Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

15th January 2006
Caged Baby

Cagedbaby- 'Disco Biscuit' (Midnight Mike Mix) (Southern Fried)
Martinez- 'Shadow Boxing' (Trentemoller Mix) (Audiomatique)
Nancy Sinatra- 'Bang Bang' (Radioslave Mix) (White)
Ame- 'Rej' (Sonar Kollektiv)
Cagedbaby- 'Hello There' (Radioslave Mix) (Southern Fried)
Nathan Fake- 'The Sky Is Pink' (James Holden Remix) (Border Community)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas- 'Feedelity' (White)
Hot Chip- 'Over & Over' (Solid Groove Mix) (DFA)
Hot Chip- 'Over & Over' (DFA)
Gorilla- 'The Intro & The Outro' (DFA)
Cagedbaby- 'Against The Wall' (Dub Mix) (Southern Fried)
Egg- 'Walking Away' (Tocadisco Remix) (Squarepeg)
Isolee- 'Beau Mot Plage' (Classic)
Rubicon- 'Crystal City' (Vulture)
Cagedbaby- 'Disco Biscuit' (Southern Fried)
Aphex Twin- 'Window Licker' (XXX Re-edit) (White)
Cagedbaby- 'Twin in 30' (Southern Fried)
Cagedbaby- '16 Lovers' (Southern Fried)
Digitalism- 'Zdarlight' (Kitsune)
The Drill- 'Unknown' (Tom Novy Mix) (Destined)
Rex The Dog- 'Prototype' (Mandy Mix) (Kompakt)
Switch- 'A Bit Patchy' (Dubsided)
Franz Ferdinand- 'Do You Want To' (Erol Alkan Re-edit) (Domino)
Justice vs Simian- 'Never Be Alone' (Gigolo)
Mylo- 'Muscle Cars' (SAnder Kleinenberg Mix) (Breastfed)
Lou Lou Players- 'Sexml' (King Kong)
Cagedbaby- 'Straightwash' (Southern Fried)
Cagedbaby- 'Bordeaux' (Southern Fried)
Presets- ' Are You The One' (Cagedbaby Mix) (White)
Orb- 'Little Fluffy Clouds' (Cumulo Nimbus Mix) (Big Life)
Cagedbaby- 'Evolution' (Southern Fried)

Your reviews of the mix

I almost gave up on him in the beginning. The mixing sounded like my PC DJ work on a drunken stuper, but after track 4 things things started to get better. Not my favorite Emix though. Peace from the North East US!

Preety damn good, looking forward to a live show now !
Jack Pee - Wirral

Very good!!!
DJ Mostarda - Recife - Brazil

yeah this rocks. i like his own production too. plus good to see the presets getting some uk airtime. when we gonna see cadgedbaby down here?
mr_flakey sydney

Perfect mix!
Ignacio - Argentina

well kepted and FRESH!!!!!!!!!!
Graham Belfast In Wee Norn Ireland

Unbelieveable stuff...Definitely the best mix I have heard since Angello & Ingrosso. His taste in music seems top notch and I could listen to this over and over, with new favorites coming out each time. Excellent...thanks Tom and thanks Essential Mix.
Kirk Leinenkugel; Wisconsin, USA

Nice mix like the most essentials. i like it.:)
dio - Kalymnos, Greece

A few good tunes thrown into a boring enough set, nothing new here
Alan - Ireland

things have certainly got is this the future!??? i love a good song!
fluffy garden brighton & hove

It's great. just great
thorsten from Stuggart

looks like the Mr DJ did not have any other records in the bags apart from his own... that's miserable...

bored of the essential mix, bored of its stale going nowhere 4/4 music ... look towards the breezeblock and one world, they are the innovators ... you need to re-emerge as the force you once were back in 95-98 .. come on please !!! other radio stations are moving things forward .. Its good to see you give Grime & dubstep a chance [its not my cuppa tea] but its the right direction ... watch and learn from the breezeblock .. ;-) surgeon

I could have done it better, easily... gimme more EROL ALKAN !!!!!!! :-P
Tourtière Tremblay, Montreal, Canada

very slick!!when are you coming to germany??

This guy is going to rock the UK back into shape. Take all opportunities to see the live set or Tom on the decks. Caged Baby, will always please. Check the album.
Aubrey Fry

Never heard of the bloke before. Looking at his photo he looked like some truck driver that played a bit of break beat in his spare time. Pleasently shocked to here a very good set with some wicked electro. The mixing wasn't very challenging, but it worked well. Will be looking to check him out in the clubs. This set has some blinding tunes -Lindstrom "I feel Space" - Quality!
Adam - London

some of songs were played in this mixed was ok. The rest of the songs that were played was unlistenable and I DJ for a hobby and i can come up with better songs than that. That sucked!
Edgar Rivera, East Chicago,IN

some of songs were played in this mixed was ok. The rest of the songs that were played was unlistenable and I DJ for a hobby and i can come up with better songs than that. That sucked!
Edgar Rivera, East Chicago,IN

sweet!! liked the 1 he did 4 dj mag also
electronichooch dorset

Excellent mix from cagedbaby. This where its at right now.Well into these tunes.
matt swadlincote derbyshire

Pono /PL

i was quite impressed with the dynamic choice of tunes in which mr caged selected for this mix for this most impressive mix, myself and the hired help got down to it on the radio and on listen again keep it up radio 1, banging
ketamine murry,queen street glasgow

if they come recommended by EM i will listen. and i did. CONCLUSION = we can't agree on everything (well ok, cooOOL name). a mix of mixes; definately comes with a good vibe but masked in lack lustre flow.
doose-windsor, on

My god man! This was absolutly the best Essential mix I have heard in close to 5 years!! Would love to see him come to the states .....(pittsburgh...or somewhere near there)...ha...but yea...definately RAD!
C. Wilson Da Burgh (Pittsburgh/USA)

Yeah not bad, I've heard better
Dazza Melbourne Australia

solid mix best i heard so far for 2006
miguel miami

i'm half way through and i love it. this mix definitely has all the essentials!
Da Breaka One-9, Austin,Texas

FRANCISCO - ARGENTINA - San Antonio de Areco

It was OK but it could have been better. First 40 minutes of the mix was ok but the rest of it put me to sleep
Carlos Kermit Salazar Hammond,IN

just what the doctor ordered a big pint of dirty mullet juice, another pint over here please bartender

Superb, especially the last hour. A really fun and well thought out mix. I can see why some people would have something negative to say about it (Never Be Alone), but this mix has some class to it. BUNCHES of hot tunes!
Bill, NYC

Good stuff. Keep on.
Vaclav - Czech republic

Lovely flow from start to fininsh, with some excellant uplifting moments, intermixed with basic electro sounds. quality
Ben Leicester

it's a good mix, but these tunes aren't exactly red hot, we've heard them all before. i expected more from someone who has been so hotly tipped for 2006. No doubt he'll be all over the place in the near future.
eddy, london

Cool, enjoyed it. I'm a hard dance man usually and Wasn't hangin of every beat but it was good enough...
Ad - Belfast

awesome selection and programing, this guy will go far. tip for the top in 2006
pat the hat

Mmmm, Would like to say that I enjoyed this mix as I am a fan of Caged Baby normally but was quite dissapointed. It seemed very predictable and as Ben from London said the tunes were not very exclusive at all, his prodcutions were in there but personally I would not play tracks such as Muscle Car, Sky was Pink and Rex The dog AND Nancy Sinatra - Bang, I thought we had seen the back of this tune. I was not impressed with the Aphex Twin re-edit neither it just sounded like it was stuck in a loop for the most of it with the same vocal playing again and again. Sorry Baby you need to be Re-Caged.
Paul B, Stillington

Caged Baby tracks near the end, are sick!!! definetly gonna look out for him. As for the rest of the mix pretty standard issue.
Dan Edmonton

Very poor. hundreds of DJs have been playing this kind of music for ages....there is nothing new or fresh about this mix. Hearing this mix makes me think music is moving backwards. C'mon Radio 1, we want fresh new music, not some recycled bubblegum.
Sam - Liverpool

quality mixing, very tight. Great tune selection - really enjoyed listening to it over this week. Likesd that bootleg of franz ferdinand he dropped in there

The track selection itself is not bad, but I've heard 'em all before... Also, the mixing was far from flawless. On the other hand, his productions are not bad at all!
Bram Verstappen, Maastricht, NL

:)))) loved the mix very good relaxing mix for the more agitated soul - Congrats!!
Manuela in Brighton

enjoyable mix of the hot songs of the past 6 mos. nothing groundbreaking, but this is essential mix, not experimental mix. can you blame a relatively new producer for laying down his tracks and some known favorites? nah.
GR in the pacific northwest

Dull as dishwater. Yaaaaawwwwnnnn.
Dejaye, South Coast

The perfect dessert for Francois K's main course last week.....

It looks like I'm almost alone on this, but I thought Cagedbaby's programming was a bit weak actually. Started off great, but then he dropped that slew of mainstream tracks from 6 months ago, and he mixed them rather amateurly too. Overall, he's promising, but he needs much polishing.
Jesse, New York, America

Awesome Dude !!!!!!!!!
Chef Du Village- Bora Bora

Top mix. Some of the tunes are well worn, but still had me bouncin round the room!
Mark, Coventry

...well i like it. who the hell cares if it is underground or not?? definitely my kind of sound and it is definitely a good (essential) mix!

awesome mix. The mixture of house and techno was great, I think he will be a big name in 2006. His set is made for the big summer mashes, top tunes to start 2006. The art of mixing is making a comeback at last and i think the baby will scream into 2006 big time.
richie phoenix from wrexham

i'd like more electro, v good mix not up to the hacker standard though

same old boring house with no energy!! what more can i say...
Ronaldo, scotland

top mix... this guy is amazing.
king daddy

blinding mix deepest mix i've heard for a long time, wow what a journey..
lee rio

wow! refreshing mix, i hope this guy tours in the states and drops by in colorado so i can go see him live. mr tong keep bringing these mixes, started good last year with radio soulwax and now with caged baby, i want more, more, more!
kg ftc, co, usa

best mix of the year!
tariq - toronto

What a sick mix !!!!!!! The Baby is definatly outa the CAGE>>>>>>>>
Steve Montreal, Canada

Very good mix, anyone that throw the Aphex Twin in there has my vote, saw caged baby wit the chems in belfast and was blownaway!
Bing in Belfast

I am dissapointed with this these are the tunes that everyone is playing at the moment whu thinks they are underground i saw nothing on the tracklist that i haven`t heard loads in the last 6 months rex the dog a bit of trentemoller does now bother finding original music anymore or are they just cannibalising each others charts
Ben London

Great stuff! perfect mixture of trax I knew and ones i'd never heard before.
Marco, Manchester

Cagedbaby kick ass. Awesome mix
nicky montague/guildford

quality & refreshing mix, good to hear a dj mixing it up a bit. Well impressed
dean - lancashire

Very entertaining.

i like this mix :)
krishna, jakarta indonesia

Smashing, blew my socks off :)
John_ Liverpool Capital of UK

Top set, loved it loads! xD
Hooper, Wirral.

this mix is emotional. that chilled out house that we have been crasving for years thank u radio 1.
aiddy monaghan scotland

Awesome first entry from a future superstar! Loved the variety of big tunes from different styles!
Ry Diggs

on fire
kate o

favourite for 2006

Very good early in the year mix - loved the flow considering the multiple formats of music - nice transistions and the elctro really pounded. Played some of my favorite tracks as of recently and mixed them extremely well. Also a few gems I havn't heard yet! The mix was "All up In My Cage" - or "Banging in My Area!"
Curt - North Dakota - USA

That rocked - i hope to hear more soon!!!

Rocking from start to finish, nice eclectic mix of tunes with some blobs of humour. peace out!!!!!
John Hastings

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