Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: 18/09/05
::: Pendulum

Pendulum 'Blood Sugar'
Pendulum 'The Program (ft. $pyda)'
Coldcut 'Qenist (Remix)'
Gridlok 'Hard As Fuck'
Muffler 'The Iron Tune'
Chase & Status 'The Druids'
TC ft. Jakes 'Deep'
Pendulum 'Vault VIP'
Tactile 'Posers'
Pendulum 'The Terminal (Essential Mix Version)'
Gridlok 'Fifth Dimension'
Shimon & Andy C 'Nightflight'
Mickey Finn 'Unknown'
Bcee & Lomax 'Can't Say No (Cyantific Remix)'
Billy Corgan 'The Camera Eye'
Baron 'At The Drive In'
Zinc & Jenna G 'Don't Bury'
Pendulum 'Plasticworld (Essential Mix Version)'
Fresh & Pendulum 'Babylon Rising'
Zinc 'Stepping Stones (Friction Remix)'
Future Prophecies 'Control The Beast'
Friction 'Let Loose (TC Remix)'
Hazard 'Use Your Brain'
State Of Mind 'Hold Down (Remix)'
DJ Vapour 'Jazzamatazz'
Noisia 'Brain Stitch'
The Prodigy 'Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)'
TC 'Robots'
Subfocus 'Citizen Kane'
Pendulum & Freestylers 'Fasten Your Seatbelt (1992 Edit)'
Christian J 'Alter Ego'
Frizz 'Fearless Funk (Enser Noisia Edit)'
Ragga Twins 'Ready For This'
Plump DJ's 'Bullet Train'
Freestylers & Pendulum 'Painkiller'
Roughcut Flex 'Nemesis'
Digital Nation 'Aisle 13'
Hochi & Infiltrata 'Hit 'Em Hard'
Mayhem & Evol Intent 'Broken Sword'
Chase & Status 'Duppy Man VIP'
Shy FX 'Feelings'
Pendulum 'Slam (Before The Tantrum Mix)'
Pendulum 'Slam (Essential Mix Version)'
ShockOne 'The Riddler'
Fresh 'The Immortal'
Pendulum 'Girl In The Fire (Essential Mix Version)'
Sin & Muffler 'Bad Bwoy Sound'
Ed Rush & Optical 'Flute'
DJ Hype 'Look To The Future (TC Remix)'
Psidream 'Cypher'
Unknown Error 'Struggle'
Baron 'Decade'
Pendulum 'Still Grey'
Tactile 'Changing Slowly'
Pendulum 'Hold Your Colour (Essential Mix Version)'

Your reviews of the mix

Baddass. Best bit was mix from Billy Corgan to that Baron tune. Bliss.
Alex - New Zealand

Tune after tune after tune... this is having it big style!!!
Rob - Staines

Went to the Pendulum set on Friday night here and Van and the boys made me a fan of dnb all over again. Hard slangin drum and bass allnightlong. The club was going off, people were going nuts, mosh pits were formed, people just getting sick rowdy, well done Pendulum top notch
Richard- Van City Canada

This absolutely rocked my speakers. Def. opened my eyes for D'n'B.
Fred, Norway

a great mix for a future generation. this is the sound in which all djs and listeners can adapt to. deffinetly a different shade of dance music its mental i like it.
adrian monaghan ayrshire scotland

do ya move bust ya style rava dance rappidd. great mix =)
Cyrus, Las Vegas

Awesome mix lads. Well good listen again exists...i'm gonna be taking this for weeks!!! !!!

Superlisciously off the hizzle!
Ryan V - Thornbury, Bristol

Woah yeeeeaaaaaaaaah! <3
MissKathica, S.W. Wales

Mos def, I gotta agree that this is one of (if not) the best essential mixes out there. Gotta give Pendulum mad respect for takin dnb to another level where the masses are starting to take notice..... bridging them rifts boys. respect.
Cylence - Texas

SOme of the heaviest sh*t Ive heard...Pendulum are the revloution d n b has needed for so long. BIG ups to the boyz, can't wait to see them here in the US. REWIND!!!!
Spatchy - US

In the words of the great MC GQ... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!! Wicked mix, pure filth!!!! The neighbours aint too impressed though!
Andy - Nottinghamshire

Outstanding mix check them outlive this weekend in edinburgh MASSIVE !!!
Toni Smoke Glasgow

Alriiiiiight! Never disappointed (even better cos a heavy Unknown Error track slipped in there!) Boooooooh!!
Lornsk, Kent

Great DnB mix (and I don't even like DnB that much anymore) diverse and nasty!
DC Massive - Washington DC USA

Cool fellas - c u in NZ soon??
Justin NZ

This is a good as drum n bass has ever been...

mix was tight but thought dnb had moved on from this, not really fresh or new sounds
Whojama - Bristol

nasty, just how I like it. Saw "el hornet" in nashville, pendulum is even better live. BOH! for the DnB on radio1
Dough , Knoxville TN-USa

umm WOW! HARD n FUNKY! Mellow and CHILL! Wicked VIBES! Loven the REMIXES! And the stamp your tracks carry! Nuff RESPECT! Can't wait fer LOADED! SATURDAY!!

You Guys Rock!!!!
Steven From Devon

Kick ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mix...Pendulum played this past weekend in Puerto Rico and it rock the hold island up and down...........2 thumbs up!!!!!
dgraphix - Puerto Rico

Awesome. Love Pendulum.
Pest, North West.

WOW! Awesome mix. 10/10 This is my Essential Mix of the Year!
Brian - Denver, USA

This set was on the chainz, but i would have to say that i saw Pendulum live the night before this was recorded in Denver, CO, and he was about 5% better, but this set was still amazing! After i left the Pendulum show, i had to change my pants becuase 3 hours of live DnB is just to much for me to handle without getting a little excited.
Blake From CO Springs, CO

Sit down, shut up, and hold on. This was a great journey.

I'm a huge fan of Pendulum,I have over 10 sets of em' and the day before this Unique Essential Mix,DJ Speed played here and it was AWESOME!!EVOL MUSIC!!! >:)
Rox,San Juan( Puerto RIco)

Superb! Absolutley bangin the whole way thru, have to get hold of some of those tunes!!! Dear God. Was stunned into silence. Absolutley QUALITY!!
Tim - Mid Wales

Sickness. Seen them a few times live, el hornet the man to catch of the three. Nice to see d'n'b crossing over & appealing to more people - they may now realise how wack house really is.
Will in Brighton

Crash,Bang,Wallop, Massive Smashing Of Plates-Brilliant.


Phat tunes from the perth lads, anyone who loves dnb should come to heat and check out the trafik crew in perth, big up radio one!
Tom , Heat Regular , Perth

Really wonderful to see so many positive comments (infact all of them were positive as far as I could see) Truly rare on the E-Mix these days. It shows that big isn't always better.....nice one Radio 1

Wicked. I have *better* (what I think is better anywayz)mixes from pendulum, the style sooted radio1 though. BIG UP 2 THE BOYZ. -TRAUMATIZED-

awsoooooooooooooome mix well well impressed and wishing it was on a cd ...... big thumbs up . big up ........... baaaaad chooooooooooooons keep it up
mike cardiff

this isnt the tune dat i hear on da radio, it aint as good as the ova 1 4 shit!
Michael plant, Stamford, lincolnshire

Rocking. Totally Rocking. Very frantic, but never OTT. Checked this out on Listen again. Surprised there's not more comments for this.

Why no comments? Thought all you drum n Bass fans would have been jumping at the chance to put in your two cents worth.....

its a sick mix but they can do better. radio 1 should have mampi swift on he rinsces it out!
tommy filth from the south

Heavy tune
arron London

Wicked.. that's all I got to say.. wicked wicked mix... this is the reason why Pendulum is one my favorite group of producers. Keep it up.
Brew, PEI, Canada

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.Nuff Said, Epic.
Rod in Cardiff

i am a abslautly HUGE fan of pendulum there amazing i can stop listeng 2 mp3 is full of there masochist and no one knows AMAZING GUYS!!!
joe in southend

kicks ass like bruce lee!!!!!!!
mark williams stratford on avon

Awesome mix, i've never been into D&B til i bought the Pendulum album a couple of weeks ago. Hope to see more from these guys.
Rob, Nottingham

I came home from a hard nite's work and had just gotten into bed when a tx came thru, "put on Radio1, pendulum's on essential, you dnt wanna miss it" Thank god i had enough energy left to press the "on" button cause i loved it!! One minute i wanted to get up and dance, the next i waz drifting off to sleep...It had everything. And what a perfectly chilled song "hold your colour" is to fall asleep to..sublime
Roxanne, North Wales

big ups to the boys from the homeland.... news tracks, remix's, it has it all.... nice work boys... spread the noice from the down under
mr b - perth, Australia

A nice varied selection of drum and bass. Few Low points but many highs and a nice tight mix by el hornet. The Gridlok and Noisia tunes are excellent also the vault VIP is a nice twist on the classic. Always nice to hear drum and bass on the essential mix =D
Bison, Cheshire

Is this regarded as "good" DnB ? If so then their scene is really in trouble.
Jez, Taiwan

Absolute madness. I've heard my share of fatty drum n bass, and I honestly wasn't expecting a whole ton from this mix, but DAMN! Seriously the hypest mix I have ever heard. Just pure, massive, kick you in the ass and rip your face off beats n' bass. Worth every second of listening pleasure. Crank the bass as high as it'll go without exploding and enjoy the insanity. Absolute madness.. I loved it.
John from Michigan Americana

Absolutely tearin'! Can't wait to see these boys in Toronto this weekend!
Clinch, Canada

BIG IT UP MATE!! yes pendulum runin it these days. nice set with loads of unrealeased tunes, and the intro is nang
sp spliff, greater leys oxford!

This is what a Great Drum and Bass mix should be Blazing
James G Basingstoke

awsome mix. please tell me these pendulum remix's are going to be released
aj uk

One of the best drumandbassive Essential Mixes. Pendulum are rocking the scene at the moment.
Ivan, Macedonia

how can i download this mix??

Mmmm love it, please play more of this.
Exup - Sydney Australia

OFF THE HINGES!!! Who brings it like Pendulum? The Vault VIP is worth the download alone.
Dj Honey Oil

it was drummy yet bassey
mark, halesowen

Pendulum is for me now what Bad Company was some 8 years ago... exciting mix which rocks!
Pieter, San Francisco

Awesome... These guys are legends! :o)
Gene, Brighton

Better get those decks serviced after this one -- they TORE IT UP!
Blake, Vancouver

Easily the hottest mix dnb mix of the year! Everyone in South Africa is going mental over this mix. Keep up the good work. Only one of you has played in SA when do we get the 3 muskateers?
Robert Darby South Africa

Solid Mix i thought, i liked the Plump DJ's choon, did'nt expect that but it fited well, not as good as the Andy C mix, but it was still rocking !! Big up Pendulum
Dave in kent


Pendulum have been destroying the D&B scene over the last 18mths, taking it to new levels. They've shown their currently the best producers in the game, but here they've shown they can compete with the big boys on the decks with some airlock-tight mixing. Keep up the good work lads. See u @ Breakbeat Kaos @ Fabric next month.

I think pendulum, although making some good tunes, are changing drum n bass too much. Should stick to producing and haven't got a great tune selection, playing too much of thier own stuff
Tom, Oxford

steve surrey

I only caught the back end of this mix and it was fantastic. Pendulum are really bringing the good name of drum and bass to the masses, and quite rightly so! Gonna listen again right now... and this is the first time i'm ever trying to do so! Great! thanks lads!
Kelvin, Chesterfield.

A great mix, one of the best for a long while. True genius

Really really enjoyed this mix. A bit of everything. Was great to hear some new material from the boys. "Blood Suger" was pretty heavy, and as for "Painkiller" - wow, what a tune! The amount of detail in this mix - in terms of re-edits of some of their own music, is staggering. When the Vault VIP dropped i had no choice but to stand up and start brocking like a fool. Flawless mix with loads of hot tunes that i myself can't Wait to get hold of. Biggup the pendulum crew - this was HUGE!
Colin, Shropshire

im not really into drum and bass but these guys are excellent, love the album!
Ian Blackburn

spot on

Reminds me of the time I was transported back to the Stone Age, and a druid tried to cure my headache by drilling a hole in my skull with a sharpened elk bone.
Calvin, London

Oh dear heavenly god. I have an bass-induced erection and my ears are bleeding. Simply amazing.
DJ Kraken - Tokyo

i didnt get to hear it it wouldnt let me but anything by pendulem is the best so il have to just agree with every one in saying there the best
damian iver in england

damn! this is one wicked mix of music. one to see if they come to colorado back in the states. i must say they are one of the new and upcoming producers to look out for in the future. listen again and again to this everyone! cheers!
kellin g fort collins, co, usa

Well, what can be said?!? Apart from Pendulum smash up the mix again! Drum and Bass is hittin the streets! At last, the word is starting to reach out! Respect to Pendulum. Respect to Drum n Bass!

Pure sickness as always from the pendulum boys. They've done so much for the dnb scene and I personally am enjoying every second of their tunes!
miles in oxford

truely amazing,brought back memorys of the album launch party at paradise club,simply the best thing to happen to drum and bass since high contrast :D
liam ,leeds

Banging mix....Pendulum rock!!!!!
Thales from Santa Barbara/US

An awesome mix, precious little D&B has ever made it into the British charts let alone with the impact of what 'Slam' has recently. Pendulum have put D&B into many minds, its amazing to see older generations tapping thier fingers! Respect Pendulum.
Andy Wild from Rotherham

Big eeet guys!!! Keep up the good work! and lets him some more stuff on a darker tip PLEASE!!
James Instinkt

marcus, newport

Absolutely fantastic. An awesome journey through Drum & Bass and it's many styles and influences. Pendulum are like the paul oakenfold of DnB. Loved it!!!
Dave from somerset

slick, more dnb on the essential mix please !
Jonnie Beds UK

At last, a tense and menacing mix of underground tunage. A nice change from washed up progressive has-beens using laptops. Diverse, raw and brutally executed, these boys need a large cheer. And I aint even into dee'bee!
Gonzo, London

A wonderful and glorius noise.
Sull - oop north


Relentless in a good way and nice 'n' dark at times. The energy level never drops, which is just what floats my boat. 10/10.
Andrew, Croydon UK

A sick mix by one the hottest act in Drum n bass; which one of them mixed it?
Ed B Stamford, UK

This was the reason why drum and bass was invented ! These guys set a precendent that hasn't been seen since the prodigy
Chris Elstree

the best essential mix of the year by far! Amazing basslines, intuitive changes of tempo at the right times, great mixing, and above all, energy. This must surely be the best essential mix I've heard in the last couple of years and I barely listen to drum&bass.
Ian - Derby

this mix was mind blowing loved ever min of it just had to listen agen
danny bolton

Top stuff from the biggest thing in DnB at the mo. Wish them every success
Prang London

pendulum are the freshest dnb/breaks outfit of the year ... inspired my love of music
Mark ,Harwich essex ...

Primo (Pasadena, California)

Sick mix, amazing tracks.. tight mixing big up Pendulum
Pete G Ontario, Canada

sally, adelaide, Australia

Always a treat! A fresh change to the normal beats, keeping it Yarn it! Cottage Boys RG miximise
Mixi - Reading

big bars
yardy, nz

I've just danced in a field near a river for the past 2 hours listening to this awesome mix on my MP3 player - all the time i knew i had to get up for work at 6am (and it's a Sunday!) but i just could NOT stop! OMG! You know what i mean though, coz i know you had to be listening too.
Burnie - oxford

That was the most awesome essential mix ive ever heard!!! I was lovin it the whole time. Best tune selection ever. Big ups boyz you guys rock!!! Vault VIP = BOH!!!!
Tané - Australia

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