Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

24 January 2009
Josh Wink

1) JPLS ‘Combination’ (MNus)
1.1) Wink ‘Are You There (Acapella)’ (Ovum Recordings)
2) Rhythm & Sound W/ Tikiman ‘Ruff (Afefe Iku Remix)’ (White Label)
2.5) Josh Wink ‘Counter Clock 319’ (Ovum Recordings)
3) Echoplex Presents 'Microplex’ (Sinewave)
3.5) Winx ‘Don't Laugh’ (Nervous Records)
4) Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander ‘XYZ’ (Drumpoet Community)
5) Taho ‘Shambhalla (Wink Interpretation)’ (Ovum Recordings)
6) Kink & Neville ‘Blueprint’ (Hour House)
7) Thom Yorke ‘The Eraser (Wink Interpretation)’ (XL/CDR)
8) Laven & MSO ‘Reach’ (Klang Elektronik)
9) DJ Minx ‘A Walk In The Park (Wink Interpretation)’ (MMus)
10) D'Julz ‘Just So You Know (2000 & One Remix)’ (Ovum Recordings)
11) Josh Wink ’Everybody To The Sun’ (Ovum Recordings)
12) Gregor Thresher ‘95 Days’ (Ovum Recordings/CDR)
13) Alexkid ‘Mocco Version 1’ (Cadenza/CDR)
14) Kelvin K ‘My Pal’ (Hudd Traxxx)
15) Crom And Doobie ‘Parklife (Mirco Violi & Sercan Remix)’ (OFF)
16) Kerri Chandler ‘ESC’ (Deeply Rooted House)
17) DJ Sneak ’All Over My Face 2008’ (Downtown 161)
18) Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts ‘I Was On My Way To Hell’ (Circus Company)
19) Peter Van Hoesen ‘Casual Care (Original)’ (Time To Express)
19.5) Wink ‘Freak’ (Ovum Recordings)
20) Pigon ‘Kamm’(Beatstreet)
21) Martyn ‘Vancouver’ (3024)
22) Portishead ‘Magic Doors (Noise Floor Crew Remix)’ (CDR)
23) Shed ‘ The Lower Upside Down’ (Ostgut Ton)

Your reviews of the mix

fabricco, warsaw

Fantastic! anybody know the website that he mentioned? something like night force seem to find it! great wink!!!!!
robbie millar, dundee

he is just unbelievable i can´t wait to see him @ wmc 09see ya there!!
David Ruiz, Cd. Juarez

I'm soooooo pissed I forgot to check out the EM until Thurs!!! This is SICK!!!! One of the best in a while...Radio One keep it up for longer! Or, as we all have been begging...PODCAST!!!
Steve, Los Angeles

The legendary Josh Wink with an absolutely flawless mix. Amazing! Got to be in the running for E Mix of 2009.
Lynne - Caerphilly

Inicredible mix, amazing track selection, I've been listening to this over and over since it was broadcast... it's inspirational!
Nathan, Manchester

Hi, why don't you go in the south of France?? We need you cause you're awesome!!!! !! kiss
Sophie, France

Some v. nice hse across the ranges.I thought he was all about the hard stuff!Enjoyable.
the watCha

sound great.....................................
fred from france

Josh Wink amazing as ever great sound you can always rely on him !!!!!
Martin, Cologne Germany

House and techno... Great !!
Rolando, Mexicali

what a mix very upto date with a nice bit of oldskool us garage thrown in too , bin lovin this guys stuff for ages he never dissapoints!
ollie p - manchester

Excellent mix - thanks.

Mr. Wink goes deep... real deep. I love this kinda stuff. Very groovy EM no doubt.
jer, turn around =)

Quality, Wink is a legend
Stu Newcastle

Fantastic mix and great selection of tracks. Josh Wink is the man!
Steve, Welwyn Garden City

Greg - 1Josh - 0
Stilwell , Portugal

Wink always impresses me... Loving the deep vibes on the mix!! Another great Eseential mix.
Claude Lyons, Christchurch (Dorset)

Great mix from Wink. the intro sets it off perfectly. I've seen him play loads of times and he always amazes me. Great new record too! One of the masters.
Leo, London

Loving this mix from start to finish. Either live or in the studio, Wink is always on fire!
Raymond Enrique, San Diego

As usual pretty tight mix from josh!
Steve.C Melbourne,Australia

Awesome set! I have seen Josh Wink live several times and he always delivers. His ability to control the tempo and mood of a set is great. Keep up the great work Josh!
Chris, Alaska

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Josh Wink is a wizard of djing, and this set was a masterpiece. Perfect, risky mixes, and an unmatched ability in selecting tracks. Truly awesome.
Paul G., California

listened to it 4 times so far and it's only tuesday !
brian, tampa bay, usa

Absolutly amazing. Going to see him this Saturday in our home town of Philadelphia.
Mike, Philly PA.

Absurd mix by Mr. Wink BIG UPS!
Synthetic Sounds

oh my god its a great mix .........deep dish and Roger Sanchez was here the last week here in Palmares 2009 , why no the Essential Mix........ we have hope than the next year Essential Mix live at Palmares 2010
karlos AND girish from palmares costa rica

Essential Mix-11-08-2008 London Elektricityhe is professionallove it :)
Vladimir, Ukraine

That's the Wink I know! This essential mix is similar to his profound sounds series mixes. where he goes all over the place with musical styles and it works seamlessly! Wow. Can't wait to see him for WMC! Another great essential mix for the new year! Bring em on! Thanks for having the mix available to us!

Amazing mix and much respect to someone who stays important in the dance world even after all these years and is from the us of A.
Adrian, Chicago

This mix is great, I cooked a fridge full of falafels and meatballs while listening to it
Jeff, USA

My god!Josh wink!!!
javier London

Josh Wink representing! No higher states on this mix, but it was great without it! He really mixed it up and it seemed natural! Great skills on the decks and programming Mr. WINK! Thanks! See you @ WMC 2009!
Steve, USA

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