Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

13 December 2008

Rusko - Scareware Ft Clipz -Dubplate
Jakes - Rock The Bells - Dubplate
Rusko - Gogogadgetrusko - Sub Soldiers
The Quemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Remix) - Ninja Tune
Stenchman - Prime Time Swine - Dubplate
Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix) - Dubplate
Rossib And Luca - Dont Cry Soundboy - Dubplate
12th Planet - 68 - Dubplate
Jonny Osbourne - Rudeboy 08 - Dubplate
Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
Tc - Wheresmy Money (Caspa Remix)(Jack Beats Remix) - Dstyle
Skream - Meta-Lick - Dubplate
Skream - Horny - Tempa
Enur & Natasja - Calabria (Bomberman Remix) - Dubplate
The Others - Kingpin - Subsoldiers
Redlight And The Voodoos - Superkurl - Dubplate
Stenchman - Run Rabbit Run - Dubplate
Chase And Status Feat Kano - Against All Odds (Dubstep Mix) - Ram
Rusko - To Da Floor - Dubplate
Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Ruskos Big Trombone Mix) - M.O.S
Rusko - Oy! Feat Crookers - Dubplate
Jakes - Modem - Hench
Rusko & Diplo - Major Lazerr - Dubplate
Rusko - Woo Boost - Civil Music
More Fire Crew - Oi - Go!Beat
Skream - Murderer Vip - Dubplate
Rusko - Period - Dubplate
Bennypage & Zero G - Majestic - Dubplate
The Others - Bazooka - Dub Police
Unitz - The Drop Vip - Dub Police
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Rusko Chapstick Mix) - Dubplate
Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Tempa
Skream - Dutchflowers (Rusko Babylon Remix) - Tempa Dubplate
Doctor - Raise He Temperature - Souljazz
Chase And Status - Saxon - Ram
Marcus Visionary - Black Panther Riddim - Dubplate
Distinction & Kromestar - Zappah - Dubplate
Rusko - Lets Go - Dubplate
Rusko - Soundguy Is My Target Feat Lutan Fyah - Subsoldiers
Caspa - Louder Vip - Subsoldiers
Skream - Woinky - Dubplate
Benny & Vincenzo - Burberry Boy - Dubplate
Chase And Status - Eastern Jam Vip - Ram
Rusko - Hammertime - Subsoldiers
Reso - If U Cant Beat Em (Rusko Vip Mix) - Civil Music
Rusko - Dirtydirty Feat Virus Syndicate - Dubplate
Dz - Down - Black Acre
Zero G - Ranzom - Dubplate
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix) - Island Records
Skream - Fastlane - Tempa Dubplate
Rusko - Do U Wanna Have A Party - Dubplate
Giant - Rocker - Dubplate
Kidsister - Pronails Ruskomix - Atlantic
Bun Vs Ill Bill - Choppa - Dubplate
Kid Sister - Switchboard - Atlantic
Benny Page - Liar Liar - Dubplate
Rusko - Moaners - Subsoldiers
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Subsoldiers
Marcus Visionary - Flying Dubs - Dubplate
Benga - Night (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dubplate
Rusko - Mr Chips - Subsoldiers/Dubplate
Rusko & Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen - Dubplate
Rusko & Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen (Clipz Remix) - Dubplate
Pendulum - Showdown (Clipz Remix) - Warner
Clipz - Offline Vip - Dubplate

Your reviews of the mix

People will learn to love the dubstep... don't be afraid my friends...
Bryan - Binghmton, NY

u aint impressed the dance music industry, you sent ye self to ya own death in our world of dance, love tiesto, oaky, digweed,etc
my word

I HATE DUBSTEP!I was in Tampa, FL. over the weekend and caught Switch(Dubsided) playing at Czar in YBor city. Towards the end of the night he broke out with some dubstep and it was awesome stuff. After the party I head to the car and turn on XM Radio to BBC Radio 1. The Essential Mix was on and it was Rusko's slammin bass heavy set! Now all week I have been tracking down all the information I can on dubstep. I LOVE DUBSTEP!
Urban Fabric - Birmingham, Alabama USA

mean, grindy, badass dubstep. i enjoyed the mix!
Alx Canada


Rusko brought the FILTH. Anyone not feeling this needs a bigger subwoofer.
Sam, Winchester

nicky, birmingham

shocking! this is not essential - utter tripe
scotty fife

Great mix. PoundsS!!!!
DJ IDULL Denver, Colorado

Big tingz mr banton...
Synkro - Manchester

Damn! Sick essential mix! For me EM of the 2008!!! My headphones blown while playing this :) HUGE!! You're no. 1 Rusko! Love DUBSTEP!
al2Ek, Pilsen, Czech Republic


sick brutal bass lineslike dubstep has to be!verry good mix!props rusko
niels, netherlands

Funky Beats
Franky Dresden

Like R2D2 with gastric flu
D, London

Siiiick stuff man, this is the bomb.
Stuart Smith, Tunbridge Wells

sick bass, especially at the start. appreciated the crookers/bassmusic influence, but some fell flat to my ears, especially that crookers remix. A lot of quicker electroish songs were out of no where whch I also appreciated but weren't up to the cut of the other dubstep tracks. Hoping for the next song to lock it into context I was a little isappointed the next song didn't take that chance to slam it back to what you're so good at. Sorry to be negative, all in all I was really excited to hear someone pushing the bar and making me do my ugly face over and over and over.. BASS!
hunger sf CA

i'd sooner shove bangers & mash in my ears than this rubbish. this is purely annoying nonsense.
stinKy house--baltimore

A++ Will bang head again. Seller delivered the goods...NAAASSSTY Set Rusko!

My Sub has grown a pair of legs and walked across my front room !!!!
P, Milton Keynes

filthier than a pair of soiled underpants!
vin midlands

I cant believe Radio 1 are giving this airplay, every tune is the same near enough, you cant dance to this, its depressing. How this music has become so well known is completely beyond me. I will look forward to Slam next week instead.
Jay, Manchester

nice fat beatzz
matt, jersey

i think i might need to shower after this 1!!!!! Filthy!!
Shane, Dublin, Ireland

Massive sound yo. Dubstep up!
Logan O. in Missouri, USA

rusko represents leeds for sure, big mix
james, leeds

Dirty as ever!
Femi Idowu-Read

Rusko's mix is slammin'. Keep it coming, man.
Han in Mississippi

Mate, this set is slammin' listen to it doing boring work, proper cheered me up. Keep up the Duttyness. Big up ya self rusko!
James Sowter

Jon in Eastbourne

Lost for words..

Best EM of 2008!!!Was happy to see him in Moscow earlier this year, since that loving everything he does!!!Certainly my favorite dj right now!!!
Dmitriy, Moscow

Big up Mr Banton. Absolutley SMASHED it. If You cant Beat 'em VIP Mix??? Amazing...
Gav, Dublin

Some people would say Rusko has gone mainstream, but in all honesty - he is just THAT good. I feel sorry for people who havent discovered the Dubstep genre yet. Insane mix.
Dave - UK

100% quality bring on 28th of jan ape at the apollo!
dave ingerson, manchester

The best thing I've heard in a very long time! Storming mix
Toby, London

some mix! loved it, best mix this year so far in my opinion x
Jamie from wales

bit of steppa at the end, big up the leeds crew
jimmy, leeds

Prodigy dubstep, hell yeah!!!
Rich in LDN

Wicked sounds, somthn to roll to.Big up to my folks in Kentish town
Bradd ..... California

sick love it
aars Holland

Big up Rusko, absolutely smashed it!Great mix, can't stop listening to it. Eastern Dub VIP is SICK and so is the Prodigy remix.NICE ONE!
Sparxy in Portsmouth

Adam, Honolulu

Rusko - G'wan!!
John - Dublin - RoI

This mix is absolutly MENTAL, perfect mixture of utter rentless filth and devastating bass, Yet another reason to fall in love with Dubstep. The best mix i've heard hands down.
L J Woolfenden, Keele

that was a brilliant mix its style and energy that is essential to the dubstep scene ruskos
Jack Webb from Winchester

Filthy! Just keeps on going!
Rorny form the Nederlands

wow that's a lot of dubplates....
murk, swindon

My sub just took a pounding - great mix!
I Have Clones

wibble wobble yum yum!
simon, liverpool

Best EM of the year hands down. We love this sort of diversity Pete! Represent genres like this more frequently please. Tip-top tune selection and mixed seamlessly... Gotta love that Bass!!
Jake - Northampton

the mix was amazing! where can i download it for my ipod???
jim, hudds

Sorry right but this is the best set i have ever heard, i love every single one of the tunes
Kenyerz a.k.a DJ Osiris

Absolutely banging mix from Rusko, two hours of non-stop dirty bass dubstep. Brilliant!!
Andy, Worcester

Healthy healthy beats! nice one rusko.
sam b stratford upon avon

Usually not my favorite genre but this was 1 sick set
Gnoa Detroit/Miami

Bout time for some kick-ass dubstep!
blank, Greece

Emilie Bristol!!!!

Awesome mix!
Emil, Trondheim

Rusko on fire!
language block - london

Flying Lotus was good wobble. This is bad wobble... didn't like this one at all
Jeff, USA

quality, just wish i had a better soundsystem to listen to it!
charlie, leeds

this dude will go far, 23 yrs old and choppin tings up like a veteran..... fair play 2 ya geez.
dan from sunny telford

Totally awesome!
Petter, Sweden

rusko smashes it standard, allbig tunes,feeling the clipz and rusko colab
Daffy bristol

Fresh stuff;)
Marcin London

WOW! Rusko this is sick. I need a copy of the total track list. Very festive for the season. One of a kind for the kind. 3am in Orlando and almost a full moon. Digestn Essen mix feeding us all night.
Frank.......orlando fl,

quality, how many tracks has he used? A lot!
George in gloucester uk.

great mix i love it.
Karl Johnson Kelowna BC Canada.

I Danced Around In My Pants Because This Was Jump-Up And It Made Me Dance I Love Dubstep I Want More On Essential Thanks
Timothy Wright Chesire

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