Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

June 6th 2009
Style Of Eye

Style Of Eye - `Grounded´ 
FGTH - `The World Is My Oyster´ (ZTT)
Style Of Eye - `Entro´ (CDR)
Luco Luzano `Its Wild Out´ (CDR)
Marc Miroir - `Kraft´ (Paso) 
Style Of Eye - `Clown´ (Pieces Of Eight)
Sidney Samson - `Riverside´ (Sneakerz)
Miike Snow - `Animal (Style Of Eye Remix)´
Lily Allen - `It´s Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix)´
Laidback Luke - `Show Be Love (Style Of Eye Remix)´
Veztax - `Whatzup (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)´ (Vezotonik)
&ME - `+++´ (Keinemusik)
Heckmann - `Silverscreen (Butch Remix)´ (AFUXTRA 1)
Deepgroove - `Turbo´ (Cocoon)
Fakeblood - `Mars´ (Style Of Eye´s Tool For School)
Empire Of The Sun - `We Are The People´
Popof - `E Doser´ (Form)
Torben Boswich `Move On (Style Of Eye Remix)´ 
Radio Slave - `Sundazed´ (Rekids)
Matt Tolfrey - `I Just Cant Take It´(Cocoon)
Style Of Eye - `Retur´ (Dirtybird)
Style Of Eye - `Gioco (Accapella)´ (Classic)
Hermanez and Ramon Tapia - `Straniero´ (Miconn)
Smith N Hack - `Moving Like A Train (Style´s in the Car edit)´ (K7)
Tiga - `Shoes´ (Noob Remix) (Turbo)
Julian Jeweil - `Marjo and Linda´ (Craft Music)
Tony Senghore - `Teknosexual (Accapella)´(Anonym)
VV Brown - `Leave! (Style Of Eye Remix)´
Ramon Tapia - `Mi Esposa´ (Great Stuff)
Butch - `Amelie (Format B Remix)´ (Great Stuff)
Style Of Eye - `The Big Kazoo´ (Dirtybird)
Andre Winter - `Trauma´ (Ideal)
Unknown Artist - `Kissogram (Ramon Tapia Remix)´ (CDR)
Rocha And Lewinger - `Cochise´(Craft Music)
Unknown Artist - `Decade Of Agression (Jesper Dahlbäck Remix)´ (CDR)
Style Of Eye - `Road Race´ (Dirtybird)
Style Of Eye - `Grounded´ (Pickadoll)
Namito - `Train To Teheran´ (Kling Klong)
Einmusik - `Atl Antis´ (Einmusika)

Your reviews of the mix

Andreas Sollén, Gothenburg
Great stuff, mr Style of Eye! Cheers!

Smilesy, Melbourne - Cultural heart of Oz
Great fun and excellent unique sounds and bounce with superb base and rhythm throughout! A bit too much ‘noise’ at times Not the best EM of the year so far but pretty good! Currently best EM’s in order: Greg Wilson, ATFC, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler. This coming from a VERY long time lover of dance (i/e.’89 summer of love). p.s. Armin Van Buuren best DJ in the world! You have to be kidding? How do you get away with playing that fluffy rubbish years after that sound was introduced? Sander Van Doorn has the teeth, looking forward to him!

Rob, London
A talent if you´re into trance-techno. For me it was noise!No soul in it...

gareth manc
put it on the i player for gods sake. spare a thought for us with 64bit operating systems!

Stuart Leeds
What is the song that is playing at about 1 hour 18? I love it but can't seem to figure it out. Help much appreciated

Hoolz - Dundee
GENIUS!!! Take a bow son!!!

Conde, Colombia
The best essential mix ever!!

Rafael, Belgium
Amazing essential mix.Loved every minute of it!!!Probably the most underrated dj...

Steve Glide, London
first heard ot Style of eye back in april @ junk in southampton as i was playing at same night. learnt a lot he was awesome, very skillful! now im playing he tunes out, supberb production!

Leo Martines from Monaco
It's so great mix. Style of Eye respect! Your mix is never let me sleep!

Alex, Cologne/Germany
creative, explosive, dancey... u need to bring that vibe here! rock on!

Neil, UK

Wes, Manchester
Still smiling, never tire of Mr of Eye.

Manny, Leeds
Pure Filth, Brilliant mix

Scott, Glasgow
Been waiting to hear a mix from Style of Eye for so long and was not disappointed!!! Thanks Tongy

Mish, Ottawa, Canada
Freakin' fantastic mix. As he says himself: playful and energetic. Possibly edges out Josh Wink for top contender for EM of the year!

Singh navneet Oita,Japan
this is crazy man!...could'nt stop dancinf for2 hours non-stop..damn....its around 2 in the night; have university tommorow...just cant stop dancin!..:)

schlaubs, berlin

Marko - Toronto
Can these/past mixes be downloaded?

Brian, Glasgow
Only 20 mins in, but bopping my head away at work, loving it so far!!

Alek Bulgaria
Great mix !!! We are waiting for your gig in July on Cacao Beach !!!

definitely my mix of 2009... all the best tracks of the year so far and he's chosen the best remixes.

James, High Wycombe

Olle Oljud - stockholm
he is absolutly killing it... Awesome.

Andreas, Gbg
Nice one, Linus! Big love /Paradisco

Wesley Lyne
Style is the man ! He tore up fabric last month...... Ridiculous set !

Matt from Melbourne, Australia
starts off a bit messy but from Veztax - `Whatzup it just gets better and better. should have thrown in the prophet though. come back down under!

Joe Los Angeles
PLEASE GIVE AN ESSENTIAL MIX TO the bloody beetroots!

Richie G, London
OMG!! This mix is insane, Style Of Eye is pure skills! Thanks Pete for an awesome show.

Raymond Enrique, San Diego
This is a quirky and fun mix. I digg!

Eric, Chicago
I like.

hassan luhr, where its at
this kicks ass!

Maggie - Glasgow
sheer pleasure - I'm still grinning

Adrian, Chicago
Wow. Best mix of the year so far. Well grounded, paced, not obnoxious, not to bleepy not to extreme in anyway just straight up groovin flowin beats. Thank your mr. Style =)).

bangig mix

great start and a lot of tracks. nice

Kyle - London
Artist for "decade of agression" is Arnaud Rebotini

feon london
tried to give it a go just to see what all the fuss is about but after 15 mins had to turn it off. why is trance so cliched and boring?

gary windiate from melbourne, australia
loving it, it is keeping me going while i have to work on a saturday. cheers

Michael.. Carrickfergus
What A Set.. I Said He Was Gona Be Big Last Year But This Is Defo His YearHe Has That Unique Sound That No 1 Else Has

OJ, Bromley and Wiltshire
Loving the Style of Eye mix, great tracks and some fun humour too. CLASS! Enjoy Ibiza matey.

Calypso, Oxford
Inspiring, awesome, spine-tingling

Greg Bear, London
Style Of Eye´s mix is sick! BIG UPS to the man!!

tim, cambridge
christ almighty... fantastic. absolutely brilliant

Rick-eye, Fife
Style of eye is the bomb! an absoluletly devilishly mega 2 hours listening on an otherwise mediocre friday night/ saturday morning!! thanks alot radio1!

Edrick, Jakarta
Nice talent ..

Dibec >>Mexico<<
Ohh it´s a great set style, I see U here in mexico on moots festival (your first time in all latin america was here yeah!!). I hope see you soon play again. Its a great experience, full of energy. I can remember that party with U and dubfire and anthony pappa. greetings Style,stay techno!!!dibec.

Felipe, Santa Monica, CA
One of the best and most entertaining Essential MixesEVER!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME hearing this DJ.but wow!!!!!!!!! KEPT ME MOVING THE ENTIRE TIME

Pete, Barnsley
This will make top 50 mixes of year... just!

Michael Norlin, Malmo
Style Of Eye smashed it! Awesome mix from the Swede. thanks Tong for an ace show!

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