Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

May 30th 2009
Armin Van Buuren

The Blizzard With Gaate – Iselilja (Sunn Jellie & The Blizzard Dub Remix) (Armada)
Moonbeam Feat. Avis Vox – About You (High Contrast Nu Breed)
Way Out West – Jupiter (CDR)
Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Riddles In The Sand (Armind)
Q.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Jerome Isma-Ae Mix) (CDR)
Josh Gabriel Pres. Winter Kills – Deep Down (CDR)
Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge – Faces (Ava Recordings)
Purple Haze – Bliksem (Doorn)
Gaia – Tuvan (Armind)
Lange Vs. Andy Moor – Stadium Four (Ava Recordings)
Klauss Goulart – Deep Universe (M6 Remix) (Armada)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. Feat. Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard (Vandit)
Neptune Project – Aztec (Future Sound Of Egypt)
Cosmic Gate – F.A.V. Vs Armin Van Buuren – Rain (Mash Up) (CDR) 
Robert Nickson – Circles (Andy Blueman Remix With Live Guitar By Eller Van Buuren) (CDR)
Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In (Filo & Peri 2009 Remix – Avb Edit) (Mondo)
Claudia Cazacu Feat. Audrey Gallagher – Free Fallin (Armada)
Stoneface & Terminal – Stardust Vs. Rex Mundi Feat. Susana – Nothing At All (AVB Mash Up)(Euphonic) Unknown Artist – Unknown Title (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix) (CDR)
3rd Moon – Monsun (ASOT)
Depeche Mode – Peace (Sander Van Doorn Remix) (Bongo Records)
Armin Van Buuren – Blue Fear (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)(Armada)

Your reviews of the mix

Toucan Pomona, CA
What a mix!!!!

George Collins
Once again, absolutely brilliant. you never fail to put on a good show.

nick from somerset
well you got me so in tranced it was hard to walk away or even shut the vol down top notch mixing see how you got the resedency respect wish i had the time to profect a mix like thiswhat a luck chap you are you have shorly found your perfect job crowd pleaser crowd puller and total entertainer good luck im glad youv found your life in music and happyness sea sand and loads of peeps that respect you in you love of music

Omar, NYC
Good Tune Selection !! The New Andy Moor Tune "Stadium Four" Is Amazing .....

Charlie, Witney, Oxfordshire
Stunning! The man is a Master! Cheeky grin too haha!

Iain (Essex)
A truly legendary Essential mix from Armin , some great new tracks which flow together effortlessly..My fave mix so far from 2009 , the Heavyweights of May truly Rock...thanks

Jay Fall River, MA
Amazing set! Armin, keep up the great work.

Johanna - Washington, DC, USA
Fabulous mix. Was a pleasure to see Van Buuren perform here this Spring. He is a great showman, DJ, and attracts a wonderful crowd of people. Thanks for bringing him to us streaming.

NS, Copenagen
Absolutely wicked sick. To be honest, my expectations were high when I saw his name as a future Essential Mixer for this year and boy were my expectations met. Way to go mr. AvB! Absolutely insane! Can't stop bouncing to it.

mike, boston, ma, US of A
lush, yummy beats from one of the masters...thanks, Radio One

he is far from being the number 1 dj in the world

Amazing mix Armin, back on form again. Lots of new tracks.

Big Red - Merstham, Surrey, England
Nice mix! Not sure about the Stoneface & Terminal mash-up with Rex Mundi! The vocal didn't fit!And did the 4th to last track sound a bit like 'Ultrabeat-Pretty Green eyes? Maybe that explains the "Unknown" Artist & Title! :-)But all in all a very nice mix - full of energy and some very tasty tracks!

Soul Synthony
Just magic Armin, the UK loved your stay at our biggest radio station, Just got shivers with "Blue Fear" hope to see you here again as usual, keeep doing your thang.-SS

Mark from Belfast
Loving it armin, you have been spot on since Trance Energy in February. Loving the tracky. Josh Gabriel's new'in is quality. Keep it clean!

Chris, S Wales
This is the absolutley superb!!!!!!!!!!On my third listen and certainly takes your mind off the college work. How can I download it? ;-)

tony croatia
Ron Hagen & Pascal M Riddles In The Sand (Armind) The best track in set!!!Armin forever

dj mrx
The best radio show from the best of the best radio produser!!!Thanks "Eyxaristoume"

Rob Manchester
Used to go to crasher back in the late 90's, and was a big trance head, but have to say it's barely moved on since then and this is just blah no inspiration at all

Chris, Miami
Awesome mix, new tchunes, Fantabulous.

Mr T

veronica, london

John F - Cove
i have never listened to armin van burren before so i thought i would give it a try since i do enjoy tasting wine this was not like a cup of vintage wine more like a cup of very cheap wine but i cant wait until style of eye hes proper banging

Sebase, Netherlands
Lovely set by Armin with some precious little gems!

David, Colorado
I absolutely loved it! I feel like the echo of the beat transforms its abstract regularity into a measure of overwhelming harmony that synces the pulse in my own heart with the reverberations of the surging melody. Well done Armin- you truly are the world's best DJ.

Banging mix!

Furqan from Pakistan
really nice set...go armin go

Cameron, London
Brilliant Mix from the legend himself!!!!

Andy, Eugene OR USA
Wonderful - a great prelude to the upcoming Ibiza season.

bryce scotland
boring pants

Ben, Tucson
Hmm Let's see what Essential Mix is up to...eeew, never mind.

Jason Moniaive Scotland
nice vert nice

Rummy Chicago
Love Armin! :)

Wesley Hayden (Cheshire)
Amazing mix!!!!! nice mixture of progressive, melodic and emotionally balanced TRANCE!

Alayna from San Francisco, CA
I LOVE ARMIN! What a killer tracklist. This man is a god.

victor, yekaterinburg
Armin is the one and only man who makes me listening to trance music... Can say the mix was kind of remarkable.

Matthew Litherland, Liverpool UK
After seeing Armin Van Buuren at Creams 15th Birthday in Liverpool with Pete hosting the Essential mix, I've been to Holland Trance Energy, ALL over the UK, and worked in Ibiza all alst summer attenind Armada every week! Armin is the man!

Nico in York
This joyous deliverance propelled me into a blissful ocean of trance the likes of which can only very rarely be equalled by a precious few DJ's, perhpaps none more adored than Armin. I havn't had the opportunity to see armin Live for over 3 yrs now, but no set I have heard since has managed to send my soul soaring like this one, and i wasn't even in a club to hear it. Made my year!

Michael, Nottingham
I am absolutly loving every single second of this mix... armin you are a legend!

John Forbes- aberdeen
i thought i would of liked this essential mix but i couldnt enjoy this cant wait until style of eye essential mix that is proper music

Daniel - Buenos Aires
This will make Top 5 of essential mix 2009 for sure. Trully essential mix this time. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

joseph from toronto
this guy is the #1 dj? good joke.

Avis, Derbyshire
I have been fan of AvB for last 4 yrs...He simly is the best..bringing so much love and positive feeling through music!?LoL

bad mix :S

Shanz, Malaysia
good selection of tunes, very catchy claps and shaky beats, a bit tribal at the start which was good, mixing was good enough to get u on a straight roll away from this planet

Foxy - The Midlands, UK
One word: CLASS!

Bert Belgium
I like this essential mix.Nice to hear the ASOT 2009 in a different mix.

Matt, Cheshire
1 of the best mixes to grace the Essntial mix, EVER! Awesome would be an understatement!

awesome as always. without armin and Tiesto there will be no trance music today. they made it popular.thanks

Jan from the Netherlands
Great set!

RS, Liverpool
Great mix...from a gr8 DJ...thank you BBC!!! Armin rules!!!

Adam (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Very good mix by AVB. The middle section was brilliant in my opinion. Why didn't AVB speak at all during the mix?! Usually the DJs say a few words during their essential mix!!

ric, manchester
absolute class!

remembers the glory days of trance
AvB......meh s'alright.

Mark Sloan

Dan, Chester
If Armin Van Buuren is the World's Number 1 DJ then Susan Boyle is the #1 Singer! This Guy is good but Sasha is still 'The Best' Listening to the mix - if Simon Cowell knew about dance music he would say "Sorry Armin its very good but hasn't moved on from what every trance DJ was doing 5 years ago"

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