Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

March 14th
Fake Blood

Hour One: The Club
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "Look For The Woman" (Fake Blood Mix)
Hatiras "The New Jam"
VV Brown "Leave!" (Style Of Eye Mix)
Knuckles "Loading"
Underworld "Ring Road" (Fake Blood Mix)
Touche "Vampires"
-- w/ Frankie Bones & Lennie Dee "Just As Long As I Got You" Acapella
F#M "Riptide"
EDX "Casa Grande" (Robbie Rivera Mix)
Hot Chip "Touch Too Much" (Fake Blood Mix)
Mustard Pimp "Oh La La Satan" (Jay Robinson Mix)
-- w/ Josh Wink "Superfreak" Acapella
Hatiras & Jelo "Donkey Punch"
Boy 8-Bit "Baltic Pine"
Walter Murphy "A 5th Of Beethoven" (Soulwax Edit)
-- w/ A+ "Enjoy Yourself" Acapella
Malente & Daniel Dexter "Hyperactive"
-- w/ Trick Daddy "Shut Up" Acapella
The Kills "Cheap And Cheerful" (Fake Blood Mix)
DJ Zinc "Blunt Edge"
-- w/ Plez "I Can't Stop" Acapella
Lazy Jay "Float My Boat"
Ink & Needle "Tattoo 3"
-- w/ Scenario Rock "Skitzo Dancer" Acapella
Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat" (Fake Blood Mix)
Joachim Garraud "Are U Ready" (Roman Salzger Mix)
Vektorkat "End Run"
-- w/ Daft Punk "Revolution 909" (Roger Sanchez Mix) Acapella
Fake Blood "Mars" (Original / R!M!E Mix / Hatchmatik Mixes)
Electric Light Orchestra "Mr. Blue Sky" (Fake Edit)
-- w/ Green Velvet "La La Land" Acapella

Hour Two: The Afterparty
Chateau Flight "Baroque"
Mike Monday "I Am Plankton"
Touche "Spectres"
Butch "Amelie"
Caro, Dapyk & Padberg "Island" feat. Caro (Noze Mix)
Simian Mobile Disco "Run Theme"
Lucio Aquilina "Magic M"
Monochrome "Pearl"
Whomadewho "The Plot" (Noze Mix)
Can "A Spectacle"
In Flagranti "Business Acumen" (Holy Ghost! cover version)
Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy "Puck"
-- w/ X-Press 2 "Smoke Machine" Acapella
Touche "Zombies"
Giorgio "From Here To Eternity"
Pylon "Cool"
-- w/ LCD Soundsystem "Yeah" Acapella
Knuckles "Targus"
Lorenz Rhode "Antidote"
Battle Sequencer "Fish Fingers Part II"
Radiohead "Reckoner" (Diplo Mix)
Seventeen Evergreen "Music Is The Wine" (Joakim Dub)
Bent "To Be Loved"
Fad Gadget "Coitus Interruptus"
David Rubato "Circuit"

Your reviews of the mix

james USA
FYI Fake Blood is DJ Touche .. along with a few others. The guy is talented for sure. Been doing it for a while, He kinda maybe got "stuck on repeat" a little in the first hour but lots of quality Layering and Mixxing for sure. TIGA april 4th .. " sound of my shoes" !!!!

Igor, Philadelphia
Absolutely the Best EM of the year so far. Easily a contender for EM of the year. I love the split b/w club & afterparty. Killer tracks the whole way through. Great job fake blood and come to Philly!

Anand, UK
I wanted to switch off because had things to do but couldn't. The mix got better as it went on! Brilliant!Will defo have to check out fake blood live.

jab , brum
Awesome! Best EM in a while

Aditya, India
Brilliant !!

Claude Minkey Hereford
Great to have another creative mix on the radio, there were some great bits in this mix and very varied, keeps you listening wandering whats coming next !??

Claire - NY
Absolutely Insane! Glorious tracks. This has become one of my all time favorite Essential Mixes. Thanks Fake Blood

cheer up
it only gets betta!

Great Stuff!!!... Although I just wish he kept up the pace of the first hour… These artists are awesome… the next 4-5 weeks looks like a real essential line up!! Tiga FTW!

Wow! Deeper than i thought! Incredibly well put together - a real journey, nicely divided into 2 scenarios... Boy 8-Bit, DJ Zinc and Touche we're the highlights for me... Nice one Theo

Steve, Los Angeles it corny to say that fake blood 'killed it'? 'Cuz he did....

Leana Glasgow
Absolutely banging. Loves it!

King Darren of Aigburth (Liverpool, U.K).
What can I say... the quality of this Essential Mix is on par with the classic Daft Punk & Basement Jaxx selections. Wide range of styles: Can to Dj Zinc to Radiohead.With a modern mash-up twist, Fake Blood gets the Royal approval.

Max, Dundee
Awesome mix! Brilliant how the 2 hours are split into the club and afterparty :)

John _ Dublin - RoI
Was really looking forward to this.. but I found that it got boring fast.Amazing how many times you can play the same speech sample over & over & over & over & over & over & over again within a tune. Ah well.. Takes the focus off from the repetitive sawtooth wave basslines. Not enough contrast. I know he was going for the club / afterparty vibe.. but overall, I found it just too same - y. T'was a shame it was.

kubex, Warsaw

Maczee Ger

Tim, Durham
A bit like kissy sellout and annie mac stuck in an elevator with the random mix generator turned on

Phil Jelley; Barnes
Dirty stuff! I feel sick and need to have a sleep!!!

Byron, Melbourne Australia

Justin Wiggy, City Of Hull, East Yorkshire
The first hour of this mix is MINDBLOWING!! Why oh why did the tempo change for the second hour? It's such a shame as the second hour is just an average plod!!! Would have had a shot at EM of the year with 2 hours of the "special stuff"!!

oley, birmingham
last hour of this is ridiculous

evan, calif
amazing mix. fake blood is finally putting behind all the gimmicks and establishing himself as a top notch house producer and dj. part 2 of the mix is just mind boggling

Whisperjack Dublin
an absolutely fantastic mix, the best in electro, bassline and nice house and techno in the last hour, could be a definite contender for EM of the year

Conor Jay - Ireland
Absolutely crazy, nothing short of my expectations for Fake Blood!

Thought the first hour was class, seconds not bad either just not bouncy enough though!

NOAH. - St. Louis - USA
Fake Blood / Real Tunes

jason young ireland
best essential mix ive heard in a while, truly new & inspiring, nice & dirty, bring it oooonnnnn :)

Antoine Bachet / Melbourne Australia
sick mix can't wait for him to come down to us in april it will go off

Riccardo from Brighton
Absolutely amaaaazing!! Saw him last night at Digital in Brighton and he completely blew the place apart!

Ian Sheffield
A great Essential Mix, loved it!

OH Yeah!!!

Misterfonz, Bulgaria for now
He's a bit of alright this Fake Blood fella

Bob deluxe - Leuven-Belgium
Seems ok to me.

James, Glasgow
The mixing round about 29:30 is absolute class! Greatest I've ever heard. Possibly the greatest essential mix of all time. Tong do us a favour during transitions and what have you keep your gob shut!!!

nico from aix-en-provnce
this mix is rreeeaaaallllyyyyyyyyyynice thk u pete and fake blood2hours is too short!!!!this mix roooooooocccckkkkkssssa essential mix addict!!!!!!!!!!

Kazuma Japan
Cool Mix!!!

jm, warsaw
brilliant, both pts

Jack, Lincoln
Mental mix, this is full of beautifully wrapped suprises!!Gotta love 'A 5th Of Beethoven' in the middle there :)Keep it up Fake Blood Yo!!

Richi Australia
Loved this!!!! Holy Ghost, Joakim, Whomadewho. How cant you like this mix. Best ive heard in a while!!!

Jaap, the Netherland
Incredible essential mix! one of the best!

nicholls derby
uh fake blooooddddddd,wicked mix, i wish ur was in my front room right now on them cdjs

Andrew Portsmouth NH

martin heaps runcorn, chechire
Erm, jesus christ, I mean, this was blood pumpin stuff from track 1 to end. I feel the dirty evil element in this set which keep ye interested, bild up and choice of tunes was superbtotally thumbs up loved it.

darren falkirk
last weeks essential mix was IMMENSE,this wekks just aint my cup of tea......


JC from New York
Fake Blood! Brilliant mix

Whats the song being played at 27.30? thankss

Anon @ Belgium

Alex James, Bromley, Kent.
The first half was actually quite a noisy affair. Too screechy, bleepy and lacking in any soul or groove.(4/10) The second half was a lot better, good electronica based music.(7.5/10)

Wildlife on Bass - leeds
1st hour just about through... best essential mix of the year by far. SOOOOOOOO much energy. Listen to our podcast: Wildlife on Bass @ iTunes. x

that bloke somewhere with a tape recorder
gosh! theo is really showing us his crate digging credentials here! fad gadget ?! ELO mm ok daft punk (woopwoop) would prefer to go to his 'afterparty' tho that club music is so loud.....!!

callum from perth
awwwwwww mars is an absolute anthem, an anthemm people

Alex Taylor Sydney
Thought the first hour was great. Alot better then when i saw him live in sydney. should have ended the second hour with blood splashing. Where was 'i want your soul' still pumpin mix cant wait for tiga!!!!!!!!!!

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