Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

September 26th 2009
Paul van Dyk's End Of Summer Essential Mix

Living Room - 'Easy Living' (Rockbox Records)
Aural Float - 'Dreamers Dream' (Elektrolux)
Trentemoller - 'Nightwalker' (Pokerflat)
Max Graham - 'Gone Before it Starts' (White Label)
Alexandre Savino - 'Beyond' (White Label)
Paul van Dyk - 'White Lies (Aural Float Remix)' (Newstate)
JFC - 'Rotating Minds' (Mikrolux)
ID - 'Silent Time' (ID)
Thomas Datt - 'Alone Chilled' (Flux Limited)
Trentemoeller - 'Miss You' (Pokerflat)
Dfuse & Hiratzka - 'Breath In' (Curvve)
Espresso Del Lago - 'Yeki/Mandarin Suite' (Mikrolux)
Water ft. Fay Lovski - 'Hold Me' (United)
Aural Float with Kim Sanders - 'Still Here' (Elektrolux)
Santiago Nino, DJ Ronxxx - 'Inside Me (Flawless Mix)' (Istmo)
Gat Decor - 'Passion' (Effective Recordings)
Giuseppe Ottaviani - 'Fallen' (Vandit)
Filo & Peri - 'Drops Of Jupiter' (Vandit)
Alex O'Rion - 'Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks' (Terminal 4)
Inpetto - 'Milky Way' (Big And Dirty Records)
Simon Patterson - 'Always' (Reset)
Age Of Love - 'Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Remix)' (ZYX)
Olive - 'You're Not Alone' (RCA)
John O'Callaghan - 'Big Sky (Joint Operations Centre Deconstruction Remix)' (Armind)
Gary Maguire - 'Standing Still' (Discover White)
Paul van Dyk - 'Home' (Newstate)
Tom Colontonio - 'The One' (Vandit)
Paul van Dyk - 'For An Angel' (Newstate)

Your reviews of the mix

Damien from Paris
Excellent !!!Thanks Paul Van Dyk.Always the best on the Trance music.

Luca, Rome
Soooo boring...

D.Nicholls, Redhill, Surrey
Love it!No one genre, blissfully moving from chilled to euphoric!Not sure how people can moan that it was JUST a trance set?!?!? Fantastic Essential Mix Mr PVD! Now when will we get another mix cd from you???

Stuart (Birmingham, UK)
I think people need to open there ears and understand talentwhen they hear it. PVD is still one of the BEST in the world!!

Carlos, Venezuela
This guy shows why he's a legend...

Anita. California.
Fab the chill side of it n wish I could down load this for keeps.. ;)

Mario / Boston USA
PVD puts together a great mix - an hour of chillout , then an hour of trance just as he said he would . One of the better Essential Mixes .

Jordan, Boulder Colorado USA
I have been waiting for years for this mix. By this I mean not that I was waiting for Paul Van Dyk to do another Essential Mix, rather, I have been waiting for a COMPREHENSIVE MIX, one that covers a time period of the genre while at the same time bringing in the new tracks that show where the genre has gone over time. The additions that I could never have predicted was the thematic approach of a slow first hour as a way of building up to the pace of the second hour. I feel confident saying on this forum that the Essential Mix is the best venue in the world for DJ's to display, on a truly global scale, the state of dance/electronic/mixing. By acknowledging this, we also acknowledge that the constrains (a two hour set) set the boundaries within which you succeed or fail at rising above the other 51 mixes that are presented each year. After listening to the mix I immediately shot to this forum to see if this mix had the one thing that none of us can control--a diversity of opinions about the mix itself. No EM of the Year has become so by garnering full support. It is crucial that there be heavenesqe praise and hellesque critique, and indeed, this mix has both. The question it seems, is not whether this is the EM of the Year, but where this mix will stand when we have our first EM of the Decade. Much love the the EM community, our agreements and disagreements are held together by our mutual passion for this amazing global soundscape.

Terry, Edmonton
Amazing e-mix by PvD, simply stunning. Thank god for not another crap minimal essential mix.

Alan G,Scotland
Youd think someone like PVD wouldve at least evolved a bit. Hes been in the business for years and is still playing the same old same old. Time to pack it in imo.

Ian, Manchester, UK
Nice first hour. After Gat Decors Passion, went same boring trance.I agree with John Smith"cmon its ridiculous, crapped up trance is so 1999, change the script and bin this type of rubbish for good!!!!!"

max leeds
i have heard paul van dyk play lots of times always amazing,!!

Not really into trancey stuff, but the chillout mix had some really nice parts. Cheers from Chile PVD

sergio ds brazil
very goood Paul Van Dyk!!!!

Gabriel, Romania
One of the best EM i`ve heard

trakz, Romania
I really don't understand all those negative comments.. he said it at the beginning that this is going to be a special Essential Mix... anyway, Paul van Dyk's music is for open-minded people and not for those who don't listen to anything else but ASOT.

bring on jamie jones...

Thought the first hour was a bit tame.2nd hour was way better but was expecting a little bit more.

Tom, Stockport
The first hour is just perfect, and the second is pvd doing what he does best. This may not be the type of music I normally listen too, but by heck I could listen to this all day...and night

Darren, Northamptonshire
Get Above & Beyond back on Essential Mix duties - their 2004 set is one of the best in the history of Essential Mix!

Daz, Hants
Pure tack.....lets hope next week is better

Luke, Poland
quality mix, as always

Killian Ryan Waterford , Ireland
You know what ?..... I was pleasntly suprised with this mix, show's what can happen if you go in there with an opened mind. Nice PVD!

paddy d derry n ireland
brill what can you say. Was at planet love 3 weeks ago unblieveable as well started set with for an angel which went down a bomb you wont get better

Simon, Consett, Co. Durham
This is the best PVD mix I've ever heard. Excellent track selection, excellent breakdowns and some great choices in vocals - especially Guiseppe Ottaviani's "Fallen".

like the mix the sheep in shetland r sound mr pvd the jung is mass boya ka sha

great set Paul,flows well for me,will play this many times over in the car LOUD.cheers.

Neil - Newport,South Wales
First Hour was a bit slow and bit Drab. Second Hour picked up though and soon got back on the pace. PVD Can play better than this i know he can. Or is he getting too old now and passed it?

Tomek, Leeds
gorgeous, what a nice cool out

Alex, Munich
That´s the result when you djing for 25 average.

Jacob Lawrence - USA
Excellent set. I was very pleased to see Paul van Dyk back on the Essential Mix. This is one of the best Essential Mixes I have heard in quite some time.

Lucid of GhettoVR, California
Lovin the tunes! Paul van Dyk and Radio 1 Forever!

John Smith
How many Essential mixes has PVD had now?? 30001???? 5000056???? cmon its ridiculous, crapped up trance is so 1999, change the script and bin this type of rubbish for good!!!!!

Mariana Buffé, Brazil
Music Beyond, i loved it!

T-Bone , Pittsburgh PA , USA
I Have found my favorite music station ever and you , BBC 1 , is it. THANKYOU !!!!! I've got the Steelers but you got the beats

Steve, Perth, UK
Err, haven't we heard this 1000 times before - generic trance-by-numbers, nothing fresh or original in this set, a huge disappointment from a so-called 'superstar' dj.

jaxx - london, ontario
PVD is my all-time fav. dj for a reason.stellar set!

Baz Barron - IOM
The guys a legend....

simonh bath uk
took me back to the white isle that did. thx paul. you may have your haters, some of which my leave messages this wk, but for me PvD is still the best trance dj ever.

frank, north west
great mix!! love the new simon patterson single

I acutally quiet enjoyed this, very good. Some cracking classics with new mixes in there. Not bad PVD.

Rowan The Chef - Letchworth UK
Amazing! I knew it would it be good... but this mix was far better than I imagined! The chillout set was incredible ... This has to be Essential Mix of the Year 2009!

Steve Edinburgh
Back to what the essential mix is all about, none of this garage nonsense!Keep it up!

Jasper, The Netherlands
Wish I could listen, but it says, not available in my area... shame if this is really the case

Aaron - Okinawa Japan
Remarkable simply Remarkable... Keep it up Paul... You are still the Greatest in my MIND

Sean Vancouver BC
I loved it , great mix thanks

Artur Tarnowskie Góry
This is the sounds from rotation on very very highest expance. I love this music : ))

Steve, NYC
Wow.. amazing set from Paul van Dyk

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