Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

29th January 2006

Adam F 'Unknown' (White Label)
Will I Am 'Who Am I?' (White Label)
DJ Vadim 'The Terrorist' (Ninjatune)
Supercat 'Don Dada' (Wild Apache)
Kenny Dope 'Don dada' (Big Beat)
Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side' (RCA)
Tribe Called Quest 'Can I Kick It?' (Jive)
Mr Scruff 'Trouser Jazz' (Ninjatune)
The Party 'Imagine' (Mp3)
Sweet Tee 'It's My Beat' (Edel)
KRS ONE 'Dope Beat' (Big Daddy)
AC/DC 'Back In Black' ( Atlantic )
Harry Hall 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' (White Label)
KRS ONE 'Sound Of Da Police' (Jive)
Lumidee 'Never Leave' (Universal)
Eric B & Rakim 'I No U Got Soul' ( Island )
Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full' ( Island )
Zebra Breaks 'Unknown' (White Label)
ColdCut 'Smoke This One' (Big Life)
The Soul Searchers 'Ashley's Roachclip' (Alpha Omega)
Playschool 'Bang On A Drum' (BBC)
Disco 3 'Stick Em' (White Label)
Cutty Ranks 'The Stopper' (Fashion)
Slim 'It's In The Mix' (Epic)
Method Man 'Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Remix)'
Saul Williams 'Not In Our Name' (Ninjatune)
Rare Earth 'I Am Losing You' (EMI)
Jeremy Stieg 'Howlin' For July' (Blue Note)
Beastie Boys 'Sure Shot' (Capitol)
The Majesticons 'Suburb Party' (Big Dada)
Tickle 3 'I Got What U Need' (White Label)
DJ Z Trip 'Listen To The DJ' ( Hollywood )
The Invada 'Showtime' (White Label)
J Roc 'Dirty Fingered B-Boy' (Ninjatune)
Part 2 'One Of Dem Days' (Big Dada)
Yummy 'It's Good To You' (White Label)
Harmonic 33 'The Shape Shifter' (Warp)
Pizzy Yelliot 'Could You Be Loved (Disco)'
Harmonic 33 'Funky Duck' (Warp)
ColdCut 'Mr Nicholls' (Ninjatune)
McKay 'Takin Over' (White Label)
Dave & Ansel Collins 'Double Barrel' (Trojan)
Philorene 'Bola' (Organico)
Antipop Consortium '38303' (Antipop)
Ganja Crew 'Super Sharp Shooter' (Ganja)
Wayne Smith 'Sleng Teng' (Greensleeves)
Junior Reid 'One Blood' (Big Life)
Krust 'Warhead' (Full Cycle)
Slymoo 'Police & Thieves' (Arista)
Coldcut 'Everything's Under Control' (Ninjatune)
Coldcut 'Revolution' (Ninjatune)
Cane 'Grand Old Party Mix' (White Label)
Sunra Arkestra 'Yahyahs Resonance FM Rap' (Continue To Explore)
Baba Brooks 'Twilight Zone' (Proper)
Sandra Melody and Diplo 'Newsflash' (Big Dada)
Temperance 7 'Charley My Boy' ( Lake )
Crazy Titch vs Coldcut '1 hr To Make This' (White Label)
Lee Sratch Perry 'Cloak And Dagger' (BE)
Franz Ferdinand 'This Fire' (Domino)
King Tubby 'Base Dub' (Music Club)
Alan Watts 'Listen' (White Label)
Bjork 'Hidden Place' (One Little Indian)
The Congos 'Open Up The Gates Of Zion ' (Go-Feet)
King Tubbys 'Confusion Dub' (Snapper)
Son Kite 'Other Side' (Tribal Tribe)
Iggy Pop & Stooges 'Down On The Street' (Elektra)

Your reviews of the mix

wow! amazing mix, and i've never been dissappointed with the boys of coldcut. another masterful work. some sweet mixing and song selection.
kelling, colorado, usa

Same quality we've come to expect since 70 Minutes of Madness. Must say I was surprised by the use of DJ Kick's Nightmare on Wax. This is still better than 90% of the craptastic music out there. Respect.
Rico Brooklyn, NY

As per usual, Colduct deliver a quality mix. Ninjatune always delivers. But there rings true in some of the other comments, a negative side: there is enough music out there, and Coldcut are innovative and creative enough that perhaps they shouldn't have used so much of the same material they used on Journeys. Regardless, the mix is top notch and very pleasing to the ears. Coldcut are at the top of the food chain.
Matty, Victoria Canada

This is what it is all about.....anyone who dislikes should have gone to bed earlier. Having it Lard.
Charlou - Bolton

i like it very much i don't care that is the same sound from 4 or 8 years from now on!
leizaboy _ romania

this mix is better than pies!
roger, shrewsbury

might big on coldcut since before JDJ through kiss and L'L949. All grand and fine, unfortunately heard this mix in different guise before. Been looking forwrd to it since November. The wait had me longing the mix left me wanting. Wanted you to freshen me Coldcut you should have dug through those crates some more.
rlj, tooting

Great mix. To the people complaining it's not current enough...Perhaps thats a reflection on the music around right now??? (At least in the genre they're mixing.)
Adam - Bangkok


To all the haters: Why don't you have a go at cramming this many songs from god knows how many genres into a mix as cleverly as coldcut have here. Theses boys have put some serious time into this mix and deserve some credit for their endeavours. So what if there are other coldcut mixes you prefer, or if some of the tunes are more than three months old (what is this obsession with having to play the most recent tunes??? i dont understand), this is a solid (steel?) mix, admittedly with a bit a flab in the middle, but it picks up again doesn't it so... come on, give em a break. What would you all rather have instead: more bangin' trance? It was so nice to hear something different on the e-mix, I thought. Hats off to the coldcut boys for putting it together and nice one to Radio One for broadcasting it. Keep it diverse!
speedbarrymoore, New Zealand

i thought essential mix was exclusively electronica. was i just wrong? because this mix is about 5% electronica. too much for me.
Travis - Ohio USA

OLd cUt? A history lesson noless, Dj Glam Rock. You know your Steinsky lessons, I am sure, but you were not there, grasshopper- what is first is forever.'Glam Rock'? tut-tut. Don't go to Thialand. I caught the end of the show coming back from an early finish gig of my own and couldn't unload my kit. i sat in the car stinking of stale sweat and matted hair TRANSFIXED by the surgeons general cold cut and remembered how they had been so devastatingly influential to me. The smirking cheeky cut up energy was still in the mix. I hope the album is as good as the beat chaos served up on sat.
Dj 83

Ilove the music of coldcut. Matt and Jonathon are the best I got the hits album of coldcut and I love it.
Daniel Smith - Kent

...I've just melllttedd!
Yan Brighton

Quality Mix! Ive got to start listening to Ninjatunes again. When are they going to make a guest appearance on MaryAnne Hobbs show??
Adrian - Basingjoke

Nice, not me but nice!
Andy McD Londonderry

I love Coldcut, but this mix... Weeeelll.... Disappointing. When I heard that Coldcut are going to do a session for the Essential Mix, I expected another mastercut. Their mixing style is just too good! But what do we have here? A collection of wicked mixes they had done for Solid Steel over the years. Some of these have been my favourite mixes for a long time, but as I said: I expected new. Maybe they have too much to do.
Coldcut nerd

Amazing mix, they are true innovators of this style of music making but they need to start finding more or different tunes or think of different ideas to keep themselves fresh cos it sounded like a bit of a rehash at the start. Looking forward to sound mirrors though.
charlie grey from brighton

These two fellas are still the UK cut and paste kings - top notch mix as usual. How cold can coldcut get?
cheetah, london

I loved it. Diverse as ever, Coldcut cut it all up and played loads of their own versions/edits (or that's what it sounded like). Amazing. That's what DJs about in the 21st Century - not seemlessly mixing loads of identi-kit techno together.
tom - london

Great stuff! Anyone think there's any chance of this being released?

2 many cold cut djs ? na,ableton live is the future, and they were on this mash up collage tip way back, listen and learn y'all jus been schooled..
dj glam roc

coldcut, the groove-masters, rocks this set as always, but the choice of tracks was quite predictable as usual for these guys, unfortunately. But the "take a walk on the wildside" appearance was pretty tight and well-placed, and I always appreciate the phat reggae overtones that are sprinkled through-out. Ninjatune is where its at.
steve advance, nc

Did anyone notice that the entire playlist up until 'It's My Beat' was lifted from 'Nightmares on Wax, DJ Kicks' (Dj Ease)? Some of the mixing timings were even the same! Was that an homage or were they hoping no one would notice?
Evan - New York,NY

Fantastic mix! I actually liked the nods back to their JDJ compilation - I thought it was a nice gesture. I was even hoping for more - maybe Autumn Leaves or some other Coldcut oldie. Still, I was in no way disappointed, I've sat through it twice this evening and am looking forward to tomorrow morning for another shot. It's the first EMix for a while that I actively want to listen to, as opposed to having in the background when I'm planning to go out! Thanks guys!
Jeff, Netherlands

Great Work.interesting mixture of styles...
Karan New Delhi

this is what mixing is all about , hip hop rock and shock , thank you .
stevieG Bermuda

As a huge fan of Coldcuts JDJ mix I was left a bit cold by this. It seemed mostly to be a rehash of ideas they'd done better ten, or even twenty years earlier. As far as the music selection goes it would have been nice to hear more modern tracks. They must get sent nearly every twelve inch from every half decent electronic and hip hop label in the country so it would've been good if they could've showcased some of it, instead of revisiting a load of dated block party hip hop.
Rob, Dewsbury UK

Ill. Of course I heard many of the old samples that they've used previously but still rocks. I'm not hating. Did they steal that AC/DC mix from DJ Ztrip?....I think so. Regardless still the whip. All your base are belong to us.
Joshua Miles Delray Beach Florida

worsest mix i'v ever heard!!!!!!!!!!11

big up!!!!
boaz israel

So refreshing to here these true innovators still pulling out suprises. It's great they aren't afraid to forget about genres, leaving such irrelevancies to the marketing moguls and money men. Bravo to the Coldcut crew!

lets all go down to the woods today... n get our big surprize!!!.... luv em...rdt.
rev damien thorn cornwall u.k.

These guys know their stuff, DJ's for the DJ. Nice one. Top One. Sorted...........

Tight! Love it!
Matt - Margate UK

Tasty hot music for those cold winter days! Thanks Coldcut! cheers
Peter - Vienna, Austria

They trashed it as always.. Amazing!!!
dZj - Czech republic

Tight like a tiger!Great mixing with real variation that keeps you guessing.
Phil- Stuttgart

Not my favourite kind of music, but a nice refreshing mix, with talent, however the "teddy bears picnic" tune is very questionable!!!
ed from ibiza

Blown away by this set...bit sceptical at the beginning hearing al those pre-used tunes,but then all turned out to be a masterpiece !!! Colcut kick arses fo' real!!! Peace
KillaFella / Romania

Top notch cutting and pasting. A full round trip through the genres that these guys are famous for. Fave has gotta be super sharp shooters works a treat every time. Keep it up lads
jimmy Leeds

From what i caught (the last 1/2 hour) it sounded ace, especially the franz ferdinand sample and bjork dub thing. When is radio 1 going to post the trackilsting? Coldcut remain true innovators.
Roddy - Dundee

Well thought was pretty good. Full of the usual hip-hop and electronica associated with coldcut. Not mind blowing, the stuff they've done in the past I rate higher to be honest!
Ben, UK

pretty cool mix. some of the funk, soul stuff was smart. nice 1.
Matt, Birmingham - England

Excellent mixing and blending, but the selection sounded really like a 90s megamix - the acappellas couldve been a lil bit more fresh. Hey Coldcut, you know the ledge, no?
Danny, Berlin

It is a very good mix, but I can hear a lot of similarities between this and DJ Kicks: DJ Ease, which has been around for sometime now.
Chris London

The mix is GREAT!!!! COLDCUT are the Best Ever!!!
Rouslan - Kazan,Russia

Every track a bomb Every mix a treat Matt and Jonathon do themselves proud once again Anouther Killer Journey by Coldcut mix
Reuben Worcester

Great mix. Plenty of flavour.
Choaty, Geneve

While the world sleeps, Coldcut continue to stir it up! In a word: ESSENTIAL ;-)
Teddy Bears' Picnic Lover, Wildside

awsome old school new school tru school buzinezz big up your self coldcut
billy small oxford

Sweet mix. Great beats and samples. Cheers Coldcut.
Ian, Prague

the mix was good really enjoyed it havent heard the uk charts for a while
brenda in assie

I have 5 words for that mix by Coldcut: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!! That is the weirdist mix i have heard. What kind of music is that.
Edgar Rivera East Chicago,IN

.....................ew :(
Tomas -Chicago

That walk on the wildside part in the beginning was off the chain. Tight mix.
Greg- St. Louis, Missouri, USA

too hot cold cut! this one great thing i heard
Andre, Red city,RU

tight. curious selection at times, but nonetheless a good listen. these guys are on top of their game.
arright 1

Had this on repeat all day. This has got to be the best Essential Mix since Yoda & Greenpeace a couple of years ago. Total Quality. Thank you Coldcut.

Only discovered these guys about a year ago. This set has sold me completly on their genius and i'm only 40 minutes into it! Lovin' it!

So nice to hear a completely mixed up set leaving all boundries behind. And my personal fave... real hip hop... not rap!
Rob Anthony, USA

weak sauce. i expected MUCH better from coldcut. in a regular dj's hands, this is a good mix. in coldcut's hands, it's a dissapointment. the first 30 minutes were boring the hell out of me. and what's with the rehash of tracks used on "journeys by dj" showing the face in this mix? you're telling me they couldn't find other tracks to use in the 11 years that separated that mix from their essential mix? come on!! i was waiting a good long while for this mix and it let me down. for shame, coldcut...for shame! 4/10.
chris, brooklyn

Wowow-weewaowow. Excellent. Thanks for the great work!
Harout, Canda!

This is what mixing is all about... anytime you can get it together like this, they deserve an award
Ado from Taiwan

Totally awesome. Fastest car to house radio tansfer ever achieved. When part 2???????
Ben, Hackney

interesting mixture of styles...
xcuseme, romania

Awesome mix - a real journey of sound and styles that will take some beating in 2006!!!!
Mikey, Aberdeen

superior, top-notch mix. Coldcut are masters of sampling & the cut-up. listen to those layers of sounds! a broken beat "teddy bears' picnic"... dubbed up bjork... almost everything played sounds like some form of customized edits &/or mashups. inventive & creative mixes like this are what makes the essential mix worth listening to. lovely.
buji - portland, oregon, usa

I love Coldcut - always been a fan but I have to admit this mix was a little dissapointing. It had too many tracks and samples which they've been using for the past 4 years. Just sounded like another Solid Steel show - I was expecting something a little more cutting edge from these guys. Maybe they've set my expectations a little too high? Despite this sets shortcomings I still believe they are capable of greatness. Never the less it was still enjoyable to hear these guys.
Trent - Sydney Australia

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