Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

October 17th 2009
Terry Francis & DJ Hype

Terry Francis

Alex Kid – Mousseur Dub (Rekids)
Sebrok – Brother What Time (Paso)
Tigerskin – In My House (Dessous)
Luciano Esse And De Angelis - Unknown (Moca Music)
Tiefschwarz - Trust (Souvenir)
Cambria – Unknown (CDR)
Way Out West – Only Love [John Tejada Remix] (Hope)
Harry Axt – She Is Different [Original Mix] (Snork)
Hugg & Pep – Sweet Rosie [Sei A Dub] (Turbo)
Layo & Bushwaka! – The Raw [Lil Louis Mix] (Olmeto)
Late Night Tuff Guy – Tuff Edit Vol 1 (Unknown)
Sandee – Notice Me (Fever)

DJ Hype

Pendulum – Tarantula [Original Proto Version] (Dub)
Noisia - Deception (Dub)
Original Sin And Taxman – Casino (Ganja Dub)
Shy FX - Everyday [Chase N Status Remix] (Digital Soundboy)
Vapour - Cut Paper (Dub)
Hazard - Psychadelic (Playaz Dub)
Break - Winter Sun (Shogun)
Taxman - Harrys Revenge (Ganja Dub)
Twisted Individual – Handgrenade [Clipz Remix] (Dub)
Hazard - Against The Clock (Playaz Dub)
Sub Focus - World Of Hurt (Ram)
J Majik – Mosqiuto (Mosquito)
Sub Zero - Motion (Ganja Dub)
Zero T & Mosus - Vanity (Dub)
Jaydan - Driller Killer (Ganja Promo)
Marky & Spy – Brainstorm (Innersound Dub)
Original Sin - Pimp Don’t Limp (Playaz Dub)
Lomax - Jungle FX (Ram Dub)
Noisia Feat Foreign Beggars - ??? (Dub)
Sub Zero - Spin Doc (Ganja)
Netsky - Tomorrow Is Another Day VIP (Liq-Weed Dub)
Total Science - Gangsters (C.I.A. Dub)
Hazard - Busted VIP (Playaz)
Sub Focus - Deep Space (Ram)
The Unknown Artist - The Unknown Track (Dub)
Original Sin - Step On (Playaz)

Your reviews of the mix

P, Milton Keynes
hour 1 yep loved it, hour 2 just pointless noise....

went to fabric for its 10th birthday at the wekend,terry francis rocked it,love fabrics soundsystem beast club iv benn too...

freddie, brighton
shut up dan thats rediculess dont talk badley about drum and bass becuse you pc moniters cvant handle bass, i tihnk u need 2 go back 2 fabric every other weekend

Paul, Hull
1st hour: Boring. 2nd hour: Much better, good stuff.

Ben, London
Jog on Dan from Chester. If the Hype set doesn't get you moving you should go and see a doctor ASAP.

Veery good

Andy - Stoke on Trent
The Terry Francis mix is absolutely quality... Shame im not in DnB...2 hours of Terry Francis would of being excellent..

Daniel from falmouth
2 top djs hype rocked it with the drum and bass and terry francis did a great house set. James holden slacker luke vibert and tom middleton deserve another essential mix.

Danny, London
Just to counter the previous comment - I've been bored to tears by Saturday nights at Fabric. It's very monotonous music, played by people who are almost afraid to play anything different. Paint-by-numbers tech-house is dull as dishwater.It's the Friday nights of cutting-edge electronica which provide for a more interesting experience. Dubstep, breaks, hip-hop, dnb, and lots of great live acts. Nice.

JohnTheFinkFace - Cove
This Mix was good, when is David henderson getting a Es mix he is something else when hes on the decks!! I LOVE DUBSTEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORMOND SMITH IS A GOD !!!!!!

Dan, Chester
I went to Fabric at least every other weekend for the first 5 years. I would still be going if I still lived in London. Thank god I never felt the urge to go on Friday nights! Terry Francis - has never played a bad set in my opinion and the first half of this EM is great! As soon as DJ Hype starts it becomes an unlistenable noise on my BOSE PC speakers. Maybe you have to be there and hear the D&B on Fabric's legendary Sound System to appreciate! Keep Essential mix for House/Trance/Progressive sounds and stop annoying me with D&B and Crazy Cousinz etc. These listeners have their own stations!

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