Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Wall of Sound Special
::: Propellerheads, Black Twang
::: Royksopp, West London Deep
::: 07/09/2003

Propellerheads Mix
Akasha - 'Crazy Baby (Groove Armada's Presque Celebre Mix)' (Wall of Sound)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - 'Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)' (Wall of Sound)
Eastwick - 'Number One' (Wall of Sound)
Royksopp - 'Remind Me (Eanest Saint Laurent's Moonfish Mix)' (Wall of Sound)
Thermoc - 'Into the Light' (Wall of Sound)
DJ Pierre - 'Wet Dreams (Xpress 2 Self Abuse Mix)' (Nu Camp)
Dirty Beatniks - 'Whores Freaks Saints and Angels' (Wall of Sound)

Black Twang Mix
Black Twang - 'Online' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'U Know' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Bonafida Flava' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Real Estate' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Dettwork Southeast' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Aint Done 2 Bad' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Red Letters' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'Trixstar' (Bad Magic)
Black Twang - 'So Rotten' (Bad Magic)

Royksopp Mix
Boney M - 'Nightflight To Venus' (BMG International)
Doc L Junior - 'Soul Fusion' (Classic)
Zongamin - 'Serious Trouble' (XL Recordings)
Metro Area - 'Orange Alert' (DFA Remix)
Unknown - 'Kinetx' (White Label)
DJ Gregory - 'Tropical Soundclash' (Defected)
Zongamin - 'Double Dostiev' (XL Recordings)
Big Two Hundred - 'your Personal Filth' (DC Recordings)
Cass - 'All the Freaks' (Fire)
Dexter - 'Echo Park' (Klakson)
Idjut Boys - 'Staeb' (U Star)
Peter Gabriel - 'My Head Sounds Like That (Royksopp Remix)' (Geffen)
Zongamin - 'Spiral' (XL Recordings)
Sharpshooters - 'Adios' (Unknown)

West London Deep Mix
Thermoc - 'Into The Light (West London Deep Remix)' (Wall Of Sound)
Bent - 'Magic Love (West London Deep Remix)' (Sport)
Dino Lenny vs Housemartins - 'Change The World (West London Deep Remix)' (Free2Air)
Basement Jaxx - 'Get Me Off (superchumbo mix)' (XL Recordings)
West London Deep - 'Small Planet' (Nu Camp)
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