Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

8th January 2006
Francois K

Laurent Garnier 'Barbiturik Blues (Carl Craig Mix)' (F Communication) 
Theo Parrish 'Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix)' (Third Ear) 
2 Dollar Egg 'Module Shaker (Tomie Nevada Mix)' (i220) 
William Burroughs 'Naked Lunch (Acapella)' 
Erotic 'Discourse' (20:20 Vision)
Beat Pharmacy 'Floating' (Special Edit)' (Deep Space Media) 
Mathias Schaffhauser 'Lost Vox (Pan Pot Remix)' (Ware) 
Trentemoeller 'Sun Stroke' (Poker Flat) 
Audision 'Vanish' (Playmade) 
Carl Craig 'Darkness (Max Remix)' (Planet E) 
Joris Voorn 'Believer' (Sino)
Ananda 'Heizkissen' (Platzhirsch)
Axwell & Ingrosso '82-83' (Superstar)
Paul Mac 'Programmed' (Adult Records)
Suburban Knight 'Elimination' (Dark Print)
Diego 'Fear And Tension (part 1)' (U-Turn)
Samuel L. Sessions 'South Amercian Dubs (pt2)' (Phont Music)
Martin H. 'It Ain't Easy (Samuel L. Sessions Mix) (Invent Recordings)
CRM 'Happy Endings (Floppy Sounds Remix)' (Wavetec)
Vince Watson 'Sunrise' (Bio)
DJ Madskillz 'Redux' (100% Pure)
Mode Selector 'Kill Bill Vol.4' (Bpitch Control)
Evil Jack 'The Getaway (Kink rubdown)' (Odori)
Missing Link 'Golf' (Wagon Repair)

Part 2 - Recorded Live at Deep Space NYC
Kuniyuki 'Earth Beats (Clouds Of Dust Guitar Mix)' (Mule Musiq)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas 'Turkish Delight' (Eskimo)
Trentemoeller 'Sun Stroke' (Poker Flat)
Vince Watson & Paul Mac 'Two' (Influenced)
Dave Ellesmere 'Isolated Blue Cube' (Kanzleramt)
Jimi Hendrix 'And The Gods Make Love' (MCA)
Ed Rush & Optical 'Satellites' (Virus)
Craig Mack 'Flava In your Ear' (Arista)
Lil' Kim 'Lighters Up' (Atlantic)
Damian Marley 'Master Has Come Back' (Tuff Gong / Universal)

Your reviews of the mix

sorted!!!not jumped around so much since he last played at sankeys, francios is still the boss
stu.p - manchester

saw this guy at sankeys soaps recently. top style, top essential mix!
andymc - manchester

saw this guy at sankeys soaps recently. top style, top essential mix!
andymc - manchester

Is that the new kind of house that we are not very use to hear? If yes. Let the time goes and maybe one day...We never know!!
Pascal from Montreal

A great trance journey with an edge, Sounds a bit like timo maas, depeche mode and Tiefschwarz mish mash. Very good
Philip Dawson - Auckland - New Zealand

Fantastic set!Amazing!
Andrew - Moscow,Russia

Well, i agree minimum is one of the factor to make superb mix, but francois K goes too far!
Sae Hwan, Seoul

Have heard him in NYC and have not been disappointed!! Although the mix here is isn't his best- track selection remains unsurpassed!!Bravo!!
Tarak- USA

great mix! i could only wish i was on that new years eve party where he played with Laurent Garnier... would be great if you visit Croatia Francois, you wouldnt be dissapointed!
Vlatko - Croatia

This is great!- wish I was at K's New Years party

new black polished chrome :) superiour selection!
Kaur - Estonia

Poor mix both technically and with his choice of choons – Nearly all the tracks were good and some were great but for me it didn't flow well as he tried to squeeze too many different styles into 2 hours.
Gavin - London UK

Yea I really liked the set, nice tunes, not 'in your face' but enough to get your feet tapping!
Raymond - Thailand

what the hell is this mix all about man.... This aint the way to start 06 with...
Iman, LA

A deep jourbey of sound into mind FK understands quality and his ability to deliver is unlike what many dj's try and convey.:'"`~|
-fusion- Los Angeles CA

Pure class !! I'm speechless.
Nicolas - Colombia

A absolutely amazing mix, saw him play out twice and this just sums up how much of a true legend Mr K is..
Ben Slater, Basingstoke

an awesome mix by the master that is Francois K! his mix at the TDK Cross Central NYE party was unbelievable, had the time of my life.
Big T- London

Best DJs are french! Beautiful mix! Toute en puissance grande recherche des disques, de l'harmonie musicale, précision des enchainements, un grand musicien...
Arthur, Dijon, Fr

I was really looking forward to this one as am a big fan of his remixes. It was also nice to here a mix (I'm assuming here) that was actually mixed live on turntables - I say this because he seemed to lose the plot about 45 minutes in, there was definitely some dodgy beatmatching and Eqs started to get a bit out of hand during some of the mixes. Sorry, boring Dj over analysing, I know :( still, some great tracks.
John, Brighton

Spot On!
Ray - Berlin

Outstanding. Sounded as fresh as they come yet still building on old school sounds. Classic Essential Mix. More like these please!
Chejai - Hong Kong

FK is superb at maintaining his integrity showcasing his broad and interesting musical taste (as in the live from deepspace session) whilst still keeping at the cutting edge and giving the "kids" what they want (the first part) in the harder techno inflected joints. I don't think he has anthing to prove in the technical DJ'ing stakes (he's shown us his deck skills are unsurpassed many times before) and is thus free to showcase the music and the groove in these sessions.
Fred, Cambridge UK

essential mix of the year 2006!! the other 50 can't beat this one...can they...?? :O
josh, norwich

Totally awesome mix - great to hear a dj thats not afraid of mixing styles - and getting away with it !!! Detroit, electro, d'n'b - bring it on Francois !
Maurice - Sydney

mad and busy yet minimal and simple. a wide frequency of sounds. hard dirty nasty. that's how my girlfriend likes i bet it blew your sox off too. great mix.

Hey dudes, I would say 1 minute and 32 seconds was the best dream time period waiting for a great mix to happen. Loved that bit, and the rest!
Dene. Leeds.

Francois K is the man... DeepSpace was one of the most fun nights i've ever had in a club... packed in like sardines on a monday night till about 3 in the am
Adam - Baltimore, MD USA

amazing mix full of innovation and underground tunes, hope to hear some more underground DJs like Coccoluto, Farfa, Carl Craig and some other underground legends if we really want dance music to move forward

bad ass mix but never heard him before
miguel miami

Speechless... I am pleasntly supprised. The threads before mine say it all! warm jello... defo!
Mikey - somewhere in the middle of the UK

I remember hearing Francois at Southport weekender a few yrs back and this definately took me back! Tremendous selection Mr K, Looking forward to Fabric for the same tip!
Kris Foster West london

That bass is so thick you can cut your teeth on it. Sick. Keep up the goodies.
Adam - Toronto

Superb, and at last a quality essential mix! The kind of music that gives you goosepimples!!
Simon - Shetland

Brilliant Mix. Still haven't seen him live, will be looking out for when he is next in London.
Ben - London

an awesome musical journey that transcended genres without ever losing it's flow - how good minimal house/techno sounds often depends on the skill of the dj, and this rocked from start to finish - one of the best essential mixes i've ever heard :-)
phillw, hampshire

contender for essential mix of the year
Stephen Bishop,Dublin

What a pleasant change to see a respected music producer not using the 'Essential Mix' as an opportunity to shamelessly play 2 hours of his own music - not one Francis K tune or remix in sight!! Nice mix too, well done fella!!
Muckeye, London

This mix was awesome. About 26 mins in it went off like fireworks on bonfire night!! Spectacular!! This is without doubt one off the best EM since Desyn Masiello in Oct 2004. Goosebump time
Andrew Watson, Brighton

Ridiculous mix!!, Francois is a true legend!
Darran, UK

the best :-) Un mix fantastique du meilleur DJ
Brian / West Central Scotland

won of the dirtiest sets I've heard! francois k when are you coming to toronto :P
Tariq - Toronto

Didn't do much for me, but I guess several hundred thousand people can't be wrong.
Phil, Northamptonshire, UK

I think a good DJ is someone who can play tunes that you wish you had in your box, in addition to hitting a wide variety of that regard, he succeeds...he plays what he likes and does a nice job of covering a lot of ground in two hours - broken beat, deep house, dnb, techno...and it all feels like warm jello.....yeah, I like this mix...he's a great DJ...a nice comedown from the year-end insanity and a great kick-start to the year....

Without a doubt one of the best this year!
John - Notts

rather disapointed with this mix from Francois Kevorkian...Seems to lack some groove and i have heard him twice in Lisbon and with was very different (for better) it was much more ecletic.The first part of this mix i´ve found a litle bit (i hate to say)boring!!!
Sofia at Portugal

mega mix from a top dj how come this is his first mix more dj s like this please awesome.
chris macclesfield

Exelent mix with my dear friend Trentemøller in it. Great use of carl craig. fantastic!!!
Jean Von Baden, NASA Copenhagen

Really great mix. Awweessome!
Gabylee - Argentina

cracking mix. much better then a lot of the hi-energy/trancey/pill fodder that gets churned out on here. EM seems to be hitting some form recently DJ Hell, and coldcut and layo & bushwacka to look forward too.
speedo. leeds

Sorry but the mix was poor - technically it was awful. I was expecting much more. In its defence the tunes picked up the longer it went on
Jamie Lincoln

Superb mix, best I've heard on Radio 1 in a LONG time (probably since Above & Beyond). Its good to hear some intelligent dance music that isnt just clever, but gets you dancing as well. Especially loved the techno part of the set.
Dan - Bournemouth UK

Awesome mix from a legend
Andrew - USA

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