Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

22 November 2008
Loco Dice

G Family ft Antonio Lyons 'Night Shift (Phoonshal Dub)' (Real Tune)
Mirko Loko 'Liah' (Desolat)
Larsson 'Ruanda (Ricardo Esposito Dub)' (Rotary Cocktail)
Reboot 'Vandon' (Below)
M. Pittman 'Chicago Nights' (Unirhythm)
Livio & Roby 'The Tuxedo Band' (Unknown)
Roberto Dietz 'Kinban' (Deep Vibe)
Okain '717 (D'Julz Remix)' (Tsuba)
Mara Trax 'Sambad (Between Two Flames Mix)' (CDR)
Andrew Grant 'Coloradobonus' (CDR)
Luciano & Mirko Loko 'Mousa Big Band' (Desolat)
Abonne 'Bongospace (Windworld Edit by Ion Ludwig)' (Opossum)
Unknown Artist 'CU Beciumul' (CDR)
Loco Dice 'Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now (Luciano's Luci Gets Loco Remix)' (Desolat)
You And Me Ft Mark Broom 'Bournewood (90 Black Buttom Mix Tool)' (Rotary Cocktail)
Daniel Steinberg 'Pay For Me (Lauhaus Remix)' (Style Rockets)
Livio & Roby 'Diverse' (Cecille)
Brothers' Vibe 'Cuero Para Mi Gentle (Raw Skins Mix)' (Jersey Underground)
Unknown 'C'Lime (Unkown Remix)' (CDR)
Sebo K 'Diva' (Mobilee)
Tokyo Black Star 'Game Over (Loco Dice 5AM At The Tsukiji Market Remix)' (Innervision)

Your reviews of the mix

awesome mix, just love his grooves, he is definetely my fav dj

I like this one,kinda reminds me of the peace division one as well.
Stu - Miami

Boring! Essential I think not!
Rowan, Nottingham

just listening but so far one of the best i have ever heard.
jano - hungary

Definitely one of the best Essential Mixes ever!
Alexei, Moscow

Well boring as anything DC10 related is!
will, Manchester

simply amazing...... like butter.

Ross - Daniel Steinberg is the Horn track. It was the highlight of entire mix. Boring & bland. Sonically, after the 1st track, sounded very one dimensional. Schoolboy mixing. Not surprised that "Cream" lovers liked it. Dissapointed ; (
John Dublin - RoI

Loco did a damn good job, loved his mix..keep it up, more bass line please
Raffaz - London

Rocked out to this all day at work! Great Job!
Lou, New Jersey

Good stuff!!Yeah that fog horn track was the one for me :)
Chris, London

Too bad the video cannot be play in my area. BBC radio you should do something........

this mix needs some serious Kahuna's...anybody got any for mr dice?
Rico Leeds

i dont get what all that fuss is about really....
Rob - Darlo

What's that tune about 57mins in? Well naughty!
Chris L, Newcastle

Loco Dice what?!!!!!!
Oliver Kiss, Montreal

Cant write something....This is uniqueExcellent job by Loco xD

Good Mix, although I prefered the live 1 of loco dice they recored in dc10 in 2005!
Ed from Ibiza

Absolutely blinding! This mix is driving me loco. Beautifully deep, funky uglyness. Well done Mr Dice, and thank you again Sir Tong.
ASUBU - London

Better warning: This mix may contain offensive mixing!Fell asleep during this boring set. No more luciano style boring 10 min minimal tracks.If you wanted to hear A-Trak scratch please send him to westwood's hip-hop show. Who scratches anymore, better question is why was it so bad. Why don't you just bring back Cut Master Swift. I always loved how he flashed british gang signs.
The Truth

Loco Dice is the man!!! Rocking that virtual vinyl and the EFX. He's got this beautiful style that we all love all over the world. LOCO LOCO LOCOOOOO!
Mihai Cluj, Romania

This mix is boomtastic! I'll have to go with the Dice on this one.
Raymond Enrique, San Diego

Loco Dice is a very good dj, but I just cant give him the respect he's earned from so many others due to the fact he's no producing the stuff himself which ultimately have made him what he is.. Hard and honest work is the only way to go..! In that case Luciano and Steve Bug has truly earned their respect as both dj's, producers and trend setters.... Bring on a mix from Steve Bug or Zip to really light up the quality of programming a set and keeping it flawless...
Chris Solaris Norway

Brilliant. Been a while since i've heard music that good.
Miles - Liverpool

The Essential Mix of the years will be come from Laidback Luke I Think ;-)
Jake Dile | Dresden Germany

Disgusting essential mix, Loco Dice is the man. I love that track with them mad foreign voices "brrrrrdididididi"
Budge, Burnley

getting drown in those beats, but still reaching deep down bottom with toes. sugar!!
bartek, warsaw

REALLY good set from Loco Dice, played some gems nice use of effects (not like last week) and tight mixing.. Its up there with Deadmau5 and Paolo Mojo for this years best EM.
Rossco, London.

i really liked this mix, fresh and crisp. not boring and consistently good from the off. 9/10
tony b shottingham

Veeeeery niiiice!
Chris, Germany

alex, italy

did any1 bother listening the essential mix shud b 4 DnB Dubstep etc
Dan Yates

Loco Dice........Doing it Well!
Ollie, Manchester

Only two words for this mix, Pete:Oh WOW!!:)
Fawad - Reading

Wot a scorching seamless mix!!!
Kraik, Madrid

Itching to hear this mix, just looking over the tracklisting and know I'm in for a treat. Some of the best labels in the game and one of the best djs.
Adam J (United Colors Of House) Milton Keynes UK

class mix, whats the track with the mad horns?
Ross, Auckland

Banging! Loco Dice has really came a long way in Electro House. Good to hear him back on Radio1, it's been worth the wait. Bring on Marcus Schulz! Woop woop
Keith De Lucci, Northern Ireland

crazy mix! but I do want a 4-hands-set by Funbkerman & Fedde Le Grand !!don't disappoint me, please!!
Cristiano from Italy

Now listened to this mix a few times - Has superceded Deadmau5 as the EM of the year - A mix of the very highest quality, superb!
Boggy, Tunbridge Wells

Been out of the scene for a few years, (5 years,)so haven't heard of Loco Dice before. Thought the mix was excellent - would have loved to have heard him at 'Cream' , in the mid ninties - rocking the Annexe!
Scoby - Liverpool

Loci dice nice but wheres our luciano mix then
Adam Kurt

nice mix :)

sounds hot.
steve m brighton

yeahhh my bro. from D-TownHe did it again Great Mix !!!one and only loco dice :) nr.1Peace 1luvTaesh
Tapesh From Düsseldorf Germany

gotta say loco dice: not my cup-a-tea. however i listened (any open minded edm lover would..)and i liked! dice(i feel im close to him now) has a good flow and really builds each layer of this mix with consumat ease. its easy to knock minimal and deep house as boring, but here its relivant and interesting and thats due to the dj and his love of the beats. play on playa......
simon, bath (prog lover)

Pure class.
John - Birmingham

Loco Dice banged it. The best essential mix I've heard all this year. Up, down, up, down then BOOM!
Matt. Sunny Bournemouth

Fantastic mix, a close second to Deadmau5 for essential mix of the year.
Boggy, Tunbridge Wells

this one is locooooo
micha, nijmegen, NL

so glad i got to hear this, best essential mix this year by far in my eyes! Loco Dice, best Tech/Minimal dj/producer
Martin in Maidstone

John Indianapolis US

This Essential Mix takes me all the way down to DC10 In Ibiza;great memories when I was there;Loco Dice is one of the best DJ'S,his music and style are very UNIQUE,come to Los Angeles soon Please!!!!
Javier from Los Angeles CA.

Really enjoyed this EM, will be on my ipod for a while.
Smiff, Darlington

This beat was laoud enough to reach Mexico!!!!!
Tute Chihuahua, Mx

pure class.a huge improvement from lasts weeks debut from a highly overrated a-trak.he may be a former dmc champ but that really has no bearing on putting together a very cohesive set with a point of view
Lee Savoy - Miami

This takes me back to the early days of Spanish Tribal House....the vocals....those horns in the nice!Loco Dice deserves the Runner Up The Essential Mix of The Year by DEADMAU5!
Tim Martin Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

never heard of loco dice before this - will defo be checking him out again. brilliant mix. kept me in the groove for the whole 2 hours! :)
adam, lincoln

I thnik this week's mix was great! Im a real Loco Dice fan and was more then happy to listen to his 120 blissfully mixed minutes on Radio 1. Thanks Loco Dice!
Iliya Bozhkov

Sick mix!i love it! the last half was awsome!
Phat (Sweden)

I think I have found a new DJ to call my favorite!This has to be the best Mix of the Year! When he said he was going to have highs and lows, he meant it.He should put this mix out on CD. Would make a fortune!
Paul, Cadiz Spain

cool mix,well layered and flows nice...bubbling all the way through...loved the dub influence that ran throughout...tight dude tight...
spenny grantham lincs

What a great mix,real proper underground House for the headz,chicago, deep and jackin the way it should be.One of the best of the year,pure class.
Ross East Sussex

how kool was this mix it was like being back in DC10 rock on ...loco dice..
trev raymond

outstanding the best essential mix ive heard in years this guy should have his own slot on radio 1 maybe fortnightly or something get the cheque book out lol!!!
kris uttley burnley

The worst Essential Mix I have ever heard. By far the worst mixing of any of the DJ's that have graced the decks over the past ten years. Can this guy actually beat match properly?. Heard him at Fabric, where he was even worse!!!. Not a patch on some of the scenes leading DJ's, Villalobos, Craig Richards et al.
Lee - West Sussex

Banging mix, Loco Dice is an absolute master, he's got me going Loco down in Acapulco!
Jimmy Mayer, Acapulco

Loco is loco! Love the mix!
Craig, Cologne

Liken this one a lot...cheeky, funky and driving!
MaxDSOBbOAGRT - Norwich

loved it, bring him back soon
matt chepstow

Fantastic!!!!! One to last a long time and to be heard over and over!!!!!
Arjen Netherlands

Thanks. Nice Minimal mix.
Daumantas, Lithuania

Best EM in a long while. Gotta say, the last couple of weeks have been very poor! How about getting Digweed in for a studio mix? Your live mixes suck EM...the crowd mic gives an awful underwater reverb! Stick to studio mixes!
Justin Wiggy - Hull City

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