Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

August 8th 2009
Radio 1 & Cream at Privilege, Ibiza

Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto feat Mavis 'Step By Step (Big Room Mix)'
Abel Ramos vs Everybody's Free (Dor Dekel Bootleg)
Noferini 'C'mon This'
The Count & Sinden 'Mega'
Larry Tee 'Let's Get Nasty (Afrojack Remix)'
Laidback Luke 'Break Down The House (Beep-a-pella)'
The Prodigy 'Out Of Space (Looped)'
Sonic C. 'Stickin'
Laidback Luke & Diplo 'Hey'
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke 'Be (Organ Looped)'
DJ Chuckie 'Let The Bass Kick vs LMFAO (Laidback Luke says Ibiza Bootleg)'
Black Eyed Peas 'I Got A Feeling'
Junior Sanchez feat Good Charlotte 'Elevator (Laidback Luke Remix)'
Sebastian Ingrosso 'Kidsos'
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat Robin S. 'Show Me Love (Acapella)'
Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System 'I Will Be Here (Laidback Luke Remix)'
Axwell/Ingrosso/Angello/Laidback Luke feat Deborah Cox 'Leave The World Behind'
TV Rock feat Rudy 'It's Been A Long Time (Laidback Luke Remix) (Acapella)'
MSTRKRFT feat John Legend 'Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)'
Bingo Players 'I Will Follow'
Quintino 'You Know What (Joeysuki & Apster Remix)'
Corona 'Rhythm Of The Night (Acapella)'
Martin Solveig feat Dragonette 'Boys & Girls (Laidback Luke Remix)'

Annie Mac

Rennaissance Man 'Spraycan'
La Roux 'Bulletproof (DJ Zinc Remix)'
Fake Blood 'Fix Your Accent'
Sis 'La Trompetta'
Malente 'I Like It (Riva Starr Remix) (Fool's Gold)'
Duck Sauce 'You're Nasty (Fool's Gold)'
Wolfgang Gartner 'Flashback'
Felix Da Housecat 'Elvis'
Radioclit 'Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)'
Major Lazer 'Pon Di Floor'
Laidback Luke & Diplo 'Hey'
MSTRKRFT Feat John Legend 'Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)'
Who's This 'Who's There?'
Erol Alkan & Boysnoize 'Waves'
Retro/Grade - 'Moda' (White Label)
Florence And The Machine 'Drumming (Jackbeats Remix)'

Pete Tong
Steve Angello ‘Tivoli’
Deadmau5 'Strobe'
Underworld ‘Two Months Off (Tong & Rogers Wonderland Mix)’
Tim Green ‘Exercise‘
Reset Robot ‘Do The Slot’
Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac ‘10%’
Faithless ‘Music Matters (Mark Knight Remix)’
Ant Brooks ‘Shuffle’
Guy J ‘Lamur (Henry Saiz Mix)’

Eric Prydz
Tracklisting Unavailable

Your reviews of the mix

disarray brighton
I think the criticism for laidback luke is totally justified, it was all abit wierd...but Annie mac is a legend, i always get in the party mood from her tunes so what if its a little on the cheesy side if you have a smile on your face thats all that rather hear pete tong on the radio and wouldnt go to see him in a clubprydz was good, like his stuff!

Chris - Middlesbrough
Suks - Nottingham : Try Michael Cleis - La Mezcla

olly the wolly
What has happend to the DJ? poor laidback luke up there absolutely destroying his own career why didnt someone take the headphones off him! and the same for annie mac! give these guys 6 months out to really learn the art of dj-ing and not just throw them on the decks to make nothing but noise and more importantly make us hate the music we love!

Dan Shaw, Perth
I'm not entirely sure how Annie Mac can be considered a DJ. Surely anyone can talk dribble between tracks to hide the appalling mixing. She just seems to get gigs off the back of her Radio One slot. Dreadful Essential Mix this week Radio one.

Cant beleive all the good things everyone seems to have to say about laidback look, HE IS TERRIBLE!!!! WORST DJ I'V EVER HEARD!!!! he's not a DJ he is a popstar! Commercial rubbish! More deep house please! Look forward to Steve Bug's essential mix, now that is good music!

Leo from Austria
superb!!! :D

Michele, Italy
Please, Tracklisting Eric Prydz!!!

Dave, Canada
Was there and Annie Mac def killed it in the side room, best of the sets that night

Suks Nottingham
Help! I need to know the track Luciano played..flute like sound with beat kicking in to latin sounding vocals. It is absolutely amazing and I need to have it! Can anyone help me as there is nothing listed here? Played it in Pacha a few weeks ago too...good times...:-)

Tom K - Australia
Great Music .. too bad we dont have the same quality is aus

alex, norwich
anyone supply a tracklisting for eric prydz? crackin' set!

Vicki Leach - Liverpool
Who gives a **** about how well they mixed, I thought they were great! It was an absolutely amazing night - listening to this makes me so happy, but sad that I'm not still there!!

rave lizard
prydz set was genius in so many ways.and lamur. tune of the summer.

We Want Techno
Garbage! looking forward to Steve Bug, any chance of getting Adam Beyer back on the essential mix?

Tony, Manchester
Yeah the best EM so far...NOT! So you don't misunderstand me it was totally forgettable like most these days! Am sure the lack of lyrics, absence of melodies & primitive sound really appeals to someone (called Stacey or Chantelle) whose extensive vocabulary could sum it up in one word e.g. it was "sick" man. If your going to airplay repetitive gimmicky noises buy a Casio watch & keep it to yourself or call it the unessential mix so we know what's going on. Just giving my critique.

Ian, Bristol
First time i've heard Laidback Luke & was well disappointed, also Annie Mac isn't good enough and only gets gigs of the back of being on Radio1, Tongy was good but Eric's set was by far the best. More Swedish House Mafia on Radio1 please!!!

Sean - Liverpool
If you've never seen Laidback Luke live before then he might sound a bit mashed up & disjointed but believe me he rocks it big time when your there. You can never really judge a night from a recording anyway.

The Boofont - Elgin
Reading through the comments just goes to show you can't please everybody all of the time. For me, they're all good DJ's in their own right, Tong's a pioneer from way back, Laidback Luke must be something right to rapidly ascend the DJ ladder, Annie Mac is prepared to mix up the styles and will play to the crowd and Eric Prydz is always spot on and diverse. If you don't like it, don't listen - Simple!Looking forward to Felix Da Housecat though!

decent mixed by pete tong.. love it!

eric's tracklist
01. ID (Eric's production)02. Pryda - Space Miami ID03. Pryda - ID04. Meck vs Dino Lenny - Move Your body05. Paul Ritch - Carrrrramba (Monkey Mix) w/ Reset Robot - Do The Slot06. Cirez D - On Off w/ Paul Ritch - Carrrramba (Monkey Mix)07. ID08. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers (Eric Prydz Remix)09. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Eric Prydz's Private Mix)10. Pryda - Melo (Album Edit)11. ID (Eric's production)

jaimie currie. portrush northern ireland!
Ive seen laidback luke before in Lush in portrush and he took the roof off was much better than this set!! =]

that was a bunch of noise! i think my ear bled a little! not the best from essential.. come on august 15 and 22nd..

Macky, Leeds
Prydz rocked it with some sick tunes. Anyone know what remix of "move your body" he played?

Daniel from falmouth
Liked tong and prydz sets erol alkan and boyz noize waves tune epic. drop mixing not brilliant technically but adds element of suprise get m-zone, daniele mondello, zatox or ricardo villalobos to do a essential mix.

Tong and Prydz were very good!!! Viva Radio1!

grebo,east anglia
omg annie macs set was fudging amazing, no more need be uttered!!! the beats speak for thereselves,great mixes too, such flow!! YES ANNIE YES!!

mcp -London
ive seen laidback lukje live a few times and that didnt do him justice. where was break down the house? wat a tune!--

Leigh, Newcastle
Tongey was pretty decent but PRYDZ was absolutely unreal, the sets Eric puts together are just incredible! LL & Annie Mac shouldnt of even been allowed in the building, let alone on the decs need i say more!

David from Glasgow
We were in Ibiza in June and heard Laidback Luke at Pacha with Guetta - And he was absolutely outstanding that night( Way better than Guetta) 100 times better than the mix he has done here, which i think is borderline average to awful

Marco Macado: San Antonio (Texas, NOT IBIZA)
This makes me wish i could afford to take a trip there :) too much energy.... Pryda is awesome

Dom London
Laid Back Luke? Annie Big Mac? Rubbish. , I'm getting really fed up with these idiots, with their nobs and buttons and flashy gadgets thinking they are worthy EM DJs, when you look at those who have previously graced these halls they are not worthy. PT and EP ok at least they work a set. Luciano last week taught them all a lesson on how to rock a club. tremendous.

i love ann

Rich, London
Thank you Radio 1 for giving us 4 hours of dance music from the white isle. Always look forward to the Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza!Struggled to listen to Laidback Lukes set but the rest were wicked... Also Annie Mac is hot! ;)

lee - miami
annie mac and laidback luke were terrible,i skipped past tong(for obvious reasons)prydz was decent but borderline wright chesire!

Mark, Birmingham
Laidback Luke lacked big time, terrible mix and bad use of effects, heard a lot better from this guy!!

Action Jackson
What was Laidback Luke doing? This was so disjointed, had no flow and was just using the FX too much. Annie Mac was ok, i dont really rate her yet, seems like she's just riding the Radio 1 gravy train and getting gigs off the back of it. Tong AGAIN cant mix. He does it every time. Prydz sounded good, but yeah if you go to a live club, this isnt the kind of set they really play if its not being recorded. Bring on Steve Bug. This was average at best.

Neil, Melbourne
This week and last week's EM's were the two best live EM's that I have heard yet. Every single DJ was absolutely flawless and incredible. Thank you Pete Tong, EM and the whole Radio 1 crew for sharing this and allowing those of us in the cold dark corners of the world to live out some of this magic and get caught up in it. The only critisism I have is that there should have been 2hrs for each set and an special 8hr EM!! :)

daniel stoll
i was there

Mark, Wigan
This was our 1st night in Ibiza......what a start to the best time of my life!!

Ben in the US
Lazy Luke was lazy and Annie Mac was forgettable. Pete Tong was decent but Prydz is off the chart. Great set Eric!

bored bored bored
electro house is DEAD catch up LL and ban him from efx pads YOURE NOT JAMES ZABIELA FORGET IT and get some decent tunes. roll on felix to show the kids how it done....

max manchester
2many djs were siku eed to broadcast that

matt - vancouver b.c.
eric prydz mix is unbelievable. i love the 'bonkers' remix and its just so thick and juicy. wow.. really good stuff.

sam wilko - leeds

Graza Shaw from Dumfries & Galloway
I thought it was MEGA!!! I listened to both friday and saturday and this was way better than Wonderland i thought! Wish i had been there, definatly getting a trip to radio1 weekend next year =)! Tongy you rock my world!

Ed, London
Was there the weekend! Absolutle madness. Hope eric was alright after he got shot in the leg with the confetti cannon! Ibiza always rocks it, great night, shame 2many djs wernt brodcast.

katrina norn iron
absolutely amazin

Smithy Leeds
Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Tom, Stockport
Oakenfold's ibiza mix from 2006 was considered the worst ever essential mix, but that was due to technical problems. Laidback Lukes's effort however goes far beyond this- making noise is not a clever way of getting between 2 tracks. There is no continuity in his set, it was if he suddenly remembered at one point -oh music is meant to be tuneful, I'll play leave the world behind from the start.

DJ Hand Steel - Venezuela.
To The Maximum The Great Ones In Ibiza,Laidback Luke,Annie Mac,Pete Tong,Eric Prydz,,,In The Mix!!! @ Privilege d[*_~]b

Francis, Singapore
wham bang thank you Mdm set from Laidback Luke. Nothing memorable...

Leonard, Aotearoa
Did Laidback Luke fall asleep on the effects pad?


Patrick, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
Love the mix from Ibiza!!! It transports me to the party, and makes me feel like dancing all night.

vikki, Hull
I love the picture of me on the radio 1 ibiza weekend website hahaha loved it! priviledge!

Nada Serbia
I'll just say: Annie Mac!

Simone--Houston, Tx
This years mix from Ibiza was awesome...Loved loved Luke's mix and Annie Mac's mix wicked!!!

GlowTape, Miami
that who's there track is by ritonregardless amazing set on all fronts, wish i could have been there

Spencer Leicester
Wicked essential mix especiall annie mac thought she was top notch!

Gamble, Londonderry
What was the Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers remix that Prydz played?

lewis, liverpool
sickening mix!! love it

Todd, Queens, NY
Tong Killed it, Prydz was holding back until after they stopped recording, Electro house is dead (Laidback Luke), and Annie Mac should not be allowed on the EM. She single handidly ruined the BBC pool party in Miami two years ago.

Adam, Lithuania
Oh yeh! Annie Mac vas doing a big show in Ibiza!

always fresh and rock-da-floor selections.really curious about Eric Prydz mix,especially PJANO vs MELO mash-up - sounds really uplifted and techy : 2 main ingredients today to blow up dance people.regards from Ukraine


Simon, Edinburgh
Laidback Luke = Rubbish cheesey nonsense!!! Cant wait for next weeks EM with STEVE BUG!!!

gary wirral
that was the best mix off all time keep it going pete the daddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shaun newcastle
unreal am in ibiza next week am sooo gutted i missed this but it has got me in the mood 4 ibiza like

Miron, Los Angeles
was there!!!amazing!!!

Cav, Canada
laidback luke = best dj in the world !

sam fudge
every body is in the mix with pete tong. whould like to know when pete tong will be back on radio 1

kayleigh in scotland
listening to the enssential mix has brought back the memories!! this was an amazing night, wish i had been there on the friday for eden! wish i was back there right now!! pete tong was the best.....

tony in get on the dace FLOORIDA!!!!! U.S.A

dai turner. swansea
what a amazin mix from all the dj's, bu for me laidback luke was outstandingly good. Really wish i was there for that.

Tim Martin Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Thank you Radio One. If we could only see live video of the madness!!! Eric Prydz and Laidback Luke - Loved It!! First Class!!!

Nekit, Munich/Germany
Very very NICE =)))

Kyle SOuth Wales
Laidback Luke is on Fire.....AMazing!!!

Iain, Plant "Mac"
Can you get much better than Annie Mac's set? She's God IMO. Flawless mixing along with flawless looks = Annie Mac! Play count as already reached 10 on itunes. Heaven forbid what it'll be like in a months time. Power to Annie for it was you the force truly liessss!

"db" South FL
Sorry guys ... Annie Mac "JACKED" Privilege....I haven't heard house played like that since I moved from Chicago 9 yrs ago. The guys were great too but she "HOUSED" it!!!!!! :0)

Octavian, Houston
Glad to hear Laidback Luke back on BBC. Amazing set. The whole Cream lineup was about summer. And I'm sorry to know about Prydz accident. Get well soon Eric !

ray ray ayr
not too shabby,but pete really has to start upping his game soon,but lets face it,a terry wogan vs dave lee travis sound off would have been better than last weeks deadmau5 shameless self promotion sleepfest.peace brothas and sistas

Jay (Derry)
what an essential mix more of these pleaseeeee ! listened to the mau5 last weekend now this, loving it... thats what the summer is for 'RADIO 1' keep it up STICK IT OUTTT BIG LAD !

Seth Myles USA
OMFG! Eric Prydz OMFG! Pete Tong OMFG!!!!

Javier C
I hate essential mixes when there is too many different Dj's to cover and they plays so may songs in 30 minutes,very comercial,Dind't like it at all:(

Julie, London
Wow, amasing! Definitely the best essential mix ever. Pete Tong - old school rocks. Glad to see that Eric Prydz stays above his commercial cheese in his DJ sets.

sean, stoke UK
laidback luke always amazes me with every mix! wat a legend!!!!!

Ray from Holland
Finally an essential mix from our nation's most beloved House DJ! It was worth the wait, respect to Luke ;)

spenny lincs
what can u say..deadmau5 awesome last laidback luke kickin it...wik-kid mix...well done choices...

andre, singapore
wicked aura!!!

laidback luke stole the show, he rocked it!!!!!!

Jules, Riga, Latvia

Michiel, Holland
Good to see Luke on the show. Also nice to see the tracklisting beforehand!! Will defo tune in

Darko, Ukraine
hmmm...nice...and so interesting sn Annie Mac part

Ryan, Hull
Top class from Laidback Luke as per.

Liz in Lovely Liverpool
Absolute awesome reminds me of global gathering this year prydz'y main stage great stuff =)

Tracklisting is inaccurate

pants ~!

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought Laidback Luke & Annie Mac Pete Tong & Eric Prydz I Thought All Four Essential Mixes Were Smart Live At Cream At Privilege On The 8/8/2009

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