Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

September 12th 2009
Crazy Cousinz

David Guetta feat Akon - Sexy Bitch
Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo
KIG Family - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft Robin S - Show me Love (Geeneus Remix)
Crazy Cousinz & MC Versatile - Funky Anthem
Kyla - Do you mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
Doneao - Party Hard
Meleka - Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
Majestic - In The Vip (Wideboys Remix)
Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite
Enur feat Natasja - Calabria 2007
Fuzzy Logik - The way you move
Black Coffee feat Bucie - Turn Me On
Unknown - Unknown
Claude VonStroke - Who's afraid of Detriot
Crazy Cousinz - Sonar
Egypt - In The Morning
Yonurican - Boriken Soul (Dub Mix)
Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Gracious K - Migraine Skank
D Malice - Gabryelle Refix
Chocolate Puma feat Shermanology - Only Love Can Save Me (Dub Of Boom)
Masters At Work - Work
Crazy Cousinz - Always be my (Instrumental)
Funky Dee - Are you gonna bang doe (Scholar Remix)
Shystie - Pull It (ILL BLU Remix)
Jeremih - Birthday Sex (Funky Mix)
Karizma - Twyst This
Play feat Pelz - Nameless
Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
Jade Ewen - My Man (Perempay & Dee Remix)
Skanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Tina Moore - Never gonna let you go (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Shontelle - T-shirt (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Play - Attract
Estelle - Come Over (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Alisha Dixon - Boy does nothing (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Garrison Hawk - Sweet Music (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Lemar - If She Knew (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
KIG - HSKT (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Hannah Liston - Embrace Me (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
Natty - July (Crazy Cousinz Mix)

Your reviews of the mix

George Gardner
Banging tracklist..nice to hear of sum new dj's coming through, specially if they bringin in a new dimnesion to dance music. Can't wait for the next mix man!

Sanyi, Budapest
It does worth to listen to it once. The mix from DJ Q was much worse.

Mike, Birmingham
hey at least he played 'who's afraid of detroit'.

tech Head
yeah ok i guess bit boring tho... seems like i was flickin thru the music channels on mtv... alot of cheese..... surely theres other djs out there who can sort out something a bit better

Michael, Canterbury
This is OK, but Fake Blood is so much better! Best mix by far!

Nathan, London, England
Uk Funky is varied, having to play it on Radio 1,I assume the Crazy Cousins played the most commercial tunes to appease the listeners. They should have stuck to 1xtra where it would have been appreciated by young trendy listeners who are in tuned with what's going on and not stuck remembering the 90's or pink floyd, the beatles or whatever. If this aint for you then maybe Malia is out of the question perhaps Benidorm or costa del sol where they have bingo nights would be best for the ever age-ing Radio 1 listener.

MC LeuseHeinz
Great Radio Station! The Bestt i´ve ever checked out.Greetings from Münster,Germany

Watt Russia

Speaking to Dj Ashely - Birmingham
Sorry Ashley, but one eXtra is ALL the support they have, this is EM, home of Electronica and dance.. Means, is has support only for proper rhythm and proper mixes!!EM already have had VERY nice slow and R&B mixes, this is NOT about Genre, its about HOW it was mixed, and frankly, that was horrible.Regards.

Toby, London
Pitiful. A truly damning indictment of British musical movements.

Not my cup of tea but nice to hear something different on the EM

Daz, Hants
I doubt this will get posted now but just incase. Ashely Cover, with all due respect mate where is garage now? why isnt Grime catching on? ask's because people dont buy into it. I'm all for supporting new genres but this isnt. This si just someone taking a commercial poppy house track and making it worse and then mixing it badly. People on here just say what they feel when they hear the mix and they cant all be wrong. Fact is the this mix is poor, very poor and if this was the best that UK Funky can offer to be an ambasador for a new genre no one will be surprised when it falls on it's backside like so many other genres have before it. Can anyone say UK Garage??

Bill, London
One big advert for 1xtra and Radio 1’s desperate attempt to get some younger listeners to the essential selection. Correct me if I’m wrong but the EM is a worldwide platform for new electronic music not a 2 hour mix of the generic tripe that’s played in Yates’s wine lodge. UK Funky is another flash in the pan hybrid of what once was UK Garage - UKG always had an identity crisis to start but with but we didn’t have to suffer a 2 hour Bassline mix this year so why UK Funky.If the EM wants so showcase the Urban Underground why haven’t we had an essential mix from MJ Cole or EZ (better selection, better mixing) The essential mix is a privilege for most DJ’s who always bring the a-game (re-edits, exclusives and a upfront or showcase set) As far as I’m concerned hand bag house is back but poorly produced with no vision of the bigger picture and spectrum of what is house music. It’s called UK Funky. UKG/Funky jocks and producers will always be sheep, they follow the cash it seems without trying to develop big ideas or become serious artists. Why try and mould a scene around 3 or 4 decent tracks. Egypt ‘In The Morning’ is a great record that sits alongside ‘Bonkers’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’? All for showcasing some new talent but get a researcher to do some searching because this is a total let down.

john forbes - cove
i cant understand why people dont like this sort of music i thought this was a really good mix from the master Crazy Cousinz cant wait to see him live again he was better than djs like tiesto and paul van dyk there are nothing compared to crazy cousinz

Dan, London
To Ashley Cover:True, we should support British Music and the British scene. If its any good. Jungle [Drum and Bass] is still thriving and is a uniquely British sound, so to say it doesnt get support is a bit wrong. As to say that UK Funky is the sound being played in most London clubs is naive to say the least.You would never hear it in Fabric, and very rarely, if at all, hear it at The Ministry of Sound of Matter. The criticism of the mix is mainly down to the tracklisting, which is full of tracks that in most cases have been played to death! The Essential Mix has always been about cutting edge music regardless of genre. If this mix is a representation of the UK Funky Scene or of the Crazy Cousinz, then it is a very poor one.

Chris, Glasgow
The fact this is 'hot' in aiya napa and malia just says it all, utter garbage - and to all you urging us to embrace it and give it a chance - we know our own mind and tastes, likes and dislikes and think we are capable of realising from the first listen we will never like this guff - hence why stuff like this doesnt take off, not cause we are small minded, because its no good

Needs more donk

magda, berlin
needs more minimal tracks but otherwise i like it.. just off for a cuppa.

digitalartist, cambridge
all you haters are just jealous. this is a great mix. amazing beats and great your ears to the future of dance music. superb

Toucan. CA
The most lame EM ive heard...Makes AVB and Fake Bloods mixes seem godly...

jamie sw london
just terrible!

Ashley Cover (Dj, Producer, Promoter)
I think, once again, the Great British general public have showed how much they embrace music from other nations and not what has been created on home turf! Do you not think that UK artists and dj's need your support before they can take the genre further!? Crazy Cousinz are very well established producers & dj's on the uk funky club scene and they do make good quality music. Some of their songs have been in the charts and they have played out in clubs outside of the uk. I can't understand why people are trying to label this sound as "pop" and weak when it has come from the underground + from the influence of house music and is what you will hear being played currently in most clubs in central london & other major cities across the country! I think this distinct lack of support for new genres created in the uk needs to end. It happened with Jungle, it happened with Garage/Grime and now it seems as though it is happening with Uk Funky. When will you people realise that new homegrown music needs your support in order for it to actually develop and progress!? If you don't like it fine but don't come on here and slate it to your hearts content just because it is not your usual brand of house that you listen to. Give these guys and Uk Funky a chance!

Encee, London
Huge choons, best mix i have heard in the last 5 years. no doubt, track selection and mixing is first rate. It really doesn't get any better than this.Groundbreaking stuff from a groundbreaking genre

alex bristol
big mix, who cares about the cry babies who don't get it.brapples

Travis, Los Angeles
Gotta say, this isn't my taste, but I'm sure some people liked it. Lets get some Indie dance on here. I know Alex Metric has his own show, but that guy owns, would kill an EM. Best mix of the year has got to be Fake Blood.

Brett - North Carolina, USA
I agree -- mixing does seem a little forced in places, and the syncopation does tend to remind me of a decade ago when garage was getting popular on the east coast. Definitely different, and worth a listen . . . and if this is the "sound" of UK Funky, I'll listen only once. One would have thought the Cousinz would have brought their best game, but not so in my opinion.

Gaz, London
Oh dear, unfortunately this is nothing like the dedicated UK Funky shows you hear on the pirate stations. This mix is stale and commercial and nothing like the forward thinking and innovative shows I've heard in the past. Please get someone like Geneus, Marcus Nasty, Roska, MA1 or MAC10 on here who won't be affraid to do you a proper Funky mix!

jane fife
what the hell are you all on about?can any of you mix?nah!shut it!its not THAT bad!WOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like it.anything tht gets me in the mood to go out lol

Jerk Wood, Chester-le-Street
Well played, good to hear something a bit different for a change. And... as I'm on the radio 1 site, suppose I had better throw in a... "RANDOM" Idiots.

Sasa Serbia
Not so bad, but I expected much much better playlist. My friends obviously make mistake!!!

Woody. Chester le Street
Very very poor. This should not be on the Essential Mix..

scott portsmouth
worst em ever utter rubbish!! pure cheese!!! cant believe u actually wasted time on em 4 this whats goin on?

Constantin , Sydney
i have to agree with most of the people commenting on that mix. it is by far the worst mix of 2009. it should not be called essential mix.very bad

Luis, Hawaii
The worst EM I ever heard!!!...Please do NOT repeat this event. awful!!!!!!

Keith D
Oh dear... i think it's more essential to put your earplugs in!

poir, computer land
i havent even listened to it and it looks terrible

Mclyn> Orlando, FL.
What the hell, is this!! if i wanted to hear this id go to tabu niteclub here in orlando on teen nite. WTF!!!! Pete tong, bro! Are you OK?No offense, EM > love you guys, but damn.

rj pompey
I was at Bestival listening to Soulwax rock it on the main stage so wasnt bothered if this weeks essential was poo!


Brennan, Christchurch
Not what one would expect from an Essential Mix - far too correlated to a MOS compilation album to be taken seriously at all. UK Funky? UK Cheese more like it.

Gill, Brighton
Respect to radio 1 for trying to cater to all musical tastes, not everyone is going to like every mix, and some people will love this, somewhat unbelievably as its utterly terrible

Tevin, San Diego
Epic fail...mix between Sexy Chick & Bonkers is horrendous

Adam London
Wow! what a load of rubbish!!! im all for giving new genres a chance but this is awful! Some people wait years for the chance to showcase their talent on a essential mix and thus when they do get the chance put a lot of thought into it! This is the complete polar opposite! complete and utter TOSH!!! EM you need to fix up rapidly!!!!

Jim, Liverpool
Im guessing you have stopped putting comments on here and realised that this a bit of a mistake lol!So who's on next week.....Take That??

Well.....Its mainstream no doubt. Is it bad compare to other mainstream mixes around clubs in town - No. Its defiantly no Sharam, Mr Scruff, Greg Wilson, Jessy Rose, Yousuf, Eric Morello - all the mixes I liked alot this year. But This one isnt bad for mainstream - but then again as everyone say, EM isnt mainstream so probably this mix could have been played on a different program.

DFX, London
After listening to real mixes from the likes of Steve Bug, Luciano and steve Lawler on the essential mix you put this crap on, im sorry but i just aint feeling this, part commercial, part dont even know.... Time for some Marco Corala, Nic Fanciulli or Ricardo Villalobos pls !!

woodstock ,stafford

Adam Newcastle
This Is Absolute 100% Cheese, i cant believe this is even given airtime, 16 Year Old Bedroom Dj's play better tunes than this man, plus the mixing is terrible, the very first mix they are mixing two sets of lyrics at the same time, that is just wrong. TERRIBLE

Paul - Glasgow
Oh my god!!! What are you playing at Radio 1. The producer should be fired. The Essential Mix used to be about cutting edge dance music!!!

Chris. Yorkshire
That was bad. Your standard university dj.

Chris, London
C'mon everybody: heads, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes! I would have added the Hokey-Cokey and maybe Agadoo to this mix but otherwise it was pretty perfect. Are the guys available for my daughter's 1st birthday party?

EJ, Washington, DC
This is awful. I have no idea how this is EM worthy. The tracks are garbage and the mixing is terrible. Very disppointed...

Rossy. York
Give the guy a break. It's Tongy's choice to play it out. The DJ did his job. Not to my taste either, but good for a laugh.

Ian. Bristol
I must admit I'd never heard of Crazy Cousinz & was going to listen to the mix but after seeing the tracklisting & the reviews i think i'll save myself 2 hours & not bother. At least James Talk is on next week to bring quality music back to the EM.


Vesna, Bosnia
I'm soooo disappointed :(

The Realist Guy You Know
Do Not ever play such a load of waste & then play a dennis ferrer tune in the middle of it , i feel like showing dennis ferrer this mix and seeing his reaction .

G, Devon
really bad mixing, really bad tunes that don't really go anywhere, its a lame rehash of house and urban with speed garage that flops. when you look at up and coming stars this was one bad EM!!!

Dissapointed, Bristol
Music for the masses, far from crazy from the cousinz!

Dj K-BIRD, Landan
What? Are you serious? EM's have been off da scale dis year, some heavy huge hung mixes.But this... not worthy of the EM title.Sort it out by next sat Purleease.

Adam, London
Very weak... overplayed, commercial rubbish. 'Are you gonna bang doe'?! Says it all. Come on R1 give us what we crave! The essential mix is supposed to be done by the hottest DJs from past and present!

Dan, Chester
Mr Motivator wouldn't even play this mix during one of his Gym Workouts!! Sounds like something Vanessa Feltz would have playing during her Fitness DVD

Flipstones - Lincoln
:( after skipping through all of it - it crashed my laptop "computer said no" however credit where its due the mix highlight 4sure has to be Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte

Dan, Chester
I will be crossing Ayia Napa and Malia off my holiday wish list on this account! Would rather dance to the bombs in Afghanistan than put my self through this crap! Head, shoulders knees and toes indeed!!

Dan, Chester
Behold the Wedding DJ! Watch as those Traffic lights flash and dance to the sounds of School disco. I thought this was the ESSENTIAL MIX - more like Dave Pearce playing in the Cheese section of Tescos. Bring back Zabiela to make up for it Pete!

Paul - Scotland
How bad? Sooo bad!!!

Louthy, London
this one was terrible, cant wait for the James Talk one

leeroy, manchester
crazy cousins are poor! went downhill after first 4 songs...

Daz, Hants
just seen an advert on MTV for The Blackout Crew...haha what a joke. Saying that after this weeks EM I expect to see them on here in a few weeks wasting another 2 hours of our lives. Please Radio1 sort it out!!!

James - London
After reading the comments in this list above, how possibly can some people think that this is a good Essential Mix? It has the worst tracklisting ever, and the worst mixing to match. How can you put this on the Radio, when a few months we had the likes of Steve Lawler rip it? They don't even belong on the same radio show. SORT THIS OUT.

Joe, London
On top of this... reaching the end of the EM...Alisha Dixon - Boy Does Nothing (Crazy Cousinz Mix).. Please spare us this type of stuff. It's awful.

Mark, Watford
This is awful! The only decent track on the mix is 'Claude VonStroke - Who's afraid of Detriot'

Guy, Guildford
WTF??????Easily the worst EM ever. This is a Friday night in Yates minus all the pikeys!About time you got some new up & coming and undiscovered home talent such as Filth & Splendour etcCome on Pete, how can you let them play this trash?????

Joe, London
If this goes big i'll give up EDM forever, wasn't impressed at all. Incredibly commercial, had no real energy for me.Was slightly surprised to hear "Who's afraid of detroit" though.

D from Stevenage
Poor, sounds like a bar dj. This is not worthy of the essential mix.

Daithi - Dubai
Is UK Funky another name for commercial dance?Whilst some of the tunes are definately catchy - most are just passable radio driving fodder.Not really what i expect from an Essential Mix

stuart melbourne
reall commercial

Colin, Dublin
Tracklist is horrific,what has happened?!?!?

mozca, Portugal
UK Funky..."dominating the clubs"...

Terrible mix

The Truth
Let me start by saying UK funky is horrific. This mix was all over the map and since when did Masters At Work become UK funky? Take the snares out of speed garage and call it UK funky? Nice try!

Kurtos, Bridgend

Vinster - Glasgow
Not a bad wee mix. Got me thru my Sunday, lying like a cabbage on my couch. Anybody fancy cleaning up my house, i can't be r'sed!x

Pej Gomeldon
Why start off with 3 of the most overplayed songs there are atm?

Storesy, Newcastle
are you being serious, is this actually the essential mix this week? or did u accidently copy and paste the Now! Thats What I Call Music tracklist?? Not impressed like, i think its time Carola smashed out an EM...!

turn it off now!!!

Marco, Glasgow
That was dreadful !!!!!!, easily the worst essential mix that I have heard, not my thing at all. It can only get better for the BBC

Jim Barrison
This is crap

Phil, Southampton
Possibly the worst essential mix i've ever heard.

Kelly Moles Oxford
Pure Quality !!!! Just written the best tunes down & am now gonna down-load um...

frank london
absolute rubbish, dance music is dead,might as well play tunes from the last 15 years as they better and at least they rock.

Darren, Hants

andre, singapore zouk!
wicked aura!!!!

artie new jersey usa
next to fakeblood and carl cox best essential this year

jay tee usa
not fact, quite awful

Dmitri, Riga - Latvia
veeery awesome...

steve hastings
what a load of cheese poor em think we can do a lot better than this!!!!!!

Nigel - Donegal
Next Please!

Joe from Teesside!
im not even gonna bother listening to this after looking at that tracklisting! im guessing this was the guy dj'ing at my local student night the other thursday!

Ollie - Manchester
Im not being negative about the tracks chosen on this paticular mix but just after returning from ibiza and hearing the likes of paul woolford and steve lawler play the most amazing sets ive heard and then hearing this from crazy cousins?? well its kind of upsetting to hear this being played on the essential mix and how its able to be put on here is beyond me! i love all music but this is just an appalling mix for any genre!

danny pittsburgh
love these guys but you gotta admit they jock themselves a little too hard

Paul - Stoke
Radio 1 may as well gone into HMV and purchased a Ministry of Sound compilation album and broadcast that.All this DJn software and cut n paste style where we get a maximum of 3 minutes of each song means the gap between styles in DJs mixing is narrowing because the software is doing it for them to a uniform formula!

Had to skip almost everything! This soft of stuff my colleagues listen to in the office. Cannot take it anymore.

Timothy Wright, Cheshire
I Liked When Crazy Cousinz Played On 11/9/09. They Have Much Talentz

Rowe - Solihull
This "music" stuff belongs on 1Xtra and pirate radio stations where no-one can hear it.

Neil - London
yeah this is really pushing electronic music forward. be gone in 2 yrs same as uk garage. total fad


Oh may god!!!!! Radio1 have hit a new low, the worst essential mix ever, this is terrible!UK Funky ISN'T FUNKY HOUSE its poorly produced urban music day & night & enur WTF!!!! So So Bad!

Bermudo, Berlin
This is one of the worst mixes I have ever heard.These 30 second crossfader transitions between tracks which doesn't fit at all are sooo bad! Best example: 34:00 -> 34:30 It's really a shame for BBC Essential…

Jez H , Manchester
Bloody awful

Karsten Hannover Germany
One of the best Mixes this year , i think . Exellent sounds and great mixing . After years of boring Grime , the Funk is back . Hope that we can listen to more funky essential mixes .

how it is on planet essential mix
mmmmm "uk funky is a variant of house which has been dominating the clubs and bars of Ayia Napa and Malia as well as our sister station 1Xtra this summer!" sounds like a speed garage dj trying desperately to get the crowd interested by only playing the big tunes - no direction, no passion, no forethought. sorry this is a low point for the essential mix, and i expect a similar response from most other people who care enough about electronic dance music to make their opinions known. when the essential mix started in oct 93 we got excited about hearing new music. music which wasnt broadcast during the day, it was ours and we loved it, i'll sound fuddy duddy for saying it but its not the same as it was. sort it out R1 you are alienating your target audience...... again.

N., Serbia
OMG this is sooo.. mainstream :) I expect from "essential" something that i can't hear every day on the every corner..

jezza, woking
What a load of rubbish. Keep it in Ayia Napa.

John - Dublin - RoI
Yawn. This is - without hesitation.. The Worst Essential Mix that I have ever heard. UK Funky is School Disco, not Essential Mix.Talk it up all you want.. but its seriously uninspiring & boring to listen to. Nothing cutting edge here.. just the Pop Music Playlist. You can hear this stuff anytime during the day, pity to waste an EM on it.Very dissapointing.

Patrik, Ostrava, Czech Republic
I really enjoyed listening of this mix

Justin Wiggy, Hull City
Oh dear, oh dear! The worst EM ever. Golden Oldies night with Crazy Cousinz. Polishing all the poorest commercial turkeys you hoped had gone away. Get a grip EM.

Steve . Melbourne
hmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,no thanks :S

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