Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

April 25th 2009
Sub Focus

Sub Focus ‘Rock It’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Juno‘ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Timewarp Vip’ (Ram)
Ed Rush And Optical ‘Chubrub’ (Virus)
Switch - A Bit Patchy (Sub Focus Remix)’ (Data)
Origin Unknown ‘Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)’ (Ram)
Deadmau5 ‘I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)’ (Virgin)
Spor ‘Aztec’ (Shogun)
Culture Shock ‘Machine’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Follow The Light (Instrumental Mix)’ (Ram)
High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Xample And Lomax ‘Remember’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Airplane’ (Ram)
Ed Rush And Optical ‘Pacman (Upbeats Remix)’ (Virus)
Sub Focus ‘Vapourise’ (Ram)
TC ‘Space Animals’ (D-Style)
Nero ‘Do You Wanna’ (Viper)
Chase And Status ‘Is It Worth It VIP’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Deep Space’ (Ram)
Hazard ‘Taktix’ (Playaz)
Dirtyphonics ‘Vandals’ (Audioporn)
Noisia ‘Alpha Centauri’ (Vision)
DJ Touche ‘Vampires’ (Southern Fried)
TC ‘Where's My Money (Caspa Remix / Jack Beats Re-Edit)’ (D-Style)
Sub Focus ‘X-Ray (Tittsworth Bmore Mix)’ (White)
Sub Focus ‘X-Ray’ (Ram)
Chase And Status ‘Pieces’ (Ram)
Original Sin ‘Dr Feels Good’ (Playaz)
Ram Trilogy ‘Screamer VIP’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Triple X’ (Ram)
Culture Shock ‘Bad Red’ (Ram)
Brookes Bros ‘Last Night’ (BBK)
Sub Focus And TC ‘Borrowed Time VIP’ (D-Style)
Chase And Status ‘Mad House’ (Dubtrade)
Bjork ‘Nattura (Switch Remix)’ (One Little Indian)
Breakage ‘Together’ (Digital Soundboy)
La Roux ‘In For The Kill (Skream Remix)’ (Polydor)
D-Bridge ‘Wonder Where’ (Non-Plus)
Origin Unknown ‘Truly One (Remix)’ (Ram)
Klute ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ (Commercial Suicide)
Culture Shock And Furlonge ‘Surprise’ (Ram)
Logistics ‘Girl From Mars’ (Hospital)
Interface ‘Get Lo’ (Audio Zoo)
Ram Trilogy ‘Gridlock (Break Remix)’ (Ram)
Moving Fusion ‘Turbulence’ (Ram)
Sigma ‘El Presidente VIP’ (Life)
Fresh ‘Talkbox’ (BBK)
Pendulum ‘Ransom’ (White)
Break ‘The Truth’ (Symmetry)
Lomax ‘Artisan VIP’ (Ram)
Noisia ‘My World’ (Ram)
Phace ‘Cold Champagne’ (Neo Signal)
Fresh ‘Heavyweight’ (Digital Soundboy)
Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix)’ (Xl)
Fresh ‘Signal’ (Ram)
MGMT ‘Time To Pretend’ (HC Remix)
Break ‘Evil Twin’ (Symmetry)
Sub Focus ‘Let The Story Begin’ (Ram)
Bad Company ‘Oxygen (Drilla Killa)’ (BC Recordings)

Your reviews of the mix

Ian, Nottingham
Dan in Chester, it's called diversity, the e-mix is here to bring us all kinda of music, not just the 'house/techno' you seem to think. We have to wait a long time between each d&b mix compared to the mindnumbing boredom some of the ones you like bring.

Jakob - Sweden
Very nice! Keep it up!

Adam - Bath
wicked mix subfocus..some great new stuff in there.Hey radio 1 any chance we can hear a Friction, Matrix & Futurebound or Brookes Brothers essential mix

Chris, Brighton
tears is up at the end, really well rounded mix. Surely one of the few DnB DJs who can get away with playing MGMT?! Subfocus is so strong, cant wait for his next set down here

Jake, Cardiff
The ability to mix more than one genre into a single mix is the sign of a world class dj. Loving the track selection, plus subs new releases are sick. Cant wait till they hit vinyl!

Clark, Canadian Arctic
My spine is now missing!Sub Focus is legendary!

Andrew -- Chicago

Maddy, Bristol.
Wicked mix! Not helping with work i'm meant to be doing tho. Havin a rave about instead now!!

conor, Belfast
PODCAST! PODCAST! POADCAST! please give us the essential mix on a podcast at least just this 1. and if its not posible to get a 2hr long podcast at least tell us lol oh i just seen the line up we have to get toddla T's mix and steve lawler's on a podcast plase!! lol

cam portsmouth
sub you are the man best mix i heard in a long time sick track list

Tim - Sydney
This mix killed it man, 2 listens already cant get enuff. Making me miss my dnb raving from back home! Sydney needs to pull a decent dnb nite out the bag.....

burkey, Somerset
Bob, AberystwythWhat a mix, some brilliant older tunes as well as the new. excellent! Just about sum's it up, 1st class 100% 1st class.Bring on the album!!!

rob - london
massive set! smashing it as always!

Yankey, Rochester
Good mix, finally an Original Sin tune in the essential mix :). A nice variation of the different genres, and some previous chart toppers.

Daniel Falmouth
As drum & bass essential mixes go, it is up there with the best of them. outstanding effort worth listening to at least 4 times if not more. Top work subfocus!

Paul, Chelmsford
My ears are in heaven absolutely AMAZING!!

Flax, Birmingham
this mix killed it!! was rocking out at work for 2hrs solid.

Ashley Hall Cardiff
ive been waiting soooooo long for this n it was seriously worth the wait! loving the mix subfocus!! awsome mixing! cant wait to see subfocus 29th may glo bar cardiff!! i love drum and bass!!

Alex moscow

Servantez, Spb
smashing mixing!!! the nightlife 5 must be mixed by Subfocus haha

Dino - Croatia
BEAUTIFUL !!! Can't wait Sub Focus @ EXIT Festival this year !!!!And also can't wait next dnb essential mix !!!Tnx Pete !!!!c yaa

such a sick track selection!

a2, USA
this took forever to come out but was well worth the wait! amazing mix and tracklisting! thanks!

Mike kell newcastle
mint!!!! where can i download this???

Mike casidy enniskillen
you have to play more Deadmau5 !!!! he is klass !!!! dont hear enought of this DJ he has a ton to klass TuNeS !!! =]

Jason B, Wilts
Once again way too many tracks crammed, 59 tracks in 2 hours, in why is every drum and bass essential mix like this?! As good as the tracks are I'd rather hear more than a minute or two of each!

Jamie, Leamington
Incredible mix, nice track selections and mixed very well. one criticism would be that a lot of artists are drawing on a lot of similar tracks at the moment... but that's a criticism of drum and bass in general so a great effort from subfocus.

James in Ipswich
Cool is there a new pendulum song coming out? awesome. It's on youtube already :)

Peter , Slovenia
nice mix

Robert Williams
lovin it all,Sub Focus "wow mix it up lad !!wood love too see live.

Jeff, AZ
Very solid overall, but had some odd transitions at times. Would listen again :D

Ben, london
Great set, hurry up and bring your album out!!!!!!

Paul, Birmingham
Awesome mix some massive tunes in there cant wait for the album!

Joe Symonds from West London
genius! been waiting forever for this one can't wait for the album

dUbSTep DoN
1st half is kinda as expected.....reli picks up in the 2nd half tho. not the best e.m but still great!

Immense:) well worth the wait

Penny, Basingstoke
This mix is massive! Loving the mix of some recent classics and other stuff that hasn't yet been released! (for the average consumer)

Tommy B, Leeds
Outstanding mix ! Big ups Sub Focus !!

Dan, Chester
We have got 'In new DJS we trust' slots for 'specialist' acts like this. Leave the Essential Mix for House/Techno acts like forthcoming Steve Lawler and Laurent Garnier (can't wait!!) I am going to have a listen to Subfocus but not expecting much - Red Indian Drumbeats as my Mum would say! Joris Voorn and Fake Blood best so far this year!

Charlie B, Biggleswade
By far and away the best EM this year, the best i've heard in a while, stunning!

chunky, glasgow
oooh aye, golly gosh what a beat sham, lovely job.More peanut butter please, and maybe some jam!

Andrea, Manchester
Not as many new tracks as hoped for but nevertheless....owns faces!

Ghost (Oakland, CA USA)
dope 1st half

joe birmingham
yessus! best essential mix ever!

nick,new zealand
that is one mean as mix luving the new stuff and especially the little dubstep mix awesome mix sub focus keep it up and come to new zealand asap

Mista Shiv, Shoreham By Sea
best thing since the chase & status essential mix last year!!

Jaybot, wolverhampton
wicked essential mix, any chance of getting Marcus Intalex or Calibre on the essential

James T in Bristol
deary me. hell of a mix, props for this

Alex - Brooklyn, New York
Yes! Up front and energetic drum n bass - honey to my ears. Thank you BBC. Great essential mix!

Mark T Dickinson
about to listen now been waiting a while for this one!

Nick Liverpool
just lookin at the track lisitng makes me shiver

Andy in Bristol
Mind Blowing - Made the night shift enjoyable. The man is a legend!

danny twickenham
essential mix of the year so far Huge tune slection

Great mix.. been running around like a mad man!

Smokey99 Tunbridge wells
Killa mix tune after tune big up sub-focus! last half hour was a real mash up whoop whoop!

chopper... west mersea... essex...
awesome........ subfocus is already a legend....

Bob G, Gunnison CO, USA
The best Essential Mix this year by far!!! great drops...showing us how its done. Now get out and RAGE!!!!

Paul essex
my ears are in heaven the best thing ive ever heard!!!!

Hotpants Chris
Absolute Ripper!!! A set of the highest order from Sub Focus, and respect to Andy C for his vision, a leading example.. so wicked to see D&B picking up the dubstep sound and fusing it together - just one of the many awesome directions of D&B that we are being so lucky to experience at the moment - big up the scene!

Darren Coe, Sandhurst
What a mix, love it, love it, love it. Dub Step and Drum & Bass so goes well togeter. I have been waiting for this mix since last year!Massive big up to the Subfocus

kenny, fife, scotland
big big big mix, pendulum return to form, tons of new stuff and not just dnb. Spor's aztec and fresh's talkbox sound too similar though.

Bob, Aberystwyth
What a mix, some brilliant older tunes as well as the new. excellent!

mark manchester
subfocus!!! yes yes yes! be waiting to long for this! bring on the album!

Jack - Bristol
Brilliant producer and a quality mix. Can't wait for the album!

Jack from swindon
absoulutly pure brilliance top man sub focus!!!

awesome mix! almost on a par with the chase and status one

simon uk
well it was worth the wait! huge em!! Great to hear djs mixing it up again, keeping the crowd interested. in this age of computer mixing and associated haters heres a guy still pushing boundaries old skool. Ram Recs still the cream of the crop as sub focus demonstrates aptly! go rood bwoy tell em gwan !

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought Subfocus Essential Mix Was Smart I Liked it When He Played Drum & Bass On The 25/4/2009

nelson- north yorkshire
my god iv waited a long time for this mix and it was worth the wait, top quality mix!!!!!

shroom, New Zealand
big tracks! come and play @ Phat New Years again!!

TAYLOR S. - Austin

electroluvr, USA
add "Spring Breeze" by DJ Roc pleeeaaaasssseee!!!

Tim - Canada
Nero - Do You Wanna.. sick!

Dave in Perth Australia
Finally subfocus on the essential mix! Well worth the wait. Awesome!

Mojorisin WIEN
FIRST :Dsub focus -> godhe is sooo big but STILL! underrated imo!best EM so far!

Aaron from Leicester
Good Mix... Big up Sub Focus... Loved the remix of SMBU and the HC of Time to Pretend.

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