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Paul Weller

Thursday 20 September's Legends show was presented by The Modfather himself, Paul Weller.

He talked about The Jam and playing Peel Sessions, what happened when he met Noel Gallagher for the first time and how Tony Blackburn doesn't approve of his lyrics.

Check out the tracklisting and if you heard the show, we also want to know what you thought - leave your comments using the form below.

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1. Paul Weller - From The Floorboards Up
2. The Jam - Down At The Tube Station At Midnight (Live)
3. The Jam - Eton Rifles
4. Paul McCartney - You Tell Me
5. The Kinks - Days
6. Paul Weller - Wild Wood
7. The Coral - Jacqueline
8. Oasis - Champagne Supernova
9. The Libertines - Music When The Lights Go Out
10. Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game
11. Paul Weller - I Walk On Gilded Splinters
12. Super Furry Animals - Battersea Odyssey
13. The Jam - Going Underground

Read what others have said...

One of the best non cryptic songwriters (no bull to make the lyrics rhyme!) of the modern age, Down in the tubestation, was my fave song at school, great lyrics, very atmospheric & told a simple yet all too common story in a clear, cynical but oh so true way. Brilliant, as were most of his songs, Paul is a leader, not a follower, but maybe just this once he could follow what a lot of bands have done recently, put their differences behind them & reform The JAM for a few gigs, give us oldies some nostalgic memories & show the youngsters of today how great they were. Thanks for the music & memories Paul.
JohnDil Bangor NW.

A great show, glad that Radio 1 asked Paul on been a fan since the late 70s unfortunately I was to young to see The Jam live, but I have seen Paul playing solo many times and he never dissapoints his shows are great, he always gives it 100% I have taken lots of friends to his shows who wasn't necessarily big fans before and they all come away gobsmacked. What I admire about Paul is that he never rests on his laurels he is always striving to do better and he knows he's only as good as the last album. I think a lot of the so called rock stars of today could learn a trick or 2 from Paul, who I've never met but always seems to be as down to earth as could be when he's interviewed and not up his backside like a lot of musicians.Can't wait for the new album and just keep on singing the soundtrack to my life.Cheers Paul
Paul M Bengeo

No Small Faces ? Forgot about Marriott and Lane did you Paul !
Pag ...Pontypool Gwent

I had to work the night paul weller was on so listened to it on listen again.ALL i can say was oh my god hegets better and sounds better every time i hear him you will never please everyone everytime you try something in life but for me paul weller was and is fantastic cant wait to see him life again and for the new album can,t wait x

All the memories come flooding back Mods, school playing football till dark back in 1980's Barnsley. Paul top one mate. Thanks for all the years of the best music anyone could ask for. Enough said. Number1....
Shaun In Perth West Australia

Talent, Passsion, Poet, Legend!Oh and I still think "Thats Entertainment" isPaul's best track to date ever.
Strummerman - Preston

great show, going underground to finish was perfect but no small faces!!!

Good show, i was watching Paul and Steve Craddock in Berlin the night this was aired. Darn fine acoustic gig!!
Ian, Brentford

Great set Paul, watched you all over the place , him and the Stones best live show's ever.No. 1 mate!!!
Nick ,Sheffield

The Mans a God !!!
Roger - Guernsey, Channel Islands

fantastic set,we having a revival with all these new bands with fans thinking this sounds new !!! weller was doing it 30yrs ago , what a man
owdongeorge in horwich

From the first time I saw him 1979 in Boston with the Jam... to this year in New York City, he has never failed to amaze me. Thanks will always be my hero!
Diane in Philadelphia PA USA

Great show Paul and great choice of music. Thouight that was a nice thing to say about Amy, Iagree she has talent. Will see you on sunday at the astoria. Keep up the good work. look forward to your new album. x
Dawn (Enfield)

A LEGEND produces great music constantly. for me he doesnt get enough air play from ANY radio station carry on the great music paul
lee manchester

Great show by the genius that is weller. A true legend that still has as much passion and commitment as any out there and more than most. Radio 1 should be ashamed of itself for snubbing his songs for seven years. Seven years! Age before quality. Shame on you.
Danny, Baildon

Finally got to listen to paul Sunday morning, not disapointed. Great to hear him and his stories. Been a fan since i was 5/6 yrs, in the 70s, glad to see him still going strong. Cant wait to see him playing live again, he really gives it some welly on stage. BEST WISHES TO YOU PAUL, and congrats on newish arrival.xxxx
Sharon, Southampton

Walking in a Weller Wonderland!!
Ian in Hoddesdon

..a bit more soulish...paolo you know the thing...thinkin about you..great cov mate!!
g. from milan

champagne supernova!!!! yeah!!!
john london

Anil Calgary, Canada

A true legend to british music, keep up the good work can;t wait for the new album. Thanks mod father
Gareth Manchester


It did seem rather strange to suggest Amy Whinehouse is a good role model and that people should simply consider her talent and not her personal life. Surely when considering whether someone's a good role model you consider their whole life (attitude and behaviour) not just how good or bad they are at what they do? That aside I liked most of songs selected. Never heard the songs from the Coral or the Libertines before but they were instantly likeable. And even though he didn't select any Style Council songs at least he mentioned the band whereas Sir Paul made no mention at all of Wings let alone play a track! And yes great to hear PW play a Macca song but what's with the "he's 65 now bless him?". Yes 65 not 95 or 105!!To avoid criticisms of egotripping maybe it would have been better to give presenters 2 programmes each - so they could play favourites of their own one day and the songs other people have written & recorded on the next.
Rosie, UK

What can I say? Weller is a legend and always will be. Awesome show with awesome tracks!LONG LIVE PAUL WELLER!!
Keith from Newbury

Thanks Paul, for many years of brilliant music and for providing much of the soundtrack to my adolescent years. Thanks also to the BBC.
Steve G -Taunton

Thanks BBC Radio 1, and Happy Anniversary.Thanks for the fantastic legends broadcastings especially this Paul Weller one. I just finished David Lines book about the modfather, and now this, Brilliant.I'am a Weller fan for many years, Jam, TSC, and his solo career I like them all. The best day of your life is the day, you meet your all time favorite, I was that lucky to have a chat with Paul in Aya restaurant in Dublin by coincidence, we where there for a meal, half an hour later the modfather himself hopped in with two of his kids, his sister, and brother in law. These are thing you'll never forget.Later, on gigs in Belgium, and as a chef myself, I was baking cakes and biscuits for Paul and the crew and they loved them.Just to let you all know that even legends are very nice and dawn to earth people. Paul was in Belgium two weeks ago(sept. 13th.) for an accoustic gig,due to my job I missed it, sad isn't?
Jean-Luc Heremans/ Kortrijk / Belgium

Tracks that inspired him?? Six self penned songs plus some recent songs from other artists, I mistakenly thought we'd hear a few classics from the 60's & 70's that set Mr Weller on his Musical Path, so I was very disappointed in his choice of songs. This show only appealed to his ever dwindling Fan Club. I'm glad Mr Weller doesn't do this every week!
Thomas - the Glynn

Excellent show! Bravo! Wildwood. Amazing track. What a celebration! Look forward to you playing live down-south-USA-way. Been a fan since late 70's. Had a radio show while in college in the late 80's and early 90's at L.S.U. Mr. Modfather Weller was always on my play list. Love to hear "Set the House Ablaze" and or "Pretty Green" acoustic style like ealry KISS or early Fleetwood Mac style-acoustic. Take care. All the best. Again, what an excellent show.
John Anthony Arrizza, New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A

Absolutely fantastic!
Wendy Owens Gloucester

P. Bristol

fantastic show i've always been a fan ever since the mod revival in the early eighties. can't wait to see him again maybe one day he' ll do one more gig with rick and bruce.
freddy bideford devon

Top notch!
Kerry, Milton Keynes

Been a fan since my older brother introduced me to The Jam back in the early 80's. Everyone thought I was weird in high school listening to The Jam. And then everyone in college thought I was weird listening to The Style Council. Sad that he didn't make more metion of that band. Now I see Weller whenever he makes it to the states. Love him and he has been one of the big influences in my life!!
Erin Carrabine, Arizona, United States

great show, nice gig in Groningen netherlands the other week !
ernst Haarlem Netherlands

all you can say is LEGEND
rob stuart caerphilly

paul wellers show was so good thanks for the listen again feature!!
sophia swindon

Great to listen to a passionate, talented musician, telling you a bit about musical history and how it felt to make it, I wonder if any X FACTOR winners will be presenting a show like this 30 years down the line, Keep music real, Respect. Damian.
Damian Burns Cumbria

Paul Weller has been one of the Uk's most important artists for 30 years,so it was great to hear him on radio 1. A bit suprised he did it though,after all radio 1 don't bother to play his music.From the floorboards up was one of the best song's he's ever done but it was'nt played on radio 1. It's not all about playing new artist's Either, if U2 and Take That can get airplay then why not Paul Weller!
Tim Ware,Morley,Leeds

The best way of getting my addiction to Paul. Fan of the Jam then style council and now his solo stuff. Wish he would tour Australia. Keep it real paul and radio 1. Might have to go to place of birth Sunderland to see him live one day!!
scotty k-queensland-australia

Great job Paul! Always loved your singing voice, but your speaking voice has a lovely tone as well. You would make a great DJ. Only problem with that is, you'd be depriving us of your massive creative genius! Thanks for turning me on to some artists I wouldn't have known about otherwise, too. Eagerly anticipating your new music. Love you forever.
Cindy, Chicago, USA

Awesome, like to see you in Perth-Australia
Jan Gootjes, Perth-Australia

if god came back to earth he would wanna be PAUL WELLER...a true legend , a true gentleman ,
simon hateley ..tamworth

Legend. Great show. Just back from seeing PW play live in Germany and he just gets better each time.
Peter, Clackmannanshire

A Weller fan since the late 70s, the man just keeps getting better and better. Glad to hear him doing a superb show AND being back in the charts!!I feel sorry for the people who don't "get" him. Is that now 70 hit singles?
Barry - Hamilton

Simply put, the guy is a God
Graeme - Shropshire

First time I've listened to Radio 1 since the late 70's. Great show from a living legend. Would have liked to have heard more songs that Weller cites as influences as after all most listeners would have heard Eton Rifles and Wildwood a few times before as great as they are. Loved the tribute to the Libertines - Music when the lights go out is my favourite track. At least I've still got something in common with him other than our age, since he ditched his Rickenbacker 330s, Love you mate.
Mark -Brighton

I thought the idea of a play list was to find out what the artist we so much love actually likes and listens to. There must have been a break in communication when you presented the concept to Mr Paul Weller who thought it was a tribute day to himself rather than to radio 1...Bless him!
Natalie in London

Is it not supposed to be songs that have inspired him to do what he does today??? Surely we could have just played a few of his albums to hear most of his playlist????
Jeff Lewis Belfast

one of the best, just like being at a live gig.!!!!!!
paul k mansfield

Quality artist. His music never dates, fan since 1977/78 listening to brothers singles.Go on son
Elg, Darlington

just a real polished performance if only i looked as good as him
nickyboy colchester

The Man,The Best.
Jon -- leeds

Legend - say no more !!!
Andy - Luton

I am a massive Paul Weller fan but have to admit I was a little disappointed with his play list. There was too much of his own music for me, I would have preferred to hear more about his own influences and inspirations, and the stuff he did play was a tad 'predictable' as in Paul McCartney, Oasis, Amy Winehouse etc. Nevertheless it was great to hear The Kinks, Libertines and The Coral. Can't wait for the new album though because no question it will be quality British music produced to a perfect standard from one of the biggest icons of the past 30 years.
Ellen in Derbyshire


Paul Weller is still going strong! Last saturday I saw his acoustic concert in Groningen with Steve Craddock, really amazing.
Dick, Gorinchem Netherlands


Thought it was great..!!! Hubby came home and said its unusual for you to have no telly on and listening to the radio. Then heard Wildwood..!!He said this is a great song, ran upstairs and got his guitar and ruined the rest of the show. luckily I can listen to it again on line or I would have been up for murder..!!Can't wait for the next concert got my T shirt printed in Malia WELLER NO.1
Lyn - London

Godfather of Mod - Love It! My mum lurves this guy he is amazing! LuxXx
Lucy, Petersfield

Legend! The Modfather is still The Best. Been a fan for 30 years,still remember reading the NME annoucing The Jam split (felt like crying)watched him live with The Jam, Style Council and his fantastic solo career. Recently went to see From The Jam at their first gig in Oxford, if only we could see The Jam once more? Great sound tracks chosen from the Everchanging Man! Legend!!!
Salty - Swansea

Good to hear some music on Radio 1 for a change!
Steve - Newbury

Paul is not just a singer/song writer, he's a poet. From his early days Paul's insight in toBritish life was way ahead of his then teenage years. The real message behind Eton Rifles alone proved to everyone his passion. Imagine there's no Paul Weller, it's impossible if you try. (They'd be no Oasis, blur and many other groups) He didn't just take the baton from Lennon's voice for a generation, he has flown with it and is still soaring. At the Electric proms last year, he was brilliant with Amy. I've followed Paul's career for just over 30 years, I remember his Johns Boys... Have lost count of how many times I saw the him from The Jam, up to Now.… Time for a Knighthood! His lyrics have either influenced me and millions of others, or made us stop and think. And shown america what real life in Briton is like. Paul's best is yet to come....
Andy T Crawley

True LEG END but still can't forgive him for spliting up THE JAM to form style council lot better now though. SATURDAYS KIDS LIVE IN COUNCIL HOUSES WEAR V NECK SHIRTS AND BAGGY TROUSERS!!!!
Tony in Sandy

What a load of garbage. Where's the Soul tracks and the real groups that influenced him? I was really hoping to hear some deeper stuff Paul.
Tom-New Jersey

What more can you say, Paul Weller is just the man!!!
Nick, Bulkington

Top show
Nick, Follifoot

Great Show from a great Artist.Weller has been wholly underrated with his achievements and contributions to British over the last 30 years. He has managed to stay fresh and constantly reinvent himself throughout that time- from The Jam to the Style Council and then his solo stuff . A true Genius. Keep it up Paul and see you out on the road soon.
Mike D

i thought it was a cop out playing his own songs, more like an advert for a forthcoming gretest hits cd!! where was the stuff that got him into music, the stuff he listened to as a kid and all the inspirational stuff? thats what i wanted to hear. i enjoyed it but not for the music he played - only the insight to the personal life of such a legend
james, formally from suffolk and now in liverpool

Absolutly qualtiy!!! made my ict lesson worth while! you have a sexy voice! x
Dan/ Dronfield

Great show hope you come to sheffield again SOON!
sue sheffield

I have followed the legend since 78 he is like a fine wine he just gets better with age.what a great show thanks.
jim sheffield

I am a big fan of Paul Weller for many years now. Sadly we hear not enough of him on the Dutch Radio. That's why I loved this show. He has the best voice ! And is always new and original. My all time favourite song is "Above the clouds".
Marja Brouwer, The Netherlands

Paul inspired me to pick up the guitar, so cant thank him enough! His music is a comfort in the low times, and brings added joy to the high times. thanks for the musicpeace x
Loz from Brum

good show pity show was'nt longer and thought he would have played more songs that influenced him. and as for the people moaning about his remark about amy winehouse he was talking about her music ability not her personal life. been following him since 76 and will remain to do so for the rest of his career seen him live several times and there aint many people that sound that good as they are in studio. keep up the great sounds paul. mark plymouth
mark matthews

Paul Weller is the most under rated singer songwriter of 2 generations. He is an epitomy of Britishness, refined yet raw and exilirating. The greatest

Paul Weller has always got something relevant to say and it shows in his excellent songs. Great to hear who and what has influenced his writings over all the years. May he continue for years and years and collabarate with the good and the great!!

I've been an avid listener of Paul Weller's music since the late 70s. An hour was not enough. More Weller please Radio 1.
Nicky, Guernsey

The legend goes from strength to strength - nothing more to say.........
Paul Leyland

Top show Paul. I've listened again and again and.............Cheers!
Simon - Kent

Cracking show - could have listened to him all day, He is a true legend, and really knows his stuff, young and old. Give him his own show!!!
Denise, Manc

Excellent Show!great song choices,ive grown up from a boy to an adult listening to wellers music through all those different stages in his career, cant wait for the next, the man is a true legend, Cheers paul.
John, Chesterfield

nothin like blowin yer own trumpet eh paul
les, manchester

Always great to hear Weller. But when is he touring again???
Clare, Edinburgh

Thought the show was fantastic. The tunes he picked were great on the ears and was really interesting to know his reasons and theories behind the other artists and their songs. Also to know how the band got started and progressed in the early years and his thoughts about it was good. Great legend to have on the show Radio 1, think it will be pretty hard to top it.
Nicole Lie from Braco, Perthshire

paul weller is one of the greatest inspirations of the century and radio 1 rocks
P.Toland (U.C.D Dublin)

paul weller is one of the greatest inspirations of the century and radio 1 rocks
P.Toland (U.C.D Dublin)

Brilliant show! And a great set of tunes too. Thanks Paul.
Louise, Manchester

brilliant track listing Paul Weller is the original legend
Shaz from West Sussex

Wild Wood for me is one of the best song ever written!!!
Mikica, Serbia

Wicked....great radio voice.....more please
Jane - Peterborough

brilliant show
Cerry teery

excellent interview, a real musical inspiration,
Ikky, Coventry

a selection full of superb tracks, loved the show paul,the paul macartney track was superb

Its really interesting to hear artists playing their favourite tracks, and the stories they have to tell. This should defintely be more of a regular feature where possible - really good stuff!
Rachel Milne, North Cyprus

love paul loads, but . . . .and its a only a little "but"!. did you not think he was a tad self indulgent with the amount of hes own tracks on the play list?
wayne miller chester

Didnt get chance to listen to it when it was aired but listening sat at desk at work and loving track selection .look fwd to noel on monday.
Andy,manc exilled in brum!

that was entertainmenthe played loads of his music....nothing wrong with that...i was sure that he's gonna play the dogs.
nick greece

Paul Weller has been an absolute inspiration to me. I have been a Jam fan since I was five because my older siblings loved them. He has proven himself as a very talented musician that can adapt throughout the last three decades. fantastic to hear his thoughts, feelings and music. Thanks radio one and Mr Weller
lynette morgan norwich uk

A true legend in every sense of the word, fantastic to listen to the story so far.If only there was more like Weller instead of the rubbish on a Saturday night.
mark smith silloth cumbria

What a ledgend, hope to see him again this year.
Ian, Redcar

Brilliant play list.. Weller has always been an inspiration to me, since i first heard "Strange Town" way back in the late seventies.. How good would it be for The Jam to reform for one last gig..Thats Entertainment...
Lee, from Accrington

Played quite a lot of his own tracks. Not a bad thing but thought idea was to play their favourite artists.
Darren, Leeds

These shows are getting better and better
Chris, Preston

Paul weller is a big influence!Fire,Soul,Skills!!!!!!
imanol, madrid

Brilliant hour...great mix of old and new. Loved Champagne Supernova - sounds so good. Legend
Jay from Manchester

Loved the show but then Paul Weller is a legend, have been a fan since 1981!!!
Jo from High Wycombe

Been a Weller fan since 1977, and truth I thought he might struggle with it, but he was fantastic, may be a new job for you Paul?
Gary Marlow

A quality selection of tracks which still hit the mark. Its just a pity Radio1 havn't supported weller through his last 2-3 (if not more) albums. They dont make them like this legend anymore, after all he is the Modfather and a massive influence to bands still (the enemy spring to mind) Fairplay to R1 for getting him to do this show and massive respect for Weller, for years of quality music, may he continue to do so. KTF
Dan Storey - Thirsk

This was one of the best radio shows ive ever listened to. It had paul weller presenting it, one of my idols and the music that was playing was spot on. The Jam, Oasis and The Libertines all in one show. Fantastic!
Rob Birmingham

The man is a legend, what more is there to say!
Lisa Northampton

Outstanding!! Thanks! I could have listened to Mr Weller all evening maybe he will do another show? Next time make it longer and maybe he would include a Northern track or two, im sure that his show only scratched the surface.
claire Belfast

Yet another masterclass from the Modfather himself, an honest insight into how he has developed over the past decades.An education for those who have not yet been introduced to the Best British talent of the last 20+ years.A celeb who's not stuck up his own a**e and continues to entertain his fans time and time again.WELLER!!!
bridget, Stirling

A little disappointed being a massive Weller fan, that a lot of the songs on his track listing were his own!! Not because of the songs but because his ego seems greater! Surely there are other songs that he admires than his own?!
Sarah, Cambridge

From one of the greatest singers of all time this playlist is outstanding, its no wonder so many new artists want to work with Paul , Thanks for sharing Paul
Gary Southampton

what a legend!!!great show!!long may he continue!
norfy southend

Not only did he play my favourite artist's but he played my favourite songs by every one of those artists. Without a doubt the best hour of radio i've ever heard! The man's a legend!
Andy, Belfast

Fab show - Weller is King!
Leigh, Woking


Great way to spend your birthday , in a dimly lit room , large glass of JD listening to Paul !Doesn't get any better than that !
the chairman - devon

A Modern Classic in radio, cheers Paul, your choice in music was superb. It was interesting hearing the background stuff such as your influences and why you wrote certain songs.You were right the guitar on Champagne Supernova was excellent.Keep writing and performing Paul.
Richie Austin Neath South Wales

Fantastic, what a back catologue the man's lasted so long because the music always comes first.
Rich Homer

Missed the show as work got in the way, however after reading the show's tracklisting, I did a re-run in my minds eye. Fantastic. One day all radio shows will be like this.
Rich T, Lincs

Paul Weller's show was very interesting / entertaining to listen to !
Marie - Penrose , Colorado USA

It is good to hear PW play songs from his career, and also stick close to his modern influnces, or contemporaries by playing the VCoral and a nod to his Jazz influenced outputs by playing Winehouse...a very 'real' set, thanks for this!
JW.Christie - Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Great to hear some of the stories behind the Jam tracks but I would have like to have heard more songs or artists that influenced him. But this is a great idea and Weller has made great music for 30 years. Congrats to all involved in the show.
Roo Johnson, Washington DC

FANTASTIC! The disadvantage about living in Australia for me - as someone who adores British music - was that we just didn't get the stuff that the British public had at their fingertips via the BBC. But now with the internet, I can enjoy the best radio station in the world living next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I'd like to sincerely thank the British taxpayers for funding BBC1. Listening to Paul Weller over breakfast while watching the waves and young women on their morning walks is keeping me young.I've pulled out my Jam records, my photobook of the year in London and thinking how fantastic the late 70s and early 80s were for music fans.I was stuck there for a long time, but since a mate turned me on to BBC1, I am 45 going on 19.You might be crap at cricket, but you are fantastic at radio.
Paul, Newcastle, Australia

Cant go wrong with a set like this. Thanks Paul!
Sean Collins - Toronto, Canada

Congrats on a great show! Been a fan since The Jam days and was rocking 'From the Floorboards Up' til the end of the show! Nice one Paul...real music introduced by a real musician/lyricist...Great to hear the Kinks and Macca next to each other. Was really moved by your respects to Winehouse and in particular the amazing live 'Peel Sessions'. As you say, here's to keeping British music live, and real...P.S. When you next coming to Brighton? Can't wait to bring my 14 year old daughter to come and watch you live!! Good Luck with the new album-as if you need it!! lol
Bea, Brighton

fab radio show,paul is a genius and with great taste in music,the jam were one of the best groups of all time,any chance of reforming?
richard magee.sparkhill.birmingham

True Legend as was Sir Paul!!
Alan Barker

simply amazing!!!
Stuart / Barnsley

Still the man. No question.
Trev B

typical polished peformance from a class act!a geezers geezer!!
kai, sittingbourne kent

Great Show!-Have admired Weller since I was a lad(30 Years)and been fortunate to have seen him in The Jam(3 times)and with his new mates live in various locations.The Man is a Genius!
Mick Magennis- Belfast

"Each Legend will be playing an hour of their favourite music."So, what have we learned from Mr Weller? Well, we now know that he thinks an awful lot of himself. 5 of his own songs in an hour long show?! Sheesh...
Ronnie, Glasgow

wow i tuned in especially tonight to listen to Mr Weller and I was not disappointed. What a brilliant example of british talent this man is. I have been to see him a number of tmes over the last 6 years and I cannot even begin to explain how good each concert was. Lets hope he keeps making such qonderful music. Thank you for such a wonderful show and thank you Rdio One for recognising and highlighting the fact that Paul Weller is a legend! Happy 40th birthday x
em, liverpool

fantastic choice of songs, Paul. Great to see Oasis and The Kinks in your list.... although you were in a nother band, weren't you???
Michael, New Zealand

A great song writer and artist who's work stands the test of time- down in the tube station raises the hairs on the back of your neck everytime its played . I'd love to hear him do a track with shane mcgowan ,he's not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with his music
Steve in Calgary,Canada

Just got back from the Oakdale and had 1/2 hr to kill before bed , so what better show to listen to.Couldn't listen to this all tonight as Woolacombe tomorrow so have to catch the rest when i get back Sunday
Mel aka PeterFenton / Mr Burns Dorset

Nice to hear from one of the REAL living music legends. I appreciate (but I'm not surprised by) the fact that Paul is always interested in new musical expressions and that he lists recents artists through his favourites. A bit disappointed not seeing or listening some Style Council song since I've discovered and still love Paul principally for his work with Mick Talbot and I still don't understand what he really thinks about that period, even if I suppose he's totally proud of all his whole production. I admire so much his social initiative and above all his fashion sense in those years, but surely he still rocks!
Pietro, Italy

Cant believe he played some Macca.Was in shock, even more shock that it was from the new album.Glad he played it though.Good choices from him.He was better than I thought he'd be
Dani, Edinburgh

Another great show in the series. Picking a track from Macca's new album was inspired. Playlist makers take note! You don't get any cooler than Paul Weller and if he thinks Macca's new stuff is still relevant, maybe it's time to take another listen.
Patrick, Nottingham

great tracklisting the best song was oasis champagne supernova great tune
chris fagan dublin

ben, tamworth

wow, loved the show. A true legend he is.great stories and great tracklist. thanks for sharing
else, amsterdam

Is my computer on the Blink or does Paul look to have a slight Hue to his complexion? Either way, as expected and excitedly anticipated, a non disappointing Selection by Monsieur Weller! Good stuff and a forward thinking move by the BBC to invite a bunch of legends into the booth for a nosey at what tickles their fancies!
Jake Williams - British chap in Toronto

He is the Best! Loved his show, loved his voice, Love his Music! xx
Nikki, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I'd have thought someone of Paul's age and experience would have thought better than to say that Amy Winehouse is a great role model. There are so many kids out there who are killing themselves with drugs and self harm and these comments are so irresponsible. It's a real shame because the show was great other than this, particularly his short stories in between his great song choices.
Daniel Porter London

weller is a legend and always will be, im 18 and weller is an icon to me at the age of around 50, enough said. long live the mods!
chris, aylesham, kent


Fantastic show Paul, many memories of you on Radio 1, early days on Round Table, never one to mince your word i recall. Good selection tonight, and totally agree with your coments about Amy Winehouse. Met her recently in Liverpool and she was lovely and a great gig.Been with your music since In the City and it feels just the same when say you got a new album out in the spring, can't wait for that and a tour. Thanks Paul
Pete Grimsby

You can't argue with his choices of songs and his short tales were very cool - BUT to say that Amy Winehouse is a good role model is absolutely disgraceful. The woman needs help to get out of the rut she is in not some has been making off the cuff remars to try and sound cool. He needs to be locked away with some young kid off the street with a drug problem and watch the pain and desperation because I think if that is his idea of a good role model he is seriously out of touch with reality.
Good but why the Amy comment?

Brilliant, as usual.
Lincoln Mansfield from Banbury.

A true legend.First record I ever bought myself was Sound Effects.Weller is one of the most infuential artisits of the last 30 yearsLong may he continue
Marc - LIchfield

I started listened to Paul Weller's music in his Jam days - His career has just gone from strength to strength. Thanks for all the music, Paul!
Rob in Rotherham

excellant show.nice support for amy winehouse.looking forward to yet another lp next year.
andy h stoke

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