Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

March 7th
Hard Dance Awards 2009

Best DJs - Showtek

Showtek ‘Hold Us Back’ (Dutch Master Works)
DJ Isaac ‘Sound Of The Underground’
Showtek ‘Apologise’ (Dutch Master Works)
Lowriders ‘Don’t Get Back’ (Dutch Master Works)
Showtek ‘Here We ****ing Go’ (Dutch Master Works)
Showtek ‘Party Lover’ (Dutch Master Works)
Southstylers ‘Jazeker’ (Fusion)
Abyss & Judge ‘Unify’ (Dutch Master Works)
Showtek ‘Black’ (Dutch Master Works)
Showtek ‘FTS’ (Dutch Master Works)

Best New Face - Kidd Kaos

Bob Sinclair ‘Feel For You (Kidd Kaos Mash Up)’ (CDR)
Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos ‘Devastating’ (K405 Records)
Blutonium Boy ‘Vampires (Dj Neo Remix)’ (Blutonium)
Kings Of Leon ‘Use Somebody (Kidd Kaos Edit)’
Walt ‘Waltstreet’ (CDR)
Tornadozzer ‘Addicted To Hardstyle’ (Blutonium)
Tornadozzer ‘Church of The Dark Side’ (Blutonium)
Unknown ‘Bigger Better (Kidd Kaos Edit)’ (CDR)
Junior Vasquez ‘Get Your Hands Off My Man (Kidd Kaos Edit)’ (CDR)
Southstylers ‘Wicked Generation (Zany’s Overdrive Mix)’ (Fusion)
Amber D ‘Ambers Theme (Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos)’ (Kiddfectious)
Pavo ‘My Style’ (CDR)
Showtek ‘Virus’ (Dutch Master Works)
Microtek ‘Push My Bass’ (CDR)
Max B Grant ‘No Good’ (Scantraxx Specials)
Suni Feenix & Kidd Kaos ‘Capture’ (Kiddfectious)

Your reviews of the mix

jim cassidy glasgow
this shows up other people ! hardstyle 4 life

ben, yorkshire
this is insane...

What a session,wish i was at it live

dazza austin , Texas
Ahhhhhhhh no soul or funk just kick drums and head banging . Absolute tosh !

Anon Falmouth
A corker of a essential mix Essential mix proper hard. Nice mix of Hard Dance stylesMore of this Please!

Daz, Hants
Sooooooooooooooo terrible!!

Harder Styles
Kidd Kaos mix is alright tunes are good but the mixing is poor.Not worthy of an essential mix

Rom' Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain!
Hey, it's so kool to hear some Decent Hardstyle, and just by listening to Showrek here, Live: Wowee, I was Vibe-trippin'!

Guido Tilburg Holland
Nice, the sound of showtek brings back a lot of great hardstyle memories!

Jack, Norwich
Kidd Kaos, absolutely awesome as usual. Loving Amber's Theme.Wouldn't be fair if I commented on Showtek though, can't stand this "nustyle" stuff compared to real hardstyle.

Holmesy Belfast
banging set keep it up!!

jay london
sameold like the coming up mixes boreing

My poor lickle ears

mark kevan.... scarborough
i was there , it was awesome, still doing it at 42 , get in there!

bob, london
what a waste of 2 hours! awful.

stevie, aberdeen in bonnie scotland
Hardstyle baby! About time we had more hardstyle essential mixes the HDA sounded mad wish I could have been there, keep it up radio 1.

Jon - Birmingham
Utter pointless music, its the hard "dance" awards and this music couldnt not bue further away from what uk hard house is all about.. Terrible....

Petter, Sweden

rusauk manchester
nice :P nice :) filthy..

Justin Wiggy...City of Hull, East Yorkshire
This mess goes out to all the no brainers with tracky bottoms tucked in socks...JUST AWFUL!

justin, Austin, USA dancing right now!!

Steve - London
Really kepted me on my feet...just too good

Ben, Southampton
These mixes prove hard dance is dead.

David from East Kilbride
absolute brilliant stuff its so good to hear some hard dance and hardstyle getting a chance on the essential mix and anyone who says they didnt knod there head or tap there foot are lying!! thank you radio 1 u made my night in brilliant! :)

simon n.ireland
showtek gd, kidd kaos set great, gna b huge for years to come. when alex kidd next on essential mix??

Mark, Preston
Seriously wish I'd been there now!

johnny, vancouver
I've been listening to this show for years, and the last few weeks of mixes have really not been my style. Hoping for music I like soon. Love this show when the dj/producers are playing the good stuff!

jay! Belfast!
Bring it on!!!!!!!! :):)

jim carr from scotland
what mix by showtek and kid kaos one the best yet

MOreeeee!!! in the end.. we just want More! Insane %)


Chris Shaw, M'Bro
Possibly the worst EM of all time?

chris forbes, middlesbrough
i like and listen to a wide range of music but this i just a step to far! this is terrible!!!!

lynz - Anglesey
Loved it!! Proper stomping!! Radio 1 needs more music like this at night!! hehe! & Kutski was awesome!! x

Timothy Wright Cheshire
Thought The Essential Mix Was Smart Because It Came Live From Leeds And I Liked It When Showtek & Kidd Kaos Played Their Essential Mixes I Liked Both Of Their Esssential Mix Because They Played Hard House I Like Their Music

Welcome on Planeta FM. I think this mix will be today on it at 23 :-) Awesome ;-)!!

P - Tipperary
By the sounds of this tripe dance is going backwards.....

Dave Messenger
best ever essential mix showtek rock

chris shaw, middlesbrough
Awful. Truely Awful.

Reda, Lithuania
Awesome and something phenomenal.

kj heysham
Pure excellence.. xxxx kj

The Rider , Balloch Scotland
Essential mix was awesome absolutly banging!!!

Laszlo Gregus aka Dj Latz,Scotland

Detritus from Canada.
Awful. Simply awful. And made all the worse by it not being a line-in recording.

brady nuneaton
OMG that was amazing need more of that hardstyle baby, i want more

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