Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

3 January 2009
Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose - Forget My Name (Accapella mix) - Dubsided
Worthy - Crackle (Justin Martin Remix) - Leftroom
Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance - Dirtybird CDR
Mathias Mestino - Wild Coyote - Upon You
Robert Dietz - Sunshower - Cecille
Oliver $ - Watcha Gonna Do? - Made to Play
Hector - Los Vatos CDR
Martin Brothers - Dum (Nat Self Remix) - CDR
Solid Groove Vs Madlib - Untitled - CDR
Riva Starr - Maria - Kindish
Sis - Nesrib - Cecille
Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bop - CDR
Solid Groove Vs Romathony Vs Roman Flugel - Frummer Lover - CDR
Jesse Von Peaches - F*** The Whistler (Ben Gomori Bootlegdit) - CDR
Sis - Trumpetta - CDR
Pepe Bradock - Angola (Carl Craig Remix) - Lusafrica
Riva Starr - Snatch - Made to Play
Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn - Dubsided
Consistent - Midnight Blend (Oliver $ Remix) - Front Room
Trackheads - Our Music - NRK
Kenlou - The Bounce - MAW
Mowgli - Amore - CDR
Trademarq - Dirtygirls (Derrick Carter Remix) - Classic
Mike Dunn - God Made Me Funky - I Records
Roy David JR - All About Love (Solid Groove Remix) - Classic
Italoboyz - Bahia - Dirtybird
TJR - Sonic Chronic (Lee Mortimer Remix) - Made to Play
Diplo - Blow Your Mind - Mad Decent
Popof - Alcoholic - CDR
Jan Driver - Rat Alert - Made to Play
Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) - Counterfeet
Damian Marley Vs CVS - Jamrock - CDR
Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix) - CDR
Jesse Rose - Forget My Name (Accapella mix) - Dubsided

Your reviews of the mix

Absolutely blinding mix from the leader of Made To Play, best label on earth!! Looking forward to seeing Jesse @ Filth in Leeds on valentines day!!
George, Leeds


Congratulations... this is set is very, very, very goooooooooood. Thanks.
DJ Waka, SP Brazil

It's easily the best essential mix I have heard, love those cheeky tunes!
Oli Bristol

This mix blew my mind, knew jesse was good but never thought i would have been as impressed with his choice of tunes. Def be on the radar to see him at some point this year
Del from Hamilton

thought it was amazing. luv 2 c u play @ oceana, wolverhampton mate! cheers ;)
dj stu-e, west midlands

really funky smoth mix,and one of the best Dj`s!!!
Rixos, Germany

great mix - very funky - wish i hadnt have missed him at pressure!
rory, glasgow

LOL at the bitter idiots still slating Flying Lotus. Wouldn't recognise quality if it bit them in the @ss! Jesse Rose looks interesting - must crank up listen again...
Ed, Devon


siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, claude vonstroke would be proud

amazing! ive heard people go on about this DJ but i didnt really 'get him' until now, this is one of the best EM ever, great range of music. What is the tune 25 mins in? it is pure brilliance
Ian Taylor, Leicester

good mix of old school sound with a touch of new house ...maybe house is goin back to its roots!
Bags-cambridge ontario


Great stuff! Der Dritte Raum - Swing BopWhat a tune!
Rafael Belgium

Flying Lotus is mix of the year?!? How about Essential Mix period? That set was total rubbish.
Andrew - OH, USA

This mix is unbelievable. Jesse rose takes you on a journey through Electro and minimal tech house. The end product is pure bliss. Thanks so much.
khalid, kuwait

Clash For Cash. Mexico city

Some wicked stuff from a very a talented bloke - Wish he would just stick to the DEEP stuff and not the Big Bass stuff that he played at the end - Reminds me of the back to Yours Parties he used to through in London - Proper House
The Man with no name

its really cool, love it! come to Tokyo to play!!!!!!
Masumi, Tokyo

Yowzzza! This mix is Bangin'! Good start to a new year for reals.
Kris, Toronto, Ontario

flawless and fresh!!!!! The best way to enter the New year.........
Richard Nolte, Cairo, Egypt

I loved this mix it encompassed a diverse selection of 'dance' music which was expertly mixed with many a surprise for your eardrums! I would like to have seen Jesse whilst he was performing this essential mix as I sensed throughout that he was having a lot of fun and enjoyment which shone through the music. It kept me dancing like crazy til the 'banging' end which left me wanting him to never stop. It was an amazing set with an element of fun and I look forward to hearing more from Jesse Rose as I am sure I will for 2009 is going to be his year.
Lynne from Caerphilly S. Wales

Is it just me or have most of these tracks been about for donkeys? Not a bad mix but a bit dated. wouldn't call it Techno either.
justin wiggy, City of Hull, Yorkshire

Pure Gold!!

missed him in bath last month. gutted. tracklist looks yummy!
me. here now

Nice EM to start the year off. Certainly better than the shambles that was Flying Lotus.Get Michael Mayer in. And Sven Vath please.
Gemmell from Greenock

what a start to the year everyone has got alot to live up to.
michael nolan milton keynes

Brilliant. Quality start to the E.M. year. Just goes to show you don't need constant heavy 4 to the floor to create a clever, funky two hours.
Will, Nottingham

great mix!! luvd it
Janis aKa JaZx, Latvia

wow man
bradatekk, croatia

so refreshing...i like..come on down to SINGAPORE mate! cheers ;)
andre, singapore

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