Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: MYNC Project
::: 21/07/2002

Khaya - 'Cheza' (Pear Music)
Derrick Carter - 'Whereyappella' (Classic)
Playing For The City - 'Ask Me' (Music 101)
Ian pooley - 'Pila' (Honchos)
Thick Dick - 'Insatiable' (sondos)
Devin Deveraux - 'Indian Summer' (Black Vinyl)
Linda Clifford - 'Sunshine' (One Little Indian)
Dizzy - 'On and On' (acetate)
Cajmere feat. Walter Phillips - 'Sometimes I Do' (Cajual)
Soul Boys - 'Everybody' (Acetate)
Circus Nights - 'Amazonia' (Stereo)
Puddo Verano - 'Back To You' (white)
Derrick Carter - 'Where you at?' (classic)
DJ Gregory - 'Tropical Soundclash' (Faya combo)
Par-T-One - 'I'm So Crazy' (Subliminal/Credence)
Erro - 'Change for Me' (Z records)
Deep Dish - 'Come Back' (Slip n Slide)
Plastic Fantastic Machine - 'Love is Psychedelic' (Purple)
Simon Garcia - 'Karim Shaker' (white)
Who Da Funk - 'Sting Me Red' (Subusa)
World Famous Martinex Orchestra - 'Southside' (Credence)
Khaya - 'Cheza' (Pear Music)
Blaze - 'Do You Remember House' (Slip n Slide)
Master H - 'Magic K' (Soma)
D' Julz - 'Acid tricks' (Ovum)
Medicine - 'Rock Music Pays Off' (acetate)
Tommy Vee - 'Traditional Story' (Credence)
Mr Hermano - 'Free as the Morning Sun' (Disorient)
Underworld - 'Two Months Off' (acetate)
South Street Players - 'Who Keeps Chaging Your Mind' (Sound of Ministry)
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