Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

5th February 2006
Layo & Bushwacka!

Four Tet 'Castles Made of Sand' (Azuli)
DJ Nu-mark & Pomo 'Bad Luck Blues' (Up Above Records)
Dual Control 'Spring Again (feat.Loretta & Danny Ward)' (Grand Central)
Layo & Bushwacka! 'Isn't This a Lovely Day' (Olmeto)
Lindstrom and Christabelle 'Music (In My Mind) (Prins Thomas Remix)' (Feedelity Recordings)
Martin Brew 'Calactico (Greg Wilsons Electrofunkroots Version)' (Fat City)
Sebastien Tellier 'Broadway (Chicken Lips Dub)' (Lucky Number Music)
Samim 'House Nation (feat. Lil' Dirty)' (Tuning Spork)
Gaiser 'Egress' (Minus)
Layo & Bushwacka! 'LIFE2LIVE (Loco Dice Remix)' (Olmeto)
Layo & Bushwacka! 'Tabloid' (Olmeto)
Zimmermann 'Razorblade' (Room Recordings)
Chelonis R.Jones 'I Don't Know' (Get Physical)
DJ T 'Rising' (Get Physical)
Luciano 'Bomberos' (Cadenza)
DJ Rush 'Marathon Man' (Djax Up Beats)
Chelonis R.Jones 'Deer In The Headlights' (Get Physical)
Frank Spatula 'My Needs' (Frozen North)
Alex Under 'Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano (Vampir Von Düsseldorf Mix)' (Trapez)
Williams 'Picadilly Circuits' (Get Physical)
Unknown 'The Blast (Original Mix)' (White Label)
Anton io Reale 'House Muzic' (Subliminal)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste 'From Empty Words' (Palette)
DJ T 'Ambush (Original Mix)' (Get Physical) 

Your reviews of the mix

What did you think of this mix?: loved it! pure quality! look forward to the new album
CK, Leicester

loved the mix, been a whyle l&b. hope to see more great tunes coming in 06, keep up the good work. peace!
Danny, southern california

I've seen J&B on a couple of occasions, including a set wathing the sun go down in a castle on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Which was surreal!!!!!! This on the other hand was a lot more chilled out, a great set all the same, but not best i've heard from the Duo.
Karl, San francisco

Just like the "All Night Long" compilation, the mix starts slow, and then builds and builds into acid heaven. I prefer the end to the beginning. A blinding mix!!!
Joe Kilner, Rotherham

Layo & Bushwacka, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability
Dan, Brixton

An amazing mix! they´re the best!
Hector Fonit, Leon Spain

wicked mix esp the 2nd hour! For those interested in the Unknown 'The Blast (Original Mix)' (White Label) tune, it's by Zen Kei on Great stuff. Big up the min electro tech house sound!
DJChewy, London UK

Proper dirty house music,for those that know better.
DARREN.P. Haworth

This is the best Essential Mix I've heard in a very, very long time. L&B are true pioneers and always have been.
Ian, Stockport

I'd like to humbly and somewhat sheepishly make a recantation to my previous post. After having read the positive comments of fellow listeners I thought there had to be something I was missing. So. After many subsequent listenings on my nano and in my audi, turns out that I was too quick to jump the gun on this one. It is a haunting mix indeed, I still do maintain that its not palletable for many a listener, but I see the beauty of this mix now. Consider me one enlightened trainspotter. Thanks L&B.
Tommy San Jose, CA

peace love and respect brovaz bo! bo! bo!
ben sheffield

The mix was fine, have heard better in this show by a long way. Nice start but really the lads should have picked up the pace in the last hour of the set. Any chance of Damien Lazarus doing a mix in the near future?.
Mark, Boston

Electro is the BEST!
Freak System, Russia

Tip top... can you download this from anywhere?
Joe, Glasgow

Four Tet through to DJ T, via that Gaiser track on Minus!!! Love it. The album's killer too. Nice one L&B...
Emu, London

I was at the guys Olmeto night on Saturday @ The End so missed this being aired. Just about recovered from the weekend and needed su'more L&B. What a mix! Absolutely superb boys! Can't wait for the new album or next months party for that matter! Ash Xx
Ash, Reading

Big up to the set. When are UTAH SAINTS doing an essential mix???
Simon, London

Inspiring choice of minimal/ clicky/ tech/ electro. I'm 50 mins into the mix and it's drawing me in. It's good to hear music that doesn't need to scream out to be understood - get my drift...?!
The Queen London

Weird sauce mix, not very palletable in any sense as an essential mix. Had its moments but neither is it listenable or danceable so whats the point.. definitely unessential mix. Sorry L&B, you've done some good stuff before and no doubt will in the future, but as this mix stands.. it was a bit of a let down.
Tommy, SJ Cali.

wow.....very nice mix here, first hour is a deep house afair, and then hour 2 is deep,chunky, and of the year so far
mr stroke-usa

Way too much repetition. Beats OK, but as posted in an earlier review,uninspiring. I know these two have marvelous talent--better luck next time.
Natalie, Chicago, IL

excellent. amazing. mixes like these ones are supposed to be listened at home so its great when they are not so heavy or up beat. if you want to get your head exploted and your body moving without rest (which is also great).... head to your nearest night club
ricardo, colombia

Was in full recovery mode at 2PM on Sunday when I got to listen to this mix after a night of grooving to SASHA. Suffice to say....this mix was NOT what I expected from L&B....but it is an absolutely beautiful chill mix with extremely interesting choices in sound and tone and was a perfect chillout....especially as the girl I was with's roommate had left the house with her we were sitting in a car for an hour with heads back and sunglasses on just dying to be in bed and this music definitely soothed all the various forms of pain.
GOOSE - Washington DC

its a good mix but gets a little boring in the second half. love some of their own stuff that they played though.
andy, newcastle

I really enjoyed this week's essential mix by Layo and Bushwacka!. Yet, i have one thing i'd like to make it clear. Are you sure the first track was Four Tet 'Castles Made of Sand'?

Superb!! Loving the new stuff, can't wait for "Feels Closer". And digging the "Get Physical" stuff played!!! Brilliant
Blind Tiger - London

Good mix, but I was expecting more from them.
Joan, Barcelona

Superb.A real masterclass in how to build a mix.Loving the first two releases on Olmeto, cant wait for the album.
Matt Joy, Cardiff

For Ian in Kent - That's Chelonis R.Jones " I don't know" - amazing track. Very nice mix....great start too, a bit unusual for them. Works better on a big pair of speakers!
Elio, Caserta, Italy

Really wanted to understand it, but found it momumentaly dull. Bleep, bleep, blunk, blunk, repeat until ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.
Geoff, Cambs

yummy grooves from start to finish

Axpam, SPB

I listened to this while nursing the mother of all hangovers. Very easy on the head. Dark, minimal journey which is a long way from the hands in the air house and breaks of Glasto 2002.
Easygold, Brighton

I agree with Don. Put me into a Coma. Can we ave some more Touche or Groove Armada
Aceman, Wilts

Excellent, The guys are always spot on with their choice of tunes and their mixes stand the test of time, and this one is no exception.I'll still be listenin' to this in 2 years time! and beyond...
Kerouac, Runcorn

this mix has a good vocal and beautiful tunes and ...
emad mazaheri

This mix seemed weak to me. I use to like their productions a few years ago but this didn't really do much for me.
Bill - NYC

Nice to hear a diverse mix,not all bang ,bang,bang.Great build up with some cool afro beats at last in first section.Modern techno for modern thinking people.Cheers

thought 1st hour or so was good but lost it's way after that. album should be good though....
Matt, Birmingham, UK

beautifull noizes in beautifull tunes from beautifull people.... smooooth jus aint a strong enuff word!
rev damien thorn cornwall

interesting mix, with lot of sounds, goes well with sofa in livingroom
sanyin, seoul

Jon Kent

not what I expected from the pair, but still listening and it sounds good!
briank - toronto, canada

2 pioneers with 1 talent...good to hear them again..Zz

just one big floaty trip that takes you along elegantly. nice nod your head material. May be too deep for some but for all us who understand it..... exceptional stuff!
dave g

The mix starts off slow but gets into gear shortly. Skip the first 20 -30 min and then get ready to get down. Starting at about 1hr 10 min it really starts to kick ass and doesnt let down.
tron chicago, il

Wonderful, a superb electro mix. Theirs tracks are very good, I'm ready for their new album, next month.
Maxime (Biarritz,FRANCE)

Bout time some nice new tech house was featured, we need Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, JV, Lee Burridge and Ben Annand getting a chance at the decks
Travis, Xanadu

This is great and a real treat if you have not been to see them as it is a fair reflection of what you hear over the night. New album should be great, Can't wait
Rocco, London

Booooooorrrrrinnngggggg! Plod plod plod along with a mix that was so uninspiring. Were these guys tired when they mixed this tripe? It was just so bland and what a non event it was. The comfort zone these guys are in is too comfy for them, they need a wake up call.
Don Anderson, Fife.

The track 1 hour in "I don`t mind" I`m trying to work out who it`s by from the tracklisting. Great mix guys :)
Ian, Kent


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