Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

August 15th 2009
Steve Bug

Oleg Poliakov ‘Rainy Days’ (2020 Vision)
Blakkat ‘Day To Come’ (Shaboom)
Maya Jane Coles ‘Riot’ (Dogmatik)
JC Freaks ‘Dub Praise (The Revenge Remix)’ (Phonica)
Brooks ‘Iwanchu’ (Aus Music)
Camboche ‘Feverish (The Revenge Remix)’ (Under The Shade)
Vincenzo ‘Return Of The Sha’ (Ladies & Gentleman)
Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez ‘Bom! (R2) (Alix Alvarez Dub)’ (Soul Channel)
Andrade ‘Scream’ (Robotronic)
Output ‘Vibrations (Peace Division Remix)’ (Dogmatik)
Dop ‘Blanche Neige’ (Circus Company)
Seuil ‘Unexpected Night’ (Moon Harbour)
Precious System ‘Voice From Planet Love (Markus Worgull Remix)’ (Running Back)
Show B ‘On A String (Dub)’ (Compost Blacklabel)
Harrison Crump ‘Once Again (Rocco Remix)’ (Soul Candy Blue)
Las Vegas ‘Yama’ (Mupa/Net 28)
Dan Berkson + James What ‘Ghosts’ (Poker Flat)
Ramadanman + Appleblim ‘Sous Le Sable’ (Aus Music)
DJ Sprinkles ‘Grand Central, Part I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (Mcde Raw Mix)’ (Mule Musiq)
Geddes ‘The Scene’ (Murmur)
Session Victim ‘Memory Lane’ (Retreat)

Your reviews of the mix

Alberto - Mexico
Tonight at Mexico... great !

madchm, france
yeahh perfect mix, best of essential 2009 !!

Artin - Los Angeles
Pretty sweet music

Alberto - Mexico
and tonight I'm going to enjoy it Live in my favorite club.

Craig in Falkirk
mix that jacked along nicely, bugged out!!!!!

Nick, Manchester
Flawless and utterly mesmerising

Respect! Very Nice mix! Mr.Steve Bug

The Truth
one word-Horrible

Garry, Edinburgh
"Jon L, Oxford" you have not got a clue about music if you think this is a "winded boring house mix".... Go back and listen to your cheesy funky house or trance or whatever rubbish you listen to!!! Steve Bug is a legend!! This is an awsome mix, proper groovy house from Mr Bug! Excellent

I really liked this one, one of my favourites so far this year.

the truth
this mix was sleepy time boring!

Gary - Peterborough
Can someone please explain why the BBC have to pigeon-hole everyone/everything? 'Rawkus Minimal'?!?! lolHow about just calling it 'House' when that's what it is?? Just a thought...!

apex , Romania
one of the best mixes i've heard in years . PERFECT ! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Scott, Tampa Florida
This is my favorite mix in a long time. Working late and loving this mix!

Juan San Diego, Californiq great mix wasnt sure if i was goin to dig it, but i love it sic tunes thanx radio 1

oh you know thingy from whsthisface
great mix. r1 wot no sw4 coverage?

its ok, nothing specialsteve bug is very irregularhis fabric set was much better than this

Ryan, Santa Fe
I agree, great house music from Bug.But I don't understand the negativity towards 2009 EM's. Granted the dubstep and ragga sets were not my cup of tea, but consider this partial list of filthy sets: Blame, Gui Barrato, Steve Lawler, Morillo, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buren, Subfocus, Style of Eye, Sander Van Dorn, Exit Festival, and Deadmau5 and Luciano from Ibiza--just to name a few.Either y'all pessimists don't listen every week or your hopelessly hard to please.Remember that just because you don't like the genre doesn't mean you have to criticize it...

Alex, Montreal
Biggest EM of the year so far. Listened to it about 5 times since saturday and still haven't played it out.

Ben nott englaaaamd
get inn, this is bad ass down to the floor buisness!

Steve Northampton
Fantastic mix ive caught the bug

RoosteR, Israel
thissetisso damn sweet.Bug is unbelievable. cross-genred.

Graham, Perth AU
Fantastic mix, just what I was hoping to hear. Btw, what ever is happening with the rescheduled Ellen Allien EM? Can't wait for that one !

Excellent, fantastic mix from Steve Bug. Haven't checked the e mix for quite some time but this is quality stuff. Not quite sure about the minimal tag being applied to everything here - just solid house - like Bug has been putting out for years and years.

Liam, Sunderland
Genius. Absolutely great mix. One of the best this year!

Saff, Manila
Excellent and effortless! Fluid mix... minimal does it.

David - London
I didn't used to be into this kind of music at all, but some dedicated listening has opened my ears and I now hear the sweet honey!! Good job, Mr Bug, you nailed it!!

Andrej, Montreal, Canada
Ohh yesss, this is good minimal. Thx for the beats. Check out Michel de Hey if you liked this one. If you can find de Hey's "Recorded in Rotterdam" album, damn its sweet, sweet like yo mama!

Kick ass mix!

Shaun - London
Fantastic, loved every minute. An effortless journey which paints a brilliant picture of everything that's great about house music at the minute...Dont know how anyone can describe it/him/his label as 'soulless'. Great mix, but still reckon Greg Wilson should take the EM crown this year...dont think anyone's going to top that!

Scott, Adelaide Australia
Fierce tunes...reminds me of Sankeys in Manchester...chugg on Mr Bug...

Mummra, NYC
Finally a good essential mix! in an VERY off year this is the highlight far and away. I wouldn't call this minimal, it has plenty of emotions and catchy hooks as well. Gorgeous mixing all around. Steve Bug knows tech/house

Sebik, lugoj
Best mixes ever in pete's play partyyy!!!

Blinding mix. Glad to see the EM back to its best. House music all night long!!!!!!

Paco, Curacao (Neth. Antilles)
Great track selection with a nice continuous flow, Keeps u listening from beginning to end, maybe not for everybody, but definitely a classy and groovy minimal set. Many thanx EM, for bringing different kinds of electronic music each week!!!

Woody from Manchester
My namesake is a fool. Steve Bug is the master. You want something soulless go listen to "funky" house.

Jon L, Oxford
Yet another long winded boring house mix. There's about three listenable minimal tracks, and Steve Bug played none of them.

imran - Toronto
WOW...timeless mix...i wish i was in a venue listening to it live.

Dan Goatfink
What a fantasic mix this week, the best of 2009 by far. Can't wait for an Ormond Henderson mix, fingers crossed anyway.

Darryl.G, London
Brilliant, Love Steve Bug's effortless mixing and wicked track selection, this mix just flows smoother than the river thames on a perfect summer's nite.....Love it !

Daniel from falmouth
Great flowing mix from the poker flat boss same label that has the talented trentmøller bring back either lorenzo de preti marc romboy dave clarke marc houle rouge or oliver lieb for an essential mix Lsg hearts is an amazing record.

Max, Coventry
amazing mix, really deep and housey for steve bug. Still brilliant

Eros, Bucharest
Good music!

Great music! Great DJ from a great label!!

Ed, London
Wicked EM! Deep & groovy - Very Impressive.

Pav Parrotte - Manila
Sweet set!!!

Simon, London
Super cool chilled beats.. love it!

The Gimp, London
Nice - He alway kills it, minimal as it should be played - Nice and deep !

Jim, Londres
Immense. Just immense.

Beeve Stug, Frankfurt
Steve Bug proves that minimal doesn't necessarily mean boring. Great track selection, good mix, keeps things moving along nicely. Cheers.

Tom W. (Japan)
Great min house mix. Not really my cup of tea... but currently huge in Japan. What a mess last week... glad to hear some good mixing. Respect!

Jack - London
Brilliant mix, deep gorgeous sounds.One of the best I've heard for a while.

Woody, London
terrible, just utterly unenjoyable and soulless. vernon kay and his ipod would be just as good

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