Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

April 18th 2009
Joris Voorn

Zmar Feat. Avi ‘Singing Stars’ (Unreleased)
Blamstraim ’Fraim Math’ (Sending Orbs)
Joakim ’Tanabata’ (Versatile)
The Aloof ’Morning Spangle’ (Eastwest)
Andrew Bird ’Effigy’ (Fat Possum Records)
Izmar ’Weird Friend’ (Unreleased)
The Detroit Experiment ’A Tast Of Tribe’ (Planet E)
Biosphere ’Mir’ (Apollo)
Apparat ’Fractales Pt.2’ (Shitkatapult)
Nikolaj Grandjean ’First Picture’ (Sonar Kollektive)
Bola ’Aguilla’ (Skam)
Pete Namlook & Jochem Paap ‘Cll T M Frnd’
Minilogue, Decoy, Imps ‘Almost Live But Definitely Plugged (Move D Remix)‘ (Mule Electronic)
Manoo ’Abyss’ (Deeply Rooted House)
Azuni ’Use Me’ (Sthlmaudio Recordings)
Code 718 ‘Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub)’ (Strictly Rhythm)
Guy Noir ‘Delusion (Argy Big Room Dub)’ (District Of Corruption)
Ben Klock ’Subzero’ (Ostgut Tontraeger)
Yagya ‘Rigning Nu’ (Sending Orbs)
Filippo Moscatello ‘Furio Wild Beach’ (Mood Music)
A:Xis ’Suite Disappointment’ (Rebirth)
Model 500 ’The Flow’ (Frank De Wulf Remix)’ (R&S)
Ame ’Doldrums’ (Innervisions)
Milton Jackson ’The Rhythm Track (Jimpster Remix)’ (Freerange)
Loko ’Black House’ (Soulman)
Masomenos ’Ladies’ (Welcome To Masomenos)
Dop, Markus Homm, Feygin ‘Budva (Slum Dop Remix)’ (Dyinamic)
Erenesto Ferreyra ’Osmosis’ (Thema Recordings)
Matt Nordstrom & Orlando Villegas ’Spanglish’ (Saved)
Quince ‘Electric’ (Delsin)
Hermanez ’Marrakech (Martinez Remix)’ (Miconn Records)
Joris Voorn ’Empty Trash’ (Rejected)
Radio Slave ’Sundazed’ (Rekids)
Slam ‘Positive Education (Paul Ritch Remix)’ (Soma)
Joris Voorn ’Sweep The Floor’ (Rejected)
I:Cube ’Supernovac (Joris Voorn Unofficial Edit)’ (Versatile)
Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Baumel ’Untitled’ (Rejected)
Tadeo ’Metro’ (Cyclical Tracks)
Tadeo ’Singo De Intrusin’ (Cyclical Tracks)
Tadeo ’Transmission’ (Cyclical Tracks)
Autechre ‘Nine’ (Warp)
Teddy Douglas, Luis Radio ‘The Violin (5 Mile House Mix)’ (Basement Boys)
Wigald Boning ’Kobra Dance (Joris Voorn Interpretation)’ (Compost)
Ripperton ’Random Violence’ (Unreleased)
Carl Craig ’Es.30’ (Planet E)
Kettel ‘Mannschaft’ (Sending Orbs)
Sigur Ros ’Heysåtan’ (Emi)
Pj Harvey & John Parish ‘Cracks In The Canvas’ (Island Records)

Your reviews of the mix

dj pineapple, usa
sounds like old skewl sf crosstown traffic , a little hardkiss, some spanish dj pipi deep house... spinen de diepe eclectische cerebrale huis ...

pablo scotland
another ace mix,can't wait to see this guy play in glasgow later next month,the man's a different class

Didier, Lyon
Very nice set Joris, eclectic, sometime peaceful, othertime with some good techno, a nice musical ride, thanks for that.

Domenico - Blackburn
Wow what an essential mix, deffo the best this year!! Deep, delightful and an aural pleasure, love this mix! Thank you Joris :)

Stephen, Canada
By far the best EM!

BCos, Baltimore
so finally the race for EM of the year heats up... championship round will be Joris vs. Gui Boratto, you mark my words.

Jax - Riga
Very natural, easy musical sandwich. The cure for a brainfag. Me likes!

Chunky, Paris
Almost as good as his Balance CD... almost.

Sander Den Bosch The Netherlands
Wooow this is realy realy great.

Stuart - Australia
Joris is certainly one of the greatest talents i have heard, up there with great Dj's like Adam Beyer and Ritchie Hawtin. His choice of tunes shows a great ear for proper dance music. I have been looking forward to this one, awesome.

James, High wycombe
Dull, boring.

Toucan, Pomona, CA
not a hard, good rave mix, but still interesting to listen to


Dan, Chester
I wish they were all this good! I have listened to it on 'Listen again' about 10 times! Brilliant!

Jan, Chur (Switzerland)
Such a nice and positive flow, love it!:-)


Jennifer - Loch Lomondside
Absolutely beautiful, like a log fire for the soul...

Euan McHardy
Oh yes i love Joris... i follow him wherever he plays.. he is Number 1!

Dave - Oxford
I loved the Balance album, this guys fresh approach and technical brilliance makes him a cut above at the mo.

Mr Incognito, Leicester
Oh My God, this is one of the best mixes I have ever heard in my life! It has been on repeat for the last three days.. Quite simply a beautiful mix. The weaving of records takes you on an epic journey, reminding me of early Sasha mixes.. EM of the year, can't wait for the Steve Lawler / Laurent Garnier tho

Shield (Italy)
Fantastic Essential Mix from one of the best producers of the moment ! Shield

Richard, Manchester
Best of year so far - great mix!

Peter Brighton
Voorn's mixing is ok.....I saw him at Sonar 2005 and at Nevermind in Sydney in February. He's playing off a laptop not vinyl and it seems that he is unable to stray from his pre orchestrated set that he has ready planned on his laptop and not do much else. So yes it sounds good but he cant be spontanious or do anything on the spur of the moment. Joris - Learn how the originals started.....from a pair if not three decks and be original. Anyone can splice together 100 tracks in an hour from a recording studio.

El TeeTee - Bucharest
Excellent. everything seems to fit in place.Congrats!

yush/Washington DC
Ok I was really excited about joris Voorn since I have been mixing a lot of his tracks my favourite being A thousand Lost Souls.Now downtempo is not something a lot of Deejays venture into, The best that I have heard is Nick Warren's Paris Global Underground.Now hearing the first 15 mins of this set, I can appreciate Joris's desire to present his choice in downtempo but to be honest its not as gripping or interesting or even emotional as I thought it could have been, atmospheric is one thing, but a sustained ambience will eventually start to get to people.

Chris, Seattle
Absolutely incredible mix. The best so far this year. Creative, melodic, well-paced and brilliantly executed.

Great mix Joris, you make us proud.

PaulDj - Aachen
one of the addictive sets in a looooong time.can't stop listening.

Igor - Bratislava
Hand down Essential Mix of the year so far! Such a perfect mix of styles. Actually didn't know there was still such quality energetic, melodic techno around! This is so much better than Carl Cox last week!

Shoks- Johannesburg- South Africa
Thought that Greg Wilson and Carl Cox was hot, but this was EXCELLENT! Up there for EM of the year.Thank you JV!

Yura from Almaty
I like this pump!!!

Jose- Mexico
... to slowZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz

Junior, Medellín-COL
I remember the first picture... What an end!!! Plaudits

matt - chattanooga, tn, usa
pure and utter class here. a perfect blend of multiple styles that is paced expertly. i had high hopes for this one going in, but this mix surpassed my expectations of greatness - this is a mix for the ages! should be in the top five best e-mixes ever. much respect to joris voorn!

Brian, Tampa Bay, usa
A smooth,seamless,delicious two hours !

David Cop Spain
Its a really nice session with diferente style in the mix and wonderful track selection...that´s the music than anyone than love the music enjoy...consgratulation to joris voorn

Patrick Poland
Joris - wow, great mix.

Jordan Peak - UK
nothing but class from start to finnish!!

Dan B - Essex
Masterpiece of an Essential Mix, not what I expected at all.... A symphony of sound!

narf- port elizabeth, south africa
love it !!!!one of te best eva

Lee Mills, (Vangello and Mills) Liverpool
Yeah very decent mix. Starts nice and gentle. Loving the musical scopes covered in this mix :)

jens, toulouse
great set, real biggie

Si, Scotland
Not great. Not great at all!!

greg edwards
I like...

Andy, Leeds
This is absolutely brillinat from start to finish. what a combination of styles, love this mix.

Magical!!!!!!!Some downtempo, some uptempo...just perfect!

Robert nashville, TN
Immensely creative mix. Essential Mix of the year (so far) and hard to beat!

Aaron, Okinawa Japan
Truly exhilarating... I felt as Joris was telling a story through this mix... Decided to clean the whole house while listening. Keep it up Radio 1!!!

Pablo Villegas - Bogota Colombia
I thought it was a bit slow paced, not too much action. At some points I almost fell asleep. To be honest I thought it was going to be more techno party your ass off stuff.

Brandon - Chicago
If my play list would be half as good in ten years I would be very happy. Super!

Micha Venderbos, Nijmegen NL
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, love itbrilliant tracks and what an end with kettel, sigur ros and pj harvey

-Kevin-, United States
Amazing. Joris is my favorite DJ/producer right now. His mixes and productions are top notch.

Bossman, Bray
Very Good! Makes ya wanna Boogy :-)

Raymond Enrique, San Diego
This mix evolves up and back down again. I hear variety is the spice of life and this mix has just that. I've been waiting for this mix for a month and it was def worth the wait!

Andrew Portsmouth NH
Very nice

simon uk
awesome. reminds me a little of the trentemoller mix. proper journey vibes - thx joris jij bent de beste!!

Clapisto, Brighton, MA
Pretty decent. This guy gets it!

Ben Liverpool
Fantastic mix one of the best I've heard in ages perfect for the armchair raver. Made lesson planning much more enjoyable. Loving the lush tune 1hour and 42 mins in, made my day. I always thought that Joris Voorn wash a trance DJ to may delight he ain't!

MarkS Miami.
Well crafted,almost like a part three of his already stellar Balance mix.Respect to Joris Voorn and the Essential Mix.

This is the best this Year so far.Joris take us with the various sounds from Sigor Ros to ther Berlin Hero Ben Clock.This is really a great Masterpiece and for me a classic one.Djjudge Germany

Rares, Medias Roamnia
What can i say, probably the best mix, just and only love it....nice mix..this guy has really delivered the goods this time....keep on the good work mates :)

cheesey chips with bacon bits
this man can do no wrong! loved his balance cd loved this mix. love him.

Nelson, Glasgow
Superb!! Joris is one talented bloke, his balance mix just might be the best mix album there's ever been!

OMG, this is wonderous!

JR London
Loved every minute of it! I have been waiting for this mix to hit the airwaves. I have seen him only once but the set is a little vague, as it was in Space Ibiza and that was quite a session. Looking forward to catching him live again very sooon!

Kris, Edinburgh
Excellent mix!!! Completely different than what i expected after buying some of Joris's tracks. It truely is a musical journey starting chilled and gradually building the pace before winding back down.

Éktor Ituarte - Chihuahua, México.
I've just recently started listening to Essential Mix. I must admit I wasn't such a fan of Electronica before, and I hope with this show's help, I'll become a connoiseur of the genre. Love the show and deeply enjoyed Joris Voorn's mix! It was a nice one. Keep up the good job people!

Ariel Perez, Hollywood, CA
Pure magic!

scott hann UK
now thats what the essential mix is all about, everything you want to hear in 2 hours, eclectic tracks put together in all the right places.

rayray ayr
wow,i can honestly say ive just eaten my hat with a side portion of humble pie.that was class

Ghost (Oakland, CA USA)
very nice!buuuut .. Fake Blood still owns the year

James in London
I am frankly stunned at the variety and quality of music in this mix. This is a mix in its truest sense of the word; disparate elements and influences woven togather to make one constantly flowing, fluid whole. Beginning with the soft gauzy tones and wide open sonic spaces through to more solid structures and cathedrals of sound, and including a wonderful remix of that classic slam track. This listener has been kept on his toes throughout; top class, mr Voorn! Looking forward also to the upcoming Subfocus and Toddla T mixes. This year is shaping up to be a very good one indeed, musically speaking at least! J

jens, toulouse
this is thé absolute star in my branche, give it up 4 my man, Joris Voorn, amazing set, really amazing

Jono, Newcastle
I didn't think Greg Wilson would get toppled from the top of my ess mixes of the year list but I think Joris has just taken pole position.

Peter, Slovenia
nice mix

it was o.k

Burka Dublin
This guy is different class!!! :)

fabricco, warsaw
i'm love it. great EM. Greetings from Poland

mike from sratford
not sure about the first 22 mins but then it goes really interesting different styles of deep house and techy funky techno really cool enjoyed it more of a performance than a dj set coooooool keep it up more deepnessssss and different styles than just the electro housey crunkedy crunk fidge pidge

jeffo sussex .uk
simply magnificent from the man from holland.a near perfect after hours essential mix,pete has given this guy the opportunity to express himself with what he enjoys and he`s done that in abundance what more do you want ambiant, deep house, techno and electronica. somehow he has managed to do a two hour set sound like three. jaw droppingly good.this has to be right up there with the top five best essential mixes of all time.respect fella

Matthew, Leicester
Having listened to Balance 14 over and over I am 1 minute in and sense this to be mix of the year material.

Guy - London
Hi Balance CD is wicked... looking forward to this ess mix!

ACW, Netherlands
Wow, great mix from start to finish!!! Will definately check him out at Extrema Outdoor this summer!!!!

Dimitri - Riga

Dr. Hugo, Brighton
A true master at work.No one paints musical pictures in my mind like Joris Voorn. Aural therapy par excellence!

Joris, you make me pround to be from Holland! Absolutely delightful mix...a piece of art!Thanks man!!!

Aimnat - Bucharest
WOWWW ! What a essential mix. Track after track , simply amazing. Joris Voorn absolutly top DJ !

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