Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Sasha's Ableton Live set
::: live from BBC Maida Vale
::: 22/05/2005

Sasha Intro
Detroit Escalator Company - 'Abstract Forward Motion' (Peacefrog)
Ian Brown - 'Kiss Ya Lips' (Polydor)
No Doubt - 'Hella Good' [Remix] (Interscope)
Timo Maas - 'Passive Massive' (Warners)
Glitch - 'Tip Toe' [Jonathan Hart Bootleg] (Nano)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
Michael Mayer - 'Lovefood'(Kompakt Pop)
Ricardo Villalobos - 'Easy Lee' [Smith n Hack Remix] (Playhouse (Germany)
Jori Hulkkonen - Science [Aril Brikha Remix] / Sasha - 'Wavy Gravy' (F Comm)
Juliet - 'Ride the Pain' [Thin White Duke Mix] (Virgin)
Extrawelt - 'Zu Fuss' (Border Community)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
Sia - 'Breathe Me' [Ulrich Schnauss Remix] (Go Beat)
Egg - 'Wall' [Egg Re-Edit] (White)
Jori Hulkkonnen feat. Jerry Valuri - 'Lo-Fiction' [Dub Mix] (F Comm)
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc [Acapella] (Parlophone) / Sasha - 'Wavy Gravy' (BMG)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
M83 - 'Unknown' (White)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White) / Thomas Newman - 'Drive Away' (White)
Moby - 'Raining Again' [Ewan Pearson Dub] (Mute)
Sasha Outro

Your reviews of the mix

it was the most exciting set we have ever listened!his music touched all our senses.we were at fabric the previous and we were amazed by his music.sasha proved once more that he is the king of dance music,he can 'create' music and that's the point!we love you sasha,your friends from greece

Haven't heard the Involver CD Compo to compare, but the re-edits of his own Wavy Gravy were good, it is a progression, but I get the feeling there'd have been less lyrics in a club - nitpicking aside, it was good and I get the feeling it'll grow on me after a few more listens.

Seriously, I just heard THE biggest anthem this year so far and it's a Sasha mashup. Meaning, can't get it from anywhere. What am I talking about, then, you ask? The M83 track with breaks loops on top. Simply STUNNING. Sasha: you took my breath away!

There's quite a few posts in here about sasha brining out new techniques, pushing the envelope, etc. well....sasha hasn't pioneered anything and is pushing no boundries. People have been doing this for years with ableton live. And anyone who owns Ableton and knows how to use it also knows that sasha's use of it is not in the least impressive.

It doesnt matter if its the old way or the new, SASHA is untouchable, the man is a true great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wake me up when it's finished!

What an awesome set!very creative!i don't think some people truly appreciate what the man like has done here.stunning music, especially after the hour mark. What about that last track!!!wow!!


Great mix! I am happy to see Sasha is moving forward, finding new techniques. Anyone out there knows what mixer he is using??

Nice mix, wish I could download and save or buy a copy or something?
Cory aka Street Surgeon

get some vinyl cut you cheap skate pikie ,laptop mixing is so cheap and will screw the scene !! I could rip a sasha set to a lap top,rock up at the local club and hit play ,bet only few people would realise,if laptop sets become the norm then dance truley has turned to the dark side,your either doing a live set or your not ?!?!
vinyl man

What a rocker set... I'm not a big "standard" Sasha fan but what a show up. I'm stunned. Nothing but love for the turn towards. Also - the M83 track is "Don't Save us from the Flames", albeit mixed up awful proper...
Ross (Detroit)

I appreciate this was supposed to be different, supposed to take you on a journey or some BS like that, but fundamentally, I was so BORED by this set... can't really remember any great tunes

Sasha is in another league here. He's pioneered the art for a long time and has now taken a step that's maybe too far for alot of people. To everyone that says 'Not beat mixed?'...get over it...Sasha mastered this over a decade ago...This mix will be talked about for a long time to come and not just for the technical aspects...concentrate on that too much and you're missing the point...he's way ahead of you;))) Enjoy and look forward.

God I hate to respond to trolls but stevebutchjones ??? WHO TFAU? Gotta be better ways to get exposure and respect dude ;) As for SASHA...I've been listening to Sasha live since his early days at the Hac. I've followed Sasha since and the works of every 'top' DJ you care to name. After years of listening to Tong, Jules, Tiesto, Cox, Digweed etc etc I've still yet to hear a single mix that beats the best of Sasha.....Ok, It's subjective an' all but if you want the journey to be smooth with BIG suprises, there's only one man. God bless him ;)

Glitch - 'Tip Toe' [Jonathan Hart Bootleg] was an awesome ass track.

I absolutely loved this mixespecially throwing a sample from "A series of Unfortuate Events" near the end. Brilliant I Nearly died. :)
Angie (Calgary, Canada)

Sasha has taken the art of DJ to the ultimate level... again! Thank you Sasha. You are love. Rowdy Lavender.
Rowdy Lavender

what is all the fuss about? fair play for pushing the boundaries etc but i was under the impression people have been doing similar stuff for a while now! personally have been a big sasha fan from when i first saw him at shellys, didnt think the music was much kop myself, never kicked in to the flowing, driving bass lines i have come to expect! sorry
big dan

I was never a Sasha fan ....But hes just put himself up there with the evolvers and risk takers , up there with the Daft Punk boys, the evolvers of new sounds and methods ...its always harder to lead...easier to be a follower...Sasha just ripped to shreds the old ways and is now an establishing a new way... some people cant see the talent ...but they should remember ...this was a risk for sasha...and he took it and excelled ..enough for me to write my first ever review... this was as good a mix as Iv heard for some time and to remix live taking bits of each track dosent sound easy to seems a little bit harder then putting records on a turntable and playing records over one another and mixing ...this is creating elements in tracks LIVE ... you just listened to the future of the dj

Was unable to make fabric but this EM definitely made the wound sting a little bit less! mixing and track selection from the top draw, as it always is with sasha. obviously not as up for it as some of his club sets, but dont forget people, they usually last at least four hours and this was limited to two, and was recorded in a studio. this mix picked up where involver left off, and continued our journey to where we we all want to go - proh house/breaks bliss!

fantastic. you can't teach this.
dan r

Sasha is like Liverpool FC simply the best
Paul van Wieringen

The blend of tracks were a wise choice. It consisted of the ambience we have expected from Sasha with shades of the worldly sounds he has been exposed to over the duration of his career. As we all know the longer the artist dwells in his art, the more of an atmosphere it creates that is dinstinctive and in Sasha's case, one which contains so many modes that it ends being very much pleasant.
nadir 211 (Pakistan)

great mix....thank's sasha for your innovations

Too great, all we sasha fans know he is the greatest dj alive, very good mix, great selection of breaks,great FXS, i saw him at paris the 13th of may and it was unbelievable......keep on smashing our heads sasha
Gabriel Colombia

Yes very good set..well done !Mr.Sasha and Radio1 Thanks C.J Giovanni(Greece)
C.J Giovanni

one word 'legend', great mix, the man can do no wrong!

i remember seeing sasha play at dreamers nightclub, wolverhampton in 1991.... ;o) awww back in the good old days hey ;o) liked the ableton mix but not half as much as my fav sasha set, glastonbury 2003!!!! :o)
dj miss ellie ;o)

does anyone know the title of that classic rave track Sasha mixes with Juliet-Ride The Pain at the end and lets it come back just for a few seconds a bit further... ??? thanx!

year it's good no question, but it's not grate to be honest i expected it to be alot more creative. but who am i to say anything. would love to see sasha using the programme to get a better idea of what hes doing with it.
king shimes

I was in Fabric on 11th December when he unrolled Ableton in the UK. It was the gig of a lifetime. My first child (daughter - Tulip) was conceived afterwards. So, mother took here back for the 21st May, and guess what? Oh yes, she started kicking! This man is going to change the way people dance, trust me...
Simon Anderson

after listening to this mix several times ive concluded that there really isnt anyone out there better than sasha. he has the midas touch! what makes this even more outstanding is the fact that each & every mix he does with ableton is truly unique & original! 2 THUMBS WAAAAAAY UP for this mix!!! looking forward to seeing you in Toronto @ the Koolhaus June 18th 2005
Richard Raiban @ Release Records

Very Nice makes me want to buy the software but oh i forgot you still need the talent and Sashas shines through see you in Miami/crobar June 6th 2005 !

Been a fan of Sasha for almost 15 years. Not convinced about this new method of playing out though. This software does the beat mixing for you so it removes most of the skill element. Think he's in danger of turning into Jive Bunny!

Masterful!!Number one vocals,great,fly minimal beats!!Great job!!

I am a big Sasha fan. I come from N.Ireland. This set was awesome. Sasha is the best. Sasha please play in Lush soon. Please, Please, Please.
Liam (Derry)

I heard this mix online and was irritated by how many times I had to fast forward because it just was not going anywhere for me. Why does he overplay the breakbeats? Where's the GROOVE?!!! People go on about how great Sasha is but to me his mixing and track selection are uninspiring no matter what new gimmick he's using. Silicone Soul's Essential Mix knocks the socks of this attempt and why? Because it's deep, techy, jazzy, electro and jackin! It makes your body and mind move the second you turn it on. Big prog DJs simply don't cut it anymore (any they know it!) so they emulate everyone from the likes of Burridge, MANDY, Tiefschwartz, Silicone Soul to Chicago/West Coast Maestro's like Mark Farina, Mazi, Miles Maeda, Tyler Stadius, Garth, Sean Dimitrie, DJ Ali and the gorgeous DJ Heather. The fact of the matter is, these guys are just a few of the many underground artists who really know how to push boundaries and create something fresh and imaginative. The big commercial players have a lot to learn and as for this 'Maven', I care not. Ralph Lawson's 20/20 Soundsystem has been around for a while now and embraces both new and traditional DJ technology as well as live instrumentals. That to me shows REAL imagination. Anyway, enough of me ranting. Peace. PS When are we going to have any of the above DJs doing an essential mix?
Stewart (London)

Really lost me in parts, but some nice tracks in other parts of the set! i dont think its in any way groundbreaking! But at least he's trying something new!
chris dub

good mix. I'm waiting for a new one :)

Wow that was amazing. I truly thought that was a piece of art. So much good listening. I need some tracklistings QUICK!!

AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see you live from Aria June 11 (Montreal,Canada)... Nice set...

Sasha was amazing at fabric where he was playing straight after the maida vale live essential mix. Listened to the essential mix the day after brought in all back!!!
phil asson

We saw sasha @ Crobar in April and that was outstandng! Can't wait for global. Keep pushing, twisting, knitting, blurring the boundaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Helen & Laura

SASHA IS KING. THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT MIX. can't wait for his new CD to come out.

I remember having Sasha about 7 times at "Firestone" in Orlando FL USA and he has YET to NOT take you on a trip with his Selection of music or manner of deliverey in which we hear it. The man is flawless in every way. Miss ya Sasha!
TINY (Club At Firestone)

Hmmmmm... not sure if i like this or not? Only listened once but like a previous reviewer, Ian J he found it a bit disapointing... Hat's off for the technial eliments and the sheer production of it all, but it just didn't do it for me like sooo many previous have. I will give it another listen or three and maybe my opinion may change. But as it stnds, yeah well done for pushing the technology forward and taking it in a new direction, shame about some of tracks... bland in some instances and in others a bit out of key.
Random Geeza

I was so excited about this that I set my watch to UK time, so I can catch it live. I've been listening to it over and over again since. Huge fan of vinyl, but Sasha's sound is amazing. So it really doesn't matter. Diggers is coming here on the 12th. You should come with him Sasha :) and hey, how about 1 more Global Underground mix
reza, vancouver

Fantastic mix though what else would u expect the man is a musical genius. as for these apleton things i could not care less as long as it sounds good. thank u radio 1 the dancing shoes are well and truly tied up tightly ready for the summer...

This new system from Sasha is still in its infancy. Saw him a couple months ago in Edmonton, the whole set, the flow was lacking, waiting for the big track to come. This set was a little better - but still looking for improvement. Impressive though - remixing and re-editing on the spot definately leads to a choppy style.
Nathan (Edmonton, Canada)

If I ever learn to use my Ableton software half as good as Sasha has demonstrated here, I'll die a very happy man !! PS. Would have gone to Fabric, if Smagghe hadn't been at The End !!

i liked the set but i have noticed that sasha kept the same drum loop goin over and over for 4 tracks in a row and it also sounds like he stole it from way out west track! can anyone else see this lol
mark k (again)

This set was outstanding and shows the potential of this software and the controller which Sasha has developed. I saw Sasha a few hours later at Fabric and hearing it on sunday brought it all back.AMAZING! This is really going to push the boundaries of the interactiveness between djs and the music they play and give a wake up call to other djs. who cares if there are no vinyls or cds, when it sounds this good!

really incredible. amazing mixing and sooo many beautiful tracks. can't wait for Fundacion @ Crobar next week.
Joshua Thomas (NJ)

I think it would be interesting to see what he actually did to create the mix. All laptop owners no that you can play mp3z on them. He could easily have just done that and looked busy for 2hours. That mix was great but I doubt much was really 'live'. If it was, good on him. He has always led the way with innovation, look forward to hearing him at SW4 in August had hope he does it again.

Have heard numerous international sets recently from Sasha and all are a delight. The use of his laptop and tune modifying software brings another edge to his unique sound. I saw him at a very rammed Fabric on Saturday where he again used his current set-up.....blew my head off.....along with this Essential Mix.....all is very good. See you at The Tribal Warehouse Party in August...big up.
G - Manchester


Ok here's my lean on it. Sasha is Mr Pioneer. He's done pretty much all you can do with CD and vinyl. So it was time for a change. My guess is in five years we'll see and hear a lot more of this. This was something different for sure. Sasha will get better and do better mixes then this I feel. The mix was interesting although I felt at times I was only listening to various samples being played over a broken beat loop. Ok seemless some might say, but it can lose you, on a second listen it may struggle to hold your attention? However, I take my hat off to these people, Sasha, Radiohead etc. These guys are highly talented people and challange the norm of what is expected and also happen to produce music which I reaaly enjoy. They can't please everyone all of the time. WELL DONE SASHA, when the next one!?
GreggB (Abz)

Superb mix, innovative and packed with quality essential mix in a long time!

Very innovative, a great mix. Whats going on with the tracklisting? still showing Tom Middleton!!! sort it out Radio One web site people. Cheers
Touche, Northampton UK

I think sasha is a great dj and has always been one of pioneering jockeys for a long time.I enjoy mixing myself and love buying vinyl, but soon I am not going to have that enjoyment because cd's and dodgy laptops are taking over the industry and the art of mixing.
Martin Welsh and Steve Holland, Leicester

Simply fantastic. Thank you.
tomharding (Las Vegas - US)

Love to understand why someone describes this as minimal. Reminds me of the old FSOL-ISDN essential mix back in the early 90s. Amazing.

As with all recent sasha mixes, it grows on repeated listening an excellent selection of tunes but not the sasha of old with the monster tunes and big breakdowns, however this new electro funk sound has really got me hooked. Innovative and new, the man continues to amaze.

Dig the beats in this mix! NIce work all the way through! You go sasha!

Once again the master takes us on a rollercoaster of emotion, energy and bliss.. what a special mix and what a special man

My friends, this was a lovely, textured, smooth, and extremely well done mix that is NOT AT ALL representative of what he is capable of live. I've had the good fortune of seeing his Fundacion show at Crobar (NYC) three times, and am counting the days for the closing show. This radio set was far more subdued than his Crobar performances. Please, for my British brothers and sisters still wondering or in doubt, I entreat you, I emplore you, DO NOT MISS HIS REAL LIVE PERFORMANCES. They are aural experiences levels beyond this set.
Ritesh (Boston)


Great set! Was nice to hear Sia in there too :) I'd like a tracklisting givinf the sources of the samples and breaks - there are a few I'd like to look up. And while I hate to waste time replying to trolls, I would like to hear the two hour set stevebutchjones produces when he pushes a few buttons. I've tried mapping envelopes on samples and it's tricky, and that was as far from real-time as could be. I fiddled for ages for one little mix. What Sasha did proves his skill as far as I'm concerned. From Renaissance I to Ableton, he really works at what he does! Props to the man Sasha from me, anyway!

Sasha is tight! Never has let me down. Throw it down! Love this mix.


KILLER set sasha!! awesome melodies, hypnotic rhythms, beautiful flow. this is beyond just beatmatching. it's about creativity, programming, tweaking sounds and rearranging layers and parts of songs to create your own interpretations. absolutely brilliant. can't wait for your set next week in nyc!

top stuff sasha. p.s is they going to be a tracklist of this please.

Listened to this on BBC Online. Wow! This guy really knows how to build a set. Just awesome. Can't wait to see him in LA this weekend.
Anand (Los Angeles)

Top Banana!!! Sasha very rarely fails to deliver, this mix is unbelievable, makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck!

Awesome essential mix - Sasha does the business yet again. An amazing display of what ableton can do when put in the hands of a dance music god!
Dexter P

Sasha has done it again!!!! What a mix with goosebumps and everything..

Bring on global gathering, on this evidence it will the performance of the summer, his new album will be wicked, what a mix!!!

Hot shit! Sasha delivers the beats, the mood, and the atmosphere!
Alexei (Chicago)

Mix was ok, more introspective than danceable. Sasha shows us what has been going on for a long time that digital music can sound as good as music from the turntables.

Great to see Sasha's back on form,wicked set,thanx to everybody involved.

From the Eclipse, Coventry to today - still sounds as good - Sasha rocks!!

its truly shoes that if u do something for to long you grow out of it and evolve as so did sasha i read in a recent interview of him saying the decks and the mixer werent enough anymore and i can see why so much creativity has to flow ina bigger scale congrats sasha keep up the good work
Jabbar (HON)

I think Sasha had a lot on his plate and I never thought I would ever criticize one of his sets, but the set didn't have the typical Sasha flow. If this is the sound of the future, take be back!
Laufer (TO)

very disappointed by this set as was expecting much more! overall sounded flat and never really got going! Still one of the best DJ's in the world at tearing up a dancefloor, he was brillant when i recently saw him in fabric!
dave cardiff

just have to be the best dj ever amazing
Marcos from mexico

Great Mix...agree that it did sound a bit messy/noisy in places and sometimes you just want to the tune to flow and breath a bit without much messing about. It`s an innovative method of DJing in it`s infancy and I`m glad Sasha flying the flag for suits the type of music he plays (and I love)and I`m sure it will take the club experience to a new level

I never knew wat you could do on a laptop. I was listening to it very loud in a small dark room and it felt like i was at fabric on a saturday wearing sun glasses and talkin random to strangers whilst my mate rodney was tryin it with a blonde. wat a trip!! more of it please!! the best ive heard and felt yet!

Whether it's vinyl, CD or Ableton, Sasha rarely fails to deliver and this mix proves that. Yes, there are the Ableton cynics, and being a self-admitted vinyl addict I can see what they mean, but the software doesn't make the DJ, rather the other way around. I just hope he brings the Maven to Code in July based on what I've heard so far! (Just in case you're reading this!!) Right, I'm off to buy a G5 and Ableton Live 4. Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a cheap Maven controller?

Great mix!

Wow, sounds good but how much skill is involved pushing a few buttons?

i´m fan .. i like it! he is the king.. he is sashaa

Great mix from a great man!
DJ Daniel from Sweden

Oh Yeah! I like your ass baby! this mix is the best one so far this year, the essential mix goes from strength to strength, proves Sasha is more than just a club DJ he blends emotions in to his mixing, bliss!
Ben Rodger

I haven't actually finished listening to this mix yet, but what I have heard has truly blown me away! Its bloody awesome!!!

simply stunning, that says it all realy

absolute quality. great tunes, great mixing. sasha is a pure legend

I've had the chance to listen to a couple of Sasha's mixes using this new system however I want to hear him use it in a club environment before I finally decide whether or not this Ableton malarky is as good as its cracked up to be. As for this and all other Sasha mixes, at first it feels a bit "foreign" but you can guarantee before to long you will have fallen in love with most of these records and on re-listening to the set in question one will ultimately have to conclude that it is a work of genius. Fact.

Sasha is the best dj!!!!!!!!! this is unreal.:)

didn't think this essential mix was up to much, in my opinion sasha has seem to has lost his way, fair enough he's using a imac g5 computer and a custom built controller to boot, good use of filters and delays but the set itself was boring. maybe it's one of those sets you had to see live to appriciate what he's doing on the computer, i've heard other dj's use this software and their sets were hands down Superior to this set.
dave belfast

Sasha put up a good mix, not my favourite DJ by any means but I enjoyed it, shame he seems to be jumping on the minimalist/Kompakt bandwagon a year late though.
Losing My Edge

Jeesus H Christ, quality and a breath of fresh air as ever. Sasha, if you want to play at a house party after South West Four get your people to talk to my people (I only have old fashioned 1210's though).
Le Colnel Moutard

hmm, dunno about the use of a laptop for mixing, doesnt this take away party of the skill? gd on sasha for always being ahead of the game tho

One word...awesome!!!!!!!!

Took a while to get going but when it did wow! Lovely bit of wavy gravy halfway thru was nice but the tune after it was just unreal. Wish i was in fabric last night to see the master. Best dj in the world still.

class ,its what a dj at the top sude b doing wil done sasha hope 2 c u at lush soon
dj rvc c/fergus

Bloody brilliant.. nice one Sasha!!

Excellent Mix, again from Sasha! You just dont know what's goin 2 come from him next!
Marty Bradley

a brilliant blend of smooth grooves, cutting edge remix's and killer beats! a perfect mix to get feet moving. thanx sasha.

Pretty good set. Would love to see the software in action to get a better idea of how it is used to create the effects. I can pick up the usual filter and echo effects but would love to see a more in depth feature about 'Maven' to drool over its potential
Carl - life long Sasha fan

I know there's lots of controversy about the switch to digital and all that, as a vinyl lover myself i know i'm never giving it up but Sasha has mastered a new technique which whether you like the method or not, produces an amazing sound. Saw him in Brisbane on his involver tour and you could see a certain amount of apprehension in the eyes of some as the little apple appeared in the booth but it was great. It doesn't have to be 'better' or 'worse' than vinyl/cd's, it's a different way of making a different sound and Mr Coe, i salute you! d:)

There is only one thing to be said !!! THANKS, MANY THANKS !!!

That's essential mix of the year sorted then. Amazing set.

nice :) :)
dj sebvantech

this is a good essential mix, obviously the mixing is flawless since he isnt using turntables but this proves you dont need em,sasha has been able to be as creative as he wants and it works well. as far as music goes top noch,havent heard any of those tracks before which makes the mix that bit more exciting
mark k

Wicked shit from 'The Man Like'; Sasha rocks once again with this EM

I'm really impressed with Sasha's mix it is cutting edge stuff,I'm from the Orlando,Fl. area and I've followed Sasha for a long time and this is some of his best stuff.
mark grosklos

Great job Sasha!!

Once again taking it to the next level in musics growth, sadly allot might not appreciate what he's done. Quality!

If that didn't sound simply amazing, I don't know what does. I love the album Involver, and this mix took it one step up. Too bad we couldn't see some of the tweaks that he was making, but you should bring in more artists with this special talent. Doesn't BT do something similar?
Russ E.

wicked!!!!!!!sasha is always at the top of his game!!amazing...simply amazing...
mr stroke

very dissapointing , i love sasha but this wasnt the flowing sasha of old ,seemed very fragmented ,no big jaw dropping tunes ,never seemed to get going ,i found myself thinking in a minute hes going to drop a belter but it never happened , oh dear come on sasha your better than this : (
ian j

I'm only a quarter in the mix and I already think I have to review it...with my extensive vocabulary it's hard to do such I thing...but it has been one multi-layered ride of emotions.

Always on top of his game...Relentless confusion into beautiful control...Sasha's always going to be #1!!!
DJ SEZ(Johnny)


I was stuck in my room, not able to go to fabric, because I am in the midst of exams. But this essential mix man, made my day........this was quality, imaginative, danceable music of the highest quality existing. Thank you Sasha, i didn't expect anything less. Truly spine is till tingling. :):):):)...Please someone send him to greece this summer. Again, qulaity selection from radio1


Sasha ripped a set at Space two summers ago using a couple of laptops and he does a masterful job again tonight!
Jerry (NYC)

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