Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

August 29th 2009

Ennio Morricone ‘Ecstasy Of Gold (Sharam Edit)’ (White Label)
Sharam Vs. Nic Fanciulli ‘Track With No Name’ (Data)
Marc Antona & Xiki ‘Hawah’ (Micro Fibers)
Rodriguez Jr. ‘Pandora’ (Kids of Gula)
D-Unity ‘Samburu’ (Yoshitoshi)
Dosem 'Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Green Mix)’ (Green Records)
DBN Feat. Madita ‘Asteroidz (Sharam's Crazi Remix)’ (Yoshitoshi)
Sharam Feat. Kid Cudi 'She Came Along (Sharam's Ecstasy Of Ibiza Mix)' (Data)
Steve Aoki Feat. Zuper Blahq 'I’m In the House (Sharam's Lovefest Remix)' (Dim Mak)
Okain ‘Blackrock’ (Quartz Records)
Photon Inc ‘Give A Little Love (DJ Pierre's Tha Wild Pitch Mix / Sharam Edit)’ (Strictly Rhythm)
D-Nox & Beckers ‘Cala Boca (Gabe remix)’ (Global Noises)
Nadastrom ‘Squarez’ (White Label)
Fiord ‘Get up Jude (Beckers Remix)’ (Vapour8 Recordings)
Cedric Gervais ‘Mauri's Dream (Sharam's Eternity Remix)' (White Label)
Namito ‘Train To Tehran (Daniele Papini remix)’ (Kling Klong)
D-Unity ‘Sax Me Up (D-Unity's Crazy Sax Mix)’ (White Label)
Sharam ‘Vikings’ (DCI)
Sharam Vs. Julien Jeweil 'Pattgate' (White Label)
Namito ‘V’ (Yoshitoshi)

Your reviews of the mix

Marco Macado: San Antonio
This mix was SEXAY, i enjoy how he doesn't limit him self to just one or 2 genres

Danger Boy
Mature, smooth and sophisticated... very enjoyable.

razi sydney
one of the best melodic mix!! cant get emough! go sharam.

Ross Folkenroth
How can you go wrong with Sharam or Dubfire?? This mix is very well crafted and proves that the DJ \ Producer is an artist worthy of such accolades as a Grammy. Nice work Sharam!

Amanda, Montreal
quality set, as always... was looking forward to seeing him in montreal :(

mike from the states
Great mix,so many great tracks brought together.--many thanks

nice to see the other half of deep dish is back on the money and not left out in the could of dubfire blaze grate stuff

Martin, USA
Very nicely done, Squire Sharam - excellent stuff. Love the "She Came Along" track.

Trish- NY
Good mix!

Simon Bavaria
Ecstasy of gold is the best starter ever heard!Big up

Craig in Falkirk Scotland
Only one thing needs sayin here STAY GOLD!!!!! viva le deep, keep on dancin cos were all askin

Giaco. Oxford.
You know when you hear a mix and you have to play it over and over again. Such a good vibe to this.

Rupert Jacks (London)
Ssssshhhhhhhmokin' from both barrels!!!!!!!! Like BBC its an essential mix - crackin stuff!

christian caruana - malta
ewan pearson please!!!

Matt London
Very good mix.. makes you wonder what will happen next!

double force
fresh, weird, original, surprisingly chilled and smooth mix...sharam is back in town...

Simon From The Valley
As Good As The Other Half!!!

Absolute mastery!

jdPonter Haworth UK
House music. I remember Junoir Boyz Own, Doc Martin. Big smiles, slip, slide, clap. Spiritual.

Craigo Torbay UK
This mix is just outstanding...i am lost for words!.. so i'm of to listen to it again.....

Fil in Texas

monty, scotland
if the essential mix was sharams employer they should give him a bounus for this peace of wrk !!!

Really good deep-house mix, as to be expected!

Wendel - Sao Paulo - Brasil
Sharam arrebenta tudooooooSeus sets sao hipnoticossou fa de carteirinhaEle eo cara!!!!!!

Ryan Barkley Weyburn, Saskatchewan, CANADA
essential mix of the year thus far? yeye

Greg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Wow, this mix rocks! We are dancing with 4 guys in the office here right now!

Dominik Fieron Germany
Great stuff!Very strong musik.A complete other sound to Dubfire!I hear him on the Loveparade 2008 in Dortmund.Great guys!2 Most oft creative artist in our century!Very good mix from Sheram!

cquinn, ireland
a serious return to form for sharam, he says in the intro that he doesn't play the genre game, well sharam you did for quite a while and the genre was rubbish. this is an excellent essential mix, starts deep as to be expected and continues on gradually rising bringing in some old school and some nice tech elements. whats so good about this mix is that there are no unnecessary pop or commercial vocals, the deep rhythms and beats work perfectly together.keep up the good work, its good to have sharam back (eventually) doing what he does best. ciao ciao

This mix is absolutely awesome!!!I hope Sharam will be invited to the Balaton Sound festival in Hungary next year!

Barry Higson
watched him at sankeys last month. left after he played Daniel Beddingfield. Dubfire is much better. plays to much of his own stuff which is very average

gres, brisbane

MF Serbia
So good for start of the day.

Thanks for nice mix Sharam!

David, Hungary
Fantastic mix

Todd Mark Avery AKA Dj Tiny Todd Hong Kong
I have to say that I dont normally get the chance or the time to sit and listen to mixes all the way through but this one had me gripped. Best thing ive heard for a long time. Deep yet twisted.Proof that you def dont need drugs to have music sound as good as it can. You know what? Im gonna listen to it again ! Sharam Sir, Feed me !

Great set!!!!!!!! Do The Move That You Do recordings-----yuma,Arizona-USA

Simon, Ireland
Great Mix, hey Radio1 lease get the bloody beetroots or boys noize to do an essential mix

Julia and Gio from London
Having the best time listening to this two hour mix! Thank you Sharam!

Artun, Orange County
Great mix! love the direction sharam is taking his music

Andrew, Los Angeles
Killer mix.. love the western vibe

Carl, Portland, Oregon
quite lovely, reminds me of the recent 2-hour dubfire one, instead of sharam's 06 mix, but still get's 5 stars here :)

weekend in the country
sharam -in a word, average. the pop edge that was deep dish. get the bloody beetroots on that shake things up a bit.

ted bundy,america
expecting the housecat mix to be better than sharams oh but how i got it so wrong roll on tiesto,guetto and knight

Mike, Toronto
lot of good stuff but a bit too much deep beep'n'bop for me

Victoria Base Complex, Baghdad
Very hot mix by Sharam. Setting the standard like always.

tommy liverpool.
fantastic mix. really loved the track were it says im in the house,,

Marianne, London
amazing..........loved the " She came along " tune

They also gave Milli Vanili a Grammy, but putting a drum machine behind a Stevie Nicks song shows even less talent.

My idols in electronic music, "Deep Dish" the maximum to listen one of them in Essencial Mix Radio 1' s, The maximum life the music of great "Sharam" in the world (Deep Dish)!!!

Miguel Gonzalez Manizales Colombia
This is an emotive essential mix, a very very nice an pure essential mix, excellent sound tanks for sharam

jer - seattle
I loved it! I like sharam so much more then dubfire. =)

Sharam what happend?????????

Steve, UK
I like it. Sharam always offers something a bit different with constant beats but not too "out there".

The Truth
I'm soo done with this dreamy house mess. I don't see essential mix getting better anytime soon. I'm surprised he didn't mix Dire Straits-money for nothing. 9 tracks of shameless self promotion is way too much even for a so called Grammy winner.

juan david, bogota
this essential mix is so good the deep house is perfect.

Diego - Argentina
Just amazing....Sharam is really cool!!!

Sharam Vs. Nic Fanciulli ‘Track With No Name’ WOW WHERE CAN I DWNLOAD THIS FROM?

One eyed hannibal,The sahara
From wat i can see this mix was great

Dave Dublin
Absolutely fantastic!So what old school

quila, new york
great mix. very nice to see sharam back in the limelight

Nick, Manchester
Won't be EM of the Year but it was up there with Joris Voorn for me. Great sounds, technique, a superb musical journey. Few mixes have made economics revision so enjoyable.Top notch!!!

Shemek Poland

Dave - Leicester
That's probably the best first track on an EM ever! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is my favourite Ennio Morricone score, and The Ecstasy of Gold is my favourite piece from it (even if it's not the most famous one). Just hope the rest of the mix lives up to it... I'll know in about two hours :)

Darren Kelf London.
The Tarantino of the dance world, This mix is great from start to finish! Sharam the man!

Rovee B Glasgow
mmmm well yeah better than G/Underground Dubia, Master Producer that no one can touch.... apart from the other half of Deep Dish, forget his name.

This mix was scooby scooby good

Easy to hear who is Deep Dish,this is so groovy,taking me back to the days they where on the top!!!

Kris Graham NYC
Excellent mix ...very good & thoughtful selection of tracks ...mad respect :)

Campbell (Melbourne, Australia)
Pretty ordinary set kinda boring really!

Conrad Edmonton Canada
Amazing Deepdish rules!

Pete smith, New Zealand
Awesome, missing the UK dance music. Thank full of the web.....

Jaime, Argentina
Muy bueno! Buena seleccion!

Matthew Thomas (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA)
An amazing set from beginning to end! Keep it up!

K White - Sunny So Cal
oh how the mighty have fallen.... not bad, but certainly nothing to write home about. I don't get it? where is all the emotion and cracking tunes we witnessed in his 2006 essential mix? This sounds like a minimal mess thrown together. I understand they're both trying to individually master their own sound, but come on!!! gets me so irritated. don't become a slave to genres? well, guess who's the hypocrite? this're still a hero, Sharam, but legends never die.

isn't this supposed to be happening tonight?

johnny, limavady
so many songs

Tim Martin Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
LOVED IT. Masterclass. How To Be A Superstar DJ 101. Take Notes Young DJ's - Sharam Is One Of The Masters Of All Time. What a Journey! This Is Proof That Deep Dish Is Still At The Top Of The Dance Music World And Will Be For Years To Come. Its about taking your audience on a journey over the course of your set. My Vote For Essential Mix of The Year. Thanks To DJ Tim Johnston in Denver Colorado for introducing me to Deep Dish in the early 90's. I remember many times trying to get into Space in Miami for the Deep Dish Party and Pete Tong is Always There - Usually like 5000 people trying to get in the 5am!

Robbie M., London, Ontario
well wicked - easily a contender for ess. mix of the year! two back-to-back shows (incl. felix da housecat) of spectacular beats - thank you!

John in Mountain View, CA USA
Amazing! Best I've heard in months!

paul ireland
awesome set las nite loved it like

Jon K - Atlanta, GA
Sharam - you rock!!! Thanks for the amazing mix!

magic dave edinburgh
aye, quality mix :)

M885, Canada
ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This was the best essential mix I have heard all year!

toby bournemouth
wot a bloke pure dirt

novikov@Krasnodar, Russia

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought Sharam Essential Mix Was Smart I Liked His Essential Mix When Sharam Played On 29/8/2009

pipo, salonika, greece much creativity from our all time beloved one half of DEEP DISH sharam.....blending past with future, uniquely and masterfully..i think this creativity will go 4ever.LONG LIVE SHARAM!!pipo

Flipstones - Lincoln
Been looking forward to this for a while now Great DJ playing Great music..!!! Mix highlight Joris voorn - beach kisses :@)Another solid essential mix, cheers pete

Luke Cracow Poland
Really pretty cool

That intro is wicked! Love the whole mix!

Essential mix of the year s0 far! Gr8

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