for us (the listener) the bbc and most of all i bet Noel LOVED IT.
Jason from Liverpool

A very surprising choice of songs and tunes, but a clear indication of the breadth of Noel's musical tastes and an insight into why his music his so great.Fantastic stuff. I reckon he needs to get into the studio with The Prodigy.
Scott H, Bristol

Wicked Show, real deiverse choice of songs.Well played Mr Gallagher.
Darren , Essex

Great show, I liked that he played some songs that I haven't heard before.
Stefan, Sweden

Oh Employ him !x
Anne Boland: London


noel you're a proper legend, great show, great songs. your only down fall is that crop of crap football team you support
zippy in west australia

Love it!!! Guns really blew my mind away!!Legend.
Jan, Thailand

Hi, i had the chance to hear Noel's Legends Show It was amazing, so much good music from the 60's 70's. I'm a big fan of Noel and the BBC Radio 1. Everytime I have the chance i listen to you guys by internet. I can't wait for the New Oasis' DVD coming october 29th. NOEL WHEN OASIS IS COMING TO SOUTH AMERICA?? SPECIALLY ECUADORRR!!! Here are a lot of Oasis Fans. Mad Fer IT !!!!!! ... BBC Radio 1 congrats for the 40 years!! Long Live !!
David Guayaquil, Ecuador

Brilliant - enjoyed hearing what has influenced him and discovering new-to-me artist.
Christina K Arizona USA

Pleasantly eclectic and somewhat unexpected. Must be what it's like to be entertained until the wee hours of morning at the Gallagher home...after several lagers, of course.
Brooks- Arkansas, USA

always great to hear what the greats think is great. I really enjoyed paul weller, noel gallagher and paul oakenfold's shows.Messrs Weller and Gallagher are certainly smart cookies. thankss
simon in singapore

I'm sure everyone thought that the Stone Roses and Beatles would feature prominently...what a surprise! Fantastic mix.
Tom - Ottawa, Canada

Some great tunes I've never heard before. Cher's Dr John cover was pretty cool too. Noel's my hero. LEGEND!
Anil, Calgary Canada

thought the show was ace.hope the rest of the legends have the guts to play such an alternative congrats on the nipper noel
willie ryan ontario canada

couldnt agree more about the prodigy and liam track absolutely brilliant. happy birthday radio1
joe, kent

first track is amazing, being 20 years old i've NEVER heard it, love it, cheers noel!! 2nd track was a belter, reminds me of ocean colour scene : ) That Who cover was pretty amazing, Cher's version of "splinters" was great as was "Soon". Enjoyed the diiferent Prodigy version aswell - agreed, better than the original!Top stuff, thanks for the music lesson Mr. Gallagher!
Live Forever, Sutton Coldfield

I am an Oasis fan no music from himself or his brother's band. Noel's mate paul weller had some of his own music and champainge supernova.
kieran from cumbria

Great i had a feeling he wouldn't do the obvious stuff.
Hugh Tennent

What a set - Noels done us proud its, Gallagher for primetime dj slot - that kasabian song is mint as usual

To be honest, i aint sure what noel g was thinking tonight...
Rob the cod Preston

Brilliant as usual, a bit amazed that he didn´t played the classic stuff (Beatles, Roses, Stones, Smiths, Jam), but nice tunes tho
Luis from Mexico City

As expected, superb. Put aside the fact that if he'd played a collection of Val Doonican tracks I'd 'ave been all ears, Noel pulled out some surprises. A great insight into my hero's influences & favourite stuff, dusted off and spun like a real pro. Mad4it!
Bex - Andover Hampshire

For once he doesn´t recommend us the usual stuff we are all tired of listening...and I´m glad to hear that he still listens to music from his musical peers...
Aurora (Valencia, SPAIN)

Great choice of songs by the the man. Opened my eyes to music I would never have thought of even listening to. Congrats on the baby as well Noel!
Dean Barham

noel what a legd, best legend playlist yet, new kasabian tune was wicked
william of north hampshire

Quite refreshing Mr Gallagher, the legends have thusfar been predictable with their tracklistings.
Thomas Brayford, Newcastle-under-Lyme

very eclectic choice of songs. not what i was expecting at all. i was surprised he never played any beatles aswell. i loved the demo of guns, i agree with noel, i reckon it's much better than the original.that story about tom from kasabian was hilarious.
quangy, liverpool

Brilliant. Noel's a top, top guy and his show was great. Great music, great banter, great stories.
Jugalug, Pompey

Noel Gallagher is such a legend. His show rocked. Good job Noel. Good song selection. Nice to see you are officially a legend now!!!.Mon the Noel Man
Craig Allan, Edinburgh Scotland.

Not always his biggest fan but respect for playing some great music and not using the show as a self promo, a la Paul Weller.
Jason Manchester

Loved it and good to hear Little Barrie in the background, give him his own show!
Mr C...

open the top draw and pop this in!!!guns quality
tom , walsall

Wow!!!! What a legend. Music was top. Raw, bringing another music genre to our generation. The legend knows his stuff. The greatest icon of our generation. Long live Noel Gallagher!!!! Oasis Live forever!!!!!
JD In Brixham

A complete legend and great bloke without a doubt.
James in Salisbury

Noel is a legend. Great show, and a surprising but great choice of songs.Long live Noel Gallagher, and long live Oasis!
Mike, Birmingham

Nice One Noel, bout time we heard some decent music instead of it trying to get you to sent a text message every 5 mins. Only joking Radio 1 love ya really, Happy Birthday and all that, just try to remember whats important the MUSIC not how many texts/phone in's you can generate. Loads of Love to Noel x
Zoe Rowan, Wirral

Just listened - very entertaining to hear Noel's take on all these tunes ! Nice , diverse selections !!!
Marie - Penrose , Colorado USA

Can't see any songs by The Smiths in this tracklist. I haven't heard all of the show yet so dunno if they get a say but they're the best band of all time and Noel loves The Smiths so why no Smiths?
Patrick G

Loved the show, taken by surprise by the tracks which Noel decided to play, a great hours worth of entertainment! Bring back Noel to do more radio I say, he really does know how to tell a story.
Robert Nelson Glastonbury

Great mix of styles from the chief, loved the demo of Guns and i need to get hold of a copy of Blue Seed Can't Be Satisfied loved blusy slide guitar nice one Noel.
Paul from Northwich

class!! a real legend colosius
tom dunn, walsall

absolutly brilliant tracks, prober real guitar music, that u dont get in music today and would loved to have seen the "liam and liam" track in the charts. love the little stories too. classic
charlotte staffordshire

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