Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

22nd January 2006

I:Cube 'Tokyo Uno' (Versitile Records)
Jesse Rose 'Nice And Slow ( Loop )' (Front Room)
Rufus And Chaka Khan 'Aint Nobody' (Warners)
Jesse Rose 'Nice And Slow' (Front Room)
Unknown 'Dubsided Records' (White Label)
Cajmere 'Nasty' (Cdr)
Plastikman 'Spastic' (Plus 8)
Miles Maeda 'Unknown' (Cdr)
Miles Maeda 'Unknow Vocal' (Cdr)
Ny Express 'I Want It (Funk Box Mix)' (High Resolution)
Ny Express 'I Want It (28 East Boyz Dub)' (High Resolution)
Chris Carrier 'Silver Haze' (Cdr)
Ritchey Hawtin 'Twin Town' (White Label) 
Phil Weeks 'One Time Jack' (Robsoul)
Jamiroquai 'Electric Mistress (Yousef Unrealesed Dub Vox)' (Sony)
Nick And Danny Chatelain 'Love Lies (Alex Wolfenden Mix)' (Carioca)
Marshall Jefferson 'Colours'
The Wiggs 'Stronger@ (Deleted)
Layo And Bushwacka! 'Life To Live (Jesse Rose Mix)' (Omleteo)
Trevor Rockcliffe 'The Vibe' (Bush)
Elite Force 'Unknown ( Loop )' (Dubsided)
River Ocean 'Love And Happiness' (Cooltempo) 
Elite Force 'Unknown' (Dubsided)
Papa Slide 'Nasty' (Underground Resistance)
MYNC Project 'Something On My Mind (Switch Mix)' (Cr2)
Lee Mortimer 'From A Great Height' (Carioca)
Kid Massive 'Alright (Yousef Circus Rework)' (Slip N Slide)
Paulo Mojo 'Unknown (Jamie Anderson Remix)' (White Label) 
Recloose 'Dust (Re Work)' (Cdr)
Unknown 'Freakzoid (Danny And Nick Chatelain Remix)' (Cr2)
Clockwork Orange 'Theme' 

Your reviews of the mix

a refreshingly old school approach to the EM - as though he's playing out in a club. good progression from start to finish. realistic, entertaining but not exactly the getupandgo, banger-filled dance floor destroying EM's we've heard over the past few weeks. full points for the approach tho.

nice to hear yousef try to open up the spectrum. the first 20 mins built the tension nicely and did he let rip! i agree the chaka khan bit was slightly messy but them's the breaks when playing 20 year old records without the use of ableton to keep it spotless. overall very very good. will have to get over to the pool...
paul - manchester

nice one !!! minamal & deep house simply rockin'
xeen istanbul

listened to it 3 times now and it get slicker with every instalement, baffled by the suposed errors at start..i dont hear any! yos has been at the top o the game for years now and cant see him moving, this mix is testament to talent RESPECT!
ki creighton , annan

very cool mix of jackin'/minimal/acid but i thought it was all a bit 'now'. seems like everybody's shifted in the same direction between house and techno which makes it difficult for this type of mix to stand out!
Ryan, Warwick

what a crazy mix, two ritchey hawtin gems. a great great mix. loved it so much, listened to it about ten times already
daniel - paris

man i really miss soulful sessions with the dream team. That is REAL house music. The EM's are boooring lately.
DaShiznyte - Houston

Phew, this had me reaching for the disco kleenex. Loved that Perlorian mix of ginger cat's finest 12". What about the shine on that last '89 stormer? I'm still hepping my leb! NICE!!!!!
Principal, Ayton

As always Yos delivered the goods. Just like when he plays for us at Manipulate he rocked it! Nice and jackin. As for all those who didn't get it then I suggest you tune into something more commercial. Underground house of the highest order. This is what it is all about. setting out your stall and playing what you beleive in!
Louis Hughes Manchester

Whoever says this doesnt sound like it would go off in a club,I think you should come to Circus in Liverpool and see how wrong you are! This mix is awsum!
sevo, Liverpool

Am 20 mins in.. hoping it will pick up. Some good elements, but not sure what the deal at the beggining was..
Matt, Brighton

Wow! this mix is amazing! once it kicked in and started jacking big time i just wish i was in a club, this wouldve kept me going all night!
Paul, Brighton

Wicked.... Steve from Dumbarton you are pish but not this mix
Mark French Alps


leave out the first 20 minutes - its too messy and that chaka mix just doesnt work...apart from that this just proves that if you are a jackin chicago house head then you are a side step away from the stripped down funk of techno. Get yourself a pair of slam've joined the dark side. nice.
evenin brighton

mmm, have come to expect better fro yousef, was disappointed with this one.
andy, newcastle

as always from yos brillient
ian dublin

great mix yousef!!!!....alot harder than i thouht it would be...great stuff, now come out to the USA more often...
mr stroke-USA

Very creative... Great selection as always. Get him back for another. Bring YOUSEF to FLORIDA!
Christian Orlando, Florida-USA

You know when it kicks off slow and thumping that it's going to be a good one...not a big fan of his recent mix CD (too Derrick Carter-ery)...but I enjoyed this mix and I like the guy...another nice start off for 2006.....

Stephen, Dumbarton

Loved the first 20-25 mins, great selction and was building nicely..........then fell asleep, was bored to tears!
Dano, Liverpool

tap tap-a roooo give it a little tap tap my dancin feet were tappin to this mix
fred astaire, tapland

Yes Yes Yes!!! First half hour was like the Yousef of old, must admit the stuff he's playin now doesn't float my boat but he's as creative as ever! Bring back the old party Yousef he rocked!!
John Dear, Warrington

Whack!! Heard this guy at Cream in the UK a while back & he blew my socks off, Whats happened to him? Sounds like his head is stuck right up where the sun don't shine... Noodley & Boring... Sorry but I feel let down.
Brack Branson, Chicago, US

Not sure the Chaka Khan bit worked but I really liked a lot of the tunes. That Jesse rose Track "nice and slow" is a blinder

Excellent mix but why does Tongy call him the "Scouser Houser"!!!??? 'Scouse House' is the music equivalent of eating your own vomit.
James, Southport

Hanno - Georgia - Tbilisi

For those of you that don't get this mix, I am sorry! Go turn on Judge Jules and stick to your Trance......THIS IS HOUSE!!! Rockin' Yousef, see you in MIAMI!!!! - COME ON!
GW - CHi-Town

Can't imagine this would be much cop in a club, but stands up as an Essential Mix. One to play in the background methinks.
Phil, Northamptonshire

loved the broad selection of music. not just instant energy, although there was ALOT of that. a mix that will stand the test of time. excellent
jen - Liverpool

Brilliant,nice warm up and goes filthy towards the end.Typical circus style!!

Ordaniry mix. The kind of mix youve heard a 1000 times before. Much of a muchness!
Dave, Manchester

yawned for the first 20 mins, then it picked up(nice i thought) and by 1hr 30 i went to make eggy bread, which was decidedly more interesting.
stu, edinburgh

Sorry, wasn't my cup of T, what so ever. A number of mistakes at the beginning and it just felt like it wasn't going anywhere. Sorry. :-(
DPN - Merstham

super super super!!! well done mate!!
dio - Kalymnos, Greece

one of the best essential mixes ive heard in a longgggg time...I stayed home from DEEP DISH tonight, but this made up for a little of san diego in there with Miles Maeda... And he dropped trevor Rockcliffe *FEEL THE VIBE*...phenomenal track...all out outstanding selection and mix. Yousef, please come to SO CAL

A nice "progressive/tech/electro" House mix from a talented DJ.
Maxime (Biarritz,FRANCE)

dope beats
lacie - london

bad A$$ Mix. This is sick.....
kinetic nrg, cleveland, USA

Poor, took about half an hour to get going and the pace, tempo and selection of tracks were baffling at some points.
Stu, Scotland

Nice :))
Tomas (Chicago- Lithuania)

the first 15 minutes built up really nicely but then it went all hard and pants
ben sheffield

Top mix, 2nd hour was a blinder! Yos has done us Northen Crew proud :-) again !!
Jack Prince, Wirral

last 30mins of mix amazing!
graeme, leyland

Simply awesome!!!!
John San Francisco

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