Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin
::: 10/11/2002

Sven Vath - At The Club
Richard Voigt - 'Supertiel' (Konpakt)
Thomas Schumacher - 'Ficken' (TSX Recordings)
Toni Rohr - 'Chuggachugga' (Hidden Agenda)
David Alvorado - 'Polygons' (Ovum)
Dirty - 'Dirty' (Junior)
Scan X - 'Neutronic' (F-Com)
Dave Tarrida/Lars Sandberg - 'Supa Hammer' (Missile)
Dot Allison - 'We're Only Science' (Mantra)
DJ Shufflemaster - 'Pay Back PT.3' (Phont)
Abe Duque - 'Last Night Changed It All' (Abe uque Records)
Taksi - 'Rohrbruch' (Taski)

Richie Hawtin - At The After-Party
Bern - 'Loann 1' (Traum Music)
Dettinger - 'Puma' (Kompakt)
RG25 - 'Tarism' (M-Bass-Y Records)
Jeff Samuel - 'Double Yum' (Trapez)
Cosili - 'Arschoppel' (Statt Musik)
Jon Thomas - 'Talking Machine' (DBX vs Cabanne)
Gergestellt von Modomonomusik - 'Sundesseisser' (Ringel)
Janovosky vs. Scheben - '360 bd' (Bruchsteucke)
Robag Wruhme - 'Back 01' (Musik Krause)
Berkovi vs. Ms. Kitten - 'A2' (White Label)
Serve - 'Netzroller' (Playmade)
Matthew Johnson - 'A1' (It Is What It Is)
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