Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

June 13th 2009
Paul Ritch

Edit Select ‘Bauer’ (Ostgut Ton)
Mathias Mesteno ‘Tante Dunkel’ (Upon You Recordsords)
Mark Broom ‘Meltin Pot’ (Saved)
Bart Skils & Anton Pieete ‘The Shining (Rejected Remix)’ (100% Pure)
Paul Ritch ‘Canniballs’ (Quartz Recordsords)
Ramon Tapia ‘Can U Dig It (Butch Remix)’ (Great Stuff)
Slam ‘Ghost Song (Joris Voorn Remix)’ (Soma Recordsords)
Paul Ritch ‘Canniballs’ (Quartz Recordsords)
Seth Troxler ‘Panic (Paco Osuna Remix)’ (Spectral)
Handycraft ‘La Folle Du 6’ (Quartz Recordsords)
Marc Marzenit ‘Its Caracas (Paul Ritch Remix)’ (Paradigma Musik)
Hermanez ‘Marrakech (Martinez Remix)’ (Micoon)
Hermanez ‘Hocus Focus’ (Quartz Records)
Radio Slave ‘Sundazed’ (Rekids)
Ben Westbeech ‘Wahoo (Okain Edit)’
Perc ‘So Long’ (46 Clr)
Click Box ‘Shades’ (Minus)
Radio Slave ‘The Clock (Ben Klock S Timepiece Remix)’ (Rekids)
Andrea Olivia ‘Rainers (Philip Badar Mix)’ (Saved)
Click Box ‘Bass Tlit’ (Minus Items And Things)
Ulysse And Rose ‘Promethee’ (Motoguzzi Records)
Remute ‘Joking About Death’ (Shooting Elvis)
Oliver Huntemann ‘Rikarda (Paul Ritch Remix)’ (Ideal)
Joseph Capriaty ‘Side Chain’ (Drumcode)
Slam ‘Para One Note Samba’ (Soma)
Vincent Vidal ‘Pachamama’ (Quartz Records)
Paul Ritch ‘Last Night’ (Quartz Records)
Basement Jaxx ‘Fly Life Xtra’ (Atlantic Jaxx)

Your reviews of the mix

roderick in glasgow!!!!!!!
I need to use some of this!!!!! Got a night out with 33 people. DJing tomorrow! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Mauro Parker Brazil
Click Box from Brazil, amazing!!!

hugo Bo$$
the best EM so far this year!!thank u!!!

l love DJ W

Jon K - Atlanta, GA
Dude...This mix rocks! Thanks for the tunes!

Irving from USA
This mix NASTY!!! Overwhelming sounds from Paul Ritch as always!

Robert from Malta
Awesome mix! This is the music we want to listen :)Keep on the good work Mr.Ritch!

Simon from Dubai, UAE
This is very good stuff and will keep me going in the gym for a long time ;-)

verry good!!

Alex, Bulgaria
well done, French man...

jason portland
great, solid...say, there sure are a lot of vacant buildings in a down economy...

jorge from medellin colombia
great set, make me remember the toka nights with nastic and beyer, love that techno

Sanji, Melbourne
This is why I love techno. Great stuff.

Sergey Ukraine
not bad

New york biatch!!!!
TeChno is for lovers.......nicePeace

Davey, Glasgow
i remember last year essential mix played the headlining sets from coloursfest a week or 2 later will showteks set be getting played ??

Jon G, Philadelphia PA
Quality Quality Quality... every week I think this is the best mix this year, and then another one comes along (all genres) - EM nailed it again..

Jamie, Jersey
What a mix! Only really heard of this man until now, destind for big things. Techno till I die!

Ricco - Brazil
Absolutely brilliant!!!pumping up the neighbors till 3am...=)

Jason Moniaive Scotland
I tell you what real sexy music well done and one must keep an eye on

John - Dublin - RoI
Seamless / Funky / Deep / Excellent.. This mix was everything. Great party Music. Saturday morning was jumping in my house. Nice touch with Fly Life at the end Paul. Take it easy Mate - Really enjoyed what you did.

J.D. Toronto, Canada
WOOHOO! !! ! EM OF THE YEAR! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PROPER TECHNO! ! ! ! BUMPIN! ! ! ! !

good man

Mark, London
Hermanez Stuff is rocking!! Loving Quartz Records, great mix this!

pablo, london
Been following paul ritch for a while, love the hybrid techno/ house sound he plays, spot on, could listen to it over and over. @Dave from Birmingham, can you do a mix like this?? I use beatport and agree he plays a lot of tunes I have bought from there, but you still have to have skill, and and his tune order is spot on too!!!

Lee - Miami

Pat, London
Only 20mins in and I'm already loving this. Played in the right club, this would rip the roof off.

rob manchester
fantastic sound, techno heaven, roll on space 2009

rich, NZ
sublime, end of!!! the really awesome kind of techno the essential mix has needed for ages now.. paul ritch = genius

tom sydney

Raymond Enrique, San Diego
This is a 100% pimp mix! Wow, the whole thing is really propa techno and on fire! I approve and would play the same type...depending on the area. Rock on!

Dave , Birmingham
Yeah good mix, but honestly anyone who checks beatport pretty often could do this mix. but it's still a good mix and paul your tune's are wicked live and loud...

Sven, Zilina - Slovakia
Awesome set! Totally mighty bass lines, love this. Full of energy, this is music of youngs!

Victor, MADRID
amazing session!!!real good music

Tim Martin Palm Beach Gardens Florida
The French still have it going on.....House Music a sexy first lady and wine!Hands In The Air!

josef Hamburg
Ramon Tapia ‘Can U Dig It (Butch Remix)’ great stuff !!!!

Zak, Ipswich
I've fallen in love with techno again!

V, Vancouver
WOW that Perc - So Long 46 + Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson - The Clock (Ben Klock's Timepiece) mix is unreal!

mark thomas dickinson, liverpool
really looking forward to this 1, paul ritch is decent, split the line (dubfire mega mix) is ill


Chacho D Vega - Argentina
What can I say!Wow!!!Dont stop with this musik...

Jordan, Toronto
BEST ESSENTIAL MIX EVER! Thank you Mr. Ritch! you got me buzzin.

The House of Majerty-New York City
A delicious start to Saturday night...stripped down and deadly.

Stephen in San Francisco
As an ex-pat living in the US I never felt the need to comment on any essential mixes before. But this is 'sublime'. If this is what my euro cousins are listening to nowadays I'm sorely tempted to return to my native shores. Thank you BBC for keeping me tuned up to the latest dance and esp. the D&B scene.

Rene Valente Escandon El Paso, TX US
Awesome sound!!!! Great mix!!! Paul Ritch rocks the dancefloors!!!!!

Karlos and Girish from Palmares Costa Rica
oh my God that is this mix so good one, as soon as to dance the 2 hours .......... my son and I enjoyed every week and every day to each person that we know we invited them to listen to the best program of electronic music worldwide ..... Essential Mix does not stop BBC Radio 1

Please DENNIS FERRER Essential mix yet

Todd R-New York City
Amazing from start to finish. Perfect track selection, perfect mixing. Banging techno the first half, deep and techy the second. This is the EM of the year.

Mandy, Toronto, Canada
AMAZING!!!! I'd not heard of this DJ/Producer before this, but I will definitely be watching out for him now. 2 hours of driving/funky/deep/original techno :)

Very Nice Mix! Respect Mr.Paul Ritch

Johnny, London
The best start to an essential mix for years..........
Fantastic stuff, keep it up!

SICK SICK!!! Can't stop dancin!!!!

Hand Steel - Venezuela.

Didier, Lyon, France
Thanks Paul for this good deep techno mix, I thought new french DJ couldn't do that anymore (I was desperate after Nuits Sonores as we mainly heard mixes without continuity, without soul, please come next year!!!)... Bravo...

Tom from Edinburgh
Technically good but quiet boring set.I'm getting sick and tired of guys nailing very similar tunes over and over.Generally not bad,wish you all the best Paul

Edward Batty
Lushhhhhhhh :)

Adam, Ustka, Poland
Thanks BBC Radio 1 for this really amazing performance from guy who is a wizard of the new wave electronic music. I hope that everybody had enjoyed it as I did during the listening of Paul's last night show :)

Paul, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
This has to be on of the best mixes I've heard in a long time. Flawless!

Calypso, Oxford
Amazing stuff.

Richard - Manly, Australia
Awesome :)

Paul from southampton
Love it every mix spot on RESPECT to Paul Ritch funky but not handbag cheese cant wait to blast it out tonight!!!!

Matt from Dallas, Tx
Fantastic mix man...loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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