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Dave Grohl

Tuesday 18th September's Legends show was presented by Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters.

Dave shared some of the tracks that got him into music and artists that have inspired him - from The Beatles to Gerry Rafferty.

Plus hear who inspired him to take up drumming, lots of stories about life on the road with Nirvana, and how he comes up with those Foo Fighter riffs.

Check out the tracklisting and if you heard the show, leave us your comments using the form below.

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1. The Beatles - Taxman
2. Led Zeppelin - The Wanton Song
3. Bad Brains - Coptic Times
4. Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside
5. No Means No - It's Catching Up
6. Sonic Youth - Death Valley
7. Metallica - Hit The Lights
8. Motorhead - Iron Fist
9. Melvins - Hog Leg
10. Pixies - Motorway To Roswell
11. Queens Of The Stone Age - Regular John
12. Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
13. Zombies - Care of Cell 44

Read what others have said...

loved it , really great to hear his influences.i could listen to Dave forever , he rocks
wendy veevers Leeds

Some decent tunes in there, not massive on the heavy stuff. QOTSA is the best band hes been in , over Nirvana??? Big shout.
Jon from Coventry

I loved Nirvana when I was introduced to them, I think that Dave was an amazing drummer and is an even more amazing guitarist. Go Foo Fighters!
Olly, In Bed

Dave you are a LEGEND...I can't stop listenin and playin (on guitar) to your music! Keep it goin dude!
Modie, Cheshire

Fantastic show !. The only time I've heard Bad Brains, Metallica & Motorhead On the radio since Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show or the late great John Peel's shows. When you doing another "Probot" cd Dave !!!
Tony "Spades", Hull UK

Dave totally rocks 'n rolls as a DJ! \m/Please come to Singapore!!!
Lotus-lee, Singapore

Why should he play Nirvana? He didn't play Foo Fighters as well, because he listed songs of band s that influenced him, not songs of bands that he was part of! Perhaps you should listen to it again! In the background, while he is talking, you can hear a lot of Nirvana songs...
Basti, Bayreuth, Germany

Biggest...A caustic joyride for the roots of real rock n'roll.Nirvana was one of the inmportant bands of all the times.Dave's the best!!!!
Renato Biao, Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil

WOW!!! Nomeansno, Bad Brains, Melvins never heard an hour of radio that hit the spot so much. I not the biggest Nivana or Foo Fighters fan but I think he just won me over might even check out gig and some albums again.
Jenny, Cardiff

What a legend? Great to see how legends inspire legends! He continues to inspire me as a drummer and songwriter...the energy and passion is awesome. Great tunes stand the test of time!
Damo in Sudbury, Suffolk

Great stuff, Dave is My Hero - and to the guy who said "Who does he think he is?" for not playing any Nirvana stuff... dude, if he HAD then you would probably have said he was big-headed! He played QotSA but not one he drummed on, and gave us Rafferty's Baker Street, not his cover.He was treating us to the music he loves, the stuff that has influenced him over the years - not showing off what HE has done!Unlike Macca...
Sawdon, Derby

Im not a big rock fan, but, once I started to listen I didnt want to stop, loved the Zombies, gonna follow that one up.
simon woodward, norwich

Quality hour of radio. Only missed Kyuss tracks off there (Josh Hommes original band) which is the reason why Dave got to know Josh. Also I disagree with Kath from Somerset...I just wish that Dave would write Foo tracks with the same sort of heaviness as The Melvins, Metallica etc..much like the Probot album he is only a matter of time before he will get bored of writing Foo tracks and go back to his Metal/Hardcore routes...and me for one can;t wait for that day!
Anthony, Stockport

Dave is such a cool guy, there goes my hero! he's ordinary!!
Jonnie, Bournemouth

I still remember your great drumming in Nirvana!I love it!
Kenny Chan from Hong Kong

nice one dave great show, true legend
steve, north yorkshire

Legends.... - 'nuf said!!
Karen Read, Newcastle

the Grohl master rox my sox.
Kay, US

great collection! zombies was a pleasant suprise. looking forward to mr weller's show!
eric, leeuwarden (holland)

Amazing to hear Dave's reflections & influencesCheers to Dave & Radio 1!
Jana, Florida

Dave Grohl is a true musical genius, and being so modest only adds to my admiration for guy.
Alan Tinsley, Liverpool

Much respect to Dave,i always knew he was into some pretty cool stuff.Metallica and Motorhead awesome tunes,pity he did'nt get any Venom in,who i know he loves,but he can only play so many tunes.
Ian, Preston

Awesome. What can I say, I loved the type of music he played, I loved listening to the storys he told and I can't wait to see him live in Sheffield this November.
Debbie, Sheffield

awesome man dude,respest............

One of the best hours of radio I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. A great mix of tracks which brightened up my journey home on an otherwise miserable evening.....
Nick, Leicester

Legendary man, legendary show! When does he3 start full time???Best mix of music I have ever heard on Radio 1!!!
Neil, Warwick

Dave is so amazing, a true rock god! He played songs I probably would never have listened to, the way he explained them really made you understand what he was getting at, Love you Dave x
Karen , Oxford

good track list but kind of surprised there's no queen on there, have heard him name check queen and freddie quite a bit in the past as an influence. o well, i guess you can only fit so many songs into one hour.
rebecca from eastbourne

My girlfriend thinks your a god!! and so do I. Just mint!!
James from Newcastle

What a great session. Dave just oozes real-ness, I had a very brief chance to meet the guy and he's tops in my book. Viva the Foo Fighters.
Luke in Milan

I'm surprised how many people are surprised that BAker Street was played. Of course Baker Street would be there. The Foo's covered it and their version is amazing. A cunning change of "give up the booze and the 1 night stands" to "give up the crack and the one night stands"
Andrew, Cheltenham

I don't have words for this song selection.Dave you're the best!
Bel, Spain

Much like the 'Macca' set yesterday, Mr Grohl treats us to the delightful sounds of the songs that influenced him, another quality piece of radio broadcasting.Any chance we can have these shows on a podcast?
Stuart, London

Never thought i'd hear No Means No played on mainstream radio not to mention Metallica's Hit the Lights!!! Great list, Grohl is a bit of a Legend!
Bones, Co. Antrim

I really enjoyed Dave's show learning about the music he liked growing up and how that has influenced his music today. Just wish it could have been longer than an hour. Thanks Dave!!
Mandy - Liverpool

All hail to the God that is Grohl.Great show - I am a tiny bit pleased that Dave's own songs are not as heavy as some of his influences!! Still Rafferty and The Zombies were a pleasant surprise - but really enjoyed the two that I hadn't heard before - Bad Brains and Rites of Spring. Will go and listen to my Pixies' albums again! More Dave and more Foos please...
Kath, Somerset

Great presenter, great music... Think Daves got a future in Radio when he decides to put on the pipe and slippers !!!
Andy, Wales

For me, whenever Dave Grohl talks, it's like nothing else matters other than what he is saying right there and then. It was so interesting just listening to his stories and influences - an hour's not enough for that man! I'd never heard of The Melvins but turned it up anyway - much to the distaste of my flatmate! I was also singing along to Gerry Rafferty and I think I'm gonna get me some Sonic Youth!
Nicky, Surrey

Dave grohl is truly brilliant....A musical legend brought up on music by legends!!!Great set, but no Mudhoney, Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag and Minor Threat.....Guess he only had an hour! Good to see the Pixies in there though and i guess Steve Albini's stuff is just tooooo hardcore for radio still!
Matt McNulty, Swindon

Dave's so awesome it brought joyful tears to my eyes to listen! Get him a regular slot! (Although I'd imagine he's too busy)
Daniel, Glasgow

A really good and eclectic mix of music, quite a bit of which I've never heard.These tracks come from the days when influences were perhaps more varied than the latest "The" bands that only ever seem to draw inspiration from a single act.
Karl, Weston-super-Mare

What a great show! Fantastic hour of pure metal!
Carl, Littlehampton

I didn't listen to it but it seems outrageous that he didn't play a Nirvana track. Who does he think he is? He should pay homage to the band that made him famous. Paul played lots of Beatles tracks. This is what bothers me about the Foo's.

Dave is a living legend. It was great to hear the songs that have inspired and created one of the greatest rockers of our generation. Thanks Radio one for giving Dave the opportunity to share with us his musical soul, and thanks to Dave Grohl for being who you are. Rock on!!
Andrew in Belfast

wow just wow!That was legendary to listen to, I would have never expected Baker Street to be in there. absolutley loved it xxx
Becky from Newcastle

amazing - what a fantastic selection of music - and i love daves voice!!
Lorrraine - in my office

Nice journey in Dave Grohl's musical influences
Mikica, Serbia

just listened to Dave Grohl's session from last nite! awesome, played some cracking tracks, cant wait to hear Ozzy's
charli, norfolk

brilliant great varation of music and a great insight into the mans influences
stuart gordon

Great show and good to see the Bad Brains !!!
Chris, Preston

this was a perfect introduction to some of the music that inspired one of my biggest influences, a classic show. i shall now be checking out more Rites of Spring and Bad Brains. cheers dave
Matt Holden - Preston

Kudos to Dave Grohl for a quality show (could've done without Led Zeppelin though.)Great to hear No Means No on the radio too.
Mr Happy, England

AMAZINGLoved all the stories10/10 Radio 1 i love it!I cant wait till Paul Weller.
Chris, Godstone

Cool guy, great songs.
PJ, Chichester

it was great. No surprises on his track listing, was good to hear what inspired him. Foo Fighters one of the best bands around.
Soo from Coulsdon

What a show. Dave Grohl is my ultimate rock hero! I love him!
Nick Hanyours, London

awsome have been a fan for along time,nice guy
steve clements new zealand

Iiris, Finland

love dave & the foo's , more please! He's got a really sexy dj voice!!
fiona, somerset

Dave is amazing. That's all I have to say.
Erin, Atlanta

Not bad. Good selection of tunes for a rocker.
Mark O'C Harlington

Dave Grohl's show rocked. Id just read a book bout him (nothing to lose) and it mentioned all the songs he played and i wanted to get a listen to them and now i have,im gonna download em all. Cheers.
Eoin mc Kenna Tyrone

Dave Grohl, what a legend I absolutely love the guy and it just shows what a genuinely nice guy he is that he took time out of his no-doubt busy schedule just to share with us some of his influences.We love you Dave, keep it up man!
Claire Cox, Dorset

I think Dave Ghrol should have his own show on radio 1, Great line up of tunes, especially love Baker street but not as much the the foo's cover on the new color and the shape album, awesome dude. Looking forward to the new album.
Lloydy, Totnes Devon

Good show and quality sounds.
George, Isle of Lewis

sonic youth! great show, loved it
tom, leeds

Congrats BBC for this awesome idea of having legends as radio broadcasters! Well, I think the BBC should hire Dave Grohl as a DJ for a couple of months!!! They could do this off and on. He´s just great!!!I´ve found it so humble from DAve not playing any FOO FIGHTERS songs. What I like most about him is his passion for music. Even writing, playing the drums, the guitar, listening to or making comments on songs/music style that he loves.However, I missed some of Dave´s favourite bands such as HÜSKER DÜ, Black Flag and MY MORNING JACKET on the playlist. thanks BBC! Thanks Mr.Dave Grohl! God bless your family! your fan (friend)Rangel CruzPS: When you come to Recife, be sure that there´ll be some HÜSKER DÜ bootlegs waiting for you, man! ;)
Rangel Cruz, Recife, Brazil

good selection there, but no Tenacious D?
Mark - Bangor

Amazing!!!! A good mixture of songs, with a background added in between each song giving an insight in to Daves life.
Jon @ Kings Lynn

I loved the set! A good mix of some fantastic artists, hosted by a pure legend! I was rocking out when Hit The Lights came on. Ha! Cheers for a belting hour session Dave!
Ben Hughes - Wigan

Loved it, a legendary tracklisting presented by a true legend himself, Dave Grohl. Thought the show was really insightful - never get tired of listening to his history.p.s Sooo looking forward to seeing the Foo's in Manchester in November.
CJ, Leeds

I really love your taste in music Dave. Great show aswell btw! I am definatly going to listen again. X
James P at Nutbourne

Fantastic selection of music. Every selection a classic. Still remember my first bad brains gig. heh :)Great choices and keep churning out the classics yourself Grohl.
Roger - Glasgow

It was great to see Grohl on the radio he played some great tunes and the history of why he loved the music was very interisng kudos mr grohl and kudos radio one it was an amazing idea to this my favourite buts was when he was talking about how he got into diffrent types of rock and punk
Lee A Chapman, Braintree (uk)

Pretty cool, as you'd expect. Pixies 'Motorway to Rosswell' rocked and I'd never have expected Gerry Rafferty!!
Sparky, Saltwood

Nirvana are the most important band of the last 20 years and what a great privlege to hear Dave go through the music that influenced him, shame there was no black flag song though....
Mark ,London

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