Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Judge Jules, Fergie and
::: Eddie Halliwell
::: Live from Eden in Ibiza
::: 10/08/2003

***Judge Jules @ Eden***
Poloroid ­ So Damn Beautiful (Decode)
Unknown ­ Unknown (Closet)
Azure ­ Sunset (white label)
Harry Diamond + The Lost Boys ­ I Need You Now (w/c)
Ferry Corsten ­ Rock Your Body (-)
Ricky Fobis ­ No Regular (ID+T)(BXR)
Tiesto ­ Traffic (white label)
Freeloader ­ Pure Devotion (white label)
Airscape ­ Untitled (white label)
Sotex ­ Unknown (white label)
Robert Natus ­ Unus Pro Multi (Sub Sounds)

***Fergie @ Eden***
Pedro Galgardo ­ The Funk (white label)
New Cut ­ The Bomb (white label)
G + VCT ­ Optimised Ep (la Romeo already)
Space DJZ ­ Recreations EP (Kombination Research)
Mhonolink ­ Mankin (Swag Records)
Mhonolink ­ Ahima (Mhonolink Redliked Elite)
Danilo Vigorito ­ Rephlex EP (Phase Music)
Nitzer Ebb ­ Murderous (in Romeo)
Ade Fenton ­ Perverter 2 (Potential)
Techanisia ­ Nebula (in Romeo)
Tom Hades ­ Disco Nouveau (Invasion)
Techanisia ­ Acid Storm 2002 (Sino)
Unknown ­ Unknown (white label)
Tiesto ­ Traffic (white label)

***Eddie Halliwell @ Eden***
Mysterious Acclaim ­ Through The Tangled (Mantra)
Unknown ­ Unknown (white label)
Innergy ­ Comet Crashtest (Detox Records)
Ron Van Den Benken ­ Timeless (Liquid Recordings)
Freeloader ­ Pure Devotion (Big Star Records)
Unknown ­ Unknown (white label)
Decoy + Roy ­ Inner Life (Tp Recordings)
Unknown ­ Unknown (white label)
Rocket Base ­ House Bee (Drizzly records)
Unknown ­ Unknown (white label)
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